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Bloodline Alert!: Naruto will possess a bloodline the Beni Inazuma (crimson lightning) allowing him to use the Beni-Raiton no Yoroi (Crimson Lightning Armor). Like with The Stormcaller story I will warn on ahead if anyone complains that I make Naruto seem Demi Godlike, I am not making him into one, his bloodline will serve a purpose later on to this story for the reason he is this strong.

Time Frame: Right now we are on the Welcome to Kumo: The Rise of N and we are at the time where we at Naruto 'N's training and his new bonds with his friends and allies. The Chapters are broken into these Arcs:

The Master meets his Student

Welcome to Kumo: The Rise Of N (Where we are now)

To Kirigakure, The civil war

To wave, The paths of the demon and the Guardian

The Chunin Exams, The Return of an Unsung Hero

TBC (more later on)

Personality Warning: Naruto will not be like own cannon series, throughout the series he will be serious when he calls for it

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Chapter Three: Deep Bonds Grow, Brotherhood of Pain

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Z(Kumogakure no Sato: 5 years later, Naruto age 11)

Out within the valley of mountains things were looking peaceful in kaminari on kuni, that is until one particular mountain you can hear the sounds of shockwaves and power strikes to create dust cloud domes, but when you try to look at the battle you do not see anything, all you see is blue and yellow and red flashes hit each other creating the dust clouds.

So one after another seeing shock waves the two blurs jumped back and skid to stop. When the smoke cleared staring across from each other was A the Raikage with some lightning around him as if it was armor, and staring across was a 11 year old Naruto, as he looked more grown up, he was 5"2' was showing more muscle than before and look to not have much baby fat, his blond hair was down to his shoulders, wearing his outfit and shades and his scarf around him and he was surrounded by red sparks, though not like his sensei as his flows like an armor around him.

Once the field was clear the Raikage looks upon his student and sees him on one knee panting like he reached his limit, A was about to call it but he see Naruto struggling to stand and when he did A still called it "Alright kid that's enough for today, let's call it and stop for today."

But got confused seeing his student trying to grip his hands "B-But…Sensei…I…I can s-still…go…go on…one more round…b-besides…I couldn't e-even hit you…e-even in your armor" panting hard struggling to even move.

Looking upon his sensei he see him smiling and laughing, deciding to help him he walks over and places his hand on his shoulder and help support him "Gaki, I know you can continue, but there is no need to, you did more than enough today, and besides even though you did not land a hit on me you manage to make me block this time, don't forget you are getting stronger, but you just need more experience and that will come in time, for now let's call it a day alright?" Naruto looked up at his sensei and after calming down he nodded in understanding, making A smile a bit and then both left in a lightning Shushin leaving behind a training field looking like a war zone.

Arriving back into his office Naruto went to go lay back on the couch while A went to sit on his desk and look through his documents, but before he did he looked upon his apprentice taking a small nap.

Looking upon his student the Raikage started to think back to the time when he started to train his student after Bee initiated his test, and in five years since then he put Naruto through a training session that if they were in Konoha a certain Taijutsu user would look upon and be inspired.

In his first year A put Naruto through endurance, stamina and weight training to make his body capable to be further in the training, after the first year A was impressed, even though he knew Naruto wanted to curse him or even complain about over doing the limit he was amazed by his Iron will to even keep going and not complain.

It's like another old saying, 'No Pain, No Gain'.

And then by the end of the year through all the pain, Naruto's endurance, stamina, strength, even to A's surprise his senses leap beyond miles he anticipated, by A's estimate he told Naruto as of right now his endurance and stamina was high genin as of right now, and his body was slowly showing muscles, not bulky but it looked toned and smooth making him look like a young teen instead of a seven year old, at first Naruto didn't think much on it but when Bee told him it may not seem much but for a seven year old that was extraordinary, because those in the academy would not be at this level until they were genin, he also mentioned it is thanks to the Kyuubi and its regeneration that made it possible for him to be this far.

And when the year ended looking upon his sensei Naruto saw A give him a hard look, but that changed when A ruffled Naruto's hair smiling and told he was impressed of his progress and told him to keep it up and he will make him proud.

That day Naruto with all his might tried not to cry in joy in front of his teacher, the reason being from all he remembered so far in his life, even in Konoha he never received any kind of complement or encouragement, hell he never received any comment that was positive, or any kind of acknowledgement from anyone other than the old man Hokage, but deep down even it never felt as powerful as this was, so right now he felt so happy he received something he always wanted, something he felt he was neglected from, 'being recognized for who he is, and what he has done'.

After that day it was the start of the second year of his training, and this time A got Naruto started on chakra control exercises, reason being was at first as A showed Naruto the hand seals for the E Rank Bushin technique that everyone knows.

After Naruto did it, the clones looked pale and dead, Naruto felt bad and though he failed but A stopped that and mentioned it was not his fault.

Confused why, A helped Naruto by confirming that because of his Bijuu his chakra levels were built to be able to hold the amount of Chakra for his beast therefore he was born with Chakra to make his the levels as of right now a Jonin, and if by his estimation by the end of his training he would have Chakra levels of a Kage.

When Naruto was shocked about this he was about to cheer but A stopped him by reminding him that there was a double-edge blade to this, he told Naruto that because of his levels it will be tougher to control it, and he made an example that to Naruto's chakra network it was like trying to fill a sake cup with a waterfall.

Seeing how serious this was Naruto nodded and got started, the first for Naruto was Rock Floating, and his goal was to hold it a few inches from his hand and maintain it for one hour, after a few hours Naruto was frustrated when he his rock kept blasting away when he tried to hold his rock after 10 minutes, deciding to call it a day Naruto went back to his room.

After some time talking with Kurami about his problem, she remembered about a certain technique Kushina had when she had problems with the clone techniques, decided to make an idea for Naruto, if he can complete the challenge with the rock technique she will give him a surprise.

Naruto then after two weeks completing the challenge without quitting and was able to float the rock for a hour, and as for the reward Kurami first kissed his cheek making him blush which she found cute and then told him she remembered a technique his mother told her she used to use as a substitution for the Bushin technique when she couldn't use it, it was called the Kage Bushin, seeing him intrigued about it she explained that the difference about clones were solid and even though they are more chakra taxing but he can use it.

She even made him excited that she remember hearing that the technique was in something called the 'forbidden scroll' in Konoha, and the reason why was because the clones were meant to gather information and scouting for when they dispel the information and experience of the clones are then transferred mentally to the original. That and the fact it was a huge chakra taxing technique that to some with not high enough to try and use would die trying to make one.

Amazed about all the possibilities he could with this kind of clones, but then he almost fainted in his mind when Kurami mentioned that she came up with a training idea he could do with these clones, with his reserves and his current chakra control he could make enough clones and last long enough to have them do training and learning and gain their experiences , for example for training if the clones trains in the same training he does he could gain twice the experience or if he could make enough clones he could have them train in excerises that could take months he could do in days, or if he had a clone read a whole scroll in one day he would gain the knowledge like he read it while he was training elsewhere.

After hearing that he first blanked out and then he just grab Kurami in a hug yelling 'thank you' and 'you are brilliant' and was just kissing her cheek, and after showing him the hand signs he went to give it a try.

The day A and Bee came upon the scene of Naruto showing his sensei an advance from of his Chakra control they tasked him to do of the Rock floating technique, he showed them making the rock orbiting around his hand, their reaction in Narutos opinion was priceless, but then A asked in a 'you better tell me how you did it' tone on how he did it.

Naruto 'told' them how he remembered something while he was training, he recalled one time while he was hiding in a training ground he saw an Anbu doing the hand signs and a clone came out, and at the time he was thinking it was the clone technique, but it felt different like it was real and decided to do it later but there was a circumstance that caused to forget about it.

So he then mentioned when he remembered it he decided to give it a try and see if it can help him on this exercise.

So he gave the technique a try using the hand signs and was able to make a clone and both tried the exercise again until the clone got hit by his own rock. Naruto then mentioned when the clone dispelled he then noticed he was gaining memories of him doing the exercise and getting hit when it did not happen to himself, so decided a test his theory, after a while made enough to master the exercise after he completed it seeing he was gaining memories and experience, and when he was done he decided to try an advance exercise form by making the rock orbit around his hand using his own chakra.

When he was done explaining A's eyes were wide and his mouth was hanging open at this revelation while Bee's shades where for the first time were loose and dropped a bit to his nose and his brown eyes were shown, and if that was not enough his mouth was open but nothing was said.

When A was hearing this it was like he discovered a gold mine of gold mines, if what his student was saying, and describing then the things he could train or learn for his student were limitless, the things he could learn that can take years could be done in months and so on.

But then Naruto mentioned as a joke 'sensei could probably use this for his paperwork, as he could probably use them while he was working out and training his student.'

When A heard this at first was going to smack his student but then realized that his student is brilliant as he just found out his way out of his problem he had since he got the job, so out of nowhere he grabbed his student and brought him into a hug spinning around crying out in joy 'You brilliant student of mine', so that day he learned it and since then as what Naruto said his Sensei used the clones and was able to get them done the day he got them and spent his time working out and training Naruto more.

Then for the rest of the year A had to redo his student's training schedule seeing as with the Kage Bushin technique he could learn more than before, so for the rest of the year he spent time learning more chakra control techniques after the rock ones he learned mountain climbing, and after some time mastering that there was water walking, then Naruto moved up to learning the more intense ones such as the kunai floating, then spinning, and then sticking techniques, and then after that he was then put to gain almost Jonin control techniques as there was senbon balancing and by almost to the end of the year A taught him his own control exercise which was Chakra Enhanced Muscles Exercise which was the first step to his lightning armor technique, and it was also to help build his muscles.

And then Naruto began on his third year to learn his Kunai, Shuriken, and Kenjustu training which thanks to his endurance, stamina training he was able to make very close to perfect shots, and with his weight training he was able to almost pierce the targets he aims for like if they were actual enemies. Kenjutsu was as impressive as well, Naruto was able to handle three of the nine swords style, but like his endurance and stamina for someone at his age and skill was impressive and it would not be long before he was able to complete it.

On his fourth year he was starting to work on his Taijutsu style which thanks to his sensei they found one on his lightning fist style which focuses on his lighting armor to increase his speed his and paralyze his opponent by frying the nerves and with his strength to break his opponents body, and Naruto found one from his father that was the hummingbird style which his fast strikes target joints on the arms and legs, and key organ points. Halfway in the year Naruto manage to make a style from his sensei's, fathers, and one of the advance Taijutsu styles he found that focuses on counter striking style his opponents moves call the mountain tiger style, by the time he fused them together he created a style on his own, he calls the style Kaminari no Tetsu no hanmā (The Iron Hammer of Lightning).

When A watch this style he had to admit it was impressive, the style had the power of his lightning fist, the speed and precise strike of the humming bird, and the counter strike style of a tiger to his prey that can leave your opponent open where the power strike become twice as strong.

And even though it still had flaws in his opinion with some time it will become one style to be feared being trifled with. While the rest of the year training to perfect the style A used Narutos clones to help him learn Nature manipulation, A was still shock that when he gave Naruto the paper to test his affinities he told what to do and what it result will show it was one he never expected.

