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"Flashback Talking"

Bloodline Alert!: Naruto will possess a bloodline, it will be described in the next chapter. Like with The Stormcaller story I will warn you on a head if anyone complains that I may seem to make Naruto seem Demi Godlike, I am not making him into one, his bloodline will serve a purpose later on to this story for the reason he is this strong.

Time Frame: Right now we are on the Master meets Student Arc, in which means right we are at the point A Meets Naruto and make him his apprentice. The Chapters are broken into these Arcs:

Master meets his Student (Where we are now)

Welcome to Kumo; The Rise Of N

To Kirigakure, civil war

To wave, the crossroad of the demon

TBC (more later on)

Personality Warning: Naruto will not be like own cannon series, at the beginning in the prologue and throughout the series he will be serious when he calls for it

Z(Konoha-October 10th 6:00pm)Z

A small boy, about 5 years of age, could be seen walking through night as the streets of Konoha as he came back from having dinner at Ichiraku ramen. The blond continued to walk as he tried to ignore the many glares, and spites that he received from the general populace around him. As the kid walked up to his apartment knowing he it was the festival that was going on tonight, and knowing from experience he should stay home early. As he opened the door to come into the small room that was given to him by his only precious person, his grandfather figure, the Third Hokage.

The small boy was named Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto was always a hyperactive kid, big ball of sunshine. He could almost find any reason to smile and yet each smile he gave grew smaller and smaller by the passing day as he continued to be the bane of existence for the people of his village, and since not too long ago he was living on the streets until the new Anbu watchers the Hokage assigned found him, as it turns out the old ones were stripped of their positions for lying to the Hokage.

Naruto gave a small sigh as he took off his clothes and placed them on the floor. Naruto looked at the ground for a second as he let his emotions go as tears came down his eyes, today is his birthday as he turned 6 but like always he spend it alone. Naruto tried to control his tears, and used his little hand to brush his eyes as he cried.

"Why can't I have any friends? Why does everyone hate me? Why does everyone glare at me? What did I do to make people angry at me?" Naruto asked at the empty space in his room as if he is expecting someone to answer for him.

Naruto got no answer and only silence reigned as he sat on his bed still shedding tears. Naruto sniffed slightly as he closed his eyes to go to sleep hoping that the day would be over with. Naruto soon opened his eyes seeing it was still dark and his little old clock told him it was 9:24 at night and looked at the bed with only himself in it.

Wanting to pass the time, Naruto soon felt that perhaps he could try something he heard the Matron of the orphanage once said to one of the kids at the orphanage 'If you make a wish on your Birthday and you really wish it hard it could come true.'

Naruto got up and wanting to take his mind of the past time in the hellhole he hated so much decided to look out in the sky in the village, and as he looked on he noticed a shooting star go by, remembering the stories about shooting stars and good luck you get after wishing upon it, decided to take advantage of making a wish upon the star along with his birthday wish Naruto sat back on the bed put his hands up together like he was praying 'Kami-sama, if you can hear me please help me, I wish that I can have a chance to have a better life than the one I have here, with someone that cares for me, find a place I can call home, somewhere where I can have a family.'

Shivering trying to hold off more tears more than ever, and at the same you can see the desperation more than ever on his face, like he was praying with all that there is in his being for this to come true. When Naruto was finished he felt completely taxed and just laid back down and curled into a small ball as he wondered what the warmth of someone who loves you.

Naruto sighed as he wondered where his parents were or if they loved him or were they like the villagers and just abandon him. Sleep finally claimed Naruto in no time as he slept in his empty apartment. However, unaware to him, two shinobi shadowed themselves broke in and came into the room as they looked at the sleeping boy oblivious of what was going on. Both sneered at him as they looked and whispered to each other.

"Let's hurry up and get this over with. We have are orders from the elders of the Council and the Hokage, and I don't want to stare at this trash anymore," One of them said to the other.

"I agree. It's time we saved the village, avenge our Fourth Hokage, and got this demon out of here…who knows if we find out we have permission to kill him we could probably be hail as heroes true heroes unlike this demon scum," the man next to him said.

Both nodded to each other as they picked up Naruto and made sure he was completely knocked out, quickly exited the apartment. Both quickly passed the village gates with no problems as they dashed past the forests of Konoha with the 'Demon' child of the village in their hands. Both channeled chakra to their feet as they traveled faster to get Naruto away from the Coordinates they were given which when they looked at the Elemental Nations map, it was the border region between the Land of Fire and the Land of Lightning. After nearly 3 hours of running, both stopped in the middle of where they were supposed to be. When they stopped they placed the child on the ground not caring if he got hurt.

