I've wanted to write about and asylum for a while now, so here it is! I guess there are a few pairings in here involving America, but it'll end with Germerica. Since, that is still my OTP.

"Alfred!" a familiar voice called me. I turned around to see my brother, Matthew running toward me. We were both six year olds and school had just ended. "It's summer!" he said, catching up to me.

I smiled, "Yeah!"

We continued to walk home and eventually reached our small house. I knew Papa and Dad would probably be home from their work and would greet us as usual. Maybe even more enthusiastic now that school was out and it was summer.

We had planned a trip to England, where Dad was from. Then we might go to France where Papa used to live. I knew that both Matthew and I were adopted, but Papa and Dad treated us like their own kids.

I opened the door to our house and I only heard silence.

"Alfred . . .where are Papa and Dad?" Matthew asked, clutching my jacket. "I don't know. Maybe they're just hiding!" I suggested and laughed. Matthew gave me a small smile, "Yeah! They're hiding!"

I opened my eyes to see white.



No color.

Why did my room have to be white? At the very least it could've been gray.

Or black . . .the color of darkness.

But red . . .that would've been best.

The color of beautiful blood . . .hehe.

I sat up in my bed, the white sheets falling off of me. I glanced around the room to see if there was anything in here that wasn't white.


Just a white room with white walls and a table with a single chair, both happened to be painted white.

Did they really think white was a good color? It was horrible and plain . . .boring. Even my loose pants and t-shirt were plain white.

My eyes then focused on the single room in this room. I could look outside it, but it was impossible to try and use it to get out of this place. The bars made that possible.

Still, it was my only escape from the boring white. I walked over to the window and looked out to see a garden with tons of different plants and other patients here, walking around it.

Of course, they weren't alone. Some of the nurses and doctors stood nearby, watching the patients.

I heard footsteps coming close to my room and smiled. It seemed my own doctor had come to visit me.

I continued looking out my window for a few seconds, before I heard the door to my room being unlocked. I heard it open and quickly shut. I turned around to see someone familiar.

"Ludwig~!" I said, hugging him.

"Alfred. Off. NOW," he said in his German accent. I gave him a pout and did as told, sitting back down on my boring, white bed. I watched Ludwig glance at me, then walk over to the chair and set his clipboard which had been in his hands, on the table.

Ludwig adjusted the glasses he was wearing and I knew what was coming next.

"Is Matthew still, visiting you?" he asked. I felt my fingers grip the white sheets as I restrained myself from yelling at him.

"He wasn't here yesterday and I just woke up. So, I haven't seen him since a few days ago," I answered.

"And Natalia?" he asked. "She doesn't like you. So she never comes when you're here," I said. He wrote something on the clipboard and continued with the same questions.

Most of them involved Matthew and Natalia. Although, something was different this time. Usually Ludwig would just ask his last question, which was always the same, and leave. The last question was different this time, though.

"Alfred . . .are you willing to tell me what happened before you cam here?" he asked. "…..Natalia said I shouldn't tell anyone," I answered.

"Maybe you can tell me one day?" he asked me.

I stayed silent.

He sighed, "Alfred, you want to leave here, don't you?"

I still stayed silent and looked towards my window, ignoring him.

I heard the chair scraping against the floor as Ludwig got up and headed toward the door. I didn't bother to look behind me or check to see if he locked the door after he left. I already knew it was locked.

"Alfred," a new voice came and I looked at the chair Ludwig had just been sitting in. A girl around my age, nineteen, with long platinum blond hair and a blue dress on, was sitting in the chair now.

"Hi Natalia," I said.

"I don't like him," she practically hissed out, crossing her arms over her chest. "I know, you say that every time you visit me," I said.

"You should just kill him already. I know you can if you tried. Then we can both escape this place," she said. "I don't want to kill anyone, besides Ludwig is just doing his job. He's supposed to watch over me and take notes. He can say if its ok for me to leave or not, but that stupid director can override Ludwig's decision," I said.

"Plus, the only way I'd be able to leave is if you and Mattie went away and left me alone."

"That isn't possible," Natalia said, "the only way you can escape is with me. If you let me go, then you'll never leave this place."

"By the way, where is Matthew?" I asked. Natalia shrugged, "He could be anywhere, unlike me, he can travel places."

I sighed, "Right. He's probably visiting Papa or something . . ."

I smirked at the thought of our Papa. He was probably worse then me . . .then, again, who'd be sane after seeing all of that beautiful, thick, red . . .blood.

I let out a laugh. I loved the memories of the beautiful red I had once been able to make so easily . . .then they had locked me up in here.

So what if I killed a few people to paint this world red? What if I could see people that other people couldn't? It was a crime to trap people in places they didn't want to be!

"Alfred, don't think about it. Just try to focus on how to get out of here," Natalia continued. I sighed, "Fine."

I felt warm arms wrap around my neck and realized Natalia was now sitting new to me, on my bed. I felt her rest her head on my shoulder. "Thank you Alfred . . .I don't know what I'd be without you," she said.

I was silent because I wasn't really focusing on her.

Instead I was focusing on a new person that had entered this room.

He looked almost identical to me. ALMOST. There were some differences you could see if you really paid attention.

"Hello, Matthew. Nice of you to join us," Natalia hissed, still holding on to me. "Hi Natalia," Matthew replied. "Hey Mattie," I replied.

"I heard Ludwig talking to the director on my way here," Matthew said. "What did they say?" I asked.

"The director said that tomorrow you can go outside."

Outside . . .a place I hadn't been since . . .that day.

I know its a cliche ending of a chapter, but it's cliche for a reason. The story might be confusing, but it'll make sense later on.

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