Author Note : Takes place after 1.08 Vexed.

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"Come on Bo Bo, you've been moping around for weeks. Let's go to the Dal and you can get back on that succubus horse, giddy-up."

Kenzi looked at her BFF with worried eyes when no reply came. It had been three weeks since Lauren had ripped out her friend's heart and she was not sure what to do to get the depressed succubus out of her funk. The breakup with Dyson didn't affect Bo half as much as the Lauren thing had. "Curse you, Dr. Hot Pants," the little goth girl thought to herself looking at her forlorn best friend.

"Bo you need to get up, when was the last time you fed?" Kenzi enquired with a slight raise of an eyebrow.

"Kenzi I'm fine. I just wanna stay home 'kay." Bo finally replied without looking up from her hunched position on the well-loved couch.

"Okay, if you're not gonna do it for yourself, do it for me. I really need some shots and the Dal is having another fae holiday so it's gonna be pumpin' with sexual energy for you to get your freak on. Come on, please." With this plea the beautiful fae looked up at her crazy but lovable friend. Kenzi put on her best Oliver Twist pleading face and said, "pretty please". After several drawn out minutes, Bo finally relented, smiled for her adorable sidekick and nodded her head. "Okay Kenz, I'll just go get changed, but I'm only doing this for you," and with that she slouched up the stairs to get ready.

Moments later Bo re-emerged looking smoking hot in her usual leather ensemble. Now all she needed was the twinkle back in her eyes and she would be Bo Bo again. "Lets go, succubitch." Linking arms they set off for Trick's bar where the free drinks for life lived.

The two women arrived at the Dal and it was indeed packed with fae of all shapes and sizes. The succubus felt that stirring deep inside her centre telling her that it had indeed been a long time since she had fed. Bo realised in that moment she had effectively been starving herself. Maybe all she needed was a good meal to wipe away the horrible feelings that plagued her constantly. As she surveyed the variety of meals offered, her pint sized friend had already pushed her way towards the bar to the drinks being lined up by a smiling Trick. Bo smiled, "what would I do without her," she thought as she made her way to the bar and the great many shots waiting for her consumption. Bo realised she already felt a little better.

"Maybe this night won't be so bad. Thanks Kenz I don't know what I would do without you," Bo remarked as she sat on the stool next to her purple wig wearing friend.

"You would probably be like a little old lady with 60 cats that never leaves the house," Kenzi replied as she gave the succubus a playful punch on the arm.

"God, I haven't been that bad have I?"

"No comment that's all I can say. Okay so do you see anything that you like Bo Bo? Let's get you back on the succubus trail. We'll get you a happy meal, emphasis on the happy." With that she turned on her stool to survey the smorgasbord spread out before her friend.

"Maybe I'll just go dance and see if anyone tickles my fancy." After downing another shot the exotic beauty slips off her stool into the throng of swaying and gyrating fae in front of her. Bo didn't see it as much as felt it when she was bumped by someone on their way to the exit. It wasn't just that she was body checked into a group of other dancers; there was a sensation like a jolt of electricity that shot up her arm and was distributed throughout her body. It was like a switch was tripped inside her as the hunger she tried so hard to keep in check roiled to the surface. A primal need to hunt came over her. The succubus felt an aggression that she had never experienced before. As Bo immersed herself with the other dancers and began to sway, she felt as the people dancing around her moved closer as if they were moths to a flame.

As the night progressed the sultry succubus found herself dancing with two incredibly gorgeous fae women when she felt a familiar tug at her heart, a pull that turned into a clench as she turned towards the entrance of the Dal. The Blonde weaved her way towards the bar and leaned in to speak to Dyson before handing him a file. The dark primal feelings rose up again and all other thoughts and feelings were pushed aside. Bo eyed the blonde doctor like she was a mouse drawn to a snake. The brunette was startled for a moment; her hunger had never felt like this before: cold, calculating, like a predator on the hunt. Seconds later the confusion and worry slipped from the succubus' mind, replaced by three simple impulses.


Lauren, obviously finished with whatever business she had, was slowly making her way towards the exit.


Bo stopped dancing giving the two dancing fae a quick but intimate kiss each before slipping away, striding purposefully towards the door stalking her new prey. Bo didn't even look back to see the noticeable disappointment written across the forgotten women's faces.

Emerging on the street Bo spied the blonde walking under streetlights about a block away, heading back towards the Ash's compound and her living quarters. The succubus physically licked her lips in anticipation as she slowly made her move, following the retreating figure. The hunt was on. "Run, little mouse run," she said quietly to herself with an uncharacteristic chuckle.

