Hey guys, another fic I'm starting! Which is properly poor form since I already have 3 other stories I should really get around to writing more and my schedule is as hectic as ever. But this idea of Disney characters in high school has taken over my brain recently and I just need to write it.

Chapter One
First Day and Already Over It

Summer vacation. Two blissful words that hold so much promise. Endless weeks of nothing but sun, surf, and hanging out with your best movies are out at the cinema, the malls are packed, and the beaches are heaven. Even if you don't go out, you get to sleep in late every day, watch as much TV as
you want and spend as much time as you want on facebook without feeling guilty about neglecting any homework. Yes, summer vacation is bliss to any

But all good things have to end, and another school year has to start.

Now most kids awoke this morning with tear stained pillows at the thought of going back to Disney High, but personally, Jasmine was eager to step back into the place. Not that she'd ever admit that, I mean no self respecting teenager would ever admit to missing school, but she couldn't help but smile as
her chauffeur driven car finally pulled up
outside the school's front entrance.

And yes, you did read that right; she did have a chauffeur driven car. Jasmine had to beg and plead to her father to have her sent to a 'normal' high school, instead of some stuffy, private, wear-a-collared-blazer- with-a-hideously-colored-tie kind of school. You know, the kind of school the most obscenely wealthy parents send their kids. Not to say her father hadn't tried, Jasmine was sent to a very prestigious elementary school, and to say she hated it was an understatement. The uniforms were stifling, the teachers mean and the kids were so well behaved they were practically brain washed robots. It was so confining.

Not that she had much more freedom at home. If her father had his way, she'd be locked up in the vast family mansion without even stepping out in the front garden. He'd even had a home cinema, indoor pool, and a bowling alley installed in their house just to encourage her to not go out. He seriously took the "over- protective parent" role to the extremes, even if he did do it out of love. It was still annoying to no end.

This brings us to the reason why Jasmine loves her basic, normal high school so much: the freedom. She can hang out with normal kids, wear whatever clothes she wants, and muck around in class. Yes, there was enough gum stuck under chairs to stock an entire super market supply for a week. And sure, every desk had someone's initials carved into it. She's also pretty sure she saw a rat once in the school cafeteria... But when it came down to it, school was her favorite place to be.

"Whoa, coming through!"

Jasmine gasped and quickly jumped back as a boy with jet-black hair whizzed by her on his skateboard, missing her by mere inches.

"Ugh, watch it jerk!" she glared after him but he'd already turned the corner. He probably hadn't heard her anyway since he had a pair of those obnoxiously retro looking headphones jammed over his ears.

Jasmine managed to make it into the building and to her locker without any more close-call collisions, but just as she was checking the small mirror she had hanging on her locker door she felt herself being tackled from behind.


"Ariel!" Jasmine turned around to hug her friend, only slightly winded from the enthusiastic greeting. "Oh my god, I've missed you! I haven't seen you all summer. How was your vacation?"

Ariel immediately begun to gush, "It was AH-mazing, Daddy rented out this entire suite of the hotel for just me and my sisters and we were literally right next to the beach! I went every single day; I don't think there was a moment where I was out of my bikini! Well except for when I was, like, sleeping and whatever because that'd be gross to sleep in your swimwear. And oh yeah, I got you a present!" She reached around in her backpack and pulled out a crinkled looking plastic bag. "They're shells! There were so many lying around the beaches, I collected a ton," she said, handing over the bag to her friend.

Jasmine took it, trying to muster up a convincing smile, "Ooh...thanks Ariel. They're so, um, cool." She had a quick look in the bag and an overpowering smell of stale salty water hit her. There was sand pooled in the bottom of the band along with little bits of seaweed still in there.

"You didn't clean this since you picked them up, did you?"

"Uh, no . . . should I have?"

"Never mind, thanks so much. I love them," Jasmine smiled as her friends face lit up. A little white lie was worth that. The two girls had been friends since their very first week here when they'd both realized they had so much in common in one science class. Both came from rich over protective families,

harbored a love for travel, and they both had a secret addiction to sappy romance novels.

"So what's new with you?" Ariel asked as both girls started heading to their home-room class.

"Well I was almost run over by a rogue skateboarder this morning," Jasmine scoffed, "I hope he knows he can't even be riding that thing around the school grounds."

"Yeah, no kidding," Ariel managed to look sympathetic before her eyes darted over to another set of lockers across the hall. "Hey...this rogue skateboarder, he didn't happen to be that guy did he?" she pointed over to the dark haired, head- phone wearing 'rogue' as he stood twisting in his locker combination with his back to them.

"Uh, yeah that's him, why?" But when Jasmine saw the sneaky smile that had spread across her friends face, she made an informed guess, "Oh. It's that Eric guy isn't it?"