When Naruto placed his chakra in the paper it split into four pieces out of his hands and one burst into flames, one soaked wet, one crumpled to dust and the last one crumbled to a size of a pebble and threw off red sparks.

When A saw this first off he wonder how much more is there to his student, first the Kyuubi, then the clones, and now the five elements and Raiton being his highest, he had to wonder if this could be a Kekki Genkai.

When Naruto saw what happened like always he decided to save himself by saying that it made sense, A look at his student asking how, Naruto told him for some reason being out here he felt that he could feel the electricity here and one day he got mad and made a punching motion and red lightning came out of nowhere from his body and smashed a rock to pieces.

A noticing this, wanted to say that there was more to it but decided to think on it later and just realize this kid could be the Kumo version of Konohas Nidaime Hokage but instead of Suiton it is Raiton, spending that day looking at this lightning he noticed it was almost like a lightning armor that can be used for offence and defense like the legends of the Ichibi Jinchuuriki and his sand.

Once again in the Raikages mind one word came to place 'Jackpot'. And all this went on to the end of the year he was able to manipulate lightning, fire, and wind although there was not much for it as wind except cutting stones in half, when Naruto asked why A mentioned that Futon is rare in Kumo and Kaze no Kuni and Sunagakure no Sato is where you can find out information on Futon technique and manipulation, so Naruto plans on later to find some way to learn more manipulation for wind.

And as to this year today after being instituted as a Genin after learning everything he could to build his skills A spent his time helping his student work on his experience and knowledge on the field, and making him working on missions in the village.

It all led to A looking upon at his student resting after there sparing match that showed A that Naruto is more than ready to go out on the field and begin doing C ranked missions, and even though he does not say it much he truly cared for his student, sometimes he see him as a son, sometimes he sees him as a light of hope for his village, but most of all and one he will someday tell him he sees Naruto as his successor in everything he is including taking his place for his job.

Deciding to get started he made his clones and got to working on the paperwork he held back when he was training his student.

Z(Kumo Shinobi district: 1 hour later)Z

Looking at the district of what one would consider a peaceful day Naruto was enjoying himself as his sensei woke him up and told him to go and enjoy himself, and as Naruto was he found himself seeing that this was the best choice he ever made when he moved to Kumo and out of that arrogant village Konoha.

But deciding to forget about that Naruto decided to go back to the 'Ookami wolf claw' which was the shinobi weapons shop that went for the first time and get himself some more blank scrolls and some more ink.

At first when Naruto received the books and scrolls from his father that contained everything that there was on sealing, he realized that he was pretty good at it he even got to understanding the basic when he successfully made his first storage scroll after three tries, then after that success he was able to work on and made other creative seals and ones to made for traps to throw his opponent off guard, and even some for his pranks which he loves to do as it makes his sensei pissed off at first and bee rapping about how genius and cunning like the fox he is.

In his third year he pulled off his training successfully to he got to the point the journal told him he passed the level of journey man and up to intermediate which is below the level of where the Toad Sannin Jiraiya who is on the level of expert, and even a level lower than his father who was on the level of master in the Art.

Now if it wasn't for the art of meditation the old Naruto would have ranted and threw a fit that he was not getting strong enough, but right now he was in not a rush and decided to take his time as at this point he just wanted to be able to use Fuinjutsu enough to make seals to help with his training.

As of right now Naruto is almost up to the level of Expert but he needs to complete exercises and seals to receive the title but at this point the thing that Naruto found more important was the manage to make his calligraphy, vocabulary and the speed of his writing to the levels that Kumos cryptanalyst unit were amazed that his hand writing was as impressive as their own.

Going in he got the scrolls and ink and brush he required, got what he needed and sealed them in one of his own man made scroll.

As he was walking out of the store and continue exploring he felt a chakra pulse and saw an Anbu behind him, much like the ones from the leaf only difference are the one shoulder strap and the masks contain lightning bolt lines and yellow colors on them and this one wore a bear mask.

Looking upon the Anbu he decided to know what was going on, "How may I help you Bear-san? Sensei needs me in his office?"

The Anbu in front of him nod his head "You are correct N-sama, Raikage-sama requested me to locate you and to let you know you are to be summoned to Raikage-sama's office immediately." Relaying the message like ordered.

By seeing Naruto nod stated he got the message "Tell sensei I'll be on my way then, and bear I already told you call me N, instead of 'N-sama'."

As this is not the first time when he was called this, ever since he was announced as the student of the Yondaime Raikage whether it be civilian or shinobi he was named 'N-sama', but to Naruto even though he liked the fact they respected him, it's just he felt he never did anything yet to have the people of his village to earn the praises the people or the shinobi that he is reciving with the sama suffix to his name, that and deep down he still felt the phantom pain of all those times back in that village discriminating him with those words, and those looks to him so it is only natural he is not use to these praises.

What he got was Bear giving a good hearted laugh at what the Student of the Raikage was saying, as he was amazed at the fact N was wanting to be humble instead of being like any other person who could use his position to order around those who do or not have the power to.

Deciding to get it over with and return to relay the response "To be honest I could not bear to, just because you told Eagle your reason why, like him we at Anbu have a reason to call you N-sama, you have accomplished something no one has ever done you were able to become Raikage-sama's apprentice, you are the holder of a new and powerful Kekki Genkai, Raikage-sama and all of Kumo sees you as a ray of hope to bring back the honor of Kumogakure that was lost because of the disgrace of the Sandaime Raikage, and most of all you are recognized as part of the new San Hogo-Sho no Kumo (Three Guardians of Kumo), even Bee-sama is even praising you of the name Toro no Hanma no Kumo (Thors Hammer of Kumo) so you must understand no matter what you say you are N-sama to use is a way to show you are support."

While hiding the smirk under his mask, and almost laughed out loud when he saw N smack his face out of frustration, but then he gave in "fine I get it I'll go along with it, but seriously I still feel like I don't deserve it."

And he started leaping the buildings going to the tower, meanwhile the Anbu nodded and then shushined to deliver the message.

Z(Raikage's Office)Z

Within his office the Raikage was looking at the scroll he received from Sunagakure no Sato ( The Hidden Sand Village) and he had an uneasy feeling in his gut about it, in the mission scroll it reads that apparently Suna is requesting help from Kumo of an assistance to a 'problem' they have with their village and that it all will be explained upon the arrival in the village.

Now to A missions like that is fine for the village, the problem is that the Kazekage who is the client requested A's Apprentice N, or by his new name N Akai-Arashi or Red Storm.

A and Naruto decided in order to fully create a new identity for his student new life after finding about his new bloodline they both decided to create a new clan along with a name, and after deciding to name it after the color of his lightning and the fact his name means maelstrom the both combined it to make it red storm.

But looking at this scroll The name is not the problem, the problem is how was it that Kazekage over all Suna find about his student, I mean he never even done a mission outside the village.

Right now part of him wants to say this smells like a trap to either capture him or kill him or even the fact they could be honoring their alliance with Konoha and plan to capture him and bring him back to that village while another is just some stupid conspiracy imagination aka over thinking things, 'If they ever plan on taking my student, then is no thinking about it make no mistake Kumo will go to war, hell we could even request Iwa joining us by saying we could help them for thier revenge on the leaf, and if we do go to war well both the Kazekage and Hokage better take a poison pill because I will kill them for ever think of trying to take my Apprentice. But still why would they only request just my student and no team? Well let's just hope this Bad feeling is not right on the dot.'

And right then when he was done thinking a knock came on the door sensing his student A yelled 'enter' and right then coming into his office was his student who bowed and stood at attention "You summoned me Sensei?"

Nodding his head A presented the scroll in his hand with some intensity which Naruto picked up on "I did Naruto, it is a high C rank mission with a possibility of becoming a low B rank mission, and the client specifically asked for you 'N Akai-Arashi'."Giving him a tense stare showing he was serious about this.

Meanwhile Naruto was looking at the scroll and when he heard his 'name' in Kumo Naruto looked at his sensei even through his shades A knew he was looking as intense as he was "H-How is this possible? Even if I am known as your student there is no way they would know about my new Clan name so soon, I have not even went on a mission outside the village to be recognized, not even Konoha or even the spy master Jiraiya would know about this." Then just looked back on the scroll and noticed this was a Solo mission just him.

A signed and knew his student was right there has to be an explanation, but right now he just hopped that his student unpredictability, luck and all that he trained him in would be enough in case something happens.

"I'll look into it while you are on the mission, and as you can see this is a solo mission so kid this means you will not have back up or teammates with you, now this also means that as my authority as Raikage I order you…Not suggest…order that you be extremely careful out there, if something feels wrong, or if you are in a trap no matter what I want you to retreat and get back to Kumo, mission be dammed we have no idea if Konoha is using Suna's alliance with them to somehow find you and bring you back to them or if they found out you are gone from Konoha and hopping to capture you, so you can see why I am ordering you to be careful in case something seems odd here, do you understand me?"Looking at his student with intensity in his eyes that Naruto has seen only twice in his life.

Once when he demanded to know the hand signs of the Kage Bushin technique and gave off an aura that 'do if you know what is good for you' so he pretty much did.

The second when he performed his first and last prank upon his Sensei, as one morning he stealthily snuck in and put a whole box worth of laxatives in his sensei's protein shake, and when his sensei drank it, well let's say all around the Raikage tower they heard the man screaming in pain, and toilets flushing, and what was worse was the fact that the Raikages own bathroom toilet and 10 of men's bathroom toilets in the Raikage Tower were broken and needed to be replaced, and the Raikage could not stop for two weeks of screaming, cursing and crapping.

After that happened and he found out who did it and make him the laughing stock upon his Anbu, and Killer Bee who saw the results of his prank and the fact they could not look at their leader without giggling or laughing at what they saw for 3 weeks.

And even though Naruto suffered his first Iron Claw attack and experienced the reason why Bee feared his brother when he is pissed using that move on him, in the back of Naruto's mind his only thought was 'It was still worth it'.

Taking his mind off his thoughts he looked back at his sensei and gave a nod that he understood the intensity of his Sensei's warning and walked up to him and gave him a seal and had him place it on his desk, causing him to look at his student in confusion "What is this Gaki?" causing Naruto to smile.

"That sensei is something I came up with incase something like this happened, what we have here is a distress signal seal, I have the main source key to the seal on me, and if the seal glows it means I am in trouble and being forced in a combat situation what is life threatning, also if I survive and safe the paper stops glowing, although to be honest sensei it is still on the prototype stage and I was hoping to present it at another time but it could also be the perfect time to test it, what do you think?" hoping he impressed his sensei enough as this was a project he spent time working on for three months.

Looking at his sensei who was looking at the slip in deep thought, but then looked at his student and then nod his head "If you believe this will work that will eases some tension, but you will still retreat if it comes down to it right?" Naruto nods

"Good, so I will dismiss you so you can prepare for tomorrow." Naruto nods and was about to leave but then came to a halt from his sensei "Oh and Gaki?" looking back "When you return you and I will talk about this seal you made or the fact you can make some as intense as these, understand?" Naruto felt sweating on the back of his head and just gave a shaky nod "Good, Dismissed." And left Naruto to go pack and be ready for his life changing mission.