"This should be far enough, now let's go. Hopefully this brat we will be rewarded, for our mission success, and he never makes it back to the village," the shinobi said to his partner.

Both nodded as they left one of them stopped and walked back to Naruto and took out some rope, and picked up Naruto by the neck. Fearing what his partner was going to do something stupid grabbed the guys shoulder and whispered "What the hell are you doing, we were told to leave him here."

Looking at his partner like he's crazy the other Shinobi looked back at his partner "I know relax I was going to make a display of our mission success, or to show the other countries our greatness on how we deal with demons."

Seeing the one holding Naruto was a genius, the other guy let him go and went to take Naruto to a tree and tied his hands together and tied the rope to the tree and left Naruto to hang there, and while they were at it they cut his shirt open and started to carved a message on his chest, right as they started Naruto started to scream but they chopped his neck knocking him back out so as to not draw any attention.

As soon as they were done adding insult to injury, they vanished as they erased all evidence of their presence from the scene. Naruto was still out cold and was losing consciousness from the blood loss on his chest, and although the wound on his chest healed the blood was still there showing what they did to him as he sleep out of consciousness not knowing that his wish he made to Kami may or not happen.

Z(Border of lighting and fire: 1 hour later)Z

Jumping through the mountains leaving Lightning Country and moving along the trees at the giant open fields acting as a border between Fire and Lightning were two shadows and they were moving pretty quickly.

Deciding to stop for moment both shadows landed on the grounds at the middle of open area, the first thing if you take a quick notice of them is the fact they were both Dark skin men, they both look like brothers and they were both sporting forehead protectors sporting they are from Kumo.

The tallest one of the two looked on the area like he was looking for something "Bee are you sure this is the area you were talking about because I don't see anything?"

The one his teammate mentioned Killer Bee has dark-skin and was muscular build, as well has blond hair and a goatee. On his right shoulder, he has a tattoo of the kanji for "iron" (tetsu),and on his left cheek he has a tattoo of a bull's horn. His top lip also has a slightly darker hue than his bottom one.

Killer B wears oval shaped sunglasses and a white colored forehead protector with the symbol for Kumo. He also has his village's standard one-strap-over-one-shoulder flak jacket, and a long, red rope belt tied around his waist, the standard Kumo hand and shin guards, shinobi sandals, and a white scarf around his neck. He was also has a carrier for seven swords on his back.

Looking at his partner to answering his question "I don't know A bro. Eight-O said he sense something around here, other than that I don't know." Bee rapping badly, making the now named A having a tick mark on his head mumbling about 'Idiot Brothers, and their habits'

The big guy A is a tall dark-skinned man taller than his brother Killer Bee with a larger muscular build, with his blond hair combed back, goatee beard. His face is very distinguished with pronounced cheekbones and tear troughs under his eyes, and a prominent crease across his forehead. He has pointed canines and his top lip also has a darker hue than the bottom one. He has black Fuma Shuriken tattoos on both of his shoulders. A also wore a sleeveless black high-collared outfit with ragged sleeve and matching pants along with a flak jacket and shin guards and like Bee he wore a white forehead protector with the symbol of Kumo.

As they both continue looking around A started to get a little pissed right now and was starting to show it "Damn it Bee I swear it right now, if you turn this into a wild goose chase and we get reported for abandoning border patrol I will give you an Iron Claw strong enough to crush your skull!"

Showing his hand in a gripping position and giving Bee and evil red glowing eyes, which caused Bee to start sweating and backing up "Bro please, Bee-sama being straight here, being honest, Eight-O telling me he sensed something here, At first it was pretty big but started being a big no and going low, but the thing was Eight-O said it was familiar, like him or something like me." Looking at Bee like 'was he being serious'.

Seeing he was A started to sense more on the area and when he picked up something weak he focused more and seeing Bee was right there was something there, and it was like him, deciding to go check it out he flashed off to the signature, and investigate it with Bee right behind him.

