"I can't believe you, Kakashi."

The man in question raised his head in the midst of stacked papers lying on his desk, an indulgent smile widened in response to the accusatory glare his former student directed at him.

"I am at loss. You return after an exhausting mission and instead of greeting your Hokage with courtesy, you act like this. This mistreatment shocks and wounds me. What did I do to deserve this?"

"Don't play innocent. Why did you authorize Naruto to become a full-fledged ANBU without my consent?"

Kakashi appeared to be mulling over this inquiry when he replied. "Strange. Where's the need to ask for your consent? If I'm not mistaken, you're assigned to be Naruto's bodyguard and teacher, but you know that we have our own group of examiners that will analyze students' performances and suggest any name they deem suitable for my authorization for proper promotion. So I'm sure you don't have control over any decisions regarding Naruto."

Kakashi knew that he pressed the right buttons because Sasuke immediately straightened up and narrowed his eyes even further. "Still, I'm his teacher; you should have consulted me before since I'm the one who can give the most accurate evaluation about Naruto. Why are you even authorizing him ahead of time? He should have graduated together with his classmates."

The Hokage shrugged nonchalantly and replied. "We thought his abilities were more advanced in comparison to his teammates and concluded he was qualified enough to become an ANBU. I assumed there wasn't any need to inform you about this since you knew the extent of his abilities and wouldn't object to my decision. We don't have enough ANBU to supply our clients' demands now, that's why I skipped a few bureaucratic steps to approve his admission."

Sasuke glared darkly and said. "This is a hasty decision then. Naruto is not prepared enough."

"There are some risks that will naturally come along, but it can't be helped. Our daimyo wanted to see if his investments had come to fruition after all."

"So I still can't see the point of rushing this. If a shinobi that hasn't developed his abilities to his full potential is then sent on risky missions that will endanger his life, he willwaste our daimyo's whole investment then." Sasuke responded, angered that the higher-ups were using Naruto to appease the daimyo.

"In which we will return to the initial point, that the council and I believe that Naruto is ready to become part of ANBU."

"He's not ready!" Sasuke snarled. "That's why I said that you should have discussed this with me before making this kind of decision. He's too young to enter in this battlefield."

"Sasuke, you and I were nominated to be ANBU when we were sixteen." Kakashi raised an eyebrow.

"That doesn't ma—The circumstances are different! We were on high alert from Orochimaru's forces and we didn't have any strong tie with the other four main ninja villages. Now, the main threat is Akatsuki who is aiming specifically for demon containers such as Naruto and you're letting him go on those dangerous missions without considering those possibilities?" Sasuke shouted.

Kakashi calmly picked up his cup and sipped the green tea as Sasuke continued his rant. Even after knowing the young Uchiha for so many years, it amused him that this was the first time he had seen Sasuke pacing so restlessly inside the room, his concerns over Naruto's well-being overruling his usual taciturn persona. This whole time the brunet recited every problem that Kakashi was already expecting to hear from him, so with a laidback yawn, the Hokage tuned him out, re-reading his favorite passage from Icha Icha Tactics.

"Bluntly speaking, I disagree with this decision and you will postpone Naruto's first mission then." Sasuke finished, banging his hands on the table.

One lazy eye that was previously staring from below his desk, focused on Sasuke's determined glare. "It's sad but I'm afraid that I can't comply with your wishes Sasuke. It's already too late."

"No it's not, I'm still his instructor. Even though I can't change your decision, I can claim that Naruto is not completely ready yet and needs to hone certain ninjutsus or train taijutsu. In other words, according to Konoha law, I can postpone this mission for the next few months."

Kakashi sighed. "The council certainly won't be overjoyed hearing this piece of news."

Sasuke snorted. "I don't care. Serves them right for not noticing this loophole."

Kakashi placed the book on the desk and looked at Sasuke, his gaze dropping any sign of aloofness at last. "Why are doing this? You know you're only delaying the inevitable, Naruto will become an ANBU sooner or later."

However, Sasuke couldn't find the answer. "I don't know…it doesn't matter." He muttered to himself.

As long as Naruto will stay by my side—


Twelve miles left to arrive at their destination, approximately sixteen hours had been spent on foot. Jumping from branch to branch, even though he was straining himself, he was fueled by this desperate emergency, his body still protested from the physical exhaustion after such a long battle, his chakra diminishing every time he inhaled for air.

He didn't have the luxury to rest, staring at the reddened skin that refused to recede, a consequence from overusing Kyuubi's power. He cursed his inability to heal the young blond, praying so fervently that the letter he sent to his former teacher had arrived safely and Kakashi was deploying medic nins at this very moment.

But he didn't want to wait before it was too late as he carried the jinchuuriki on his back, running through the thick vegetation and realizing that the forest was acquiring a certain familiarity, he was getting closer to Konoha.

Suddenly, a group of ninjas arrived at the scene and he automatically tensed, getting ready for another possible fight. He noticed relieved that they were all wearing Leaf headbands and the medic nin uniform, as he didn't have the energy to question himself why there wasn't any jounin or ANBU trying to imprison him for possible treason.

"Sasuke." The Hokage greeted him with a warm casualty. "Sasuke, we need to survey Naruto's wounds, please drop him gently to the ground."

He understood those words, he agreed rationally speaking, but for some reason he refused to relax his guard, fiercely holding the unconscious body of the boy. He grasped Naruto tightly, as if he was also seizing this bond that had reawakened dormant feelings that he thought he had lost in the massacre a long time ago.

The medic nins glanced hesitantly at the Hokage as he approached him, oddly enough, this time he simply stood immobile, until Kakashi placed his hands on his shoulders.

"Sasuke." Kakashi said, his tone was nowhere near harsh or disappointed, actually he could feel a hint of pride laced in between. "You did a good job, it's time to rest." His eyes were shutting down automatically, not before seeing a swirling Sharingan that cast him to sleep.

It was in this moment he vowed to himself …if Naruto became his most important bond…

Then I will protect him with every ounce of my strength.


Naruto kicked a nearby trash can viciously, cursing about pervy Hokages and narrow-minded teachers. For whatever reason Sasuke actually managed to convince the Hokage to postpone his first ANBU mission, as Kakashi informed him, and also added that his blasted teacher scheduled training in the Forest of Death next week.

"Helloooo~~~~Naruto!" Sakura appeared next to the blond with a playful smile. "Should I congratulate you for succeeding in becoming an ANBU ahead of us or maybe I should also mention that you're going to be alone with Sasuke-sensei all week for training? This is going to be so exciting!"

"There's nothing exciting about having to put up with that blasted arrogant stubborn asshole bastard sensei. Believe me." Naruto grunted.

Sakura sighed. "Is that how you are supposed to talk about the guy you like? You're impossible." She noticed that Naruto's mood hadn't lifted and gently patted his shoulder. "Want to talk about this in a quieter place?" The blond stared at her for a while before acknowledging with a nod.

They walked over to a deserted training ground, Naruto was first to sit with crossed arms. Sakura stared at her sulking friend, wiping any dust before sitting down too.

"So…what happened?" Sakura tentatively asked.