Z(2 days later Sunagakure No Sato: Front Gate)Z

After traveling and successfully finding his way to Suna without being attacked by bandits, missing-nins, or thank Kami no one from Konoha, so here Naruto is at the Entrance Gate to the village and manage to get clearance by showing them the scroll of the mission he was requested for, the gate guards seeing the Kazekages Seal showed this was the one their Leader told them to allow him in as he requested him.

So after allowing Naruto or 'N' to the guards they allowed him access and told N that the Kazekage would like him to go to the Kazekage tower immediately and mentioned it is the gourd looking one with the kanji for 'Wind'.

Nodding Naruto said thanks and hope they have a nice day, which the guards returned thanking him, on the way to the tower Naruto decided to take the scenic route instead of jumping to the tower and check out how this village is compared to his home.

On the way he noticed that a lot of people didn't look so good, some look to be suffering, while looked to seem to be in pain even some looked to have hollowed look in their eyes like they are saying 'no hope'.

Deciding to see if he can pick up information on what is going on he henge to look like a traveling merchant and decided to inquire information from around the civilians and shinobi and found out that the Daimyo of Wind had been cutting their funding and using it for his own greed and pleasure as a punishment for Suna not proving themselves to be the best and not making the Wind Daimyo as powerful as he wants to be.

So the results of trying to pay for the shinobi corps. and for making business and trade was there is very little money to go around for Suna.

Naruto continued to walk around releasing his henge after getting information, decided to try and help the business by offering them money, and getting this sad feeling out of his mind relieving the same feeling he felt once. Not realizing that his internal conflict led him off course and he found himself in almost empty playground.

As he walked till he near the end of the playground he was getting a bad feeling about something, and that led him to seeing something that was pissing him off, looking out he saw what looked like a red haired boy about the same age as himself was wearing a tan color tunic and a brown shirt being bullied and harassed by a bunch of older kids most likely academy students.

Naruto while looking calm, was mentally snarling and growling at this situation and decided to intervene this situation.

"No you can't play with us you demon! You're nothing but a monster! A Freak! Face it no one will love you, you will end up dying alone! And on that day everyone will celebrate it! Until then we will try to make you beg for death!" yelled the leader of the group.

Another boy on the right of the leader stepped up and formed a fist and was about to punch at the red haired boy.

Only for it to be blocked by a wall of sand protecting the boy and causing the kid to caress his hand. The sand stayed out like it was waiting for the kid to dare him to try that again.

When the kid decided to try that again he was stopped by a stray lightning bolt right in front of him, skidding to a stop he and long with the others and Gaara looked to were the origins of that bolt.

"Stop right there." Looking over they saw what look like someone their own age and holding his hand out (like the way Count Dooku does from star wars episode II) while the same red lightning they saw strike in their direction was sparking from his hand and giving off an aura of power than make them freeze on the spot, that and he was also releasing thick high Chunin level KI.

Thankfully for the red hair boy he was not within the direction of the killer intent no, the direction was aimed to the bullies who were soon on their knees gasping for air, but even though he was not in the direction the boy can feel some of the KI rolling off while its direction is the bullies, and right now from the feeling the kid is glad this stranger is on his side.

After seeing the bullies were settled and the sand settled at the moment the kids tried to take the chance and run but Naruto got in front of them and grabbed what looked like the leader of the students and held him by the throat, and by looking at this cry shaking, showing fear in his eyes, and suddenly smelled something so he looked down to see a wet spot on his pants.

Looking at person he is holding Naruto snarled thinking this kid is pathetic, I mean he acts like he is above everyone by talking someone down calling them a freak, monster, and all the stuff Naruto started to remember, but give off Chunin level KI and he is a disgrace to be called a shinobi academy student by breaking down and be as puny as a bandit facing a tailed beast.

Looking down at the stranger noticing more closely he is wearing a Headband with the symbol of Kumo and then started to get scared and tried to find some way out of this "S-Shinobi-san, p-p-please let me go, I-I don't know what I did or do anything to you-" but Naruto just grip his collar and brought him close and whispered to his ear "It's not what you did to me…"

Then sweat started from fear due to how cold his voice was "It's the fact that I do not take kindly to arrogant brats whether it be kids or adults calling someone a 'demon' when in reality the real demons are the ones when you look at yourself in the mirror." And then realization struck the kid, but thanks to human nature at his finest he let his mouth do the work "T-That's it? You are attacking me for trying to kill the demon? It doesn't matter no one will ever be friends with him he's a demon. " The sand started to ripple and it quickly flew back and form a sand blanket around the red headed boy who looked to be crying.

Naruto looked at them then at the red head who was looking at Naruto with fear, loneliness, sadness, pain and what seemed to be a spark of hope, hope that maybe this stranger can help him.

Then he looked at the kids and said something that shocked the bullies and stunned the red head "So, what?"

The kids looked at him like he was crazy "So What? He's a demon shouldn't you be trying to kill him, I mean you're from Kumo don't you have demons in your village, I mean you are probably spent time trying to kill them as well do you?" trying to persuade this guy so they can leave and let him kill this freak here.

What he didn't expect was Naruto looking bored and once again didn't seem to care

"Whats your point? That's your opinion, what mine is you three are morons, I do not see a demon, I see a kid who looks to have not had someone help him when he needs it, and seem to have been blamed for something out of his control. And for your information you dumbass Kumo does not have demons we have what the term is called Jinchuuriki, and in Kumo we do not treat them like Demons or in your case scum, we treat them like our guardians. And in reality they are not Demons, Jinchuuriki they are nothing more than Storage scrolls sealing Kunai's, if I need to tone it down for your half minded feeble brains to understand, If the sealing scrolls seals a Kunai does the scroll become the Kunai? No they do not. So now here are two things you can do, you can either get the hell out of here before you say something stupid to piss me off, or you can try and fail to persuade me to be a stupid half minded hypocrites like you and piss me off at the same time." All the while holding his hand up and sparking red lightning in his hand intimidating them.

Deciding to not try anything stupid the kids ran off.

Once they were gone he cuts off the lightning and turns around he looks at the kid who stopped crying and looking a little scared and a bit on edge, just because me made the kids run away doesn't mean he wouldn't anything on him.

But there was still a little spark of hope in his eyes, almost wanting to believe that this stranger can be a friend instead of an enemy to him.

Walking up a bit Naruto stayed a bit away to make sure to let this kid now he is not going to hurt him takes of his shades and showed him his sparkling blue eyes full of happiness and trust, but the kid also saw pain, sadness, and sympathy in it, almost like he understood him.

"It's ok, I'm not going to hurt you, can you tell me your name?" asked Naruto in a softer tone showing that his eyes tell him he will not hurt him.

The boy started to shake both fear and hope, "You're not here to kill me are you? Every time someone tries to know me, they end up dead trying to hurt me."

Naruto gave a scoff while smiling at him causing the red head to look confused, "Seriously? If I wanted you dead I would have already done it while those brats were here. Also like I told them, you are not a demon, you are like a sealing scroll to a kunai, and you are a warden to a prisoner, so no I do not want you dead I actually want to help you. So as a sign of my trust to you let's start with my name. My name is N, N Akai-Arashi, so please show me the same courtesy you telling me what's yours?" as he went on one knee holding his hand out to the boy who stopped shaking and gave a weak smile taking the hand standing up

"M-My n-name is Gaara no Sabaku, thank you… for saving me. N-no one has ever stand up for me…l-let alone help me." Garra hugged his teddy bear that he drop when he got in the scuffle and held onto it while he seemed to be still leaking some tears, but it seemed in happiness.

Naruto smiled and was about to place his hand on Gaara's shoulders but the sand suddenly came up and pointed at Naruto's hand who was close to his shoulders but Naruto looked and stopped where he was.

Gaara looked and was about to panic but stuttered "W-Wait p-please stop don't move…I-if you do the sand will attack you…hold on a moment." Gaara stood still for a moment and then the sand stopped. Which was something Naruto looked surprised for a moment but then decided to figure something out 'It almost looked like he could not control it, could it be-?'

"Naru-kun, it seems I smell the scent of that little raccoon Shukaku, the Ichibi no Tankui. I'm not 100% sure but I think this Gaara kid is the unfortunate victim by being the Jinchuuriki of that psycho, if he is then that explains why everyone including those kids would treat him like this, but something is wrong I can barely feel a seal on him, it's almost like Shukaku's chakra is over flowing the seal allowing him to control the boy if it is possible can you ask him about the control on his sand. And if he can't seem to control it ask him to show the seal and if I am right then we need to help strengthen the seal or otherwise this village might get their wish and make him the demon they want him to be."

Naruto nodded and deciding to do what his vixen said and see if he can help him "What up with that sand Gaara? Isn't the sand around you yours to control?" Garra looked down in shame, almost like he didn't even want to admit it

"No the sand works by itself for some odd reason, and it seems to attack all that it thinks is a treat even ones like you who want to help me." Naruto scratched his chin almost seems what Kurami said was true, but he still wanted to be 100% confirmed that they both right about, "But why does the sand protect you, is it some kind of bloodline or something?"

Garra took a step back almost in fear not want to lose someone who could be his first friend his old fears coming back, "You'd just be scared of me, you would not wanting to trust me anymore."

Naruto chuckled, "Trust me Garra nothing much can scare me…well except for my sensei. Don't worry Gaara nothing you say will change my opinion of you." Garra sighed and decide to just get it over with and wait for the backlash of his judgment of trusting someone.

"My father sealed Shukaku the Ichibi no Tanuki into me when I was born." Then he started to cry

"H-He even sacrificed my mother to do it. Ever since then I have always been alone…I can't even be close to my sister and brother because they fear me, or I am even afraid I would kill them…" but then he felt a hand on his shoulder giving him a supporting grip, looking up through the tears in his eyes he saw Naruto giving him a smile.

"Well well it seems to me that we're more alike than I thought Garra, I can even say understand you more now than you think." Garra stared in confusion, "W-What do you mean N?". Still smiling he got on a knee in front of Gaara and place his other hand on his other shoulder. "Gaara if I tell you can you keep a secret…unless I tell it is ok to tell someone you want to tell?" Gaara nodded his head.

Seeing he understood Naruto went on still having a foxy smirk "What I mean Gaara, is that I have the Kyuubi no Kitsune sealed inside me, and my sensei's brother is one as well and he is one of my sensei's as well, so in the end we are brothers, and we Jinchuuriki have to stick together right?"

Garra's was shocked, he never thought that he would meet someone, let alone be saved and acknowledged by someone who could understand him, understand his pain, someone who is just like him, or the fact one of his sensei's was one as well.

Right then hearing this he gave a bright smile and had to ask "W-Will you be my friend then N…I-I don't have any, and you would be the first one I ever have?" Naruto nodded

While gripping his shoulders giving him a comforting support, "Of course Garra…you don't even have to ask instead I should be asking you if I could be your friend."