As they finally made it to place where the signature was they came upon as sight they never thought they would find, there hanging on a tree was a blonde hair child with lines on his face looking like whiskers hung up by his arms, and looked to be unconscious and his white shirt was torn open with dried up blood that spelled 'Demon' on his chest but no wound on it meaning it probably healed but the blood was the evidence he was cut, he also had blue shorts on but nothing on his feet. Bee looked at scene with a horrified look on his face wondering who would do such a thing to a kid who looks to be five maybe six years old, and if the Hachibi is rightand if they are alike then maybe this kid is a Jinchuriki, and if he is then he was the victim of the hatred of his Kage or his village, right then Bee swore to himself if he finds the temes who did this to the kid and go Eight-O on their asses, war or wrath of his Kage be damned.

A was not that far off from his brother as he was looking at this scene instead of fear it was of rage, I mean in war or in this village some things are never pleasant, but the fact that someone would do this to a child probably six years old and the fact someone cuts something so disgusting on his chest knowing they were adding insult to injury, like Bee A looked on the message that said demon and thought for a moment 'the fact they left that it could be obvious he was labeled an outcast been called this all the time, and if what the Hachibi told bee about this child being the same…' then realization kicked in 'Of course this child must be a jinchuriki, and since this area is a border to Fire Country…' then A started to growl in anger 'Then he must the host of the Nine-tail Kitsune, and those so called noble villagers and the greatest village of the 5 Nations probably showed their true colors by nearly killing this child who saved the village, and is the Yodaimines Hokages sacrifice by tossing him out here and leaving him to die, ungrateful Deki Sokonai (Bastards).'

Looking at his brother asked him "Bee does the Hachibi think this kid is who I think he is?" Bee looked at his brother.

And looking serious he gave a nod "Eight-O says you not wrong here this gaki is definitely Nine-O, what we do bro, we can't leave him here, hang out to dry or die." looking he is not going anywhere without the Gaki.

A was thinking for a moment on one hand he could be noble and bring him back to Konoha and question why he was left to die out there, on the other hand because of his bastard father and the Hyuuga incident some time ago both villages were on thin ice with each other, and seeing that they never really got Hyuuga Hiashi's body, A thought with a smirk on his face chuckling to himself 'Well Konoha it's like the old saying your loss my gain'.

Looking at his brother "Bee cut the boy down and get ready were going to lightning country now, well be safe incase Konoha tries to take him from us and get him back to their village." A smirked.

In the meantime Bee smiled and started rapping 'Bros being awesome' and 'Showing those tree hugging bastards their place' while A thought for once he won't hit Bee for his rapping because he was right, if they could convince this boy, the container of the lord of all the tailed beast to stay and join Kumo they could have three guardians the Nibi, Hachibi and the Kyuubi in their village, Kumo would become the most powerful of all 5 Great Shinobi Villages and Konoha would pay their price for their stupidity by throwing out what would be consider the greatest ninja in the Elemental Nations if he could be trained properly.

Right as they entered lightning country A stopped himself for a moment and was completely shocked what he was thinking about, he didn't know where that came from, if he could be properly trained like he would take him as an apprentice.

But then there was the thought, what if A could take this kid as his apprentice, granted the only person he trained was Bee his brother, but that was so he could be his tag team partner, but the fact that remains that having him as a student never crossed his mind since A never took anyone as a student or even had a shinobi team as because he never found anyone who could live up to his expectation, 'But maybe, just maybe I was meant to listen to Bee and find this kid, and if I did…I may have found my promising student. And perhaps with Bee to help him to be in sync with his tail beast he may be able to control its power, I've decided.'

Right as he was done Bee looked at his brother worried while holding Naruto over his shoulder "Yo Bro. you alright, you been off zone for a bit, and I know had that look when you had a revelation haven't you what was it?" for once not rapping seeing A was serious.

A looked a Bee then at Naruto and actually smiled then looked back at Bee, "I have decided that when we get back I am not going to give the kid the test like all the others, and instead I am going to make him my apprentice." A still had the serious look.

Now if Bee was like any other person he would have dropped Naruto out of shock over what his brother said, luckily be was not like any other person he was 'Bee-sama', so instead he just had his mouth open, stumbled a bit and just looked at his brother like he's crazy, and for once did not even think about rapping in this situation "Bro! are you serious about this, the only reason you even give that test was so to see if those who wanted to learn from you had the ability to keep up with you in Taijutsu, strength, or hell even your Raiton no Yori (Lightning Armor) basically all in all your expectations, do you really think this kid can even live to your expectations?" Bee questioned to his brother.

