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An Accident

"Catch me if you can Shizu-Chan~!" Izaya taunted as he easily ran away from the monstrous brute behind him. "IIIIZAAAYYAAAAAAAAAA!" Shizuo yelled after the smaller man as he was right on Izaya's heels.

Izaya and Shizuo's little cat and mouse game was occuring yet again. Izaya simply dodged and speed through the city of Ikebukoro, elegantly while Shizuo destroyed everything in his path, even hurting innocent bystanders who got in his way. But, of course for the people who lives in the city of Ikebukoro knew that this was an everyday event.

This happened at least every week. The raven man would go and bother the brute and it would usually end up in a dramatic chase. Or even Izaya would just be headed to Russia's Sushi to eat some ootoro, but then gets huge inanimate objects thrown at him. Yes, this to any other average person would be a bit... Well scary. But for Izaya Orihara, this was not scary, but very entertaining.

Shizuo ripped a stop sign from the concrete with ease, and threw the heavy object to Izaya's direction. As usual, Izaya simply dodged the blunt object with such elegance and grace. "Oh, dear Shizu-Chan~ surely you can do a lot better than that! I think that your aiming is a bit off~" Izaya mocked with his trademark smirk on his face.

This made Shizuo even more angry. He was already frustrated from the fact that he couldn't hit the informant, let alone kill him. And the fact that he kept calling him by that ridiculous nickname, didn't make him even happier. "Oh yeah? Let's see you dodge this you damned flea!" Shizuo threatened. Shizuo walked towards a parked truck and started to lift it up. He struggled a bit, but it was no problem. He lifted it up above his head and smiled evilly.

Izaya simply smirked at this action. He may hated the brute, which he sure he was, but he absolutely loved it when Shizuo would do something that he'd think that he wasn't going to do. He absolutely love the big difference he was between him and the other humans who he loved unconditionally. But naturally he could never love Shizuo, like he loved his humans. Since Izaya categorizes Shizuo as a monster, there's no use in loving him. There is only one and only thing he knew for sure.

That he absolutely hated Shizuo Heiwajima.

"IIIIIIZAAAAAYYAAAAAA..." Shizuo started, YOU'RE DEAD!" and with that, Shizuo flung the huge automobile at Izaya. But, as always, Izaya dashed quickly out of the way, dodging the truck as if it was not an issue. It wasn't a big surprise, but it was a surprise was who actually gotten hit.

The truck didn't hit Izaya, but it hit Shinra.