And before he knew it Gaara came up and gave Naruto a hug crying on his shoulder and never thought he would feel 'N' putting his hands on his back hugging him back and telling Gaara to 'let it out' and 'you're not alone now'.

And after five minutes Gaara started to calm down and looked at Naruto with what looked like life coming back in his eyes "T-Thank you N, thank you." Naruto nodded "No problem Gaara I'm happy to help you. Now I also hope you don't mind me asking you but have to ask, why is it you seem to have Insomnia or have not been sleeping in months?"

Gaara held his head, trying to get rid of the voice as he felt Shukaku's influence. "It's because of Shukaku he always did this; if I ever fall asleep he takes over and he alters my adrenaline and made me seem to enjoy the thrill of killing and making it seem I like to. And ever since I kill people who betray me he makes me think of his motto 'Love thy self and only thy self'. So in order to be in control I have to force myself to stay awake so Shukaku won't control me.

Naruto nodded and decided to see if this can work "Gaara, can you show me the seal I want to see what they did or if the seal was damaged?" Nodding, Gaara raised his shirt and show Naruto the seal that contained Shukaku. Naruto went over to Gaara and carefully looked the seal over.

'As I expected' Naruto thought as he examined the seal with Kurami looking as well through Narutos eyes to see if she can help, 'This seal is without a doubt defective, even if it was designed right there is no way this seal would be strong enough to contained a tail beast, seals like this are more designed to seal the demons that are in Oni no Kuni (Demon Country). Still whoever did the sealing did a terrible unprofessional job at it, I don't even know if this person was meant to do it on purpose or not.

Kurami decided to even give her own opinion "(Scoff) In a nut shell even if I hate to admit it the person who performed the sealing was not a true seal master like your baka of a father.'Naruto nodded his head, and even though there were some things he loved and disliked about his father he had to admit his father was a seal master when it came to this.

Looking at Gaara who put his shirt back down explained the situation "That seal was inadequately designed, even if it was strongly designed it was never strong enough to hold a Tailed Beast not even strong enough to hold Shukaku" Naruto informed, "That person who sealed Shukaku into you was not a truly knowledge in the advance arts of sealing, not even a true seal master.

Gaara nodded his head "Hai, is that reason why Shukaku tortures me cause you said about the scroll and the kunai you said it was suppose to secure the object. So what is wrong with mine?" Naruto nodded and explained more

"What is wrong Gaara, is that even though Shukaku is secured the seal is not strong enough to hold it, Shukaku's chakra is excessively leaking his chakra over your seal which is causing it to overpower the seal and when you sleep you chakra calms itself which gives Shukaku the chance to overwhelm your chakra which causes you to lose control over yourself."

Gaara looking at Naruto amazed that he understood that "Now the best way to do this is all we have to do is repair and create an even stronger seal and you can have control of yourself and even sleep without having to worry about Shukaku control you." Gaara's eyes widened can this really be possible "N is it possible…c-can you do this…can you repair it you seem to understand this?"

Gaara saw N look at him and seemed to be conflicted but waited to hear what he has to say. Naruto weighing his options decided to be truthful, I mean he can but there is a fifty-fifty shot and if he messed up…he didn't even want to think about it.

"Gaara, there is a way but…there is a risk." Gaara looked confused "w-what do you mean?" Naruto put his hand on his chin "You see Gaara the technique I am talking about is dangerous, it could be considered a Kinjutsu-fujin (Forbidden Sealing), and if this goes wrong, if something out of my control happens Shukaku could be released and you could die…I have to have complete concentration and if someone interferes and breaks my concentration or Shukaku tries to overpower me your mind could be lost and Shukaku could take full control even if he was sealed or not.

But if I succeed I can make you have a seal that is as strong as mine, and if mine can hold the Kyuubi than you can no problem with the Ichibi, and not only can you sleep without the fear of Shukaku ever controlling you ever again hell you can cut him off and not have contact with him if you want, and lastly there is prospect of your control over your sand can be better than ever."

Gaara was stunned at first when he heard that there was a price to this he never thought it was bad enough he could die, but the thought that he could freely control his body, sleep, and control his sand. 'But he said that if someone interferes I could die with Shukaku taking control, but maybe if this succeeds I can finally be with my brother and sister. I know what I need to do.'

Looking at N he gave his answer "N, please I want to give it a try, I want to be free, I don't want Shukaku torturing me anymore…I want to be with my brother and sister again, I want to be just like you. So please help me."

When Naruto heard this his heart went out to him, and smiled deciding to take a leap of faith and give a go, so putting his shades on he looked at Gaara, "Alright Gaara I will help you but first in order to do this without interruption we need a secure place where no one will bother us, do you know one?"

Gaara nodded his head and left to take N to the place where they could get privacy for the sealing, after an hour they left to an abandon warehouse close to the training fields.

Entering the place Naruto looked around and whistled "Nice place, but why here?" Gaara walked on and went to a corner and added chakra were there was a seal was, but then the whole place glowed for a moment, and then Naruto knew why it was a privacy seal with an additional chakra signal blocker, but then he noticed Gaara walked back "My teme of a Tou-san gave this place in case I start to lose control of myself, and I feel more safe here than I am at home, my nee-san and nii-san always try to be around me but seemed scared of me…and ever since my oji-san tried to kill me I wanted to not be around there as much."

After waiting for Gaara to calm down a bit Naruto and Kurami discussed what is the best way to do this and came with one that seems to be the best in this situation, but with one problem 'having to deal with Shukaku, and even dealing with him while in his territory'.

Getting ready to start Naruto cracked his knuckles and pulled out a chakra paper and an ink brush Naruto looked at Gaara "Now Gaara before I help you the first thing we need to do is get Shukaku out of the way for right now so he will not mess up with the sealing lucky for you I know how to do it without hurting you." And he started to right something down for a seal that he knew wouldn't destroy the beast but temporarily suspend him for 24 hours.

But then he notice a spike in chakra looking over he saw Gaara holding his head in pain, either physically trying to hold something back or the fact he can hear the screeching sound of his beast.


Naruto then created a clone and told him to hide and finish this seal, nodding his head the clone shushin to a high area, looking back he got into a ready stance as he saw the insane look in Gaara's eyes.

Or rather he saw black where the white of eyes were and saw yellow with a black pupil were the teal was, but in Shukaku eyes Naruto knew the beast was ready to kill. Naruto slowly walked away from 'Gaara' cautiously, but when he felt a massive amount of bloodlust directed entirely at him that was the signal telling him to move. The sand suddenly wrapped around Gaara's arm.

What Naruto was now looking at was a heavily snarling and drooling 'Gaara' standing before him with one large claw-like arm, preparing to strike.

"Your blood has been asked for N!" 'Gaara' or rather possessive Shukaku said in a maniacal demonic voice before he thrust his clawed arm at the blonde. Naruto wasted no time and ran to the side before the attack hit him. The force of the attack sent him flying off his feet but flipped landing down to the ground safely.

"Naru-kun it seems we were right, but I did not expect Shukaku taking over Gaara immediately. But right now we need to find a way to buy some time for your clone, but please be careful kit because we are in his territory Shukaku will be able be unpredictable when he controls his sand…and I can't bear the thought of loosing you." The last part she said to herself.

Naruto got up nodding to himself 'Don't worry Kurami-chan you know I wouldn't ever do something to hurt you, besides I have a plan' right then Kurami was glad he was not there as she had blush going on her face, he turned to bring his gaze back to the demonically deformed possessing Shukaku who was drooling rather nastily. He gave Naruto a maniacal smile and his geared his monstrous sand-made claw towards him.

Jumping out of the way Naruto assessed the situation'Something is wrong Shukaku is out from the seal more than Gaara described like when he is asleep, i guess the thought of being free made him relax and Shukaku didn't like the idea and probably porce more than enough of his chakra to overthrow Gaara out of his mind and he took control over it. I better finish Shukaku before he becomes a real threat to both Gaara and me, and I better end this now and fast before we attract unwanted attention from Sand village and Shinobi.'

"Tajuu Kage Bushin No Jutsu" Naruto called out as a massive army of clones and surrounded Gaara.

"Hold him off as long as you can by whatever means necessary" Naruto ordered before the clones charged at Gaara.

"N!" Shukaku scream crazily with drool spilling out of his mouth as he charged at the clones, "GIVE ME YOUR BLOOD!"

The clones went to work in fighting with Gaara. Meanwhile, the real Naruto went to find the clone who was working to create the special written seal he read from his Tou-san journal, it was a seal made by Jiraiya, a seal that suppresses demonic chakra and Naruto learned to write and make them some time ago.

After finding the clone who was quickly preparing the seal, Naruto looked back to see the clones doing everything in their power to restrain Shukaku who was fighting with them fiercely and watching the clones dodging the attacks which seem to be made with all out intent to kill and destroy everything and everyone in sight.

From where Naruto was seeing it, there was no possible way to hold Gaara down long enough without Shukaku using his sand to kill him and keeping Naruto from placing the written seal on him. He had to come up with another approach to this fast; time was running out.

Meanwhile, the clones were battling it out with Gaara who was putting up quite a resistance against them. Many of the clones were already smashed, crushed, pulverized or beaten out of existence before they try anything on him by the deranged Shukaku.

A while later, all of the clones seem to have been puffed out of existence and the clone gave Naruto the seal saying it was complete, checking it over to see if there is anything wrong with the seal he noticed there are no flaws to it, and decided the time is now.

And as he was about to move he felt the ground shake and heard Shukaku voice and Gaara's strained voice.

"N!"Gaara yelled out maniacally with Shukaku's voice mixed in, "COME OUT YOU COWARD! I WANT THAT BLOOD OF YOURS!"

Naruto jumped down from the upper levels and dive crashed into Gaara while he dug through his kunai holster. Gaara used his giant sand hand to dig into the ground to stop his backward momentum. Naruto took out a kunai with an exploding tag on it and threw at Gaara's feet.

The possessed nin brought his large arm up to protect himself from the explosion. But the strength of both the seal and Kunai was strong and high quality blasting Gaara back a couple of more feet.

"Gaara! I know you can hear me! You have to regain control I know you are stronger than this! You have to stop Shukaku from attacking me," asked Naruto, "I need your help, I can't stop him alone!"

"I need to Kill you…Your blood. I must have your blood! I must have it! I must be satisfied!" shouted out Shukaku through Gaara

"I don't wish to fight you," stated Naruto, "I only want to help you-"

"I have to kill you…I Must kill you…I must…to prove my host's existence...MY EXISTANCE!" said Shukaku and as he was about to strike Naruto he clutched his head screaming.

"NO! SHUKAKU I DON'T NEED YOU! I Don't need you to prove my existence!" As Naruto watched he watched Gaara trying to regain control. One look in his eyes and Naruto can see Shukaku was trying to regain control and was probably trying to fill Gaara's mind with painful memories of his childhood against his will to make him weaker to regain more control.

"GAARA!"shouted out Shukaku struggling to gain more control"Get out of here and let me take control! I will kill him and take his blood! NOW LET ME GO SO I CAN HAVE HIS BLOOD!"

