Love and Lies

"Well, Mr. Orihara, you're all patched up." A female doctor smiled at Izaya. She just finished taking his stitches out of his skin and bandaged him up.

Izaya honestly hated going to the doctor. He hated how his gullible humans thought they knew what was best for him. He was a GOD for goodness sake. He didn't need their approval on how to run his life in any way.

"Make sure those bandages are changed each day. When bathing, be extra careful when you're scrubbing your skin, understand?" She smiled.

Izaya rolled his eyes but nodded anyways. He saw right through her fake smile. All she wanted was to get her hands on his hard-earned cash.

"Oh, and make sure you take your pain pills regularly. Your arm is still delicate and it might hurt later on. Take the pain pills three times a day: morning, afternoon and night." She explained. She sounded like his mother giving him daily chores to do.

Izaya gave her a curt nod before he exited out the room; then gave an annoyed sigh. It was suffocating being in this god-awful hospital. The only reason why he went in the first place was because Shizuo so kindly suggested that he should have.

Speaking of the brute, Izaya noticed that Shizuo had acted so strangely all morning. When Izaya tried talking to him, Shizuo would take minutes to reply. He would be deeply occupied in his own thoughts, and being unusually quiet. Izaya didn't know what was wrong with Shizuo, but he thought it was best to leave the brute alone before he would get annoyed.

Izaya walked into the waiting room and spotted Shizuo sitting in one of the main chairs. Shizuo's head was down, his hands on his lap, it seemed like he was asleep.

"Shizu-chan..." Izaya called.

No response.

Shizuo was zoned out. He was in deep thought with himself. 'Deep thought' meaning that, that voice in his head was speaking to him again.

All morning, Shizuo had to deal with the annoying voice in his mind, that mimicked his own. He never knew that his voice could be so annoying!

[Kill Izaya. Do it now! He only causes you trouble!] The Red Shizuo's voice barked. This was about the twentieth time that he had heard that all morning.

'Shut up!' Shizuo thought back angrily. Hearing that comment over and over was really tiresome.

[Shizuo kill him!] The voice yelled.

"Shizu-chan." Izaya tried again, poking the ex bartender.


"Shizu-chan..!" Izaya rose his voice even more.


"Shizuo!" Izaya practically yelled.

"Shut the hell up!" Shizuo shouted, scaring half of the other patients in the waiting room. Izaya was taken back at the sudden shouting.

A couple of seconds of silence, Shizuo finally looked up at Izaya, "Sorry, I didn't mean to yell." He said calmly and stood up from the chair.

"...It's fine..." Izaya said slowly. See? This is exactly what Izaya had to deal with all morning. Shizuo would randomly zone out, then after calling his name a couple of times, he ended up snapping at him.

'Strange...' Izaya thought. Shizuo of course, was always difficult for Izaya to read. Shizuo was way too unpredictable for Izaya to guesstimate his next move. Very rarely Izaya knew what Shizuo was going to do next. Apparently, whatever Shizuo was upset with earlier was finally off his mind...for now.

"Got your stitches taken out?" He asked, gesturing at the bandages on Izaya's left arm.

"Yeah. Now let's get out of this hell hole, shall we?" Izaya answered and Shizuo nodded. Izaya left out the waiting room while Shizuo followed behind him.

The duo eventually exited out the hospital and began walking back home in an awkward silence, "Ne, Shizu-chan, I'm quite hungry~ I'm in the mood for some ootoroo, how about you~?" Izaya asked to lighten the mood.

They both were passing by an alley way until Shizuo heard, [Kill him in the alley! No one will see you!]

Shizuo growled to himself, but tried to stay calm for Izaya, "Nah, I'm not that hungry." He answered, "I have to meet up with that Shiki guy today. I don't wanna be late." He explained.

Izaya frowned, "I guess so...I'm tagging along with you two then. And maybe later we'll grab some lunch, ne?"

Shizuo shook his head, "No, I want you to stay home and get some rest." He stated.

[Why are you still with this asshole?! He's a louse and will destroy your life! Kill him!] Shizuo cringed at the words.

"Eh, but Shizu-chan, I have the information to give to Shiki-san. Just let me go with you and-"

"I said no, Izaya!" Shizuo barked menacingly.

Izaya jumped a bit at Shizuo's harsh voice. It wasn't Shizuo's usual growl that he made. This voice was...scary. Izaya never had been so afraid of Shizuo before.

Shizuo blinked and realized how harsh he was being. He wasn't annoyed with Izaya, he was annoyed with that annoying voice in his head. It was a pain in the ass.
"Sorry, Izaya. I'm just really stressed out, and I'm not sure if this job is gonna be dangerous or not. The last thing I want is for you to be in any danger."

Izaya just stared at Shizuo. He didn't dare to respond to the brute, so he decided that he wouldn't talk to him. Izaya continued to look forward and then he sighed. The duo finally reached Izaya's apartment and they walked inside. Izaya went straight to his computer desk and began typing away, while Shizuo went upstairs into their room.

As Shizuo entered the room, he closed the door shut and sat down on the bed. He rested his elbows on his thighs, and rested his face in his palms, then let out a huge sigh.

"What the hell is wrong with me?" He said to himself. He couldn't believe that, that he would think of such heinous, violent acts towards Izaya. They've been through too much for Shizuo to be thinking like that.

[That flea is what's wrong!] The voice rang through Shizuo's ears, [Why didn't you kill him yet!?] he yelled.

