Hello to whoever is still reading this failed fanfic! I have been trying to type this up, but things kept on coming up. Anyway, this chapter is real short, but its all I can write for now. Enjoy!

It had been a few months since Ivan had visited me that day, that things REALLY changed.

Natalia hadn't come back after that night, but I still had Matthew.

Everything seemed normal other then that, though. Ludwig still visited me everyday, along with Katyusha. I still got to go outside and I would always talk to Kiku. He wasn't exactly my 'friend', but was probably the closest thing I'd get to one.

I still wondered if I should've disobeyed Ivan and told Ludwig about what Ivan had talked to me about. Once, when Kiku and I were talking, it came up.

"I heard the others say that the director visited you a few months ago," Kiku stated. "Yes, but it wasn't much," I said, trying to evade the subject. "He rarely visits any of the patients unless it's really important," he continued, obviously not going change the subject anytime soon.

"He talked to me about my certain 'condition'. That's it," I said. "Has he come back since then?" Kiku asked. "No."

"Strange," I heard him mutter, "Usually he'd have visited 'them' more then once." I probably should've asked Kiku what he'd meant, but I was afraid of what his answer would be.

When I was back inside my room, Matthew appeared. "Alfred, you seem upset," he immediately said, noticing my mood. "It's nothing," I muttered. "Come on Alfred, I know when something is upsetting you," he said, sitting next to me on my bed.

"Kiku said something today."

"And . . .?"

"It was about me . . .I think. He said that Ivan, the director, would've visited me more times then just once. The thing is, he didn't just specifically say me, he said 'them'," I explained to Matthew. "Hm . . .well maybe you should ask Kiku tomorrow what he meant by 'them," he said.

I sighed, "Alright . . .tomorrow."