More of the sand encased around Gaara who was trying to fight with all of his might "NO! I WILL NOT LET YOU HURT MY FRIEND!" looking at N, Naruto notices his eyes were Gaara's again and realized Gaara must be back for now "N! IF YOU CAN HEAR ME WHAT EVER YOU DO ATTACK NOW I CANT HOLD BACK MUCH LONGER…PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME HURT YOU!HURRY!" and that moment Gaara's eyes changed back to Shukaku now his whole body resembled that of a raccoon.

Sand spikes burst from his body all aimed at Naruto. The blonde shinobi pulled out one of his swords and coated it with his red lightning and began slashing with speed and grace destroying all of the deadly sand spikes.

Gaara's chest enlarged before he blew out a breath of chakra-filled wind ball at Naruto. Naruto evaded to the side but was not as damaging thanks to a red coated shield taking the hit in his left arm.

Taking advantage of the momentary chance from dodging the attack, the possessed Gaara charged at Naruto and grabbed him by the throat before he could do anything.

Sand started wrapping around Naruto from off Gaara until Naruto was completely encased with sand in the form of a ball. The sand-covered Naruto was levitated to the air a couple of distance away from Gaara.

"Sabaku Sōsō (Desert Funeral)" Shukaku said he clenched his fist, causing the sand to implode and crush Naruto from within. But instead of seeing a sizable fountain of blood produced from the attack, the sand suddenly exploded in a shower of electricity and sand and Naruto landed back down safely while throwing off spark around his body.

"WHAT? HOW ARE ALIVE YOU SHOULD BE DEAD!" the possessed Gaara yelled in surprised.

"It will take more than that to stop me." In a cold emotionless voice. And then before Shukaku did anything Naruto disappeared and appeared in front of him and slammed the seal on Gaara's forehead.

"Ō Fūin (Subdue Seal)," the real Naruto said as he did the ram sign and it applies chakra into the seal paper onto Gaara's forehead. The special written seal immediately went into effect as it began to suppress the effects of the demon raccoon's chakra and personality changes.

Gaara's screamed with his voice mixed with Shukaku's until the monster raccoon's influence was fully suppressed, returning Gaara back to normal as the sand was forced back into the ground Naruto pull Gaara up from out of the ground and hold him up in front of him and placed a hand on Gaara's forehead and went to a meditative state entering Gaara's mind.

Gaara suddenly woke up and found himself in empty wasteland surrounded by a thick red mist.

The mist cleared to reveal a massive cage that looked to be heavily rusted and broken in a couple of places.

Parts of the bars of the cage doors look like they were slashed and chewed through. On the cage was a ragged piece of paper that was slashed and if did any more damaged it would be destroyed but it was not damaged enough to show it had the kanji for the word "seal" on it.

Just then out of nowhere a menacing roar came from with the damaged cage. And Gaara's head shot up as he looked upon the massive light brown raccoon dog figure making its way to the cage and started to slam into it.

"GAARA!" roared the bijuu standing in front of the cage before it lashed his claw out at him through the broken cage. The claw just barely reached Gaara's face, being mere millimeters away.

"Shukaku" Gaara answered not feeling afraid anymore since he knows Shukaku cannot hurt him since he is behind bars.

"Indeed it is, and it seems we are all here" replied another voice from behind Gaara.

Gaara turned to see N standing some distance behind him with a dry ground surface at his feet with the cage Kyuubi was sealed in behind the blonde. Both Naruto and Kurami decided to make it seem like it was before with Kurami in her Kyuubi form and the background is the sewer but not filled with water.

"Where are we N?" Gaara inquired.

"It seems that when I tried to enter your mind we seem to combine both realms of yours and my subconscious minds," Naruto answered, "Some how our minds linked through some form of telepathic bond. Eventually, this is an entire world being created within our minds."

Gaara looked at the cage behind Naruto before the nine-tailed bijuu appeared from behind the cage.

"So that's the great Kyuubi No Kitsune?" Gaara asked N who nodded. Kyuubi smirked and then looked at Shukaku with a mocking grin.

"Shukaku-chan," Kyuubi mocking him "Aren't you a sight for sore eyes."

Shukaku then suddenly slammed into the bars in anger "GAARA! HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU DEFY ME! HOW DARE YOU BETRAY ME AND HELP THAT VIXEN BITCHES HOST AND TAKE ME DOWN FROM MY CONTROL OVER YOU!"Snarling at Shukaku for calling her a bitch Kyuubi started pouring out her blood red chakra through the cage and started to form a chakra tail and then send the tail over to Shukaku's damage cage and slapped Shukaku's face with the tail. All three males in this mindscape were shocked at what just happened Shukaku was stunned "Y-You just struck me…how dare you!"

Kyuubi smirked at him " You know you are all talk compared to me, and that was for calling me a bitch, besides the sight of you just comes to show just how pathetic you have always been," Kyuubi taunted more pushing his buttons "It's no secret that you were always the stupidest and weakest of all of us bijuus."

Shukaku lashed out at him trying to claw through the cage, but the cage didn't budge at all since Shukaku's claws were only making sparks.


'Kit if you are going to help your friend out now from Shukaku now is the time' Kyuubi telling Naruto through their mental link so Shukaku won't hear them, nodding he mentally said thanks and got started and started to go through a long strings of hand seals and going so he can remember the order so to not screw it up.

And when Shukaku was about to see what Kyuubi host was doing another chakra tail struck him and temporary paralyzed him and when that happened Naruto placed his hand on the seal on his stomach and suddenly a silver and sapphire blue flames came to life on his hands and then look at the seal on Shukaku cage.

Then he suddenly Naruto started running to get to the seal but on the way he saw sand spikes coming out of the ground trying to spear him, but thanks to his sensei's training of trying to hit him while in Raiton no Yoroi so Naruto was able to react quickly and was able to dodge them without losing momentum.

When he was about to reach the seal a giant handmade sand was about to grab him, but another grabbed it and Naruto sees Gaara holding a hand out and holding a ram sign stopping the attack to Naruto "N! Don't stop now keep going!"

Nodding his hand he used the his sensei signature Raiton no Yoroi and launched his way around the sand hands and was able to make it to the seal. Not wasting anymore time he launched his hand out and cries "Kinjutsu Fuin: Shiru Miraringu no Tenso no jutsu (Forbidden Sealing technique: Seal Mirroring Transfer Technique) and the hand coated flames slams into the seal causing the flames to leave his hand and onto the seal and started to spread out around the seal paper.

And in two minutes the flames separated and went to the edges of the newly repaired seal and started glowing and brightening more, and after an hour of holding and feeding chakra into the seal and out of nowhere the bars were being covered with the same chakra flames that was on the seals. And after 30 more minutes the ones that were broken were suddenly formed back together and the ones that were rusted were back to being silver and looked to be stronger.

And when the flames died out the result was one that shocked both Gaara and a now conscious Shukaku the cage and the seal changed and it was a now exact replica of Naruto's cage to Kyuubi, meaning it was all a success and now Gaara has a better and powerful seal than the one from before. And when Gaara started to feel the effects of the seal, he can feel the strength of Shukaku failing on him while Gaara's was growing stronger, he even feels Shukakus chakra that was in his circulatory system being cleansed and becoming his own.

Placing his hand on his head he suddenly feels like the huge weight on his head, heart and even on his eyes where completely gone, he felt so light as a feather.

Wanting to see how N was and thank him for the help but he saw N still holding his hand on the seal and looked like he was in a trance, worried for his friend he walked up to him and tapped his shoulder and saw N take his hand away from the seal and looked at Gaara.

Standing there for a few minutes Gaara wanted to know what was wrong "N? Are you okay, what's wrong?"

After another few minutes Naruto took his shades off and Gaara never thought this would be something he would see he saw N crying and trying to hold it in, and like N did for him Gaara placed his hand on his friends shoulder and gave a comfort squeeze to it. Asking again he wanted to know what was wrong Naruto looked to him and told Gaara that when he was repairing the seal he didn't know that the seal Gaara had made him look through all of Gaara's memories till today.

Gaara's eyes widen and he realized Naruto must have felt the pain he did going through them Naruto or N told him when he touched the seal he saw a sandstorm cleared away and he Looked upon and saw what looked like a window of some sort. And looking on a closer look, Naruto realized that he was looking into Gaara's life as a child and what Naruto was looking at wasn't something he was thrilled about.

Naruto mentioned he saw how Gaara was trained by his father, Yondaime Kazekage, but raised mainly by his uncle, Yashamaru. Because of the power of Shukaku, the villagers of Sunagakure hated and feared Gaara, seeing him only for the monster sealed within him. For a time, Naruto saw, Yashamaru seemed to be the only person who cared about Gaara.

When Gaara would mistakenly harm others due to the subconscious abilities granted to him by Shukaku, Yashamaru would be the only one who understood that Gaara hadn't intended to harm anyone. Gaara's father, however, didn't see Gaara in the same light, and viewed Gaara's repeated attacks upon villagers as a result of a failed experiment that was a threat to the village.

He then mentioned how angry he felt when he saw the scene of when because of the danger Gaara imposed, his father began sending assassins to kill him, though when all attempts met with failure, the Kazekage asked Yashamaru to kill Gaara. As a result, Yashamaru tried to assassinate Gaara, though Gaara's abilities beaten Yashamaru with no difficulty, saddening Gaara.

Although Gaara tried to discharge Yashamaru's attack as an order of the Kazekage, Yashamaru corrected him by saying that he had freely accepted the mission. Having never truly loved Gaara, Yashamaru hoped that killing Gaara would avenge the death of his sister, Gaara's mother, who had named Gaara after the phrase "a self-loving carnage," a symbol of her hate for Gaara. In a last ditch effort to kill Gaara, Naruto saw through the memory window, Yashamaru detonated a number of explosive tags covering his body, asking Gaara to, "Please die." Gaara survived the blast and lost the only person he thought had cared for him.

He also through choked mentioned he saw while Gaara had initially tried to be friendly towards others despite their fear of him, Yashamaru's actions and words changed Gaara. Realizing that nobody loved him, Gaara used his sand to create the kanji for "Love" on his forehead as a symbol of a "demon loving only himself." Naruto saw how Gaara became emotionally withdrawn, all but silent, and consumed with a bitter loathing for everyone but himself. The blonde saw how Gaara learned to find pleasure and eventually a reason to live in annihilating the numerous assassins sent to kill him – and by extension, anyone who threatened his existence.

He also felt the pain Gaara felt when he saw with Gaara's insomnia, forced upon him by the fear that the raccoon demon inside him would eat away at his personality if he were to fall asleep, only furthered his instability and desire to kill. Naruto then saw how Gaara's father came to appreciate Gaara and the uses he could serve before canceling all assassination orders in the hopes that Gaara would become an effective tool.

Looking into the memory window, Naruto watched Gaara's childhood and saw how unfortunate the red haired boy was due to his lack of anyone to call a friend. Gaara was lonely and desired to be liked, loved, and acknowledged as an individual, free of others' prejudices. Thinking to himself, Naruto and Gaara and those like him are themselves, not the bijuus they were forced to "contain" — and both were driven into a desperate state.