Sticking to the shadows the predator stalked her prey. If Lauren sensed her in any way it didn't show. The doctor strode with long sure strides nearing the turn off towards her place of residence. There were fleeting seconds here and there when Bo questioned what she was doing, knowing that it didn't feel right. The thoughts however were quickly replaced with the primitive hunger as she continued to follow her succulent prize.

Bo smiled in anticipation; silently slinking her way towards the front door as Lauren fished out her keys. The leather clad women moved up right behind the blonde revelling in the familiar, intoxicating smell and aura of the beautiful doctor. "Mm tasty," Bo thought to herself.

"Boo," the succubus whispered in the statuesque blonde's ear before lightly licking and sucking on the doctor's earlobe. Giving a yelp and spinning around Lauren pitched across the threshold into the foyer before falling backwards onto her ass.

The expressions of both women were in complete contrast. While Lauren wore a startled expression, Bo was looking at the doctor like she was a juicy steak waiting to be devoured. The thrill of the hunt was intoxicating to Bo; she had never felt so powerful and in control before.

Lauren, realising who was standing before her, visibly relaxed for a moment before she noticed the look in her ex-lover's eyes. The blonde was shocked by her body's response to the look.

"Get away," it said. "RUN," it screamed.

"Bo, my God you scared me," Lauren said keeping her eyes fixed on the face of the woman looming above her. The look that crossed the brunette's face was one of triumph and pleasure. It fuelled the fear that was already rolling inside the blonde's body.


Bo stood above the trembling woman, her dark eyes devouring every inch of the blonde. "So beautiful," she thought to herself as a wave of desire for the women below her awoke to join the hunger.

"Gee sorry Lauren, I didn't mean to scare you," the comment oozed with insincerity.

"Bo are you feeling ok?" Lauren questioned, the doctor in her coming out as she stared at the stranger in front of her. "You are not acting like yourself."

The succubus snorted at this, "yeah I'm fine. Just ... peachy. I'm gonna try this new thing where I give in to the hunger and not give a crap about the fucking consequences." Lauren physically flinches at the words, a new panic washing over her.

Bo, thinking that she may as well play with her food before she eats it, kneels down between Lauren's legs watching as the blonde's desire flares before her, despite the fear she is exhibiting. The succubus leaned forward placing her hands on either side of the woman's head, bending down till their lips were almost touching. Bo darts her tongue out giving Lauren's slightly parted lips a quick flick. The response is instantaneous and the succubus can't help a slight chuckle from escaping her lips as she watches the blinding light of desire flash before her. It only lasts a moment, to her amusement and surprise, before the arrogant chuckle seems to jolt the doctor from her lust and desire, both quickly replaced by anger.

"What the hell are you playing at Bo? Are you trying to get back at me? Is that what this is? I've already apologised like a hundred times. What more do you want me to do? You are the one who has been avoiding me like the plague. I was trying to protect you because I care about you."

Bo straddles Lauren's hips getting comfortable and basking in the desire and anger radiating from the creature beneath her. "I don't need protecting Lauren, certainly not from you. I needed something else from you and I thought that's what you were giving me, but alas you were just being a good little pet and following the commands of your master." The succubus' words dripped with contempt. "Do you have any idea how deep my feelings for you run, Lauren, huh? I honestly thought we had a future or at the very least something more than a good fuck." Bo feels the hunger push itself to the forefront again, she feels her eyes begin to glow the supernatural sapphire blue. The succubus refocuses on the women beneath her grinding her hips against the blonde's until she begins to squirm and whimper. This brings a smile to her lips as she runs her hand along the blondes jaw, neck and then collarbone towards her heaving breasts, casting bursts of power through her hands and into Lauren's flesh.

Bo can see the woman fighting the feelings of desire the succubus is forcing into her. "Why are you fighting it?" she asks genuinely not comprehending the doctor's resistance.

"Because this isn't you Bo, I don't know what's going on but something isn't right." Lauren's eyes filled with love and concern seem to penetrate Bo's very soul, making her hesitate. Coming out of the haze of her hunger for a moment, Bo stares down at the quivering blonde beneath her confused and disorientated.

"Lauren? What am I doing here? I'm sorry I don't know what I was thinking. I'm really, really hungry and you, ummm, you are familiar or something and my body obviously just reacted. I can't be here. I can't deal with this I just can't. I ummm... I gotta go." And with that Bo quickly disentangles herself from the now confounded woman beneath her and runs into the night. Soon her body starts screaming at her "TAKE, TAKE, TAKE."

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