"He's an asshole, that's what happened!" Naruto complained. "The Hokage himself said that I was qualified enough to become an ANBU but he had to get in the way. It's so fucking frustrating…" The blond sighed. "The fact is that he doesn't put much trust in me, no matter what I do. Sometimes I seriously wish I could just stop having these feelings towards the bastard, it would make my life so much easier." Naruto muttered, rubbing his temples.

Sakura just observed her friend with a grimace, unsure of what she should say to placate him. "But you can't stop right…those feelings never weakened over time?"

Naruto chuckled humorlessly in response; the choked sound tugged painfully at her heart. "Yeah…but how the hell is this any better for me? I'm so fucking stupid. Wanting his attention, craving his recognition…but he will never recognize me as his equal."

"C'mon…don't say something like that." Sakura sat next to the blond and ran her hand over his back with soothing movements. "I still think it's admirable…even if Sasuke-sensei doesn't recognize you yet, you used this as a source for your determination and strength…that's how you managed to become an ANBU before us. It is something worthy to be admired, especially when you have had those kinds of feelings for over three years towards Sasuke-sensei."

Naruto shook his head, bending one leg to his chest and placing his jaw on his knee. "No, like I've said, it's pathetic." He exhaled a loud sigh and continued. "Sometimes I feel like I'm no different from all those annoying fangirls sensei has to endure every day, whenever I'm waiting for him at the gates when he returns from his missions. He probably thinks I'm a hassle, or I'm a bothersome obligation since he's also my bodyguard and then—this is so pathetic."

"Don't say it's pathetic!" Sakura responded with mild incredulity.

"It's pathetic." Naruto repeated again. "These feelings…it was supposed to be a stupid crush you know? Those cliché, hormonal crushes that you'd always have towards an older guy and once you grow up the stupid crush would disappear in time. It was supposed to be something like that." The blond said, frustrated with himself.

And yet…

"It didn't work like that because it's not a crush, right?" Sakura rebutted with a small smile.

Naruto paused in reflection, and mumbled, old memories rushing in. "I don't know what happened to me. Three years ago, when the Hokage ordered me to retrieve Sasuke-sensei when he up and left to go to the Sound village, I don't know why Kakashi-jiichan ordered just me to go get him but when I saw him on the waterfall…"

Something inexplicable stirred in his soul, the moment he saw Sasuke's shocked expression, this sudden vulnerability crumbled his defenses and Naruto could finally see the real Uchiha Sasuke, not the victim of a bloody massacre, not the last survivor from a powerful clan.

"I saw…the loneliness in his eyes. That same loneliness that had haunted me in the past, seeing that Sasuke-sensei had a similar weakness and…and for some reason, I just—"

"You love him. So much. His good qualities, flaws and all." Sakura concluded, squeezing his shoulder as emphasis.

Naruto slumped his shoulders, staring at the ground. "But he doesn't feel the same. I'm probably just a brat to him, or worse, like a little brother that he has to take care of. It's hopeless and like I've said, pathetic. I should have found a way to stop this as soon as possible."

"But maybe you shouldn't. It's not that hopeless. I can't believe that the most stubborn ninja in Konoha history is giving up this easily! Right?" Sakura nudged him encouragingly.

"Yeah, sure…Confess my feelings and receive the most humiliating rejection from sensei, for some reason I'm not looking forward to this. But then again, maybe this is the quickest way to end this impossible situation…" The blond rolled his eyes afterwards.

"Don't be so pessimistic Naruto! Who knows—"

"But I guess I don't want to do that…I don't want to risk the current bond we have between us." Naruto mumbled slowly, a strange mixture of resignation and defeat curling in his stomach.

Green eyes silently observed her friend for a while; neither made any movement as a refreshing breeze passed by. Sakura opened her mouth hesitantly, unsure if she should say these next words. "But even so…I think you should confess Naruto."

She turned her head to meet confused cerulean eyes and said:

"Because at least…you'll let Sasuke-sensei know that he's no longer alone…"


The sun wasn't out yet and Sasuke was already at the Forest's entrance, a faint fog obscuring his vision. A blurred form gradually approached him and the brunet noticed with a smirk, his blond dolt still looked a little bit sluggish as his mouth opened into a large jaw-popping yawn.

"Why do I have to wake up so early for this blasted training, Bastard-sensei?" Naruto mumbled, rubbing his eyelid.

"Because I still have the right to give you a final evaluation and can also help to strengthen your weak points. And haven't you heard the proverb about an early bird catching the worm?" Sasuke retorted.

"Yeah yeah yeah…Hasn't anyone accused you about abuse of power?"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "I'm simply doing what is best for you."

"Whatever." Naruto shrugged, stretching his arms and arching his back slightly, yawning once again. The older nin glanced at the way the taut muscles flexed and contracted, noticing all the contours shown beneath the tight-fitting ANBU uniform.

Onyx eyes hastily shifted to stare at the Forest of Death's entrance, commenting. "I hope you're ready for this."

"You forced me to do this stupid training when I was about to go on my first ANBU mission. You bet your prissy ass I am fucking ready." Naruto grumbled grouchily. "'sides, why Forest of Death? I mean, I had the preliminary chuunin exam inside it but now I'm sure it's going to be a piece of cake."

"Because the Forest of Death is actually divided into different levels of difficulty, dead last. We do have one section for the chuunin exam and other sections for the jounin and ANBU. Here." Sasuke threw a map towards Naruto's hands and said. "Any orienting devices are useless since the ground contains some sort of magnetic mineral. This map may help but it's not very accurate. Some monsters are rumored to be as strong as the tailed beasts, and there are many traps laid from past exams that may also activate genjutsus to confuse the enemy. So, are you sure you're ready for this?" Sasuke said with a smirk.

Naruto glowered for a second before settling with a sigh. "So what we're going to do, camp around for a few days while we trade horror stories or what?"

"We're going to cross the entire forest. Usually it takes two days more or less considering the obstacles."

"So I'm going to finish in one day just to prove you wrong, sensei." Cerulean eyes flashed a challenging glower. "Let's go."

The blond threw the map back to Sasuke and created six clones that dispersed and jumped to the top of each tree, surveying the area until they were dispelled, transmitting the information to the original Naruto as he jumped through the branches, careful enough to avoid any laid trap or meeting any monster. With some quick hand signs, another six clones appeared and repeated the motions over and over again; Naruto already crossed one third of the forest without much difficulty.

Sasuke followed his student without any intention of interfering unless necessary. He wasn't surprised with the quick progression; the young blond always knew how to use his clones to their full potential. He was expecting to stumble upon some monsters at any moment; after all, it wasn't called The Forest of Death for nothing.

One gigantic dog with three heads and three tails appeared in front of them, while several long centipedes surrounded them; the Uchiha jumped to a tall branch and concealed himself with a genjutsu, observing his student. Naruto briefly rolled his eyes, creating three more clones as he readied for the fight. Two Kage bunshins protected his back, fighting the centipedes while Naruto generated a Rasengan, sprinting forward to strike the monster.

He succeeded to knock out one of the heads with his trademark jutsu, but the dog bit the clone which disappeared with a poof. With a curse, Naruto landed on the middle head, making two more clones and placing explosive tags, jumping away from the blast while the clones destroyed the monster's feet with a Rasengan each.

