I've fallen in love with my puppet

My grandfather gave it to me when I was young

It was in a life-size figure and looks exactly like a human

I've fallen in love with it at first sight

I love my puppet

He was always there for me

Unlike those who'd laugh at my inventions, he was by my side

I love him because of that

I love my puppet with all my heart

So when I had to transfer schools, I brought him with me

I continue my inventions without him leaving me

It is true that I love him

I love my puppet who never aged

He still have his raven haired laid down

His pale skin still hadn't fade

My puppet is truly beautiful and I love him because of that fact

I love my puppet until now that I am taller than him

I've realized how he looked so cute and petite

I want him to be forever with me

So I lock him in my side for I love him

I love my puppet from the time being

Though everyone ridicule me because of it

I pay no attention to those who tease

I love my puppet and I'll never abandon him

I love the frail old puppet that I own

Even they say that it did never live

That all those happiness it gave me was just a fraud deed

Because my beloved puppet has no life indeed

I love my precious puppet but

I also think twice a lot

It is true that it'll die and would end to be broken

The puppet that I had loved will never be awaken

I love my puppet, now it was all a doubt

I cried in a corner and let a shout

I let my tears flow down from my eyes

I should learn to leave him and say goodbye

At that moment, I felt a hand on my head

It gently taps it, I pay a heed

I looked upwards and he was there smiling

My beloved puppet, I knew this is not an illusion or a dream.