"Yes!" Ariel practically squealed.

Jasmine fought the urge to roll her eyes. It started last year, Ariel had started telling her all about this 'insanely cool' guy in the year above them, and she'd had to sit through countless facebook conversations about just how insanely cool he was. She hadn't even met him at school, apparently they'd both been at the same public pool one Saturday and this Eric guy obviously wasn't a strong swimmer as he'd started to go under, but Ariel had jumped in and swam him to the edge of the pool. Barely a life or death situation but Ariel made it sound like an episode of Baywatch, where their eyes met and he thanked her for saving his life. When Ariel found out they went to the same school she'd made it her mission to make this guy her boyfriend, but as far as Jasmine knew the guy hadn't even said a passing hello to her since that day at the pool complex.

"Isn't he so cool," Ariel sighed, gazing at him.

Eric grabbed what looked like a half empty bottle of Powerade from his locker that must've been sitting there since last semester and took a swig, pulled a face, before chucking the bottle back in the locker and slamming the door shut and riding away on his skateboard. Ariel's eyes were still glued to him until he turned the corner out of sight.

Jasmine could not see the appeal.

"I really don't see the appeal."

Ariel just shrugged as the two continued walking, "Well, that's to be expected."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You don't see the appeal in any guy. You think they're all dirty, badly dressed slackers with only one thing on their mind."

"Hey, that's not true!" Jasmine said defensively. "I didn't say that about all guys...just the ones that go to this school"

And there it was, the one factor that made Jasmine's high school escape less than awesome (besides from homework that is), boys. Not that Jasmine was a vain girl, but she knew she was pretty, although she still did not understand how that could turn so many guys into drooling idiots while in her presence. She hated the looks they gave her as she walked down the halls, all the cheesy pick up lines they tried to use on her, the old bent out of shape cars they drove past her in, honking their horns. Did they really think any of this would impress her? No girl is impressed when you slide up next to her in the cafeteria and offer to take her out for a pizza when she already knows it's because its half price pizza Tuesday. No, Jasmine had already made up her mind; she would only date a guy if he met up to a very simple list of requirements that she'd neatly written down in her diary. Some of the more important requirements on the list included:

From a good family

Exceptional manners


5. Owns a car

7. Nicely styled hair

12. Captain of some sort of sports team and/or school club

18. Perfect grades

27. Must be a generous tipper

34. Doesn't dance like a dork

47. Not into heavy metal music

50. Her cat raja had to like him

And he totally has to respect her status as an independent woman and value her for her mind and soul, not just her body. That was important too.

Oh, and he shouldn't expect to get anywhere past first base for at least six months of steady dating.

Also she liked to clarify to everyone that this list was not an attempt to just scare everyone off with the impossible expectations to meaure up too. It wasn't like she was just scared about having her first boyfriend or something incredibly lame or childish like that.

Not at all.

When asked why she made the list Jasmine would just flip her hair as non-chalantly as she could and tell them it wasn't her fault for having high standards; it was the male student population of Disney High's fault that they couldn't measure up to them. She also made a mental note to add, 'no drinking of two month old energy drinks,' to the list as well.

Ariel couldn't help but laugh, "Whatever, if you want to be single your entire high school life that's just fine, can't stop me though"


The girls just made it to homeroom on time when the bell rang, but no student was sitting down. Their home room teacher for the year obviously hadn't shown up yet since everyone was still running over to friends they hadn't seen in months, swapping stories of the summer, commenting on peoples new haircuts, clothes, etc, etc.

"Hey guys, over here!"

Jasmine and Ariel looked over to see their other best friend, Mulan, waving to them.

"Oh my god Ariel, I haven't seen you since you went away," the small Asian girl said as she grabbed her friend for a hug.

"Ha, that's just what Jasmine said. Did I mention I missed you both so much? Because I so did!" All three girls gave each other soppy looks before going in for a group hug. "Oh, and before I forget I got you a present Mulan-" but before Ariel had a chance to reach into her bag and pull out more shells the classroom door burst open.

Every student's head whipped around to the teacher that just walked in, and if you listened closely, you could collectively hear every persons heart drop into their stomachs in fear.

"I'll give them to you at break," Ariel whispered behind her hand to Mulan as the girls and the rest of the class scattered back to their seats in silence.

"Good morning students" said the cold, uninterested voice that came from the imposing figure of the man in the doorway.

The students sunk lower into their chairs. "Good morning Mr. Jafar," they all chorused together flatly.

"Okay, let's get this over with," he said as he walked in and dumped a heap of papers and files onto the desk at the front of the class. "I know you don't want to be here, and you should know that I especially don't want to be here either. But, it looks like I'm stuck here for another year since my application for a proper job didn't go through so I have the luck of still being a teacher. Joy, oh joy," Jafar spat out bitterly.