Another monster that resembled a combination of rhino and elephant appeared, probably attracted by all the noise. It tore down trees and vegetation on its way, charging towards the original Naruto. The blond just took a defensive stance, not intimidated by the enormous size of the monster. He managed to grab the trunk while two clones prepared to use ninjutsu.

Sasuke stared mildly surprised at the events happening below. Usually a ninja of ANBU level would have a more difficult time managing this level of combat, receiving some mild injuries here and there. He knew that Naruto had the advantage of creating Kage bunshins to assist him, but still, he synchronized their movements perfectly, not leaving many gaps for any counter-attack. It'd been a while since he observed Naruto fighting by himself, whenever there was a mission they were deployed with the team and even when they sparred Sasuke and Naruto always set some rules, limiting Naruto to unleash his full potential. And perhaps because Sasuke was used to Naruto's fighting style and techniques, he would have never imagined his student would be this efficient; defeating strong enemies with ease.

Sasuke felt an ominous chakra coming from above and activated his Sharingan, noticing a winged monster diving in Naruto's direction, though the latter was too busy to notice while battling with a remaining centipede and the large monster. The brunet tensed alarmed, positioning himself to aid the blond, making hand signs to expel a katon jutsu. Before Sasuke could act, Naruto grabbed a custom made knife from his pouch, activated his wind element and extended its range, cutting through the legs of the enormous monster, leaving enough time to evade the winged one with a jump backwards. A clone used this last second to hit it with a Rasengan.

With all the monsters dead, a silence lingered, save for some rocks crumbling and Naruto's steady breathing as he dispersed his kage bunshins at the end. He lifted his head to stare at his teacher, widening a very smug grin.

"Hn. " Sasuke descended to the ground nonchalantly. "It's sunset; It's almost time for us to camp."

Naruto scowled at the lack of reaction from the older nin. "Fine then. We're close to the exit, so I guess it wouldn't hurt to relax a little." The blond immediately perked up. "You brought some ramen cups for dinner?"

Sasuke shook his head with a sigh, though a smile playing on his lips betrayed his apparent exasperation. "No, I'll go hunt for some animals to eat, you'll prepare the fire for the night."

First they found a relatively secure spot to camp and settled down; each occupied with their chores, Naruto also went to find some water. They ate in a companionable silence, as if they didn't need any superfluous talk to fill the gap, sitting with a comforting fire warming their bodies, the noises of wood crackling resonated in the forest, creating an amiable atmosphere.

Strange…years ago, whenever he and Naruto would camp out, the blond would make sure there would be an almost constant chatter between them, even if it ended with Naruto doing all the talking. Loud, obnoxious…those were the characteristics that had constantly portrayed the blond and seeing this visible change startled Sasuke. Naruto would start blabbering to stop any kind of awkward silence too…perhaps he was so comfortable being around Sasuke that he felt there wasn't any need of words then?

"We should alternate who's going to watch tonight." Sasuke said, breaking the silence. "Would you rather take the first shift or the second?"

Blue eyes blinked, not expecting the enquiry until the blond answered. "First then." Naruto mused that he'd rather sleep uninterrupted, so he'd replenish his energy better.

His dark-haired teacher acknowledged with a nod, using his coat as a makeshift blanket and lied down, a steady breathing could be heard after a couple of minutes. Naruto raised an eyebrow bewildered; it appeared to him that Sasuke was entering in a deep slumber, a fact that had never happened before. Even when it was Sasuke's turn to rest, being a jinchuuriki's bodyguard demanded him to be on alert the whole time, his senses acute to any kind of suspicious movement or noise.

Sasuke's guard was completely down, a peaceful expression gracing his aristocratic face. It also brought forth the desire to caress his pale cheek or run his fingers through his teacher's black hair. Naruto clenched his hand repeatedly to prevent doing any kind of crazy act. He rubbed his temples with a tired sigh, having a distinct sensation that his life would be a lot easier if only he hadn't fallen in love with this complicated bastard.

It wasn't how Sasuke originally intended, but contrary to his ninja instincts, his body slowly relaxed and the Uchiha dozed off, an array of warm colors and tranquility flooding his dream. Familiar gates appeared; he remembered the fondness, approaching to the source of this pleasant scent—

He felt someone gently nudging him, a hesitant whisper. "Sensei, Sasuke-sensei." He groaned as he gradually woke up, the sight of blue eyes beckoned him to consciousness. "It's your time to stand guard."

Once Sasuke stood up, his eyes focusing to the night watch while in turn, Naruto yawned and went to sleep; putting complete trust that Sasuke would watch his back.

Meanwhile, Sasuke was considerably entertained to witness the blond dobe sleep-talking and moving around, as this habit had never quite died over the years. When was the last time they had camped together, just the two of them? Ever since Naruto had become an ANBU trainee two years ago, they went on missions with a team of eight or nine. It was almost nostalgic keeping guard to only Naruto, remembering back at the time when he wore an orange jumpsuit.

The first rays of morning sun filtered inside the dense forest, showing more details of Naruto's physique, his chest expanding and contracting with each breath. His shoulders were broad framing his masculine body; his face had lost all baby fat, attaining a certain roughness with his defined jaw. However, his blond locks still had a ragged look, his whiskers and blue eyes gave him a perpetual youthful appearance, tricking time and age. He always looked young to Sasuke's eyes, even if the firm, tanned arms weren't scrawny like memories ago, even if he's noticing now Naruto's lean torso had toned muscles that exuded strength and confidence, not the clumsy body of a teenager going through a growth spurt. No longer a child. He was an adult now.

Sasuke closed his eyes to prevent himself from staring for too long, not allowing his thoughts to stray. Feeling that he should clear his head, the brunet stood to refill his water bottle, throwing a last glance towards his student.

Blue eyes slowly opened, blinking a little while Naruto woke up, staring at the blue sky, half covered behind the tall trees. The blond sat up with a yawn. "Mornin' sensei."

When he noticed that there wasn't any grunt of acknowledgment, Naruto turned around, trying to locate his teacher. "Sensei? Sasuke-sensei?"

The blond now stood up, narrowing his eyes in suspicion as he attempted to detect any familiar form from afar. The forest was so quiet…too quiet, to tell the truth. Naruto rolled his eyes, thick branches snapped and swung towards him with sharp ends, but Naruto calmly joined his hands and shouted:

"Kai!" The illusion dispersed to reveal a bemused Sasuke, with his Sharingan activated.

"So how did you know it was a genjutsu?" The Uchiha asked.

"Gut feeling. And 'cuz that sounds like something you would do, you bastard." Naruto grumbled, stretching his arms.

"I'm going to refill the water, get ready to go in the mean time." Sasuke quickly leaped away afterwards.

Once ready, Naruto continued to repeat his scheme of making clones to help situate his location and find the best route to reach the exit and as the blond promised at the beginning of the exercise, they took only one day to reach the destination which Sasuke begrudgingly admitted. Even he, proclaimed to be the genius of his generation, took two days to pass through the Forest back at the time he was a trainee.

