Standing on the lawn of their home in Lawrence, Kansas, Dean waited for Sam. He wanted his brother to be here for this. Especially if it was going to go down the way he thought it would go down.

When Sam came in, he'd been armed for bear, and came in swinging. They'd both gone down in a tangle of limbs since neither he nor Sam had abandoned their human forms.

"Whoa, whoa, calm down Sammy!" he said as he dodged his younger brother's blade.

"Why should I calm down?!" Sam yelled. "I don't even know why I even pretended it wouldn't end like this! You're Daddy's Little Soldier, and you always, always obey!"

"Look!" Dean yelled as he dodged another incoming blow. "Just do one thing for me, and we can get back to fighting if you want to."

"What?" Sam yelled. "What do you want me to do?! Admit I was wrong?! Bow down for the flawed and murderous mud monkeys?! What?!"

"I want you to call Lucifer for me like you did back at that hotel." Dean replied.

This surprised Sam who reeled back in shock.

"Call for Lucifer?" Sam asked.

"Like back at that hotel with the Pagan gods." Dean said.

Sam lowered his guard somewhat, but not fully. An evil smile spread across his face as he did so.

"Come to think of it, we probably shouldn't be doing this where people are watching." Dean said, pointing out the crowd who'd gathered to watch the free entertainment that was taking place on the lawn of his former home.

"I just received a phone call from Chuck telling me that we should go to Stull Cemetery." Castiel who'd answered his cell phone during the fight said.

In a flash of light, the entire party, Gabriel included vanished and reappeared at Stull Cemetery.

"So, to reiterate," Sam said when they arrived. "You want me to call for Lucifer?"

"Yup." Dean said, a wicked smile of his own stretching across his features.

"Oh, Lucifer!" Sam called.

A figure that most definitely wasn't Lucifer answered the call.

"Are either of you ready to say yes and get this over with?" Zachariah, who was ever the eternal optimist, asked.

"Would you look at that?" Dean said with a smile. "You called for Lucifer and he came."

"Yes, I do believe he did." Sam said with an even more wicked grin. "The son of a bitch was always very good at disguising himself."

"Fortunately, I received word from Death that Lucifer would be disguised as Zachariah when he asked me to use his ring to hurl him in the pit for having the presumption to bind him to him." Dean replied.

Zachariah looked back and forth between Sam and Dean in confusion. The confusion finally turned to understanding, and then there was that sweet, sweet moment when Zachariah realized exactly how badly he was screwed.

"Cas, the rings." Dean said, holding out his hand for the rings he knew Castiel was carrying.

Confused, and looking as if he wanted to try and overpower Dean, take Death's ring, and hurl both Sam and Dean into the pit, Cas handed the rings over. All too soon, the rings were together, the pit was opened, and Sam and Dean stood on the edge holding a struggling Zachariah in-between them.

"Ready?" Sam asked.

"On three," Dean said.

"Three!" they both said at the same time as they hurled Zachariah into the pit which then sealed itself behind him.

The instant the pit closed, lightning suddenly struck out of a clear blue sky, and a stone tablet with Enochian writing on it appeared in the spot where it had struck.

"What is it?" Dean asked when Sam went to examine the object, almost dreading the answer.

"Note from Dad saying that I'm out of Time Out, and that if I disrupt his vacation with another snit fit, I'll go back into Time Out for even longer than the last time." Sam replied, scowling down at the stone tablet.

"Raph isn't going to like this." Gabriel said.

"We can deal with Raph later." Dean replied.

"So, what now?" the little Cupid who had gone almost completely unnoticed asked.

"I think I remember promising to take Adam out for ice cream when this was all over one way or another." Sam said. "The look on his face at the time had been absolutely priceless."

"I think I made a similar promise to Cas regarding burgers." Dean said. "By the way, where is Cas?"

"Dunno," Gabriel replied. "He sort of vanished when Zachariah went into the pit."

"You don't think he..." Sam said.

"Cas! Cas!" Dean yelled, hoping to Father that Cas hadn't decided to do something stupid.

"I'm right here Dean." Cas growled.

"Well, look who got promoted!" Sam said as he took in Cas' newly returned and upgraded Grace.

"So Cas, burgers?" Dean said.

"The Apocalypse has gone completely off the rails, Heaven's in disarray because of this, and you want to take me to eat hamburgers?" Castiel asked, giving Dean an incredulous look.

"All that can be taken care of later Cas. Right now, I want to celebrate." Dean replied.

"Fine." Cas sighed in complete resignation.

"I'm in too." Gabriel said.

"Count me and Adam in once we get our ice cream." Sam said.

"Great!" Dean said. "And, maybe we can get some pie afterwards. Who wants pie?"