While Naruto consequently use the conception of pranks, mischief and laughter to as a defense against the madness that threatened his well being when he was in Konoha, Gaara came to the conclusion that he could preserve and confirm his own existence by killing any and all who challenged it, securing an extreme form of existentialism as his key personality trait.

In the absence of others' acknowledgment, Naruto acknowledged, Gaara could compensate by valuing only himself to the exclusion of everyone else. While Naruto had his sensei, Killer Bee and the people of Kumo to acknowledge him, Gaara never had anyone to bond with and didn't understand the concept of fighting for anything other than himself.

Naruto mentioned that was when the memory mirror vanished from Naruto sight, leaving him alone and when Gaara called for him. What he saw gave him a new understanding of life as a Jinchuuriki faced with inhumane hatred and fear by those who were supposed to be your family, friends and people. It broke Naruto's heart to no end that Gaara, a fellow Jinchuuriki forced to carry the burden of being a container like him without his consent but he never received or even had help from his Bijuu like Naruto had with Kurami, it really made Naruto realized how lucky and how much he truly appreciated Kurami more than ever, maybe it realized how much Naruto truly loved Kurami than he realized.

"I'm sorry," Naruto said lowly as a few tears fall from his eyes, "I'm so sorry Gaara."

Gaara looked at Naruto quietly not understanding what was Naruto being sorry for "Why are you sorry N, you didn't do anything to me to be sorry for?"

Sniffing and wiping the tears away Naruto placed his hand on Gaara's shoulder "I know I can never truly understand what growing up had to be like for you Gaara, but I'm sorry that I couldn't be there sooner and help you out when you needed someone. Sorry that even though I suffered before with my pain that yours was worse than mine." Naruto spoke, "But I do feel better that I know your pain and that I understand the burden of being a container. Like you, I became one without my consent and I didn't learn about this until I was six years old on my birthday when my old village kick me out and I was found by my sensei and taken to a better life in Kumo. Though you and I lived completely different lives however, I want to offer you something that no has ever given you: Acknowledgement of your existence, the acknowledgment that you are Gaara no Sabaku, my friend, my Jinchuuriki brother." Holding his hand out to him

The Suna nin looked at Naruto in confusion and asked, "You…Acknowledge me? My existence?"

Nodding his head he smiled at Gaara "The reason I am giving you that is because when I suffered no one acknowledge me or even prove my existence, but when I trained with my sensei he acknowledge me when he discovered who I was, and even acknowledge my accomplishments, trust me Gaara having something like that was the greatest gift to me. I am giving you this because no one ever gave you that feeling that proves to you who you really are is the worst thing that no human being should have, but by having it also gives you a true reason live and exist. Believe me Gaara, I know and experienced a similar case. And like I did when you find that acknowledgement and existence you should take it and find a new and better purpose to live, not as somebody's weapon or tool but as someone who could put her skills into great use in helping others. I offered my friendship and trust to others and use it in a better way to prove my existence to everyone and become the Guardian of my village and help protect those who are precious to me." Smiling at Gaara he pushed on.

"You can do likewise, and you can use your existence and power to find people to become precious to you, you said you have a nee-san, and nii-san why not start with them and then move on to find others, the more you have the more powerful you could become and if you'd let me help you Gaara. You don't have to carry this burden alone. The pain can be coped with easier if you'd let me carry it with you not as a fellow Jinchuuriki, but as a precious friend."

Those were words Gaara never heard in all his life. No one has ever offered him friendship, even when he begged and cried to it. Now here it was that a total stronger and foreigner was offering him something he had so longed for all his life, but was always denied it.


"Shukaku, Shut Up! YOU BASTARD!" Gaara retorted as he faced the bijuu, "You've been a thorn at my side long enough! BUT NO MORE YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME ANYMORE!"

Gaara turned and faced Naruto, and saw the sincerity in his eyes as the blonde extended his right hand to him. Slowly, Gaara walked over to him and reached out for his hand before he embraced it.

"Thank you N, Thank you for everything" Gaara said before everything went white…

Z(Suna Warehouse 20 minutes later)Z

Gaara and Naruto woke out of their trance. The red-haired Jinchuuriki stood up and saw N standing in front of him and he looked down and saw his old seal was gone and it looked like the one his friend had "Gaara you ok?" Naruto asked as he looked at the boy.

Gaara looked back at N calmly before he nodded.

Believing things to be in the clear both boys deciding to leave the place and Naruto to go meet up with the Kazekage aka Gaaras father to find out what the mission is, looking at the sun Naruto theorized that all this happened in the last thirty minutes.

Looking over he saw Gaara released the privacy seal and the two went to leave the warehouse but on the way Gaara fell over and landed on the ground, felling worried for his friend he noticed that Gaara was breathing slowly, relaxing a bit Naruto realized Gaara was sleeping 'Rest easy my friend, you deserve it after all you went through with this'. Naruto supported Gaara by throwing his arm over his shoulder.

When he open the door Naruto looked shocked and started to sweat as he saw standing in front of them was a squad of 20 Anbu and the Kazekage who was looking at Naruto with an intense death glare. Holding his hand up giving a nervous chuckle "I'm in trouble aren't I?"

The Kazekage appeared next to the two boys, "You have no idea, especially if you have kept me waiting for the last thirty minutes when my guards told me you would be here, or how about the fact you have two of my academy students telling me a man with a kumo headband assaulted them, or how about what you have done with my son."

Naruto gulped trying to hold his own out so the situation will not get worse, "Wait please Kazekage-sama, can we talk this out like civilized human beings. There is no need for violence, please?" The Kazekage growled, "It will be, that is until you tell me in the next few seconds what you did to my son." Naruto looked around at the other ANBU and took into sensing some of their strength of their chakra. He flinched at the strength of the wind and puppet users. He had to admit even though they are at a rough time they sure have the strength to make up for it. Deciding to take a gamble he took a deep breath and decided to get it over with.

"Well in a very simple explanation I fixed Gaara's seal, allowing him to sleep and gain more control over his sand, and last but not least ending Shukaku's torture over Gaara." The Kazekage narrowed his eyes, searching the boy's eyes for deception. After a while he sigh and picked up his son. He turned his head to Naruto, "Follow me boy, we shall talk in my office." As the Kazekage place his hand on Naruto's shoulder and they both shushined to the Kazekage office.

Z(Kazekage Tower: Office)Z

As they got to the office the Kazekage placed his son on a table and lifted the boy's shirt as to examine what he thought was Gaara's seal but was a completely different one from before. But one thing he noticed was the fact that this one is completely complex that this one is entirely stronger than the other.

He was amazed at the complexity of the new seal. Naruto just sat in a chair in front of the desk waiting patiently, the Kage then went over to sit in his seat and sent a chakra spike calling for his Anbu who landed on one knee waiting for his order "Send for Chiyo-sama to come here immediately, and tell her it's about Garra's seal."

After the Anbu left he look to see the blonde kid meditating, deciding to do the same he took a breath and rested his eyes. It wasn't till about an hour until the doors opened to reveal an old short lady who looked annoyed to be here depicting the glare she was giving the Kazekage.

"What do want Kazekage-sama, you better have a damn good reason for calling me when I have something important to do."

The Kazekage sighed as he can easily pick up the distaste in her voice, "Chiyo-sama, I assure I have a good reason-."

The lady held her hand out cutting off still having the distasted look interrupted the man "I don't care what your pathetic excuses are I was working on some projects trying to build more durable puppets, and I don't like being dragged out by your Anbu's just to be called here to be annoyed by an arrogant fool like you!" getting a sign from the Kazekage he look upon Chiyo with an annoyed look.

"Chiyo-sama are you still so bitter about what happened with Garra?" The woman glared, "You bet your arrogant ass I am!" sighed in annoyance again "Well if it helps Gaara's seal has been fixed." Chiyo froze a second before cleaning out her ear with her finger, "I'm sorry I think I must have hear you wrong. Did you just say Garra-chan's seal has been fixed?"

The Kage motioned his hand over to Naruto. "Just ask that Kumo boy next to you, he was able to somehow get to fixing Gaara's seal enough to make a more stronger complex one, that seems to allow Gaara sleep and not have Shukaku influence or even take over him." The Kazekage smiling and deep down was thankful enough that his son and daughter might finally be able to have their brother back. Chiyo turned as she finally noticed Naruto sitting in a chair near her.

Naruto cracked open a single eye and spoke, "What are you looking at?" Kira tensed as he felt weight in his throat, just waiting for Chiyo to attack the kid for his disrespect.

But for some reason she just smirked and snickered. "I like you child, you have guts to stand up to me that's something you don't see every day."

Naruto smirked at her "And you are the first village elder that I like to talk to that does not piss me off." Chiyo raised an eyebrow "Oh, and why is that boy?"

Naruto just shrugged his shoulders smirking "The fact that the ones from my villages are a either a bunch of kiss asses, greedy little cowards who can't help wiping their own asses, or they act like they have a huge stick up their ass." And when he was done he saw Chiyo holding her hands on her stomach from laughing so hard. "hehehe, oh that is funny, indeed you are right as that does sound like the council from Kumo as I remember. Now can you tell me what is your name as I want to know the name of the person who helped Gaara-chan?"

Standing up and introduced himself "My name is N Akai-Arashi, and I am the student of the Yondaime Raikage, and I am a genin who originally came here on a solo mission by the request of this village, and as for those 'academy students' Kazekage-sama I actually helped save Gaara from them because they gained up on him and they threatened to kill him, foreigner or not I will not stand by and have someone threaten to kill someone from their own village."

Chiyo smiled, as seeing that this boy from what she can tell by his actions is someone who no matter what or which village he is in would help someone no matter what they are.

After looking at N she looked over him and she finally noticed the sleeping Garra on a table. She walked over and examined Garra's new seal after opening the boy's shirt.

Chiyo eyes shined with amazement of this new design, "This is incredible, it's some of the most complex sealing design I've ever seen! Just by looking at sequence of different sealing locks and the sheer number of fail safes and restraints on this seal it's amazing." She looked back at Naruto before asking, "you did this?" Naruto nodded "How?"

"Hai it was I, and what I did is actually a very dangerous sealing Kinjutsu that I cannot say, if I did it would cause major chaos if someone messed up or ended up in the wrong hands. So no hard feelings right?"

Chiyo thought for a moment and just nodded "Well if it is as dangerous as you say it is, and after what you did for Gaara-chan I won't pressure you at all for information, but I still wish to thank you for helping him out." Naruto smiled and nodded his head

"No problem Chiyo-sama." Looking back at the Kazekage and got into a form of Shinobi mode "Now if we are finished with the distractions I am ready to do the mission Kazekage-sama."

Looking back at Naruto and remembering he did hire N for a mission, but now he felt bad for the reason why but now he realized if he was able to handle his son in Shukaku form maybe he is strong for what he could do instead 'If this works out it will save my village, and maybe we can work something out with forming an alliance with Kumo.'