They saw the door to the exit approaching and Naruto sprinted to stand next to it, widening a very satisfied grin as he slowly opened up the metallic door. He kept the suspense for a couple of seconds gloating:

"So I finished it. Oh, and in a total of, wait for it, wait for it—"Naruto looked at his watch and then stepped outside. "Exactly thirty hours, it's a new record! Hah! In your face sensei!"

Sasuke sighed as he stared at his student skipping around, some things never changed.

"So what is going to be your next challenge? Fight with Neji and Lee at the same time? Dispel Sakura-chan and Ino's genjutsu? Win Shikamaru in a Shougi match? Go to a dungeon and find some treasure? I'm ready for anything!"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow at the challenging glimmer in Naruto's eyes, despite being initially peeved at being forced to fulfill this extra training. The brunet paused to contemplate, finally given in to a concept that he should have acknowledged before.

"You don't have to; I'll tell Kakashi that you're ready for the first mission." Sasuke said, even if his heart was beating in uncontrollable desperation, every fiber of his being desiring to prevent Naruto from going, slipping away from his grasp.

Naruto's eyes widened bigger than saucers, his jaw slackened. "Really?" He muttered in almost awed surprise.

"You still need to pay closer attention and follow your leader's decisions and orders, and I should remind you that you're part of a team, so you shouldn't disrupt the dynamics by running around by yourself." Sasuke pointed out sharply.

Naruto deflated a little bit, scratching the back of his head. He straightened up and bowed in respect for his mentor, speaking. "I understand and I apologize for the last incident. I admit, if this happens again I will make the same decision to rescue a team mate but I regret…betraying your trust, especially considering that we know each other for so long and you're my teacher. I promise that next time I'll notify you before making any decision."

"But you won't change your mind even if it goes against your leader's opinion." Sasuke added with an amused snort.

"Well bastard, I already explained to you my reasons and I don't like going against my nindo, above all." Naruto answered widening a cheeky grin, raising his upper body. One quiet second passed while both stared at each other when the blond muttered. "So you really think…I can be…"

Sasuke confirmed with a nod. "You're strong. I watched and assisted your growth all these years and now I'm sure you're competent enough to become part of ANBU division."

Naruto kept listening astonished at the words that he craved to hear for so long, the realization almost making him light-headed. A shadow lingering on Sasuke's eyes didn't pass unnoticed by the blond and Naruto wondered the reason why.

"After that, you won't need my constant guidance; you will be able to stand on your own. I took so long to recognize how strong you have become—but I guess there are some things that are difficult to see even if they are right under your nose." Sasuke said, his tone ringing morosely and in a quiet acquiescence.

Receiving the long awaited praise from the person that Naruto craved to have recognition from the most should have made him feel triumphant and joyful. However Naruto felt unable to feel these things as seeing Sasuke's expression pained his heart. The same loneliness that he witnessed three years ago was becoming more apparent now and the blond wanted to do anything to stop this emotion from haunting Sasuke. Before he realized it he started to babble:

"But but—I became stronger because I have Sarutobi-jiichan, Kakashi-jiichan, Sakura-chan and everyone in the gang supporting me and helping me…they acknowledged me and that's why I wanted to become even stronger, to protect those bonds. But above all, I—"Naruto inhaled deeply and declared. "I want to protect the bond that I have with sensei the most."

One side of his mind warned of the repercussions that would be generated but once Naruto started, he couldn't stop. He wanted Sasuke and wanted to let his teacher know how much he meant to his life. Naruto spoke, one confession stumbling after another one.

"Back when I was a nobody, almost disappearing from existence, you were the one that pulled me out of darkness and acknowledged me the most. And even now, you're my main source of strength, because I seek your recognition, I want your connection, I want to stand next to you so you'll always see me…you're my most important person." Naruto strode closer to Sasuke and said. "I—oh fuck!" He stumbled on a protruding root and fell haphazardly above the brunet, the sudden pain robbing his breath.

His teeth were smarting from the collision, the smell of plum blossoms assaulted his nostrils and his lips felt something warm and nice and…Sasuke was below him, his mouth locked onto his. Blue eyes widened in terror - he had just kissed his teacher by accident! The blond swiftly extracted himself from Sasuke, but the older nin just kept staring at him as if he had grown a second head.

Naruto stammered embarrassed. "S-s-so! I just wanna tell you that and wow I gotta go bye!" He turned around in a panic and bolted away.


His apartment was too far and the training camps were deserted anyways, so Naruto chose a random wooden pole to aaaangst against.

"Gaaaaaaaaaaaah—What the hell! Why am I so unlucky and made that crappy move? Now he thinks I'm some kind of deranged lunatic!" Naruto banged his head on the pole repeatedly.

"Ah, thinking about sensei I see." Kiba commented, suddenly appearing from behind.

And he hated whenever Kiba nailed him with his predicament, even if it was unintentional.

Kiba grinned. "Trouble in paradise?"

Naruto sighed, musing that he should put a definite end to this facade, since there was no way it would become a reality anyways. "You know Kiba…don't you think it's time for you to stop this?"

His dark-haired friend furrowed his eyebrows confused. "Stop what?"

The blond rolled his eyes. "The joke about me and Sasuke-sensei being lovers?"

Kiba blinked. "It's not real?"

Naruto wanted to throttle him. "You were the one who started it?"

Kiba rubbed his nose with his finger and muttered. "Well yeah, I did, but after some time I thought you guys were together for good you know?"

"But…wait. What made you think I was together with sensei?"

"Dunno…it looked obvious to anyone in the squad. I mean, you were always inseparable and neither you nor sensei appeared to have anyone else in your life. And the way you guys look at each other… That's why I continued the teasing, before it would get too mushy between you two."

Kiba stared as his blond friend stood astonished, unable to come up with any response.

"Well, but if you say it's untrue and you don't like this joke, I'll ask everyone to stop then…I mean, if you're sure about this…"


Corpses scattered everywhere as they still attained their monstrous version, the Cursed Seal refused to recede even after death. The last standing one gave a withering glare, gasping that Orochimaru would never forgive anyone who dared to betray his orders.

He barely listened to this threat, his crimson eyes concentrating in following the red beast; six-tails swinging around as he opened his mouth and a black ball of chakra gradually appeared from it, ready to deliver a powerful beam that would destroy anything that stood in its way.

He couldn't make out the words he uttered in that moment; just a jumble of desperate shouts and bursting emotions, hoping that this suffering would end, wanting to see the clear blue eyes instead of hellish red ones.

Alas, as if the heavens had finally listened to his prayers, a miracle happened and his wish was granted.

A slight pain pierced behind his eyes, but everything felt minimal when Naruto appeared out of that blackened casket, giving him an indescribable relief as he gathered the young teenager to his arms.

"Why…?" Naruto whispered; his voice hoarse and out of breath. "Why did you decide to save me in the end?"

He simply didn't know the answer, he couldn't respond. It was almost like his body moved on its own, and before he realized, he joined the fight against the Sound nins.

His musings stopped when a trembling hand touched his cheek and the blond said:

"Let's go back to Konoha Sasuke." The moron still had the energy to widen a cheerful grin.