The students all exchanged glances. Mr. Jafar was well known throughout the school as one of the most unforgiving, sarcastic, child-hating, bad-grade-giving teachers on the faculty. It was lucky he was only a physics teacher though, so he only took senior classes, which left younger students free of the worry of getting him on their timetable. But by some kind of cruel twist of fate the three girls were now stuck with him for homeroom every morning for a year. Joy, oh joy indeed.


Aladdin hated school offices. They were all the same. Shiny linoleum floors that made that horrible squeaky noise as you walked across it in your sneakers. A front desk with some dumpy school secretary sitting behind it with some outdated hairstyle and glasses that had that stupid looking chain hanging off them. Aladdin was sitting on the old saggy couch right across from this desk, with the principal's door just down a short hallway, as well as some other, less important, offices down there as well.

How many times had he been in this position? New school, new surroundings, new students but somehow it was always the same. The first bell had already rung but he still had to sit here and wait to be called into the principal's office, get his timetable, map of the school, and the cafeteria menu. As well as a rousing speech from the principal about welcoming him to the school and how they hope he'll find his time here enjoyable, not that he hasn't heard that a thousand times before. He looked up at the clock on the wall. Apparently there was another new transfer student getting the same introduction right now, so he was forced to wait his turn. He'd tried starting a game of temple run on his phone but as soon as he'd taken the thing out of his pocket the secretary behind the desk hissed at him to put it away or else it would be confiscated. Lame.

Just as Aladdin thought he was about to die from boredom, the door to the office burst open and a student from the hall came staggering in. He clutched at his stomach, groaning in pain, taking slow staggering steps towards the secretary's desk before practically collapsing in front of it

"Oh god-" the boy gasped out between gritted teeth "...the pain...the pain!"

Aladdin stared wide-eyed in silence at the guy but the secretary looked unimpressed. She stared down over the rim of her glasses with a blank face.

"Impressive Mr. Ryder, only ten minutes into a new school year and you've already been stricken with another mystery illness. Football to the stomach? Some type of deadly strain of bacteria you picked up at a cheap sushi place?"

"Worse, my appendix... I... I think its bursting and-AAUURRRGGGH!" He let out a theatrical sounding scream as he doubled over on the floor clutching at his stomach. "Quick, get a medic! There's not much time!"

The secretary sighed with impatience "Flynn, cut the crap, you already used the burst appendix last year when you wanted to get out of your midyear biology test."

Flynn paused briefly. "Oh...umm...I think my other appendix is bursting!" he said, moving his hands to clutch at the other side of his stomach. "Urrggghhhh" he let out another, less than convincing groan of agony.

"You do realize you only have one appendix right? Maybe if you'd actually taken that biology test you'd know that."

Flynn knew when he was beaten. He stood up without another word and dusted off his jeans before pulling a twenty from his pocket and slamming it down onto the table. "Look Muriel, you're a smart lady, I'll give you that, and as a smart lady maybe you'll notice a good deal when it comes your way", he gestured down to the twenty. "What do you care if I don't receive a well rounded education, it's my last year to even try and get a decent one since I've failed so far, so when you think about it I'm a lost cause. So this 'lost cause' would really appreciate it if you could just fill out a sick form so I can go back home and play Call of Duty, eat the leftover pizza rolls in my fridge, and watch old re-runs of Law and Order."

The two stared each other down as Aladdin watched on. The secretary's eyes flicked down towards the twenty on the table, then back up to Flynn. She paused another second before snatching it up into her well-manicured fingers and stuffing it into her pocket.

"... I'll go get the form," she said coldly, breezing out from behind her desk and shuffling off down the hallway.

Flynn smiled to himself, "Nice."

It was then that he turned around and finally seemed to notice Aladdin sitting there.

"Oh, hey," he said casually, as if he hadn't just faked a serious illness and then bribed a teacher. Little did Aladdin know this was practically a usual day for Flynn Ryder.

"Hey," Aladdin nodded back. "That was... impressive, if anything."

"Ha, yeah, good old Muriel. We go all the way back to freshman year. You know she actually used to fall for my old tricks? Guess I made her jaded over the years... oh well. I'm Flynn by the way."


"So you're new? I don't recognize you," Flynn asked.

"Yeah," Aladdin smiled bleakly.

"Hey, don't worry about it, this school's fine. Just as hellish as your average high school, no worse."

"Thanks for the words of encouragement," he managed to laugh.

Flynn took a seat on top of the secretary's desk, picking up a small ornamental snow globe and throwing it in the air like a ball and catching it again. "So did you move towns or...?"

"No I, uh, got expelled from my last school..." Aladdin trailed off.

"Woah," Flynn said, sounding a little impressed, "What for?"