But not once did A flinch while looking at him showing he was serious and waited for Bee to calm down and while they were walking he answered back "Yes, I am serious, and you are right I do give those who want to learn from me those test to show they have to live up to my expectations. But you are forgetting something B, seeing how this kid here is not like everyone else, with the Bijuu inside him he has the energy to probably to possibly keep up to the level I desire him to while training, strength is also simple with the regeneration we both know he has his muscles can easily breakdown and grow stronger than a normal person can, as for the armor that is if he can possess a lightning affinity if he does that's just a bonus. But B think about this, I train with you when you're full all out beast mode, think of the possibilities of his training with me and you helping with his beast and think of the end result?" asked A as the look at a thinking Bee. After a moment of silence then suddenly he started laughing and rapped back while having a starry eye shades "Damn Bro! Never thought of that, you are right this is all wicked, by the time we're done he will be like the Thor's Hammer on all them fools after he is done from the A and B hive testify weee!." Bee trying and failing to rap giving A sweat drop and sign.

After look for 5 minutes of looking around, until he just looked to see what looked like a cave up ahead and decided to stop there for the night and return in the morning, and in the mean time see if this kids would take up on his offer in both coming to Kumo and be his apprentice.

Stopping for a moment he looked at Bee "B!" his brother stopping and looking wait for a response "There's a cave up a head up there let's stop in it for the rest of the night and return in the morning." Seeing Bee yawn seeing he is in agreement both stopped to get supplies and went into the cave and set a fire and each took shifts to watch it while the other went to get some rest.

Meanwhile what the two didn't know was as soon as Bee went to sleep Naruto's breathing became normal.

Z(Naruto's mindscape)Z

'drip' 'drip''drop'

'Uhh…where am I? how did I end up in the sewers?', thought Naruto as he stood up and found himself in some corridors where water was filled to his knees. One moment he was sleeping in his bed and right now he wakes up and where is he? He's was in this damn sewer!

The area was dimly lit and he had no idea how when there are no torches candles or light bulbs. He then started walking wondering wherever the path was taking him. After sometime, he heard a faint sound of crying coming from ahead of him. He then started running in the direction from where the sound was coming from wanting to know what that was, but for some reason it strangely sounded like a female crying. He came to a halt in front of a large golden cage with a small piece of paper on the middle with a kanji for seal on it.

He could clearly hear the sounds of someone crying from the other side of the cage and was really nervous now. First he found himself in this sewer and then this; Cursing on about his curious personality.

Naruto was then dragged out of his musings when the sounds of crying got louder.

He cautiously approached the cage getting in his own fighting stance, but could see nothing in the cage as it was dark as he kept going he came upon something glowing a little crimson, seeing he was going to have to keep going on, he asked a little loud.

"Um, h-hello? Anybody there?" said a nervous Naruto.

The crying suddenly stopped and he could hear and as well as see that 'she' was shuffling inside the shadow while wiping her tears.

"W-Who is there? N-Naruto, is that you?" said a shaky feminine voice which was even more scared than Naruto's.

'The hell is going on here, who is this women? why does she seemed scared of me?', thought Naruto as he slowly progressed towards the inside of the cage. Although he knew that he could be dead within seconds, but something in him told that he should comfort her. And all though he can barely see her she didn't look all that scary.

"Yeah, um my name is Uzumaki Naruto. P-Pleased to meet ya", said Naruto while he laughed nervously.

He was now completely inside the cage, but the next thing he knew; he was tackled by a red blur resulting in him falling on the wet floor. She was so fast even his senses couldn't notice it. He thought that he would be dead anytime now as he mistaken it for an attack, but when he opened his eyes, all he could see was someone's face was buried in his chest. She was sobbing uncontrollably, repeatedly saying 'sorry' or 'I'm so sorry', he also noted the long silky red hair which reached to her lower back.

He couldn't bear to see any female cry even if he did not know who she was so he just went and hugged her.

"Why are you saying sorry?" asked a confused Naruto while he absent mindedly started stroking the back of her head. The women immediately blushed while she started to purr and leaned more into his touch. She was brought out of her comfort when Naruto voiced the same question again. She lifted her face to find that she was only inches away from his face. Both of them blushed crimson red as they saw each other's facial characteristics.

To Naruto even for a six year old, he had never seen someone or anyone so beautiful. Her heart shaped face, red eyes with black slits, small nose and pink supple lips, all seem to yell 'angelic' in his mind. Her complexion was glowing white and he couldn't help but wonder, how the hell is she beautiful in this sewer?