"Well N, I hired you because I would like you to help me with a small problem to get rid of it." Naruto while looking calm was feeling nervous, as he had not killed anyone yet, while at same time Chiyo was looking intently at the Kazekage 'What are you up to boy?'

"And who is your target Kazekage-sama?" The Kage took a deep breath and looked at the student of the Raikage with the utmost seriousness. "I'm going to be straight to the point, I want you to assassinate the Wind Daimyo."

Chiyo gasped and Naruto looked right at the man. Naruto stared at the man, "You want me to Assassinate the Wind Daimyo of Kaze no Kuni, you want me to commit a political treason?" The wind shadow did not blink and had a dark look in his eyes, " I have my reasons, and after all you have no doubt seen the state of my village right now." Naruto nodded while Chiyo glared at the Kage thinking he is inane.

"The reason being is that the current Daimyo now is a greedy, egotistical, bastard. He's been draining my village dry only to pay for his own greed and at our own expense and not using his own money, and right now we only have enough money in our emergency funds to last us another year. If we don't do something now the village would be shut down, you can choose to back down if you want, but if you can all I ask you is if you could kill him without leading any evidence to either of our own villages. I don't even care of you frame another village to do it, I don't care. What I do care about is that the Daimyo Prince made an agreement to help us after his father is dead, since he hates his father for what he is doing and making Kaze no Kuni the laughing stock in the Elemental Nation. If you help us, my village would forever in your debt."

Naruto sighed, 'What do you think Kurami?' There was a long silence before he heard his partner. "To best honest Naruto-kun, I would say no because if you are caught you are done for, but then again this could be in are favor, we could have Suna as our ally, and we could solve are problem with your Futon element. So it's your choice and I will support all the way." Nodding his head he looked to both the Kage and the Elder.

"Alright then Kazekage-sama I'll do it, until then can I have a place to sleep until then, I will leave tonight?" The Kage smiled, "Of course, and thank you for doing this N-san, now is there anything you might need or be supplied with before you go?"

Naruto nodded his head in negative, "Not really, all I ask is some rest before I go, and then I'll be back within the week. And Tell Garra when he wakes up that I'll be back and help him train on helping him a bit to deal with his tailed beast, I have my sensei's brother who has been training me in mental defense to fight against people with physiological attacks." Which made both elders nod their heads, and watched Naruto disappeared in a Raiton Shunshin. Chiyo looked at Kira with a scowl.

"You better hope the boy doesn't get captured and interrogated or realized that was not the real target. Otherwise it will turn into an political nightmare you brat." With that she left with Garra in a shushin to take him to his home.

Kira smiled and then thought, 'If he succeeds something tells me that this boy will do great things some honorable, some terrible but most of all great in this world.' The Kazekage then out a scroll and started to write something on there.

Z(Kaze no Kuni: Daimyo Estates 10 minutes to midnight)Z

Naruto, with a cloak on with the hood up, creped through the night in the desert while being in the shadows was coming to a stop on the hill looking out in the desert fields and seeing his target's location.

It had taken him 2 days of running only stopping twice to recharge his supply of his chakra when he was running on chakra exhaustion to get to the Daimyo's estate. Looking upon his target he notices it was an oasis island in the middle of the dessert, it had the only water source for a hundred miles in the middle of the sandy wasteland.

Stretching the kinks out of his body focusing and preparing himself Naruto looked upon his target "Well let's get this over with." And he jumped over the fields and got close enough to jump and land on the shadowy side of the estate wall into the Daimyo's home.

Z(Daimyos Estate: Midnight)Z

Naruto silently dropped to the ground and with chakra on his feet he leaped silently into one of the rooms and up to sticking to the ceiling.

Making sure to stay within the shadows Naruto easily infiltrated through the building.

The only problems Naruto had was when it seemed some of the guards seem to notice something was wrong and almost noticed Naruto, he was forced to quickly and quietly knocking them out and hiding them as he encountered them.

'This isn't right no way this should be this easy' thought Naruto as he got to the ceiling in the master Master Bedroom. 'The security is way too sloppy here, something's not right, it was almost a bit too easy, it almost feels like…' Kurami too was stayed silent like she was almost thinking the same thing, that was when they felt about 100 or so signatures 'a trap.' way too many to have in a simple bedroom. Deciding to listen in and see what situation is and find out why there are so much in one room, he applied chakra to his ears and strengthen his hearing range and listened in.

"Daimyo-dono are you sure an assassin is coming here?" asked a what sounded like a councilmen only for another rough sluggish voice.

"Yes, as my hidden sensor shinobi have already sensed the assassin in this estate, but the problem is that they for some reason just can't seem pinpoint the exact location of where he is right now. But they did inform me by saying the assassin has large chakra reserves one that claims to be on the level of a Kage. So I advise to you all that we must be ready for anything." As he and his guards got into position.

Naruto cursed himself mentally and want to punch himself for his stupidity and making a rookie mistake 'Of course he would have Sensors in his lace, and of course he would have more than half of his guards surround himself you baka, if I make out of this alive I am not mentioning this to sensei he would kill me.'

And then Naruto has been thinking for about ten minutes and then he finally came up with a plan. Taking out ten blank pieces of paper and some ink and brush Naruto started making a special designed explosive tags.

After the tags were done and laced with chakra Naruto stealthily went to a nearby window and slip through to be outside the Damiyos bedroom. Focusing on his chakra enough to not be caught and making ten kage bushins and making them henge into ants he gave them the tags and had them moved the slips of paper slowly into the room. None of the guards or Daimyo noticed the ten tags stealthily moving across the floor.

Once all the tags were in position, each one a good distance from the primary target. Naruto smiled 'hope the Kazekage likes the fireworks', holding his hands in a ram sign 'Katsu'.

Then out of nowhere shocking the guards and the Daimyo all hell broke loose as fireball explosions and a powerful black gas filled the Daimyo's room, Naruto silently waiting to strike watched as one by one the guards fell to the ground either unconscious or dead from the explosion or the gas in the room.

But thanks to his luck the Daimyo was unharmed, but the man himself was shivering like a little boy facing the boogeyman.

Naruto smiled as he kawarimi with one of his clones that survived the attack and jumped to the ceiling waiting for the perfect time to strike. He used his chakra to create another clone who filled the room with KI and fill the man with fear he probably never felt before.

Naruto then with his lightning chakra connected to the metals and forced all the windows and doors to shut and lock everyone out leaving himself as the predator capturing his prey.

Deciding to have some fun he asked Kurami to give him a small amount of her chakra to lace his voice with it to make him sound like her in her fox form. Loving the idea she did it and Naruto masked the room with his voice.

"Hello Daimyo-dono, I have come as an agent of Shinigami to give judgment for your greed and lust for power. Are there any last words, or repentance you wish to make before you meet your end?" Naruto used his crimson lightning to pick up and levitate a samurai sword from one of the dead bodyguards. The Daimyo shivered and begged for mercy.

"Please let me live! I'll give you anything money, power, women anything please have mercy" Naruto felt disgusted, here was a man who was a leader of a nation, supposed to be a role model for his nation, and here he is quivering like a coward at a little chakra enhanced voice.

Deciding that he is one of those people who needs to die, he show him no mercy, and completing his mission he didn't give the Daimyo anymore chances to talk as he manipulated the chakra to make the sword spin like a shuriken and beheaded the fat bastard and have the sword landed on the wall. The head rolled off and dropped to the floor, his face frozen in a expression of horror.

Naruto looked at it and all the other bodies, while checking to see if the area is safe and then walked over to a nearby trash bin and emptying his stomach from realizing what he had done.

Naruto cleaned his mouth and heard Kurami calling for him, 'Kurami-chan please tell me is it like this every time, or does it get easier.' In his mind Kurami told him while giving him comfort through her bond spoke, 'It will get easier over time, but you must remember not to shut off your heart or kill for pleasure. It's only then that you are even worse than the monsters you kill.' Naruto thanked his vixen and gave him some warm feelings back through their bond and continued to finish his mission.

As Naruto looked around the room he found a vault behind a embellished picture of the now dead asshole. Managing to manipulate his lightning element Naruto managed to open the door.

Looking inside naruto smirked 'Jackpot'. All around him in the vault was gold, gems, scrolls, and other rare and expensive things. Naruto decided to take a bit for himself and half for the Kazekage and Suna. As he got to the back of the Vault he found a very large decorated scroll.

Naruto looked at it and saw it had the Kanji for Suna, opening it up he saw it had a very detailed number and realized it was the treasury of all the Ryo the Daimyo took from Suna, knowing how important this was Naruto quickly sealed up all he wanted to take with him and decided it was time to get the hell out of this place now.

And luckily for Naruto as soon as he got out of the building thanks to his lightning armor the alarms went off, too bad for them by the time the officials were there Naruto was already half way through the desert to Suna.

Z(Kazekage Tower: Office 4 days after the assassination 9 am)Z

In the Kazekage office the Kage was working while also in the office was Gaara, and two other people one of them was a boy who wore a black, baggy, full body suit with a red and yellow circle on the front.

He also wears a black hood which covered his head completely, and had cat-like ears, his face sported a triangular face-paint design in both purple and yellow colors, he also wears gloves and carries his puppets on his back his name is Kankuro and he is Gaaras older brother.

Next to him was a girl who had green eyes and blonde hair, which is gathered into four ponytails. Her outfit consists of a single light purple-colored, off-the-shoulders garment that extended to halfway down her thighs, with a scarlet sash tied around her waist.

In addition to incorporating fishnet worn over her shoulders and legs, specifically on her right calf and her left thigh, she also has a giant fan on her back, this was Temari and she is Gaaras sister.

When both Temari and Kankuro heard what happened to Gaara they were both worried, and didn't know what to believe or even know if it was the truth or not. But when they were led to Gaaras room and saw he was asleep and not out of control, that was what broke any doubt they had.

And days later when they saw Gaara wake up the first thing that happened was Temari broke down and was finally able to hold her little brother and cried that he was ok, and in surprise Gaara held her also and hugged and cry saying 'sorry' for everything that happened.

But Temari just held onto him saying she forgiven him and just happy to have her brother back, Kankuro also joined in and hugged Gaara happy to have him as well, and since then Gaara spent time getting back for lost times to sleep and spending time with his family.

And right at this point when they heard that the one who saved Gaara is coming here they demanded to see the savior of their brother.

So right now as they wait in the office they heard a knock on the door and the Kage replied 'enter' and when the door opened it was something that made Gaara smile, Kankuro looked surprised at someone at the same age as them, and one that made Temari to her surprise blush at seeing how hot he was.

Entering the office was Naruto or in their case N. Taking a short bow Naruto approached the man "Good morning Kazekage-sama I completed that mission you requested of the 'elimination' of that 'bandit camp' you requested." Leaving some hints of what he 'requested' while revealing of what he wanted. Nodding his head and decided to get over with what he needed to say.

"Indeed, also I just needed to let you know my Shinobi's have told me the Wind Daimyo was assassinated a couple of days ago, you wouldn't know 'anything' about while you were out there that would you?" The Kazekage asked with a sly grin.

Naruto slyly said, "Now how would a genin like me who was out there without knowing a damn thing while being in the other direction of the were the Kaze capital is know anything about that?"