A large lump gathered in his throat and he gulped dryly as one of his hands touched the burning forehead soothingly.

"Yes…let's go home. Naruto."


"I can't find the sugar…" The sudden statement nearly made Sasuke jump out of his skin and he threw shurikens towards the source of this voice, unfortunately Kakashi evaded them with ease.

"Why are you here?" The Uchiha growled, glaring daggers at him.

"I expected you to be a more welcoming host. But no matter, where's the sugar for tea?" Kakashi lifted a laidback smile.

"I don't have sugar or western tea bags, only tea leaves." Sasuke said, crossing his arms.

"Green tea?" Kakashi asked, opening the drawers.

"Or Oolong. Don't waste my time, say whatever you want and get out."

"Wow, where's your respect for authority Sasuke-chan?"

One black eyebrow twitched in response.

Kakashi placed two tea cups on the table and said, sitting in front of Sasuke. "I came here to inform you that even though the council didn't exactly approve of your stunt, they agreed to postpone his mission till you think Naruto is fit for this promotion."

Sasuke's eyes fixed on the steaming cup, even though his mind wasn't in the same place. Fingers lightly drummed in contemplation, he hesitantly voiced out. "Are you sure…about—"

"Naruto becoming an ANBU? Akatsuki is slowly being disbanded; I've heard there's some discordance between members so maybe you shouldn't worry so much about him being targeted. His skills? Ibiki said that he was impressed with his interrogation abilities; he wasn't expecting Naruto to be able to extract information without resorting to violence. Asuma complimented his wind ninjutsu and said it's been a while since he met such a talented student even though Naruto took some time to master it. Gai said that even though he's nowhere the level of Neji or Lee, he has very impressive taijutsu skills. Kurenai commented that his genjutsu is lacking, but at least he's mastered the basics and it's difficult to infiltrate his mind. He does have a tendency to disobey his superiors but he'll listen to anyone he respects, plus sometimes a different mind gives the group a better perspective right? But you should know all this…" Kakashi's eye zeroed in on the Uchiha and he said. "You were the one who trained him the whole time, after all."

Sasuke's hand closed into a fist, exhausting any kind of retort since Kakashi counterpointed all possible ones all at once. His shoulders tensed as he prepared to listen to his former teacher's inevitable deduction.

"So it all leads me to believe that you're not questioning Naruto's competency and that there must be something else that makes you so against this decision. You fear for Naruto's life, his safety, but above all…you want to make sure Naruto stays by your side - because he's important to you."

Sasuke almost scoffed in response, but the urge died on his lips while his eyes kept staring at the tea cup. "You're wrong."

Kakashi sighed. "Am I? You've kept coming up with excuses after excuses, using them to hide your true feelings. You should admit it before it's too late; stop wasting your time when Naruto feels the same towards you."

Kakashi saw Sasuke stiffen at the admission, an expression contorted with guilt and distress. Sasuke spoke slowly. "This is not right. After all, he's too young for me—"

"But he's an adult already; he can take responsibilities for his actions."

"He's barely 18 and doesn't have enough maturity for whatever feelings…that may be just a result of impulsiveness …"

"Impulsiveness?" Kakashi repeated in mild disbelief. "You really believe that whatever Naruto is feeling for you is only a reckless impulse? I thought you knew him better."

Sasuke winced at Kakashi's accusatory tone, his mind not cooperating with processing so many words that hit home too closely and too muddled with so many revelations that prevented clear thought. Naruto's confession this morning was still ringing in his heart…leaving a trail of elation and dread mixed as consequence. This wasn't right…at the beginning he only had one wish; to protect Naruto, though somehow other emotions had found their way in.

Kakashi fell silent to let the young Uchiha reflect for a while before he spoke. "Sasuke…do you want to know the reason why Sarutobi-sama assigned you to be Naruto's bodyguard?"

Sasuke snorted. "Other than to keep me busy with a handful of troublesome usuratonkachi?"

Kakashi chuckled. "Yes, other than that. We believed that considering your differences and similarities, Naruto would be able to reach you in a way that no one could before. We hoped that having someone who could share your burden would make you finally understand the idea of bonds."

"So Sarutobi-sama decided…because of this?"

"And it worked, didn't it? You used to be so obsessed with revenge Sasuke…a path that would lead to nothing but a pitiless hell. I had to make sure you would open your eyes, see that there's more than a life of hatred and vengeance. That's why, when you were on your way to Orochimaru's headquarters three years ago…I only sent Naruto to retrieve you."

Sasuke slackened his jaw bewildered, rebutting. "What? Of all the rational decisions and better tactics…you sent Naruto; who was only a chuunin at that time, to retrieve me? You were seriously underestimating me."

"No, I understood you." Kakashi responded, drinking his tea. "I knew that if we tried to convince you by force or rationality you wouldn't respond. You would only listen to Naruto because he understood you on an emotional level and if anyone else interfered, it'd only make things worse."

"…you still took a huge risk with that decision. What if I hadn't listened to that dumbass and ended up killing him?" Sasuke furrowed an eyebrow.

"No…" Kakashi shook his head unworried. "I trusted you wouldn't do something so foolish. You two have a special connection…a bond that shouldn't be severed but you're still denying it, not recognizing the effect Naruto has on you."

"What are you talking ab—"

"Surely you noticed this at least? Whenever you got wind about anything concerning Itachi—any random bit of information, news or even a vague rumor, you used to disappear for months. Now you've settled down…maybe because you have better priorities instead of being so fixated on revenge."

"I'm still looking for any opportunity to kill Itachi; I still leave Konoha sometimes to search for any information about him."

"But you're not as hasty as before, you're selecting which rumor has more probability in finding your older brother…"

Sasuke grumbled, tightening his hand around the cup. "I'm being more careful, that's all."

"Or maybe you have feelings for someone that keep you around instead of running off whenever possible." Kakashi smirked unruffled by Sasuke's warning glare. "You think I didn't notice the real reason why you insisted on sparring with Naruto every time you returned from a mission?"

"Because the decree is that an ANBU can have one day to rest as a minimum and sometimes I have two long missions one after another so I have to make sure I can train Naruto in between them."

"Yes…but also because the first thing you want to see once you return to Konoha is Naruto, the only one that makes you feel at home - your precious person." Kakashi concluded, another silence echoed in the kitchen, allowing the Uchiha to sort his feelings.

Sasuke couldn't yield yet, folding his arms protectively around his body, a torn expression stamped on his face. "He's…" He muttered. "He's six years younger than me. I'm too old to be with him."

"Sasuke…" Kakashi sighed, standing up from his seat. "Since when do those details make a difference in matters of love?"

The younger man was still unwilling to respond and when Kakashi only received a resigned silence from Sasuke, the Hokage shook his head, placing some papers in front him.

"Well then, the least I can do is giving you the info about Naruto's first mission then."

Sasuke stared suspiciously, before grabbing the documents and reading them.