To the women, he was very adorable, cute and handsome at the same time. His spiky blonde hair, tan skin and whiskers added to his appearance that were to die for.

Naruto did know why or how but just looking at this women , but he kind of felt attracted to her, like there was a bond between him & her. He felt a pang in his heart, by seeing her cry.

So instinctively, he brought his hand to her face and wiped her tears softly and lovingly. At first, she blushed furiously from the soft caress he was doing, but then leaned into his touch.

"Why are you crying?" asked Naruto softly. At this, more tears started forming in her eyes but she controlled herself.

"Just now, I….I saw all of your memories. I saw how you were treated all your life, how they ignored you all because they thought you were, were…were, because they thought you were me. I….I'm so sorry", at this she again broke down as she sobbed uncontrollably while hugging Naruto tightly to her. He blushed when he felt her breasts tightly pressed against his chest through here kimono but he had more important things to do. He hugged her back while rubbing her red hair lovingly whereas she continued to cry.

After sometime, she stopped crying and began to enjoy the warmth that Naruto seemed to be radiating to her

"Excuse me? You said 'because they thought I was you?' What do you mean by that?"

At first she stiffened because she thought that if she told him who she is, he would shun her and say he hates her for what happened, but to have him trust her she told him.

"I meant, what I said, the reason you are called 'Demon Brat' is because I am seal inside you I am the Kyuubi no Yoko. The same one that attacked Konoha six years ago, but I didn't mean to it wasn't my fault. I am actually the queen instead of lord of the Nine Tailed Beast, who your father sealed inside me."

After being shocked at first from what he heard, he was looking at her, and the Kyuubi was scared was about to start shedding more tears preparing for the verbal bashing she thought she was getting. Instead she was on the receiving end of a kiss to the forehead then Naruto smiled at her, at first shocked and then blushing from the warmth she received, but then had to ask.

"w-w-why?" Kyuubi looked on although having shed a couple of tears of joy

Naruto just smiled at her "It isn't your fault, Kyuubi-chan. You didn't know what you were doing. I don't blame you for this for any of this. I can only blame the village and the asshole that did this to you," the young blond said with a steely gaze at her. Kyuubi looked at him and smiling with a few tears loose.

"S-so you aren't mad at me?"she asked him. Naruto smiled as he placed her on his lap.

"No way Kyuubi-chan. I can't hate you for things that are out of your control and I won't. I heard many stories that you were a violent beast, but it do not see that, but do you know what I see?"

Kyuubi wondered but did not know so she asked 'what'?

What she got was another kiss only this time on the top of her head and on her forehead seeing her cute surprised face he smiled at her with his foxy look, "Silly Kyu-chan, It does not matter to me if you're a demon or a monster. To me, what I see is you're my cute little vixen, my kitsune, the one who stayed with me from day one, the one who constantly supported me in my hardships, the one who I would die to protect, what I'm saying is you are precious to me."

When he was done he received a complete wrap around bone crushing hug with Kyuubi crying tears of joy say 'thank you' over and over on his shoulder until Naruto calmed her down and they sat back down on their spots.

"Kyu-chan?" asked Naruto while still rubbing her hair. She blushed still new at the addition of '–chan' to her name while 'hm-ing' in response to indicate she was listening.

"What did you mean by 'just now'? Why didn't you appear early in my life and I thought that you were a giant fox, not a beautiful lady", said Naruto still clueless that he was flirting with her while her blush got darker in shade, but he couldn't see it as her face was buried in his chest.

"First, I would like you to know why I attacked your village". said Kyuubi as she lifted her face and stared Naruto right in his azure eyes.

"What do you mean? Didn't you just go on a rampage?" asked a confused Naruto while Kyuubi shook her head.

"Your mother Naruto-kun, was my previous host". said Kyuubi shocking Naruto to his very core but before he could speak, she continued.

"When she gave birth to you, someone attacked her. After a jinchuriki gives birth, her seal gets weakened considerably. So that day, a man with a black cloak wearing an yellow stone with weird blue lines all leading to a single hole where his eye was on his face, he attacked her just after giving birth to you. I still don't clearly remember the incident, but I do know that he somehow released me. He had the Sharingan, although I couldn't clearly see what form it was, but it was definitely above something called a Mangekyou or above it. When I saw him in the eyes, something snapped in me. After that, the only thing I remember is me attacking your village and the rest is somewhat blank, only blurred visions of that incident, just like amnesia.