"Well, technically for stealing school supplies-"

Flynn let out a low whistle.

"-but that's not as bad as it sounds. I was only scamming the lunch ladies into giving me free lunches... but the school got all bent out of shape when they realized I'd been doing that for two straight years."

Flynn couldn't help himself and let out a bark of laughter, "Out of all the shit you could steal in a school, you go for the crappy cafeteria food? Oh man, that's funny."

"Hey! I don't know about this place but those old lunch ladies used to make a mean lasagna!" But this only made Flynn laugh harder.

"What? You got expelled over lasagna! Are you being serious?" and eventually Aladdin started laughing too. He'd never thought of it like that.

The two boys were laughing so hard they didn't even hear the principal's office click open.

Flynn eventually settled down but still had a smile on his face. "Man, all this talk about food makes me hungry. If I hadn't used my last twenty bucks to bribe myself out of here, I would totally go get a lasagna right now"


Both boys jumped as the Principal of Disney High appeared from right behind them.

"I'm sorry, what was that Mr. Ryder? Something about bribing yourself out of here, if I heard right?"

"I... um... crap"


"Look, sir, I can totally explain. You see-" "Please, save it, Flynn."
Flynn shut himself up.

The Principal of Disney High, Mr. Walt, was a good principal. He was a nice, fair man and students actually liked him. Like just now he'd had Flynn step out with him into the hall, so he wouldn't have to be lectured to in front of that new kid, Aladdin, you know, something only a decent teacher would do to save a student some humiliation. Even Flynn, who it would seem just naturally had a bad report with anybody with a teaching degree thought so too. Of course Flynn didn't know how fair Mr. Walt would be now...

Mr. Walt sighed, "I give you chance after chance Flynn-"

"Every one of them appreciated, of course."

"When you were absent from thirty two classes your second semester of freshman year, who still allowed you to go to the end of year dance?"

"... You did sir"

"And that time you broke that window in the library; did I make you pay for its replacement?"

"In my defense, I was aiming that encyclopedia at a freshman, not the window."

"And when you 'accidentally' let off those firecrackers in the boys rest rooms, did I tell the school board about it?"

"I was only trying to celebrate Chinese New Year. I was being multicultural"

"And that time you set your chemistry teachers lab coat on fire with a Bunsen burner as a 'joke'?"

"Someone should have warned me those things were so flammable, how was I supposed to know?"

Mr. Walt sighed again and suddenly looked very tired. "I'm beginning to think I've given you too many chances Flynn."

Flynn suddenly seemed worried. Yes, he hated school, the place sucked. But he couldn't get expelled! His parents would kill him. Plus, he needed to get to college at least, living away from home, wild parties... loose college women! He needed to get there, and even if he just passed high school by the bare minimum, he needed to graduate and get to college.

"Please, please, pleeease Mr. Walt, you know under this tough, rugged exterior beats the heart of a troubled boy eager to learn!" Flynn put on his most earnestly tragic face and clapped his hands together, begging. "Please don't give up on me , I'm a good kid, really. Just give me one more chance. Just believe in me, have some faith, root for the little guy, love and let love-"

Mr. Walt let out a light chuckle while shaking his head. "That's what I think I like about you Flynn, you always manage to make me laugh."

Flynn allowed a small smile to creep onto his face but Mr. Walt quickly turned serious again and looked him in the eye. "Look, I know you're a good kid deep, deep down. I just need you to show that. I really want you to try this year, do some good for the school." It was then that Mr. Walt seemed to have a little twinkle in his eye. "Actually... I have an idea for what you could do."

"Anything, you name it. Want me to clean dishes in the cafeteria? Because I'll totally do that, even if the lunch ladies are way creepy and constantly smell like potato salad even when they're not serving potato salad."

"No Flynn, much different from that. There's a new student here at Disney High and they're going to need a... hmm, what's a good word for it, a mentor? Kind of like a guide, to teach them about life at our school here, help them to settle in."

"Oh, yeah?" Flynn said, a little surprised, "I mean I've already met Aladdin just then and he seems cool, so I'm cool with that-"

"What?" Mr. Walt interrupted him, "Oh, no, no. Not Aladdin, another new student, younger actually."

Flynn groaned, "Aw man, come on Mr. Walt, a freshmen? They're all new anyway and they do just fine."

"Let me finish. They're not a freshman either but I guess, well, there are certain circumstances around this student that makes their case a little... special," Mr. Walt sounded like he was choosing his words carefully. Flynn looked worried.

"What makes them...special? He doesn't have a disease or something weird, does he?"

"No don't be silly, no diseases or deformities thank you very much. And actually, it's a she."

Flynn suddenly changed tune completely. "A she, huh? Is she hot?"

Mr. Walt looked unimpressed, "We'll have none of that. She's a sweet young girl so don't get any ideas."

