Title: Night Club

Rating: K

Summary: Fon thought being drag into a night club would be boring as usual. Except, this time he meet a man he might want to spend the rest of his life with.

Disclaimer: I do not own KHR


I was minding my own business when two girls came up to me. They purposely jiggled their breasts a bit while smiling flirtingly at me. I politely smiled at them.

"Sorry ladies, I swing the other way."

If I was as loud as Colonello, I would have laugh out loud when their faces morphed into a choked one. No matter how many times I see it, it always brings me entertainment to see them like that. When the girls left, I went back to my drink on the counter. My friends were on the dance floor, dancing some kind of techno song. Reborn was trying to teach Skull to dance the song, meaning hitting him when he did wrong and kiss him when he did right. Trust Reborn to be mean even with his boyfriend. Colonello was enjoying himself with Lal. Luce was with Verde, making out in one of the corner of the club. Viper couldn't join us because his sadist blond of a boyfriend wanted him to meet Belphegor's parents. And me, I'm left out, without anyone.

I turned around to look for potential person to speak with, since I doubt I want to spend my evening like this. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around. I saw Reborn (the guy had one of his arms around Skull's waist) and a man behind him. Reborn leaned and whispered to me.

"This guy might be your type." And then he left with Skull, leaving me with this man I never met. And Reborn, God, was it wrong if I suddenly attack him right now and strangle him on the dance floor?

I turned to the person Reborn left me with, might just go along with the flow. The man took a seat beside me and ordered something. I found his voice was soothing.

"One glass of tequila, please." He said to the bartender. In the meantime, I took time to assess this man. And I was floored. He had the most amazing and mesmerizing eyes I've ever met. The brown honey colour was so soft that I feel lost in it. He was about 16 or 17. Was it even legal for him to be in this club?

"Excuse me, how old are you?" I whispered to him. I must be looked stupid that he looked at me weirdly before broke into a fit of laughing. I feel like a brick of stone fall on top of my head.

"I-I'm, oh MY GOD, my ribs! AHAHAHAHA!" he laughed again. I felt myself twitched. Can I go strangle Reborn now? Finally he stopped and gazed at me amusedly.

"I'm 21, Sawada Tsunayoshi." He said. I blinked. 21? He looked so young (and small) that I thought he's still in high school. I forced myself to smile.

"I'm Fon, then." We shook hands and his drink arrived.

I found myself enjoying his company, after all. The night might just turn interesting.

After that night, we met more often than normal. Most weekends were spent with him and I knew I had fallen for him.

One evening, after a shower, I sat on my bed with my cell in hand. I was still wet with the towel draped on my shoulders and only a jean was on. Sighing, I make my decision and called Reborn. He picked it up after a few rang.

"What is it, Fon?" he asked. Biting my lip, I asked him about something that has been bugging me.

"He's the CEO of Vongola company, the place I work at. Meaning he's my boss."

I dropped my phone and decided that yes, it was okay to strangle Reborn to death now.

Remind me next time to never trust Reborn, ever.


Kind of short huh? But I like it! Especially this is Fon's PoV. I thought it was kind of funny XD