What I know is that he trapped me in VERY powerful genjutsu which was active till today. After the sealing, I got some of my consciousness back and tried to dispel the genjutsu, but couldn't do it until that attack a year ago, and after that I tried to get you to come see me. That's why you could easily get healed with my chakra, because some part of me was constantly trying to help you since the sealing. Remember again with that attack, well when you were nearly dead it tried to force more of my chakra through the seal and was barely able to save you in time.

So after that, when you tried to willingly harness my chakra to help you later on escaping the mobs, didn't you find it surprisingly easy? It was because I was giving you almost one tail worth of chakra whenever you needed it". explained Kyuubi while Naruto was shell shocked. He didn't know that she was trying to help him all along. He always chased academy teachers or other shinobi for any kind of help, but she was all along helping him. Whenever he was injured, she made extra effort besides the seal to heal him as quickly as possible as the seal didn't leak much of her chakra to heal critical wounds.

Tears slowly started forming in his eyes as he tightly hugged her to his body again.

"Kyu-chan…I…thank you very much! You don't know how much it means to me, what you now mean to me", said Naruto happily while shedding some tears.

"With what you have endured Naruto-kun, I would do anything for you to redeem myself for you". said Kyuubi while blushing as she could hear his heart beat with her ear on his chest.

After thinking for a bit there was something Naruto was wondering for a while."Kyu-chan, do you have a name?", asked Naruto while Kyuubi nodded as she didn't like the name 'nine tailed' much before speaking.

"Hai, its Kurami. Normally to Jinchuriki's to learn a tailed beast true name is a sign that you have their respect, one thing I know only one person knew my name, it was your mother."

Naruto smiled "It's a beautiful name, but I hope you can…but can you t-tell me about m-my mother?" asked Naruto with a sparkle of hope in his eyes.

Kurami's eyes softened at his question, she could only imagine the frustration & pain of not knowing anything about the one who gave birth to you. Inside this child who mind was matured, looking into the eyes of Naruto, she could see a boy desperate to know about his parents, a boy who never knew what a mother's love was, a boy who cries everyday wanting to see his mother at least once. To prove herself to her blond she decided to tell him.

"Hai Naruto-kun. Your mother was from the Whirlpool Country near Water Country; her name was Uzumaki Kushina, who came to Konoha when she was young. What really made her infamous across the elemental nations was her godly mastery of water element equaling your Nidaime's prowess in the element and her status of being a seal master that even Jiraiya The Toad Sannin could not hope to surpass. The complex seal-Shiki Fujin(Reaper Death Seal), on your stomach which binds me to you, was her art. She was easily a kage level shinobi who was given S-rank in the Bingo books of all the elemental nations. She too, like you had extremely large chakra reserves, fast healing rate and had a natural talent for taijutsu & ninjutsu. The Uzumaki clan were a natural with seals, had faster healing rate & longer life spans than normal, so they looked like 18-20 years old even if they reached their fifties, but the history is for another day.

Your mother had a tomboyish attitude when she was young but became more womanly with time. That's the main reason why you're a natural with your mask and why you were even able to confuse the people who knew her closely. You see, when you acted loud, spontaneous & obnoxious, ironically it matched with her personality". explained Kurami with a faraway look on her face while Naruto was brimming with pride & happiness that his mother was such a legendary shinobi.

"Did you ever talk to her?", asked a smiling Naruto.

"Hai, she would often tell me about her experiences and how she loved you with every fiber of her being when she was pregnant," she said with a serene expression.

"But what about my fa-", he stopped speaking when suddenly the sewer around him started fading.

"We'll talk later Naruto-kun. For now, it seems that you're waking up. Something out there is wanting to talk to you." she said while giving him a small smile & a wink.

"I'll come later Kurami-chan", he said while smiling before completely disappearing from his mindscape.

Z(Lightning country-cave next morning)Z

Naruto having been not used to the brightness tried cover his eyes and see about closing the window, but when he shifted over to see he was not in his room but, in a cave he was about to do what he usually do in a situation like this.

But before he did someone slapped his hand over his mouth, to prevent him from doing something stupid. Bee looked at him "Wouldn't do that if I were you fool, unless you want to end up like a broken tool."Said Bee looking at Naruto with a deadly look, and Naruto trying to think what he said, but when he think he figured it out he gave a nod and Bee let him go causing Naruto to breath easily.