"... So, she's not hot."

Mr. Walt pretended he didn't hear. "See, she needs some kind of guide for the school basically because she's never actually been to a school before. She's been home schooled by her mother her whole life. It'll only be for a few weeks anyway, until she's settled in."

"Urgh, home schooled kids are weird," Flynn sneered.


"Okay, okay, I'll do it! No complaints, looking forward to it, thank you for this opportunity, etcetera, etcetera..." Flynn mumbled unenthusiastically while Mr. Walt smiled.


Flynn was led back through the office and into the Mr. Walt's private principal's office, his arms folded. This was going to be so lame, looking after some dorky little, home schooled, un-hot-

"Flynn, I'd like you to meet Rapunzel. Rapunzel, meet your new guide to Disney High," Mr. Walt beamed enthusiastically.

"Um, hi there. Nice to meet you," Rapunzel said, smiling shyly. She got up from one of the principals chairs she'd been sitting in and brushed a stray piece of her short brown hair from out of her face.

"Yeah, nice to meet you too," Flynn started mumbling, looking absent- mindedly down at his scuffed sneakers. But when he looked up, he blinked.

She was hot.

"Ahem, very nice to meet you, actually." He flashed his teeth in his most winning smile, immediately sidling up to the small girl and grabbing her hand in his. "Don't worry, I'll ensure your time at Disney high is the best experience you'll ever have," and he completed his greeting with his (practically) world famous 'smoulder' which no girl could resist.

Rapunzel paused, looking slightly taken a back. "Umm...thank you?" she laughed nervously.

Mr. Walt stood of to the side as she watched the two. He hoped he didn't live to regret this.


History class was never an exciting class. Well, at least not at this school, not with the head of the history department, Mr. Frollo, around. The man was old, cranky, and had been working at this school far longer than any other faculty member. There were rumors he was actually an un-dead vampire who had been a firsthand witness to the historical events he taught about. It was also said that occasionally he would snatch a student from the halls and devour them in the teachers' lounge if they couldn't recite all forty-four American presidents in order of election. This was mostly told to freshman students though just for fun. Sometimes he was a zombie too. His droning voice actually gave a little credit to that particular rumor, and at only ten minutes into the incredibly dull class, two girls sat at the back of the class whispering under their breath.

"I can't do this."

"You're fine, stop complaining."

"Another year in this place..."

"It's your last year though, got to make the most of it."

"So much homework... I'm sick of the teachers... sick of studying-"

"You barely study anyway."

"I want to go home."

"Esmeralda, if you're going to be like this the whole day, go sit in another seat that's not next to mine, okay?" Pocahontas looked down at her best friend, who had her head face down on the desk. She mumbled something incoherently which may or may not have been a string of curse words.

Esmeralda wasn't a morning person. She wasn't much of an A grade student either. Didn't study, didn't listen to the teacher. Hell, it was a good day if she even bothered to bring a pen to class. No, Esmeralda was a girl who lived for the weekend, a party girl if you will. She was invited to every one of the coolest party's since her sophomore year, ever since she got up on the pool table at Megara's party and did a bit of dancing aided by the cue stick, even throwing some of the more memorable ones. If anything school was considered more of a recuperation period between each wild weekend. If it weren't for her other best friend, Quasimodo, sitting on her other side letting her borrow his textbook at this current moment, it was doubtful she would have ever made it this far in school. While not the brightest of students, at least he put in the work, and was always there to lend notes to Esmeralda when she would undoubtedly come begging for help the night before a big test which she of course hadn't even opened the textbook for.

"-And if you skip to page 45 in your book, we will begin this year's history course by studying King Henry the Eighth. Quasimodo, if you could volunteer to start reading the first paragraph out loud-"

But just as Quasimodo stood up with his book about to open his mouth, another student shot up his hand.

"Um, sir, my textbook isn't right."

"...What exactly do you mean?" Mr. Frollo asked the boy, his voice never changing from it dull pitch and his face still set in a mix of boredom and contempt: the face of a man who had to deal with too many stupid teenagers over the years.

Phoebus held up his textbook and pointed to the title on the page, "Mine doesn't say Henry the Eighth, just some Henry with a V and three I's next to it, what's with that?"

There was a small ripple of laughter through the class but Frollo looked at the blonde haired boy without saying anything for a while with that same look on his face. He studied the boy for a second and Phoebus tried to look as earnestly clueless as he could, but he couldn't help but crack the tiniest of smiles. That was when Frollo raised an eyebrow, "Ah, a 'class clown,' I see. One in every class. This is your first year in my class? I don't recognize you from the juniors?"

Phoebus deflated a little. It was only fun if the teachers actually took the bait. "I was in Professor Hades History class last year," he explained.

