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Ryoma's Dating Who?

Chapter 1: Suspect

"Argh…where the hell is Echizen?" Momo growled, raising his racket above his eyes and scanning the area for his young kohai.

"Hai! Ochibi, where are you? Are you in here?" Eiji called out, looking inside a trash can. After seeing no Ochibi in there, he placed the lid back and sprinted to another trash can to check there instead.

"Eiji, I don't think Echizen is hiding in there." Fuji chuckled as he watched the frustration grow on his friend's face.

"What if something bad happened to him?" Seigaku's mother hen, Oishi, said worriedly. "What if you got into an accident or was mugged on the way here?"

"Fsshhhuuu….it's most likely that he overslept and forgot the time of the match, senpai." Kaidoh pointed out.

"Kaidoh's right." Kawamura assured him as he was searching in his tennis bag. He then accidentally got a hold of his racket and yelled, "ECHIZEN! WAKE UP FROM YOUR AFTERNOON NAP AND GET YOUR BUTT HERE!"

"Inui, did you get a hold of Echizen?" Tezuka asked, looking at the clock. Ten more minutes until Ryoma's match started.

"No, he's not picking up his phone." Inui answered, sighing once again as his call went straight to voice message. "80% he's late because of oversleeping, 10% he got into an accident, 7% he forgot his match and the remaining 3% is anything other."

"Mou, that Ochibi. He's really cutting it close- ah, Ochibi!" Eiji exclaimed. All the regulars looked in the direction he was pointing at and their jaws dropped at the sight of their tennis prodigy.

"Sorry…I'm late." Ryoma apologized, leaning his hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath.

"Ah Echizen? What's with the…" Momo trailed off, gesturing towards Ryoma's appearance.

Instead of his usual polo shirt and shorts, Ryoma was wearing a crisp, white long sleeved shirt that was rolled up to his elbows with a black and white striped top underneath. He wore fitted dark jeans with a hanging silver chain and surprisingly, his cap was not on his head. Instead, his blue-green hair was styled in a tousled look. He looked very handsome.

"It's nothing, Momo-senpai." Ryoma waved it off, grabbing his tennis bag and headed towards the changing rooms.

"Nya, Ochibi! Tell us why you're all dressed up!" Eiji demanded, glomping onto his kohai.

"Itai, Eiji-senpai!" Ryoma winced, trying to push his neko senpai off him.

"Tell us!" Eiji whined as Ryoma successfully pushed him off.

"Yadda!" Ryoma shook his head as he rushed towards the rooms.

"Saa, Echizen. You could at least explain why you were late- we were very worried about you." Fuji said, wearing his usual smile.

"I was doing something." Ryoma said curtly.

"Echizen, 10 laps around the school courts!" Tezuka strictly ordered.

"Hai buchou." And with that, he went inside to the changing rooms.

"That brat. He comes in late and he doesn't even give us an explanation! He can't do that, he can't." Momo mumbled, irritated. He began to march towards the changing rooms where Ryoma had gone in. Eiji followed right behind him as the rest of the regulars watched them.

"Hmm…but I do wonder why Echizen was dressed like that." Oishi admitted, thinking if he should go after his double's partner or not.

"Maybe he had to attend a special occasion?" Kaidoh offered.

"Most likely, his mother bought him those clothes and wanted him to try them on." Inui stated, looking at his notebook.

"Saa, maybe he was on a date?" Fuji suggested, smiling at them. The rest of them turned their gazes at him, looking shocked.

"No way, he's too young!" Oishi said, shaking his head profusingly. The others nodded at this- there was no way that the baby of their team was dating anyone. There was only three things that Ryoma would willingly date- tennis, ponta and his cat, Karupin.

"I have to agree with Oishi, Fuji. I don't think Echizen is dating anyone." Kawamura told him sheepishly.

Fuji opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted but two shrieks. The regulars looked up to see Momo and Eiji frantically running towards them, eyes wide open and muttering out what seemed to be gibberish. They skittered to a stop in front of them and panted, trying to catch their breaths.

"Eiji, Momo, what's wrong?" Oishi demanded, patting his double's partner's back as it seemed Eiji was choking on air.

"Oh my god!" Momo managed to spit out, trying to catch his breath.

"O-O-Och…Ochi…bi…..phone….calling….boy…boyfri…" Eiji gasped out, looking at all of them, trying to convey his message with his eyes since he couldn't talk quite yet.

"Oh my god. What we heard….Oh my god!" Momo kept repeating this, shaking his head as if he was trying to comprehend something.

"Fsshhuuuu…Baka Peach- what the hell are you talking about?" Kaidoh asked, looking at the two with wide eyes.

"It's just, we heard…oh my god!" Momo repeated once again. The others just looked at them confused, some starting to get impatient, wanting to know what happened.

"Momoshiro! Kikumaru! Tell us what you heard right now or I'll assign you both to run 20 laps each." Tezuka commanded, starting to feel a headache forming. He wasn't sure if he wanted to know.

"It's Echizen!" Momo answered immediately, not wanting to run extra laps.

"Stupid Momoshiri, we know that much." Kaidoh hissed. They started to argue but Tezuka was able to stop them before it turned into a fight.

