Alice stood in Narcissa and Lucius's bedroom – what a thrill it was to be with Lucius here, where his wife slept every night – and looked around. Her eyes fell upon Narcissa's vanity, strewn with little bottles of beauty potions.

"She certainly has a lot, doesn't she?" she commented to Lucius. He was standing behind her with his arms around her waist, and seemed far more concerned with pressing kisses along her neck than with the room that they were in.


"Narcissa," she clarified. "She certainly has a lot of beauty potions…"

"She does."



"I want you to fuck me on her table," Alice whispered. Her voice was low and thickened with lust, and she felt Lucius's grip on her waist tighten.

He shoved her down onto the table without a second of hesitation. She moaned and tilted her head back, then tried to turn to look at him, but he grabbed her by either side of her head so that she could only see him in the mirror.

"Watch me in her mirror," Lucius breathed. Alice caught the edges of the desk and dug her nails in, staring at their reflections. Her knees went weak Lucius lifted her skirt, ran his hands up her thighs, undid his own trousers…

She didn't take her eyes off his face for a second as he thrust inside her. She watched, vision blurring slightly with pleasure, as his mouth twisted with concentration.

The satisfaction she felt when she saw his mouth open in a silent moan and felt his seed spurt inside her was far beyond what she had experienced before. There was something so terribly gratifying about seeing the look on Lucius's face when he came, seeing him lose control. He was apt to try to keep his face smooth when Alice was looking, show little reaction except to flush and perhaps moan when he was in the throes of pleasure.

"Lucius?" she purred when he pulled out of her.


She turned over and looked up at him with a small, cheeky grin.

"Am I sexier than Narcissa?"

He looked at her for a moment as if he wasn't quite sure whether she was being serious or not, then laughed and pulled her up off the vanity. He kissed her hard on the mouth.

"Yes, Alice," he told her. "Yes, you are. No matter how many potions she takes."