"And why are you not in his class this year?"

"...I was asked to leave his class," Phoebus seemed to be holding in laughter as he smiled. "Apparently making biggus dickus jokes wasn't appropriate when learning about ancient Roman history," he shrugged and smiled as the rest of the class let out a burst of laughter.

Frollo didn't even crack a smile. Apparantly expertly placed Monty Python referances were lost on him "Quiet," he snapped in an icy tone. Frollo had a solid reputation for being as fierce as he could be boring and every student quickly shut themselves up, all turning to watch as Frollo walked calmly over to Phoebus's desk to stand directly in front of him. The man sneered down his nose at the boy, "Now you listen here. I don't tolerate 'jokesters'. School isn't meant to be fun, you are here to learn and I highly doubt you can do that if your too busy trying to 'impress' your classmates with what, for lack of better word, we'll call wit."

Phoebus, as an experienced heckler of teachers, wasn't sinking down in his chair in complete fear like perhaps a few less-hardened freshman would, but he didn't exactly come back at Frollo with a snappy response either. He wasn't stupid. He just sat silent and Frollo seemed satisfied that the message had sunk in, if only temporarily. "Now, if I can continue, please begin reading aloud-"

After that the class sat in silence, listening to Quasimodo recite the first paragraph from the textbook, and then other students continue on. After twenty minutes of bored students reading from the boring book in bored voices, Frollo paused the class to go to the photocopier to get them their worksheets.

"I will be back in ten minutes and in that time I want you to read over pages 48 and 49," he said sternly, knowing full well that they'll all just immediately start talking and/or pull out their phones and start texting, but he at least had to make it seem like he was trying. Predictably, as soon as the classroom door shut behind him, Phoebus whipped out his phone from his jeans pocket and saw he had one new text message from Flynn, the exact guy who should be sitting next to him right now in this very class. Typical, ditching first period on the first day. He really had grown used to his best friend's casual relationship with the institution of education. This was going to be him bragging about the lame story he told the front office or about his daring escape to the student parking lot and riding off in his beat up old scooter without detection from any of the staff.

'Hey man im not coming to school today cbf think ill use the appendix bursting excuse'

Sent two hours ago. Phoebus typed a reply:

'so howd that go?'

He got a response almost immediately.

'oh man wild change of plans. Operation appendix backfired and im still here fml but I totally got a chick out of it'

Phoebus paused. Why did all of Flynn's stories seem to end with him claiming he got a chick out of it?

Phoebus just texted back a question mark.

'ill explain at lunch'

Just as Phoebus was re-pocketing his phone, Esmeralda threw an eraser at the back of his head.

"You didn't tell us you were moving to this class," she smirked as he turned around to face her. She was too busy with her head down trying to drown out the classroom to even notice him come in.

"I knew," Quasimodo turned to join in the conversation.

"Me too," Pocahontas nodded.

"I wanted it to be a surprise, you know how I like to make your day," Phoebus smirked and Esmeralda just scoffed but couldn't help a smile. The two had a strange friendship that had formed out of constant taunts, sarcastic replies to everything and the need to constantly irritate the other. It was almost routine now.

Pocahontas, who had actually been briefly reading over pages 48 and 49, smiled too. "Wow, I think it's just dawning on me that you, Flynn, and Esmeralda will be in the same class. I wonder how many F's you'll have gotten combined by the end of the year?"

Quasimodo laughed too, "And how many detentions?"

"Hey we're not that bad together."

"Phoebus, remember when we were all cooking partners in Home Ec freshman year?" Esmeralda asked.

Phoebus scrunched up his face in concentration as he obviously tried to remember, but Esmeralda continued anyway. "The cookie dough incident?"

"Oh, that. I don't know how that cockroach slipped into the batter when I was mixing it, I really don't. Good thing the teacher ate it before we did."

"She threw up all over her desk after she saw the thing bitten in half in the middle of her cookie"

"I know!" Phoebus laughed.

"Or when you and Flynn released those test mice you stole from the science department in the middle of class?"

"And that girl Giselle fully freaked out and fainted? Oh my god, that was so classic."

"Didn't she hit her head and have to go to hospital?" Quasimodo asked.

Phoebus shrugged, "It was still funny."

Before any more nostalgic freshman cooking class shenanigans could be relived, the sound of a chair being scraped back on the linoleum floor grabbed the attention of the class as a girl stood up and walked to the front of the room.

"Um... Hi everyone, if I could just grab all of your attention for a sec?"

Phoebus fought the urge to roll his eyes and other students exchanged glances. It was Tiana. The class president, top student, and all around perfect high school role model. A perfectly nice girl, just a little highly strung and could possibly benefit from taking the occasional chill pill when it came to her school work, which she took very seriously (and inevitably ended showing up every other student in her year).