Silence stayed in the air for and the Kazekage asked his kids to step out for a moment, complying saying they will meet N after they are done, they left and the Kage place a privacy field up and for a moment before both erupted in laughter.

"You did fantastic N, you did an excellent job. I heard from one of my Shinobi spies in the palace that the Daimyo's prince is going to be now taking missions from Iwa, Ame, and Konoha back to us. Thanks to you our village will be strong again." Naruto took out a giant scroll and placed it to the desk making the Kage raise an eyebrow.

"I think this will help shorten the time and help speed up the recovery of your village. Inside is all the money the previous Daimyo took from your village, and about half of all the previous Daimyo's money from the vault, I decided to take about a quarter, since he doesn't need it since he is dead, and the prince has more than enough."

Looking at the scroll the Kage thought he hit the Jackpot since with this he will be able to bring his village back in less than a year. Smiling at Naruto he agree to let him since it was the least he can do, for all he has done. "Now that that is over with I believe we should let my sons and my daughter back here as Gaara has been asking about you and my son Kankuro wanting to meet you. And ever since you helped Gaara my duaghter Temari has been wanting to meet you." Naruto had the decency to blush at that.

"That's fine with me Kazekage-sama. But if in the future I see her I would be honored to get to know her if it's ok with you?" The man nodded, "I have no problem with that, now let's finish the bargain, is there anything you like as a favor for helping my village out?" Naruto nodded

"Yes, is it possible do you have any spare scrolls on wind manipulation, I don't have any in kumo and I don't have anything other than splitting a rock in half?"

The Kage smiled "Done, don't worry my village's best Wind manipulator who happens to be Chiyo-sama's brother, Ebizo. I'll contact him and have him make the excerises for you but I will warn you though no one has ever been able to complete it yet."

Naruto smiled, "Well I wouldn't want everything handed to me now would I?" the man nodded and dropped the barrier and let the sand siblings in.

Z(Suna Gates: Next Day)Z

Naruto stood out in front of the gates of Suna and right behind him was the Kazekage his children and Chiyo-sama, looking back he decided to say not 'goodbye' but 'see you soon' looking at the Kazekage he saw him handing out a scroll that had the kanji for Suna on it and Naruto knew what it was for, and knew his sensei was going to flip when he hears this.

Moving to Gaara he saw the sadness in his eyes "N, You really promise to visit me again some time?" asked a sad Gaara, while holding his tears back as he was not going to see his friend for a while.

Naruto smiled and placed his hand on his shoulder "I promise my brother, and if you every need me just send out a chakra spike on that seal I gave you and I'll come as fast as I can." Gaara smiled and gave Naruto a hug, and when they let go Naruto went over to Kankurou. Kankurou and Naruto got along especially when they realized they had a knack when it came to pranks, but then there was the part of when they realized they can really annoy each other.

"Now Kankurou, take care of Gaara for me and help him fill his vessel with love, it will help him in the long run, and also remember you have to stop using make up kits or you'll never get a girl in the future."

Kankuro's face became instant red when he heard Chiyo and Temari and even Gaara could not hold their laughter in "FOR THE LOVE OF KAMI YOU ASS ITS WAR PAINT!" Naruto snickers, "Whatever makes you sleep at night Kan Kan the clown." Naruto then turns to Temari, who immediately leaped onto him giving a hug and kissed him on the cheek but then settled snuggling into his as she calls it his 'god like broad chest' "You better visit me N-kun or I'll drag your hunk of an ass back here and beat it and the crap out of you hunk or not with my fan." Naruto blushed and nodded "I will Tema-chan I will."

When Temari got to see Naruto after the meeting she saw he was perfect guy for a girl like her he was strong, confident, has a wind element, was not a pervert, and most importantly her brothers liked him, and that was the other thing to Temari, the fact that N saved Gaara and when she got her brother back she was eternally grateful to him, and when she heard he wanted to get to know her Temari knew one thing clear 'She will never lose N to anyone, never', moving on he then gave a respectful farewell to Chiyo and left to return home.

Z(Kumo: Shinobi District: 2 days after leaving Suna)Z

Walking back to the familiar air in the mountains Naruto knew he was back home, it was restless when he had to report to a worried sensei who kept asking what happened out there, and when he was done the Raikage was shocked when he saw the scroll and saw it was a petition for Kumo and Suna to have an alliance together, even though it was rough in the past because of the wars then, but now A just once again cheered and saying like 'lucky charmed students of mine' and 'need to send him out more often'. And as he was about to leave Naruto asked how the seal he made went, he was amazed when his sensei mentioned it worked and it only glowed showing the sign he was in a battle and it was safe, and when it was done it stopped indicating it was safe, so after all that Naruto decided to take in the streets more relishing the fact his seal was a success.

But going back to his nice walk he then screams up ahead he went to go see what was going on, and when he got to the source he was reliving what looked like almost déjà vu back in suna, one that completely pissed him off.

Out in front of the Kumo Shinobi Academy where three girls all being surrounded by five big bullies and one of the girls was holding her cheek like she was hit.

Naruto looked more closely and saw the girl that seems about a year younger than Naruto was a dark-skinned kunoichi with long red hair and amber eyes, she was also wearing a red shirt and black shorts and had two simple yellow earrings and was wearing a white bandana.

Another girl about his age was next to the red hair girl was fair skinned had long, straight, blonde, hair bound with taut bandages and dark eyes, she wore a short-sleeved black and purple blouse, black pants both of which had a design similar to clouds on them.

And the last girl next to the blonde one a fair-skinned woman the same age as the dark skinned one was of tall stature and curvaceous build with a large bust for her age, she has blue eyes and straight blonde hair framing her face with a shorter cut in the back and the front bangs reaching her shoulders; she generally wears a stoic, aloof expression on her face. She wears a very low-cut battle kimono with mesh underneath, a short skirt and high boot sandals.

Looking at the situation Naruto was getting pissed at this, if these arrogant brats had the gall to harm Kunoichi outside a duel or a battle than they do not deserve the right to be called Shinobi, so walking onto the scene the five boys looked at Naruto walking to them while the girls were curious what is he going to do.

Looking at the girls then the boys he asked the punks "So what in kami's name are you guys doing over here." Looking at them with a hidden glare they could not see because of the shades.

But one of the idiots Naruto noticed the leader was not afraid to answer "heh well you see we were trying to teach the flat chest bitch with the red hair a lesson, you see we were trying to ask the ice bitch and cat bitch on a date and she got in our way and we decided to teach her a lesson as you can see."

While this was happening the guys with him were either smacking their faces with their hands or sweating in fear because of the guys stupidity, meanwhile the girls were angry while the red head was mad and leaking tears because of what he called her.

But when the girls noticed the blond guy in front of them was sparking red electricity and rolling off KI at the five bastards, well it made them a little better seeing he was on their side.

Naruto was pissed off once again he has to teach some idiots a lesson aka 'humbling their arrogant asses' so out of nowhere the bullies and the girls saw a red bolted flashes and saw the five bullies all going down and groaning like they got hit by a bull.

The leader looked like he got the worst and right in front of him was the blond from before, sweating in fear the guy asked "W-Who are you?" Naruto snarled at the prick, like the kids from suna he think he's tough when he talks down to you, but beat him up in one shot and then he is a coward.

So deciding to teach him a lesson he walks up and stomps on what deems a man, a man and the punk screams out loud in pain which made the girls watching smile seeing the bastard seeming to being put in his place, after holding down until he couldn't scream he lifts the foot but doesn't drop instead spoke out loud "The Question is who the hell are you?" as he smacks his foot down on the kids chest which causes him to scream again

"Who the hell are you, you little prick to even think of treating kunoichi much more a woman like that,"and if he looked behind him he would see smiles on the girls at seeing he was treating them respect, and he actually sees them as kunoichi. back at the situation at hand he then he grabs his collar and held him close to his face "and you even go as far to even hit a woman, not only is that wrong it pisses me off." He then holds him out more so everyone could hear this,

"So here is the deal asshole you are going to apologize to these girls here, for what you did and said to them you are going to get the hell out of my sight, and if I find you near them or any other women when I'm around you better take a poison pill kid cause I will kill you do you understand me?" lacing that sentence with KI to make it clear the kid nodded, stuttered an apology to them and ran off like a bat out of hell with his friends already gone.

Looking back at the girls from earlier he helped each one up and when it came to the red head she grab him in a hug and cried a 'thank you' repeatedly while holding onto him, Naruto smiled and was rubbing the back of her head helping her calm down.

And when she was done she blushed and went to her friends, the one with the blonde pony tail came up and bowed to Naruto "Thank you shinobi-san we are grateful for your assistance, although we could have handle them ourselves."

Giving him a sly smile, which she did not expect a foxy smirk from the blond which made the girls blush "I know but to be honest the brats were pissing me off, and the fact that I had a good excuses to humble some arrogant asses legally." The other blond came up and bowed to Naruto "Still we thank you, what you did to them was cool."

Nodding to her he looked at them "Would it be too much to get the names from you beautiful ladies?" giving another foxy smirk, and with a blush from each one they answered the red head "M-my name is Karui," the blond ponytail "I-I'm Yugito Nii", and the other blond "My name i-is Samui" nodding his head he smiled "those are all beautiful names fits you perfectly, and if you all excuse me I got to go."

And he was walking off, but then Karui stopped him "Wait!" looking back "Yes Karui-chan?" blushing at the added suffix she continued "You never told us your name? Can you extend the same courtesy?"

Smiling and turn around and gave a bow with one hand out and stood up "Allow me to introduce myself himes, I am N Akai-Arashi and I will see you all again sometime, see you then."

And like that he disappeared in a red bolt shocking the three girls, the fact they were saved unknowingly by the Raikages student, and to Yugito her fellow container and one of the new San Hogo-sha of kumo, someone who is like her, as the two blondes left to go back into the academy Karui was about to walk back inside but stopped to see a scroll on the ground, looking at it she saw her name on it, picking it up she opened it to see a message for her


if you see this I like to give a little advice to you, don't ever let anyone tell you or change you into something you are not. Always be yourself, you want to be tough girl be a tough girl, be gentle be gentle, you are who you are. And I will let you on a little secret, I like girls who are honest about themselves, and I can see you becoming a strong beautiful women who would not let anyone stand in your way, that and I also…was attracted to your beautiful red hair. I know I will see you again someday and the next time I see you I hope you Yugi-chan and Samui-chan become strong and true Kunoichi's you desire to be, one that hope to see you proud to be.

Your #1 sexy Adonis among men, and the future 'Thors Hammer of Kumo'

N Akai-Arashi

Blushing at what he told her about being herself and how he was attracted to her red hair, which she was holding onto she walked back to be with her friends while thinking 'Thank you N-kun, maybe your right maybe I can be myself, so watch out N-kun I will become the Kunoichi you and I want to be, and be someone to make you proud of me.'

With a fire in her eyes Karui went off to start training to become the best and she won't be alone she will be with her friends Yugito and Samui all training to one day show the one to show them the path he made for them.

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