Shizuo narrowed his eyes, "Because, I'm not going to kill him! I lo-"

[If you say you 'love' that bastard, you're lying to yourself!] Red Shizuo snapped back.

"What makes you think that I'm lying to myself!" Shizuo growled.

[I am you! And I hate that louse! If I hate him, then you hate him!]

"Shut up! You're not making any sense! I don't hate Izaya!" Shizuo barked.

[Yes you do! You hate him, and you're gonna kill him! You two aren't made for each other!]

Shizuo grabbed fists of his hair in agitation and began to yell, "Shut the hell up! Shut the hell up! SHUT. THE. HELL. UP!"

Meanwhile, Izaya was downstairs on his computer, working on another assignment that Shiki gave him earlier that morning. He was supposed to figure out the hideout where the Grey Souls would be. All Izaya had to do was hacked into the city's surveillance system and track the individuals to their location.

As Izaya was working, he heard shouting upstairs. He knew that Shizuo was yelling at himself for unknown reasons, but Izaya wasn't going to get in the brute's way. The last thing he needed was for Shizuo to punch him again.

Then suddenly, Izaya heard a loud crash from upstairs. Izaya blinked and sighed. He decided that he should go upstairs and check on Shizuo. He slowly walked upstairs and opened the door and scanned the room. Izaya walked into the bathroom and saw Shizuo's head smashed into the glassed medicine cabinet.

Blood was dripping from the ex-bartender's forehead and onto the porcelain sink. Shizuo was breathing heavily and from his position and his body language, anyone could tell that he was tense...and angry.

Izaya winced at the scene in front of him. Something must've been seriously wrong if Shizuo was harming himself.

"Shizu-chan-" Izaya tried.

"Don't ask." Shizuo breathed; cutting off Izaya. His voice was tense and the blood was still dripping onto the white sink. Shizuo remained in that position, waiting for himself to calm down.

Izaya put a calm hand on Shizuo's shoulder, "Shizu-chan, get your head away from the glass..." He said, and started pulling Shizuo away from the glass. Fortunately for Izaya, Shizuo complied, and lifted his head from the broken and bloody glass, and shuffled his way back into the bedroom.

Izaya cautiously followed Shizuo into the bedroom, finding Shizuo sitting on their bed, "Shizu-chan..." Izaya called, and walked up to the tense blonde, "Are you okay?" He asked.

No response.

That definitely meant that he was still angry, "I'll wait for you to calm down, then." Izaya sighed and sat down next to Shizuo. They both sat down in silence for minutes. Shizuo was clearly upset, but Izaya didn't know why. But no matter if Shizuo was upset or annoyed, Izaya stayed loyal by Shizuo's side.

Minutes passed with the couple in silence then finally, Shizuo said, "Sorry...about the mess..."

Izaya perked up and looked at Shizuo's now calm and bloodied face. Shizuo had glass shards mostly on his forehead and bits and pieces on his cheek. The blood ran down his forehead to the bridge of his nose.

Izaya grimaced and held Shizuo's face and turned Shizuo towards him, "Are you calmed down now?" He asked skeptically. Shizuo nodded slowly.

Izaya began to carefully take some of the glass shards out of Shizuo's face and sighed, "Mind telling me what your problem is..?" Izaya asked calmly.

Shizuo shook his head, and closed his eyes, waiting for Izaya to finish taking the glass out of his face.

The two sat in silence while Izaya continued taking the glass out of Shizuo's face. As the last of the few shards of glass was taken out of Shizuo's face, Izaya finally spoke again, "Seriously, Shizu-chan, you need to tell me what's wrong." He said worriedly.

Shizuo's mocha eyes stared deeply into Izaya's worried auburn ones. He gently grabbed Izaya's hands that were tending to his face and said, "Izaya..." He paused and sighed, "You know...I would never hurt you. Right?"

Izaya hesitated, then nodded. Shizuo continued, "And...I don't hate you." He said, pulling his face closer to Izaya. Izaya quickly got nervous, "Shi-Shizu-chan-"

"Izaya, I love you...! And...that's not going to change..." He blurted out. To Shizuo, it was much easier to say that he loved Izaya when he was trying to prove his doppelganger wrong.

Izaya's heart skipped a beat. He always had feelings for Shizuo; he even called it 'love' at some point, but he would never imagine that Shizuo would ever confess to him.

"Sh-Shizu-chan..." Izaya tried but he felt a lump in his throat which made him unable to reply.

Shizuo squeezed Izaya's hand gently and spoke, "Izaya...I love you..."

[No you don't.] Red Shizuo blurted out.

Shizuo's eye twitched in annoyance but remained calm, "I love you...all I want...is for you to stay with me. Please..." He said.

[He won't stay. He's a liar.]

Shizuo waited patiently for Izaya's reply. He hoped that Izaya would prove his doppelganger wrong. Izaya was quiet for minutes but then finally replied, "I-I love you too, Shizuo..." Izaya whispered back, "...I'll stay with you. I won't leave you, Shizu-chan..."

With that confession, Shizuo gave Izaya a relieved grin and locked his lips with his lover.

"I love you..." Shizuo whispered on the informant's lips.

"I...love you...too..." Izaya murmured back, "I'll never leave you..." Izaya said then kissed the ex-bartender again.

As the duo shared their passionate kiss, then a voice rang in Shizuo's ear.

[We'll see about that.]


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