"So," she continued, having captured the class's attention, "I was thinking, since this is senior year and I know we all want to do our best-"

"Speak for yourself," Esmeralda muttered under her breath.

"-That we could form a kind of study group for this class. I could make a facebook page which I'd all add you on and that creates a great place for us to communicate, like if we need help on essay topics or just want to discuss the last class and what time things are due. I'd also get you to write down all our numbers on a sheet of paper so we could call each other as well-"

Phoebus leant over and whispered to Quasimodo, "Totally just a ploy to get my number, honestly, the lengths some girls go too."

"-And we can meet up as a group after school and at lunch to revise," Tiana finished with a smile.

The whole class just looked at her, not saying a word. Give up valuable lunchtime? Stay after school? Not. Freaking. Likely.

"So...is anybody keen on the idea? I brought a signup sheet?" She held up a little clipboard and green gel pen with a frog on the end of it.

This is the exact kind of moment when you needed a cricket chirping for comic effect.

"Aw, c'mon guys, it could be fun," Tiana tried to urge someone. Anyone.

"Yeah. No," Phoebus said flatly. "The idea of a study group that's actually fun only happens on TV. They never actually turn out like they do on Community."

"Oh man I love that show" Quasi drifted into the conversation.

"Yeah, I downloaded all the seasons, it's so good."

"Really? Can I get them off you; they're only up to starting the second season on tv."

"Yeah sure I'll bring in my hard drive tomorrow."

"Hey, can I get them too? I've heard everyone say it's good and I've finished Jersey Shore so I need something new to watch," Esmeralda joined in.

"You like that show?" Phoebus pulled a face.

"Hey, it's entertaining, don't judge me."

"Too late, I'm already judging you."

"You guys!" Tiana tried to snap back some of the focus she'd lost. "Just...come on, it's for your benefit"

Phoebus and Esmeralda continued to just blatantly ignore her while chattering on about TV shows while Pocahontas tried to ignore her in a more polite way by keeping her head down and eyes glued to her textbook like it was the most interesting thing she'd ever encountered.

Quasimodo made the mistake of accidentally making eye contact with her.

"Quaassiii," Tiana gushed, using the boys more commonly used nickname. "You'll sign up right?"

"Uuuhh," he gaped, trying to think of some sort of excuse, but Quasimodo had never been a very good liar. He was also hopelessly nice, so as Tiana stared him down with her earnest smile and hopeful eyes he felt himself weakening.

"Um...I guess I coul-"

"He's busy!" Esmeralda swooped in at the last second, interrupting them both. She met gazes with Tiana and tried to smile sweetly. "He has a really hectic schedule so he couldn't possibly fit in extra study sessions, sorry."

Quasimodo sent a silent thank you Esmeralda's way and she raised her eyebrows in a silent 'you're welcome'.

But Tiana wasn't convinced. She crossed her arms over her chest "Busy, huh?"

"Yes," Esmeralda answered sharply.

"With what?"

"...extra-curricular activities"

"Such as?"

"He...is in the..." Esmeralda tried to think quickly but Phoebus leapt in to help too.

"School band."

"Yeah, that's the one. Band," Esmeralda nodded.

"Playing what?"

Ugh, this girl couldn't take a hint. "The...bells."

"...The bells?"

"Yup. The bells"

Tiana started to frown "Hm, that's funny since I've attended every one of the school bands concerts and I've never seen him play the bells."

Crap. Esmeralda, Phoebus, and Quasi all looked at each other for more ideas but they all seemed to come up blank. Just as Quasi looked as if he was going to throw in the towel and sign himself up, Pocahontas finally lifted her head from her textbook.

"It's re-recorded," she said casually. "Quasi actually suffers from terrible stage fright, so the band teacher allows him to pre-record his bell playing on audio which can then be played on a CD player along with the band during live performances."

"...Yeah. What she said."

Tiana knew bullshit when she heard it but she also knew she wasn't getting anywhere with any of them. Plus, she did actually have a little respect for Pocahontas, so she didn't feel like arguing with her. "Ugh, fine," she submitted.

"Nice save" Esmeralda mouthed over at her friend. Quasi just gave her thumbs up of appreciation.

As Tiana was walking away, she passed Flynn's empty seat. She turned back to the group and pointed down to his seat "Hey, do you think Flynn would be interested in-"

They all just gave her a look before she could even finish that sentence.

"...Yeah, that was a pretty dumb question wasn't it?"

A/N:I'm basically taking a lot of the themes from the movie, and loosely adapting some of the story lines for individual characters and twisting them to fit a modern high school setting. As well as seeing how the different characters from different movies would interact together (haha). Now I have no idea if there are a ton of other Disney high school fics out there, which I bet there probably is, if I actually went looking for them, but I started the ideas for this fic from when I wanted to actually draw the princesses in normal high school wear for my DeviantArt page. I made the stories up in my head as I went along and developed it from there, so if any of my ideas are actually total clichés or happen to be the same as any other Disney AU fic, then sorry but that was completely unintentional.