Naruto opened the sliding door, entered the deserted classroom and sat at his former desk. When he was enlisted to be an ANBU recruit, he spent the first month in this classroom and it was also here when he realized that Sasuke would be his teacher. Everyone expected that the moment they became ANBU trainees they would have harsh training or practice ominous missions by passing through dangerous dungeons but what really happened was a mind-numbing, utterly boring History and Law class. Something about they should have this knowledge to help prevent diplomatic incidents when he bet they only wanted to crop out newbies. Now that he was about to become a full-fledged ANBU, Naruto thought that it'd be nice to reminiscence, since it was unlikely he'd return to this place.

Stretching his arms widely, Naruto lied down with his fingers laced at the back of his head. After a few minutes, he noticed Sasuke's chakra approaching so he quickly stood up when his teacher appeared from behind the open door, staring straight at him. The blond averted his eyes, unsure how he should act around Sasuke.

"Have you read your mission briefing? About what you will be expected to do?" Sasuke growled.

Naruto grimaced, knowing that they were talking about a very uncomfortable topic. "Yeah…Kaka—the Hokage just informed me after our training."

"And you accepted it?"

The blond shrugged, albeit stiffly. "I don't have any alternative, do I? It's my mission…"

"You have to go undercover in a whore house!" Sasuke involuntarily raised his voice.

"It's…it's noth—"

"It's nothing?" Sasuke shouted, looming closer to the blond. "You—you have absolutely no experience in this and suddenly you'll be able to pull off impersonating a whore?"

Naruto blushed partially in embarrassment but mostly in mortification, hating the fact that he had to discuss this with out of all people - Sasuke. "And how am I supposed to avoid this? It's a mission. It's not going to be the only one in my career so I should start getting used to this."

"You shouldn't have accepted this." Sasuke roared. He was pissed, no, he was downright furious. What was Kakashi thinking when he decided on this blasted mission? He should have protested more when he first read it but Kakashi only said that Naruto had already accepted it before disappearing from his house in a poof.

"I have no choice to accept or deny when I'm ANBU—"

"You disobeyed me when it was about rescuing a comrade but you'll accept if it's about selling your body?"

"What am I supposed to do then?" Naruto yelled. "I hate this but I can't change anything—"He threw his hands to the air irritated. "Why do you care anyways!"

"You…" Sasuke snarled. He breathed heavily in an attempt to compose himself, closing his eyes as he muttered. "You really think I'd allow something like that to happen to you? Tell me Naruto."

He lifted his eyes to meet Naruto's cerulean ones and the blond bit his lower lip, crossing his arms. "No but…I thought—"

"You think I wouldn't mind…strangers looking at you in a depraved way, lusting for you as if you're some kind of object to be ravaged?" Sasuke scowled.

"It's not like I want that to happen." Naruto rebutted, noticing that his teacher was approaching too close up and personal; he took a few steps back in reflex.

"You think I'd like imagining disgusting hands ripping your clothes, touching your skin, any part of your body? You think I would allow this?" Sasuke hissed, building up his anger.

Naruto wasn't fully comprehending this reaction, his teacher was acting uncharacteristically outspoken with an aggressiveness that came out of nowhere and rendered him immobile, unsure how to react back. When Sasuke kept pressing forward, instinctively the blond kept walking backwards till his feet stumbled on the table leg. Sasuke placed his hands on either side of his body, trapping him and azure eyes widened at this predicament, shivering when Sasuke husked close to his ear.

"Just the thought of someone anywhere near you makes my skin crawl. I'll never allow this to happen."

"If you really hate this so much, then why aren't you doing anything now?" Naruto rebutted, his heart fluttering in a wild thrill that he was playing with fire - he was going to get burnt for it.

A hand enclosed around his collarbone and tightened, blazing onyx eyes glared affronted from the direct challenge, as Naruto stared back evenly. He couldn't fully process whatever anomalous thing was happening between them but hell—he would enjoy diving in this bottomless pit together.

The blond yelped when he felt a cold hand gliding inside his shirt, fingertips tracing a continuous line up his spine as another hand roughly exposed his tanned neck and smooth lips sucked hard leaving a fresh hickey. Sasuke's mouth continued to drag up his throat between nibbles and bites, spurred by the gasps coming from Naruto until he reached his jaw, with one last lick the brunet stared at dilated blue eyes.

Still recovering from this assault on his senses, Naruto saw Sasuke widening his eyes, sanity slowly returning to his mind as these feelings of lust were substituted by an overwhelming guilt. His hands went lax, the fiery passion dimming and Sasuke was stepping away but not before Naruto seized him with a hand grabbing his shirt.

Sasuke averted his gaze and irritated, Naruto tightened his grip on the shirt to get his teacher's attention. The brunet attempted to widen the distance but a tanned hand held his nape securely as he growled.

"Look at me you bastard." Naruto noticed that Sasuke was still hesitant to give any kind of response, even with their faces only a few inches apart and feeling the heat emanating between them. His fingers moved in soothing, coaxing circles till their foreheads touched and Naruto inhaled deeply the scent that was uniquely Sasuke's. Through hooded graphite eyes there hinted a tinge of desire that Sasuke was attempting to restrain so fiercely, though Naruto was as determined to absorb whatever intensity he could feel through that gaze.

Naruto inclined his face forward, gradually decreasing the distance between their lips, though his fingers felt his teacher tensing as the blond continued moving closer. Their noses bumped gently and once his mouth brushed Sasuke's, Naruto didn't wait to see if the brunet would recover himself and pressed forward, eyes closed and lips interlocking perfectly. The kiss was dry, hushed and clumsy but pleasurable nevertheless, as if they had finally breached a barrier that they had been waiting to pass almost their entire lives.

Naruto retracted for a second to lick his lips, angling his head to kiss better as Sasuke started to respond, in slow calculating movements as if he was still unsure about all this. His arms enveloped around Naruto's body while tanned hands flew to comb the dark hair, their bodies moving closely to awaken their passion residing in their souls. Mouths still locked, the blond sat on the table while Sasuke accommodated between his legs, with his hand caressing his inner thigh.

His blond student kissed enthusiastically and sloppily, telling much about his inexperience and this fact amused Sasuke. He also noticed Naruto pausing to catch his breath, not quite realizing the concept of breathing through the nose and once he dived back to reattach their mouths their teeth clattered a little bit. Sasuke purposely removed his mouth from Naruto's, hearing a keen protest in response. He teasingly nibbled the upper lip with an extra lick, which Naruto returned, his tongue darting out but was captured by Sasuke's mouth, sucking lightly and deepening the kiss, drawing a strangled moan from the younger nin. He pecked Naruto's jaw at the end and not surprising, the blond repeated the same action on him.

Sasuke didn't bother to restrain a chuckle.

Naruto furrowed his eyebrow, mumbling. "What?" His question wasn't answered when a pale hand cupped his cheek as his teacher looked at him with unrestrained lust, liberated from its shackles as mouths connected once again into a long, deep kiss.

Naruto's head was spinning out of control, every place Sasuke touched felt like he was igniting his soul, his skin feverish and sensitive from every light caress, molten lava running coarsely through his veins. Sasuke's kisses were stealing his air, fueling the ardent fire that rendered him breathless.