"What else happened?" Fuji asked politely, his eyes opened as he looked the two.

"Nya, Fujiko! Well, after Ochibi left to get changed, me and Momo followed him and…"

"Nya Momo, wait up!" Eiji yelled, running to catch up with his kohai. Momo slowed down his steps and looked at the redhead with wide eyes.

"Huh? Eiji-senpai, why are you following?" Momo asked, confused.

Eiji grinned, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "To join you in spying on Ochibi, of course." Momo returned the grin and they both nodded before making their way towards the changing rooms. As they neared, they decided to peek in from the door so Ryoma wouldn't be able to see them.

They watched as Ryoma slid off his pants and quickly put his tennis shorts on. When he took off his shirt, Momo and Eiji both gasped. Pink marks could be seen scattered around his chest and neck.

"So Echizen has bug bites? He should put some ointment on them." Oishi interrupted, going into mother hen mode. Ryoma should be taking better care of himself.

"That's what I thought too!" Eiji agreed, nodding. "But…"

"-They weren't bug bites." Momo finished the sentence.

"So what were they?" Inui asked, looking at them intently as he readied himself to write whatever notes he got into his notebook.

"Hmm…" Fuji muttered, assessing the situation. Suddenly a thought hit him and his eyes widened. "You don't mean…" Momo knew what he was thinking and nodded.


"Oh my god! Ochibi's been bitten by bugs!" Eiji exclaimed. "There must have been a lot of mosquitoes. We should tell Oishi so he could put ointment on them!" Eiji started to run off to get him but Momo grabbed the back of his jacket, preventing him from leaving. "Mou Momo, what are you doing?" Eiji pouted at him.

"Senpai, I'm pretty sure they're not bug bites." Momo said, a faint blush appearing on his cheeks. Eiji just frowned.

"Then what are they? They look like bites…but they do look a little big to be from a bug…snakes are in the zoo and aliens are in the sky…so the only thing that could make those bites would be-" Eiji suddenly stopped, eyes widening as comprehension struck him. His jaw dropped. "OH MY GOD! THEY'RE HICK-mhhmnnm…" He was interrupted as Momo quickly covered his mouth with his hand.

"Shh!" Momo hissed, looking to see if Ryoma heard them or not. Eiji also looked and they were both quiet as they saw Ryoma freeze in the middle of putting his shoes on. They watch with bated breaths as Ryoma looked suspiciously in their direction- they were still hidden behind the door. Momo and Eiji were still, not making any sudden moves. Just as Ryoma was about to walk towards them, his cellphone rang.

Momo and Eiji sighed in relief as they watched Ryoma turn away from them and went to answer his phone. Their relief quickly turned into shock as they saw the expression on Ryoma's face.

The regulars were silent as they listened intently on what happened.

"Are you sure it wasn't a smirk or something?" Kaidoh asked.

"Or maybe a trick of the light perhaps?" Kawamura added. Both Momo and Eiji shook their heads.

"We're positive. There was no cockiness anywhere near that expression…"

Ryoma was smiling. Not just his usual smirk or condescending lift of the lips, but a truly happy smile was graced upon his face as he looked down at his phone. They watched as Ryoma answered it and spoke.

"Hi…" Momo and Eiji's jaws dropped at the soft tone in Ryoma's voice. That was something new.

"I'm fine….No. I didn't make it in time- yeah, I got assigned laps…Heh, it's not your fault….No, it's really my fault- I lost track of time. I'm really happy you invited me to go with you….That's enough! " Ryoma said the last two words in English. He wasn't angry though; he just chuckled into his phone, rolling his eyes.

"Just forget it ok? I'm running laps no matter whose fault it is…Good…I had a great time and besides, being late to practice is completely worth it if I got to go on a date with you…Really?….Are you sure you don't mind?" The two continued to look on in disbelief as they watched Ryoma blushed slightly at whatever the person on the other line told him. "Che, so…Hmm…Tomorrow? Yeah, I'm free…No, don't bother. I'll go to you- I have errands to run anyway…Yeah….Ok, bye- wait! Um….No, uh…I love you too….Yeah, see you then."

Ryoma hung up his phone and smiled down at his phone. Momo and Eiji were silent for a while before they decided to leave, still in a dazed state. A few feet away from the room, the silence finally broke. With a shriek, they both ran towards the others to tell them what they heard.

"And that's what happened." Momo finished as Eiji nodded. The rest of the regulars just looked at them in shock- including Tezuka as his eyes were widened just a bit.

"Echizen is dating someone. Ii data." Inui finally stated, scribbling more notes into his book.

"Apparently so." Fuji said, closing his eyes once again and smiling gently.

"Fsshhuuu…." Kaidoh didn't really know what to say.

"But he's so young!" Oishi cried.

"I think it's fine. It sounds as if he's happy and if he's happy, that's all that matters." Kawamura pointed out.

"Nya, Taka-san's right! Ochibi's happiness is all that matters!" Eiji nodded.

"Ha…young love…" Momo said, grinning at the fun he would have teasing his best friend.

