Hey, everybody! Here's another future one-shot with Anthony, that also introduces his sister. So… ahem, yeah.

The hot noon sun shone bright in the cloudless sky. Summer was just starting, and the weather has been boiling these past few days. Rachel Uno was currently enjoying the warm weather, the married woman lying back in a lawn chair in the backyard of their house, her gold-blonde hair wrapped in a ponytail, like she kept it nowadays, wearing only a bright-blue bellybutton shirt, short blue jean-shorts, and blue flip-flops, having her left leg crossed over her right leg, and her head rested on her hands.

"Geh! Give it back!"

Although she wasn't the Supreme Leader of the Kids Next Door anymore, she still got to use her leadership skills in her new job, as the current principal of Gallagher Elementary. In fact, Dimentia got to do the same thing, as principal of the new Galaxia School. Like her KND job, it was pretty stressful, and almost everyday she came home, she always took the time to relax.

"No! It's mine!"

Unlike her husband, Nigel, she always loved sunbathing. The warmth of the sun's rays, mixed with the cool breeze on her skin, always made her feel at peace.

"Come on, Michelle, give it back."

But it wasn't entirely peaceful today. Her 7-year-old nephew and 5-year-old niece were currently over. She frowned in slight annoyance, glancing to them on the other side of the yard, standing on the porch and tugging on a Nintendo 3DS. Anthony McKenzie, with his little sister, Michelle. And they were her brother, Harvey's and Angie's kids. Michelle looked a lot like Angie like her brother did Harvey. Michelle wore a sweater that was similar to Harvey's, had brown hair and brown eyes, a purple skirt, and went about barefoot like her mom and brother, since they were earthbenders.

But every time she saw them bickering, she always forgot they were siblings. When she looked at them, all she saw was her baby brother fighting with the girl next door that always bugged him, just like the old days. As the two kept trying to pry the device away from each other, Michelle stomped the ground and jabbed Anthony away with an earth chunk, jumping in victory after finally retrieving it. Anthony gritted his teeth in anger, and attempted to send an earthquake toward her, stomping the ground, but accidentally sending it across the yard toward the relaxing woman. The quake pushed the chair over, knocking Rachel on the ground. Anthony backed away in fright as she got up and glared at them, and Michelle immediately pointed to her brother. "Anthony did it!"

"WHAT? You made me! Quit lying, Michelle!"

"Start truthing, Anthony!"

"That's not even a word!"

"Is too!"

"Is not!"

"HARVEY, ANGIE, will you STOP-…" Rachel stopped herself, forgetting who they were for a sec. "Uh… I mean, Anthony, Michelle! Can't you take this somewhere else?"

"She started it!" Anthony refuted. "It's still MY turn with the DS!"

"Nuh-uh. Mom says we each get two hours per turn, and Anthony's is way past up."

"It is not."

"Alright, alright. Anthony, when did you get it?"


"And… what time is it now?"

Michelle checked the time on the 3DS. "5:02!"

"Okay, then it's Michelle's turn now."

"Yyes!" Michelle cheered.

"Aw, come on, Aunt Rachel! I-"

"Anthony…" Rachel glared. "Will I have to call your mom and tell her to bring the Minish Dust?"

Anthony gulped and finally gave in. "Fine." He grumbled stomping away.

"Thank you, Aunt Rachel!" Michelle hummed merrily to herself, skipping back in the house.

With them gone, Rachel set her lawn chair back up and went back to sunbathing, smiling and chuckling to herself. "Oh, Harvey. You really know how to raise your kids…"

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