Naruto looked at Bee and had to ask "Ano, can you help answer a question for me please?" Seeing Bee think for a moment and was about to answer until A came in and looked at Naruto with a smile "Ahh your awake good. I was hoping to be here when you woke up." Naturally at first if Naruto looked at someone like A and the fact they were in the cave he would have jumped up and yelled out 'Where the hell am I? And who the hell are you?" but the Fact that a guy as big as A has hands that could crush his skull, the guy next to him Bee is right next to him could probably cut him to pieces, so thinking for once he just kept his mouth shut and instead raised his hand properly like he wanted permission to ask a question. Seeing the hand A allowed permission for Naruto to speak impressed he actually restrained himself from doing something to piss him off.

Seeing A nod his head in allowing him to proceed Naruto kept his voice down and asked nicely "w-well I was wondering, where am I? What happened, because the last thing I remembered I was sleeping in my bed, and then I could see anything and I was feeling like I was in pain but then next thing I know I wake up here, and seeing both you guys. I tried to ask this guy in the shades but he said about waiting for his bro., and seeing some resemblance with you two I assume you are his brother, so if it's ok san you please tell me what's going to happen to me?" Naruto asked still being quiet as to not do something stupid.

A at the moment had a smile on his face while chuckling at Bee's nickname for the moment. He looked at Naruto and had the kid sit down while he and Bee did the same.

A took a breath for the moment and begin "Now I will begin in answering your question, but before we do why don't we introduce yourselves and I'll begin my name is A Jonin of Kumogakure no Sato of Kumo for short, and this is my brother B but he likes to call himself Killer Bee, now what's your name son?" A looking at the little whiskered blond, seeing he was nervous around them, but seeing them not being hostile and the fact they don't know about his demon he was starting to get a little more comfortable, something A notice 'He seems to have a hard time trusting people, no child so go through that the bastards'

Starting to get comfortable being around them Naruto started "m-my name is Uzumaki Naruto, it's nice to meet you A-san, Bee-san." Right when they heard Uzumaki A looked a little shocked just for a moment, and wonder if he was her son, or if he was his son, I mean the resemblance could pass off with the blonde hair or the blue eyes.

Deciding to put it away for later he went back to the introductions and decided to get to the point of the matter. "It's nice to meet you Naruto, and now to the point as to answer your questions. The first one we are in a cave in Lightning Country about a few hours away from our village. As to what happened to you, we are not sure when we were patrolling the border we sensed a weak signal in the middle of the fields of Rice Country, when we made it to the signal we found you tied up and hanging by your hands, and you were cut on the chest judging by what you said about the pain and you were suffering blood loss, how you healed quickly and still alive we don't know." A was about to continue he looked at a shaking Naruto and saw his tears going down.

A was about to ask what was wrong but Naruto explained to him through his tears "W-well they finally did it…sniff…sniff…they f-finally got sick of having the 'd-demon b-brat' around them and decided to leave me for dead, I guess with me gone I can't become Hokage and prove them wrong with me gone…sniff…I g-guess their right I am a demon, I am a failure-" SLAP!

And he would have continue talking if it wasn't for the slap on the cheek from Killer Bee and he had some tears coming down his shaded eyes, and right then he grabbed Naruto's shoulders and looked him in the eyes and said in a cold tone not even rapping for once right showing he was serious. "Kid, you listen to Bee-sama right now, and do not say anything until I'm done. I am going to only say this once. You are not a demon, you are not a failure, and the people who say you are, their idiots. I would know because I am like you I have Eight-O, you have Nine-O, you are not the beast, you are not the prisoner or in another way 'You are the Sealing Scroll, your beast is the Kunai'. Don't listen to people who are too stupid to understand. Do you hear me?" Seeing Naruto nod Bee smiled and said 'good' and ruffled his hair.

But then something caught something he said "W-wait, you said you're Eight-O and I'm Nine-O does that mean you know about-" placing his hand on his stomach.

He then saw them both nod A and Bee nod and A continued "Yes we know about your Tailed beast, and we don't care, you see in Kumo we call our containers or what they are called Jinchuriki we call ours Ni no Hogo-sha (The two Guardians), they protect our village we have the Nibi and Bee here has the Hachibi, and we do not discriminate or harm our Jinchurikis. And who knows with you we could call it now San no Hogo-sha (The three Guardians). A smiled trying to leave hints and ease him into the offer.