He barely noticed that Sasuke was removing his shirt and throwing it somewhere, cool hands explored his tanned chest with a mouth latched on his neck, marking a hot trail downwards till his lips sucked on a chocolate colored nipple. Naruto moaned when Sasuke licked his abdomen but he was dissatisfied with his lack of action. He wanted to touch his teacher too, mark him as his own.

As Sasuke climbed up towards his nipple, Naruto grabbed his face and yanked him closer to meet bewildered graphite eyes. Sasuke started to open his mouth to ask but was silenced by an aggressive kiss as Naruto boldly groped his ass; the friction of their pants made them realize that they were both hard. Naruto ripped apart Sasuke's shirt to feel the taut muscles of his back contracting with his touch.

Still kissing, both used this opportunity to explore even further, Naruto playing with the hem of dark blue boxers and unzipping Sasuke's pants, lightly scratching his teacher's cock. Sasuke was luckier; Naruto was wearing loose pants that were easily removed together with his boxers in one swift action. The brunet took a few seconds to ogle the bobbing erection that jutted in midst of blond curls.

"Lube. Do you have lube?" Sasuke growled, humping his clothed cock with Naruto's uncovered one and desperately wishing that there was a lube nearby because he surely wouldn't be able to stop now.

"Nnnngh?" Naruto gasped from sudden sparkles dancing in his eyes, his brain trying to process the question. His hands blindly searched for his pouch and once he realized that it was thrown to the ground he voiced it out. "My pouch—"

With a quick nod, Sasuke lowered to grab it and quickly poured it on his fingers. One finger already poked the blond's anal passage as an unvoiced enquiry for permission. Naruto inhaled sharply and briefly nodded, widening his legs even further.

The first digit slipped in and to Sasuke's surprise, it easily reached to the first knuckle, smoothly sliding until it was completely in. Naruto was already relaxed enough for this procedure which meant that he most likely had previous experience with this. This only left two probable conclusions:

One; Sasuke had a list of people to hunt and kill for touching his blond dobe or—

Two; as an electric fire ran through his veins from this mere possibility, could mean:

"Did you touch yourself thinking about me?" Sasuke whispered close to the tanned ear.

His smirk widened when Naruto blushed even further in response, his face resembling a red tomato. He gave into the urge to devour his student, his mouth lightly nibbling the whiskered cheek while the blond hastened to answer:

"N-no! Damnit you bastard, I wouldn't—"

"Don't lie to me" Sasuke licked his cheek. "I can feel your hole clenching around my finger. You probably have before and now you're already getting eager, aren't you?"

It was becoming harder to come up with any words of denial when Sasuke was nipping his earlobe, his silky voice purring only pure undiluted seduction:

"Did you finger fuck yourself imagining that it was my cock instead? You did, didn't you? Imagining it was me sliding in and out from your fuck hole."

Two fingers were already prepping Naruto and he moaned from the sensations, Sasuke widened the passage by separating the fingers.

"Tell me Naruto. You put your fingers inside your ass thinking it was me doing it right?" When the brunet received no response from his student, his digits crooked slightly and scraped his prostate. "Well?" Sasuke growled out.

"Aaaah-Yes!" Naruto shouted in pleasure, his lungs inhaling in fast gulps, trying to recover some air. "You…only you." The blond hissed.

Sasuke gave a light kiss on Naruto's lips as gratitude and removed his fingers from his anus, receiving a confused look in return. With hands placed on each thigh, Sasuke raised Naruto's ass slightly. The blond felt too exposed from this position as he asked:

"Sensei, wha—"His question died out when Sasuke dived in with a languorous lick on his anus.

Dilated blue eyes stared in lust filled awe from this sudden action and Sasuke shrugged innocently, almostinnocently back. "I just wanted to show you something that you can't do by yourself." He said with a devilish glint in his darkened iris and Naruto found his cock hardening even further when the brunet buried his face in the cleft of his ass.

Sasuke began with the tip of his tongue tracing around his rim, followed with broad strokes from his anus to his balls. With his hands holding Naruto's ankles, Sasuke spread his thighs wider and gently bit one butt cheek. His tongue lightly dipped to his anus and he felt the puckered hole fluttering in response, trying to pull him deeper.

Sasuke was in a thick haze of lust and Naruto's pleasurable noises and mewls weren't helping either as his strained cock left a dampened spot on his boxers. His fingers started stimulating the perineum while his tongue darted in rhythmical pace, one finger occasionally sliding inside. When Sasuke flattened his tongue with a moan that caused tingles that reverberated through Naruto's entire body, the blond shouted alarmed:

"Fuck! Sasuke, I'm gonna—"

Sasuke removed himself from Naruto, all warmth leaving from his body, resulting in a protesting growl from the younger nin. He didn't want his teacher to stop dammit! Naruto glowered until Sasuke kissed him fully on his lips and whilst removing his own pants, the blond aided by shoving down his boxers and wrapping his hand around his cock.

Sasuke joined their erections into a lazy humping, attentive to Naruto's every reaction. He couldn't get enough of his lover, feeling the pleasurable heat whenever his body was pressed against his. Naruto's moans were absolutely addicting, every part of his body responding to Sasuke's touch, his face contorted with lust, his neck, nipples and torso littered with hickies and bites, a thin sheen of sweat glittering the sun-kissed body.

A dark emotion surged from his heart, imagining Naruto making those lustful expressions to a random stranger, his body being marked and held by someone else. Sasuke applied more pressure between their cocks and snarled:

"You're mine right? Your body only reacts to mytouch."

"—whu…" Naruto could barely comprehend the question asked, whimpering as Sasuke lathered their cocks with lube, the velvety flesh sliding easily. His mind tried to kick in noticing that whatever his teacher was talking about must be something important.

Sasuke's cock began rubbing teasingly against Naruto's crack, placing his mouth near the tanned ear, harsh pants encompassed with each thrust. The Uchiha repeated through breaths:

"No one except me is allowed to have you like this. No one."

A distant part of his memory remembered that this topic was what started this whole situation. Naruto was trying to decipher exactly what Sasuke meant by that, even if he was being thoroughly distracted by pale hands tweaking his nipples.

"Sasuke, wait—" Naruto said, in an attempt to hold his lust at bay for a moment but Sasuke kissed him aggressively as his onyx eyes flashed in an uncontained rage.

"I'm the only one who can make you feel so good like this. Your body responds only to me, right?"

Awareness suddenly crashed into his system like a cold bucket of water. Naruto thought at first that Sasuke returned his feelings and had just gotten jealous about the whole mission. But he was still unsure of its validity, so even if Sasuke wasn't right in his mind to do this, or hell, even if it was only a one-time thing, Naruto would take it and treasure the memory. However this sounded more like Sasuke was simply using him to ascertain some sick possessiveness. Every drop of lust drained out of his body as Naruto growled back.

"What are you talking about? No. Now get the fuck out you bastard." He placed two hands on the pale chest and attempted to push away from him.

Confused by this turn of events, Sasuke reacted with irritation, grabbing Naruto's wrists and pushed forward. "What the hell is your problem dobe?"

"I want you to stop this. Let go of me now." Naruto ordered, almost flashing a red color on his iris. He managed to free his wrists and moved to grab his pants lying on the ground.

