Joleena sighed contentedly and sipped her drink. She stretched herself out on the lounge chair and adjusted her sunglasses. Beside her, Sydney chuckled and rolled onto her stomach.

"Beats tramping around the magic world, doesn't it?" She said.

Joleena took another sip of her drink and agreed. After over three years of wandering around Syrania on foot, and disguised as a peasant no less, this was infinitely better. Unfortunately, she knew it couldn't last. There were still things to do, people to see … a certain someone she sort of somewhat missed...

"Who are you thinking about?" Sydney said suddenly in a teasing tone. "Joe?"

Joleena started, almost spilling her drink. "W-w-what? You can read minds now too?"

Sydney laughed in a way that reminded Joleena of San-Li. "You know he's turning 16 in a few weeks. Are you going to go see him? Maybe give him a nice birthday present?"

"Shut up!"

In a large, marble room in its own realm a council numbering over a hundred masters of magic, old wise men, and ancient kings sat debating. In the center of the auditorium floated various pictures of a boy and his two friends. There were taken at various times in the boy's life and were focused on one thing; his time warping adventures.

The mood in the room was hard to gauge. Some were mumbling consent in favor of the boy becoming warp wizard, others were angry at the mere thought of the boy having so much power.

"What do you think of this Nicodemus?" an elderly man said to his neighbor who merely chuckled.

"That Joseph will have a lot of work to do."