"As long as it doesn't disrupt his tennis practice, he's allowed to do whatever he wants." Tezuka said.

"Fuji! Did you know Echizen was dating someone?" Oishi asked the tensai. He remembered that Fuji suggested this earlier when they were wondering where Ryoma was.

"Nope. I was only teasing- I had no idea I was correct." Fuji admitted.

"But wow…Echizen is dating someone. Who'd ever thought?" Momo said, shaking his head. Even though he saw it with his own eyes, it was still hard to believe.

"Saa…but the real question here is 'Who is Ryoma dating?'" Everyone froze as they thought about exactly who Ryoma was dating.

"What about that coach's daughter? That Ryuzaki girl?" Kawamura suggested.

Momo shook his head. "Can't be. Echizen doesn't give her the time of day- he can't even remember her most times."

"Hm…I don't think it's a girl. I think he's dating a boy, nya." Eiji told them. They are stopped and stared at the redhead.

"Why would you think that, senpai?" Kaidoh asked curiously.

"Well, because I never pictured Ochibi with a girl in the first place. He also seemed like the 'uke' type to me." Eiji explained.

"Eiji!" Oishi scolded, blushing a bit at that. Eiji rolled his eyes.

"It's true. And besides, all those hickey's on him had to be from a guy. I doubt Ochibi would allow a girl to do that to him." Eiji pointed out. The rest nodded; it really did make sense.

"Ok, so Echizen's dating a guy." Momo shrugged- no one was really homophobic and they were just relieved that Ryoma wasn't asexual as they thought him to be. "The question remains- who's Echizen dating?"

"According to data, the person he's dating has to be able to play tennis." Inui said. Everyone nodded at this. "Also, they have to be used to his personality- most people wouldn't be able to stand Echizen's cockiness and indifference." Again, they all nodded. "And finally, whoever's dating Echizen must be strong enough to beat him in tennis. That'll keep Echizen's interest in them."

"Hmm…So what are our options, Inui?" Fuji asked.

"There are four most likely choices. They are Atobe, Yukimura, Sanada and Shiraishi. They fit the descriptions the most." Inui stated.

"I think it's Atobe- he's good in tennis, has a cocky personality that totally matches Echizen's and if he's strong enough to beat Buchou, then he's strong enough to beat Echizen too." Momo pointed out.

"I think it's Yukimura, nya." Eiji said. "He's good in tennis too, his gentle personality could calm Ochibi and his yips tennis could beat him too. And Sanada! He's also good in tennis, his expressionless personality matches Ochibi's too and he actually did beat Ochibi in a match- Ochibi will be interested enough to have rematches with him!"

"It could also be Shiraishi." Fuji said, thinking about it. "He's a wild card, but he definitely fit's the description. Also, I remember the way Echizen looked during my match with him- he had such an intense expression on his face as he looked at Shitenhouji's captain."

"Hm…So as I could tell, Atobe, Yukimura, Sanada and Shirashi each have different qualities in them and they all equally have the chance to be Echizen's boyfriend. Exactly 24% chance each." Inui commented.

"Doesn't that equal only 96% What about the remaining 4%?" Kawamura asked.

"The 4% is for anyone other than the four choices." Inui explained.

"Since Ochibi has a date tomorrow, I think we should follow him and find out who's he dating!" Eiji suggested happily.

"That's a good idea Kikumaru-senpai!" Momo agreed.

"Eto, I don't think we should do that." Kawamura told them. "I don't think it's any of our business to pry into Echizen's personal life."

"Mou, Taka-san's no fun." Eiji pouted.

"I agree with Taka-san. We should leave Echizen alone." Oishi agreed, nodding. Eiji pouted at him too.

"But remember the hickey's that Momo and Eiji said were on him? What if Echizen's boyfriend was doing mature stuff with him?" Fuji pointed out. Oishi's eyes widened at this.

"We need to go tomorrow to find out who Echizen's boyfriend is!" Oishi yelled. "We need to have a stern talk to him and make sure he isn't doing…things to Echizen!"

"Yeah! Ochibi's too young to do ecchi things with anyone." Eiji nodded, eyes wide at the possibility that his Ochibi might have had his innocence taken away already.

"Saa…we definitely need to let his boyfriend know that he can't defile our sweet kohai without our permission." Fuji said in a too sweet voice, eyes opened and wearing a bit of a sadistic smile on his face.

"This is a good chance to collect data on Echizen. I'm going." Inui muttered, thinking about all the data he would be getting tomorrow.

"So me, Momo, Oishi, Fujiko and Inui will be going tomorrow. What about you three?" Eiji asked.

"Gomen, minna. I have to work at the sushi shop tomorrow- I'll be too busy." Kawamura apologized.

"I'm not going. I don't want to waste my time in doing something like this. Echizen's private life isn't anything of my business." Kaidoh exclaimed.

"I'm busy." Tezuka merely said.

Eiji stuck his tongue out at them. "Party poopers."

"Anyway, so the five of us will be going tomorrow to find out who Echizen's boyfriend is, ne?" Fuji asked.

"Hai!" They all nodded. They were all looking forward to tomorrow, each of them with the same thing in mind.

Who's Ryoma dating?

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