Confusion escalated to apprehension when Sasuke saw that Naruto had the full intention to leave and he instantly gripped the tanned hand hard, attempting to comprehend Naruto's change of heart.

"Let go." Naruto twisted his wrist only to facilitate Sasuke grasping his arms. "Let go." Naruto repeated, hurt and disbelief all stamped on his cerulean eyes. "Let go!" He snarled, struggling in earnest and Sasuke was completely lost from the blonde's sudden anger.

Sasuke tentatively said. "Naruto, why are you—"

Naruto exploded. "Do I look like some kind of toy to you, asshole? I'm not doing this because you ordered me or because you wanted this, I consented based on my own decision and not because I'm some sort of fucking property!"

Sasuke paled when he understood the situation and instantly wished he could retract his own words to avoid this misunderstanding. He clasped Naruto's hand in a gentler manner and said:

"Wait, Naruto, let me explain."

"No, let me go now." Naruto hissed and even though betrayal smashed his heart into pieces, his treacherous body still reacted from Sasuke's proximity.

He tried to wiggle out from Sasuke's grasp, noting that he was still naked and vulnerable; this only increased the frustration towards himself. Sasuke tried to search for any sort of connection but Naruto kept avoiding his eyes.

"Just hear me out."

"I clearly have heard enough." Naruto scoffed.

"Seriously usuratonkachi—"

The mention of his nickname only fueled his fury. "What? I'm not going to listen to any of your excuses—"


The sudden outburst echoed in the classroom, as they took some seconds to absorb this revelatory information.

Naruto was the first one to recover, no longer feeling the intense anger before as he said befuddled. "…what?"

Sasuke's face was also filled with turmoil when he confessed, still unsure about exposing his shameful side. "I-I don't want to lose you, I don't want to see anyone else claiming your heart or taking you away from me. This entire week, ever since I received that blasted news about you becoming an ANBU, all I've been trying to do was keep you next to me."

Naruto deflated a little bit, his head combining all the pieces and comprehending the whole picture at last. On the one hand, he felt his heart soar at the realization that Sasuke returned his feelings but he was also torn by seeing such a heartbroken expression that gave him a strong desire to comfort his teacher. "Sensei, I can't believe you'd think something like that…you know that I will never leave you."

Sasuke sighed forlornly. "I know…but I was afraid—I lost my family, my clan, my most important people in a blink of an eye…I couldn't bear the thought of losing that again…and you…"

Sasuke allowed the last sentence to hang in the air, unable to voice it out loud. Though even if words failed between them, there was always silent communication that made Naruto comprehend…

You're important to me too.

Their souls moved in unison as they reached for each other; their bodies interlocked almost seamlessly as their lips meshed into a passionate kiss. Wordless declarations of love were expressed through their touches and exchanged through their eyes.

"Tell me what you want." Sasuke whispered between kisses, his fingertips lovingly tracing Naruto's lower lip.

"I want you." Naruto said earnestly, his cerulean eyes staring right into Sasuke's grey ones, reassuring that this wish wasn't anywhere dictated solely through lust.

He chastely kissed the pale cheek, dragging his lips to Sasuke's earlobe and suddenly grinned mischievously. "But above else, I want you to fuck me now." The whisper sent electric jolts to his spine and Sasuke grunted when Naruto rubbed his cock between his ass cheeks.

Without any prior warning, Sasuke aligned his erection and slowly slid inside Naruto, thrusting when Naruto gasped in delight. "Like that?" Sasuke growled, his arms holding the tanned body securely.

Naruto took a few seconds to get used to the feeling of being so full, his vision foggy from that pleasurable pain. Licking his lips, he breathed out. "More. Want your cock deeper inside me."

Sasuke laid Naruto on the desk and shoved into him deeper and faster, Naruto's moans punctuated each thrust. "Is this—what—you—want?" Sasuke gasped out.

"Haah—Harder!" Naruto shouted, his hips rocking with his plunges. "Fuck me harder!"

With an almost animalistic growl, Sasuke placed Naruto's legs around his waist and rammed deep inside his lover, already establishing a fast pace. He angled his thrusts, trying to find which spot would bring Naruto the greatest pleasure as his cock kept shoving with increasing speed.

"Fuck—Sensei, Fuck me! Fuck my ass, fuck it hard!" Naruto was exclaiming more nonsensical curses, his hands instinctively reaching his own erection and stroking it.

"Ca—My—"Sasuke grunted, plunging in sharp strokes. "name—"

"Sasuke—I'm—"Naruto moaned, the sweet ecstasy spreading through his body and making him ready to fly apart.

"Wait—"Sasuke hissed, quickening his thrusts. He was so close—just few more seconds and he'll be able to reach the highest heavens.

However, since it was still Naruto's first sexual experience, the younger nin mumbled. "I—can't!" Naruto shouted in bliss, thick spurts of cum bursting out of his cock.

Witnessing Naruto's erotic face, Sasuke swiftly removed his cock from his anus, his hand jerking his erection in rapid strokes until he also orgasmed with a guttural shout, cum spurting on the tanned stomach with some landing on Naruto's face. Naruto gathered some droplets with his finger and sucked it dry, removing it from his mouth with a pop and signaling for Sasuke to come closer, lips joining in a final languid kiss.

Sasuke was still breathing heavily from the exertion when he gathered enough air to say: "So you're not going on that mission."

Naruto was also recovering his breath but rebutted defensively. "You're still onto that? The ANBU—"

"Like I care about that." Sasuke realized that he had played right into Kakashi's scheme. If an ANBU member was already married or had a lover, Konoha would avoid giving such missions to this person. So that blasted Hokage probably planned this to pressure him.

"But—"Naruto shut his mouth when Sasuke kissed him and narrowed his blue eyes from the predatory look on Sasuke's face.

"If you insist on going on that mission, I'll just have to fuck you till you can't move for a whole week." It appeared to be the only way that he'd be able to curtail the dobe's stubborn nature anyways.

"What? No you bastard, I said—"Naruto's speech was cut out with a long moan and the blond groaned. "Sasuke—wait. Hey!"


AN: The story was originally written to neo_snexchange. The prompt wanted a kinky teacher/student SasuNaru, with dirty talk and possible rim job. I obviously was like "wut" when I read rim job and Elle (my beta) was loling the fact that I had to write dirty talk.

I didn't want to write underage sex but for some reason I wasn't in the mood to write college verse. Then I kinda wanted to write adventure and action scenes, thus, this story was born.

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Yeah, I know that my writing style is a little bit too detailed and lately I'm trying to "cut off the fat", the term so to speak (lol). The reason while Kakashi is ok with Naruto becoming an ANBU is: while the seal is weakening, Kakashi believes in him and Sasuke's teachings (reason why Sasuke also keeps admonishing Naruto to stop relying on Kyuubi at the beginning). Like Sasuke had said, he doesn't want the council to find out about Naruto and cage him like an animal, and Kakashi shares this line of thought.

And ANBU are always a team of 3 in which he'll obviously put Sasuke in Naruto's team to keep a close eye on him and having the Sharingan in advantage. Since it's something "after the story" I thought I shouldn't include (and plus...this story is already so long...lol)

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