Getting the hint on something Naruto looked at them confused "Wha..w-what you mean with me, you could make it three guardians, do you want me to come with you or something?" curious with what could they be talking about.

Right then A chuckled and happy Naruto caught his hint, and decided to 'go for broke, lay down all your cards' as the old saying goes "Kid, that is half of my offer for you. You see while you were out we had a theory you were from Konoha, when the Hachibi told Bee about you and your tenant. And what probably happened to you and to be honest I am sick to my stomach, the fact that your 'Noble' and 'Powerful' village threw out a very rare jewel that may be rough around the edges, but with proper care and teaching, and with help to control your beast's chakra you could become the ultimate ninja in history. What I'm trying to tell you kid, is that besides coming with me and Bee to Kumo to live there I am offering you a chance to become my apprentice, kid this is a chance of a lifetime, I have never had a student since I became a jonin, I had Bee to become my tag-team partner but that was it, no one has ever lived up to my expectations and be a waste of my time to have me teach him. But you…you Naruto have this untapped potential to actually to go to my expectations, maybe beyond it."

A then Reached out his hand for Naruto "So what do you say, do you want to try and go back home wasting this opportunity, live your life being miserable, no one teaching you wasting your talents, maybe one day ending up dying and people betraying you? Or do you want to come with us where you can be happy be loved, be respected, having one of Kumo's most powerful Shinobi as your sensei taking your talents to beyond the tallest mountain top, and perhaps having the Shinobi's ultimate dream having someone to love and have a family?" A asked as he still had his hand out for Naruto to take.

As Naruto looked at A hands and thought of his offer, at first Naruto wanted to know if there was there a price to this or like there is a second intentions to it. But right then when heard about his hidden potential, he thought for a moment about his time at the Academy and how his instructor ignored him and his thinking he sabotage him the bastard.

But as he heard the part about having a family and possibilities of finding someone to love, Naruto started to tear up in his eyes thinking that his wish was coming true.

So he stood up and grab A's hand with one of his small ones and started to shake it "I accept both offers, A-sensei." Naruto said smiling.

Out of nowhere A smile while laughing and grabbed Naruto in a headlock embrace "Ha, I knew you make the right choice, kid welcome to the family kid."

Letting him go Naruto regained his balance and smirked his foxy smirk, the out of nowhere Bee held out his hand in a fist waiting for something. Naruto figured he should do the same he, he bumped fist with Bee, and then Bee gave his smirk showing Naruto he did the right thing "Yeah baby, now our gruesome two-twosome now just became a threesome triple threat yeah." Seeing Bee rhyming badly, and doing some weird hand poses then spins around ending doing a hand sign u in the air like a fist with his finger and pinky up. Which out of nowhere his new sensei just came up and grip Bee's face and slammed him in the ground completely pissed and walked away mumbling 'stupid idiots ruining moments'.

Going over helping Bee up they both left the cave, Bee stopped and place a hand on Naruto shoulder to get his attention with a serious face "Word of advice Nine-O, Never Ever piss off Big Bro, unless you want a Iron Claw free fall to the earth." Suddenly gaining a ghostly white face, Naruto nodded showing he understood.

Both entering the field leading to the forest to the mountains A looked at his Brother and his new soon to be apprentice and brought them his attention "Alright the sun is still early and were are about a few hours away to Kumo. Once we get there Naruto I will name you my apprentice. That ok with you?" Seeing Naruto nod A then nod back saying 'good'.

And as A was about the leave but Naruto wanted to know something "Wait A-sensei?"

A stopped and looked back wondering what was the holdup "What Gaki?"

Naruto not afraid just pressed on "Since I am going to be your student, Do I have to change my name to a letter also?" Naruto figured whether or not if it is possible to, he decided since he was going to start a new life and away from his old one why not change his name, so the people of his past don't destroy his new one.

A stop to think for a moment and without knowing thinking the something as the blond, "while you don't have to, it wouldn't be a bad idea, and it can probably keep someone from Konoha away from knowing you are here. So if you want to we can give you the name N, short and simple like I am A and he 'pointing to Bee' is B so what do you say kid?"

Smiling already the newly named N nodded and they all jumped off to Kumo ready to start off their new lives, wondering if the Elemental Nations is ready for the end of Naruto and the rise of N.

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