Author's Notes: Written for the "Alice in Wonderland" Gift Basket at kink_bingo on Dreamwidth – a bingo card of nine different "kinks" relating to the story of Alice in Wonderland. This, accordingly, shall be a set of nine Lucius/Alice smut ficlets.

Dedicated to my darling Couture Girl, to tide her over while I take an obscenely long time in writing her birthday present…


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Lucius's hands were tangled in Alice's short hair, gripping her head and holding it firmly in place, and his lips were pressed against hers. Alice could only moan, half helplessly and half mutinously, as she struggled to touch him. He had undressed her and tied her hands behind her back, and as much as she tried to get the ropes around her wrists loosened, she could not.

He pulled back, his lips curling a little. "You may stop struggling, Alice."

"You wish."

Lucius looked like he wanted to say something more, but he only stared at her for a moment, then gripped her firmly by her shoulders and pushed her down onto her knees. She let out a squeak of protest, but could not stand up without the use of her hands.

"Now stay still," Lucius told her, and then he took one step away, and a moment later, he turned back to her and swiftly wrapped a piece of fabric over her eyes.

"Get off!" Alice told him, but he just tied it firmly at the back of her head.

"What are you doing?" Alice asked warily. The blindfold was tight about her face, blinding her entirely. Not so much as a sliver or blur of light shone through.

"Shh…" Lucius's voice was as satiny as she had ever heard it. "Don't you trust me, Alice?"

"Not for a second," she shot back, trying to sound brave.

"You're terribly feisty for someone in your position."

There was nothing that Alice could say to that. She was, after all, in perhaps the most vulnerable position possible – bound upon her hands and knees, blindfold around her eyes, stripped naked and with Lucius Malfoy standing over her. In his manor too, no less… his wife might come in at any moment…

She felt something cool and sticky drip down the swell of her bare breasts and shuddered a little. "What are you doing?"

"Preparing you." Lucius gripped her shoulder and shoved her firmly backwards onto the floor. With her wrists tied, she was helpless to stop him or catch himself, and landed flat upon her back. The cold sticky liquid began to drizzle onto her skin again, making a slow trail down her torso and stopping just below her navel.

Alice dared not speak, and there was a moment of silent expectation before she felt Lucius's tongue brush against her belly. She shivered slightly, while his mouth travelled slowly up her body. She allowed herself a quiet moan when he latched onto her breast, sucking and swirling his tongue around her stiff nipple.

"Lucius…" she groaned quietly, but was silenced when his lips came hard over her. She tasted honey on his lips.

Alice pulled back from Lucius's kiss, half laughing, half disgusted. "You were pouring honey on me?"

"I was," he told her, and she could hear his smirk in his voice. "And my I tell you, my Alice – honey tastes far better licked off your skin than it does otherwise…"