I'm not really planning on have a main character for this story, instead sharing time almost equally between characters. Even though Jasmine is the opening for the whole story, she won't be focused on more than any of the other girls.

Also, I just wanted to add a quick guide to what years I'll be putting the characters in, since they won't all be in the same grade.

Sophomores: Second years

Jasmine, Ariel,Mulan, Rapunzel, Belle, Adam/beast

Juniors: Third years

Cinderella ,Aurora Snow White, Phillip, Charming, Eric,Shang

Seniors: Fourth years

Flynn, Phoebus, Aladdin, Tiana, Naveen, Esmeralda, Pocahontas, Quasimodo, Lottie

Author's Note

So those are the basic kind of groups. They'll mostly stay quite separate, just since having every character have some sort of relationship with everyone else would just get so messy and way too over the top in establishing connections and such, and it's just unnecessary. So sorry if you wanted to see Pocahontas go shopping with snow white, that's not going to happen.

This is also where I should mention that all canon pairing are happening, no fear! So don't worry about your favorite pairing being split into different grades, I have plans. So for instance, you won't have Ariel be in any class scenes with Eric, but that doesn't mean they won't get scenes together, it'll just happen in some other way.

I have a feeling some people might not like that I made Snow White quite snarky. Please don't jump the gun and think I'm making her some mean girl! She really is a great friend and a nice person. I just feel like the movie personality... isn't much of a personality. I mean she's just this... singing little wholesome ball of niceness. I'd say it's a product of its time. You know, back in the day where perfect, little sweet innocent women who cooked and sang and were ever so sweet and perfect were the ideal. So I want her to be a nice, wholesome girl to most of the world and quite the sarcastic little minx to those who really know her. Some might not like it, but I think she balances out the sweet and naïve Aurora and the shy, somewhat awkward Cinderella. I want some sass in the mix with those three, and Snow White is the vessel for that sass.

Also, as a little guide I'm going to list all the faculty members at Disney high, so you can keep up with teachers as well. Because being a teacher doesn't leave you out of the lime light (haha).

Jafar: Upper school Physics; also takes a sophomore home room class

Hades: Ancient History

Frollo (Hunchback of Notre Dame): History and English

Anita Radcliffe (101 Dalmatians): English

Shan Yu (Mulan): Math

Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet): Lower School Science

Milo Thatch: Foreign Languages Jane Porter: Art

Clopin (Hunchback of Notre Dame): Drama

Rodger Radcliffe (101 Dalmatians): Music


Mrs. Potts: Home Ec

Cruella Deville: fashion and textiles; also takes a juniors home room classmates

Gepetto (Pinocchio): Wood shop

Hercules: Upper school Sports; also takes a senior home room class

Kida: Upper school sports

Helga Sinclair (Blonde lady from Atlantis): Lower School Sports

Doctor Sweets (Atlantis): in charge of the School sick bay

Tarzan: Janitor/groundskeeper Megara: Library assistant

Author's Note

And yes, I have actually created working timetables for all the characters with set classes and teachers so I can keep track of who's in whose class with each other and such.

I mean it's not like bothering to do that is pedantic and little obsessive and an indicator that I literally have nothing better to do with my life, right?


Oh, and if your favorite Disney character isn't listed above, then sorry but they won't be having any major plot lines revolve around them. I might name drop them in, like I did with Megara up there earlier, but they won't be central characters. Also expect a lot of villains to pop up as teachers and what not (haha). Another thing to be said about Villains is they won't actually be, well, evil. They might be bad teachers and whatnot but the most evil thing they'll do is give out detentions. I'm not goingto have Frollo tie Esmeralda to a bon fire because she didn't hand in her homework on time.

Also, a rather important note, not everyone's parents are dead. Aladdin will have parents, they won't be mentioned much, but he's not an orphan. Same with Flynn and Quasimodo. If the character has one parent, then I'll mostly just refer to them and avoid the fact that I don't really bring up the other one. Since hey, it would be a bit fuss to have most of your students at a high school are missing one parent or both. That would start raising eyebrows. Plus in this story, I'm making Gothel Rapunzel's biological mother, it's just easier and she's more developed as a character than her actual movie parents, and I don't want to start any plot lines about missing parents since I want to keep this fic light and fun. I know most of you really won't care about all this parent business very much, but I'm just clearing it up now in case you were wondering at all.

If you have any other questions, feedback, constructive criticism, or you just want to say a quick compliment, please feel free to leave it in a review; I appreciate every single one I get!