Hola Mishamigos! I just got this idea and I thought it might be 's Sam's POV, but…Well, you'll see. Don't worry; I'm still going to be working hard on Fate of a Freewill Angel. Which people should read, if they haven't!

I wrote this pretty quick, so excuse any flaws, ooc-Sam moments, or typos. Other than that, enjoy!

Chapter One

Sam woke up in a heap on the ground. Something felt off, he was sure of it. It wasn't a feeling in his head or mind, more of a physical feeling. Looking down, he realized the problem instantly. He wasn't himself. Well, not himself as in Sam. He was Dean.

Sam tried his best not to scream out like a little girl, which resulted in a sort of grunt-whimper. A bit pathetic, but better than a squeal or anything too embarrassing. He tried to be practical and think back to how this could have happened. What had they been doing?

Finally he remembered: they had been tracking a witch.

Dean had heard that the fortune-telling-wish-granting machine from the Tom Hank's movie, Big, was in Tennessee a couple miles from where they were staying. Being a "secret" Tom Hanks fan, he insisted they go see it.

When they got there they realized that people who used it were, in fact, getting their wishes granted. Dean, immature two-year-old that he was, starting flipping out. He was convinced that "the magic of the movie has brought the Zoltar to life."

Realizing pretty quick that this was a case, Sam did some digging. After a few hours, Sam found that it had to be a witch. There was a little marking on the back of the machine that he had only seen in correspondence with witches, and nothing else he knew could pull of something like this. Besides that wish-granting coin, of course. But they had melted that down.

After he convinced Dean that it was a witch, not Tom Hank's magic, they went to summon the witch. Unfortunately, they had to do it at the machine. It was pretty far from where they were staying, since all the motels around there had been booked on account of tourists and fans. Dean didn't want to suffer through a long drive without some food, and insisted they stop at a restaurant.

When they got there, Dean immediately noticed a very attractive waitress. Much to Sam's dismay, she had just happened to be their server. Knowing that Dean was going to go all womanizer, Sam buried himself in learning the summoning ritual.

His mind wandered, though. He thought about how idiotic Dean was being. He didn't like this girl, not really. It was just a distraction. Sam had been noticing for a while now. Dean wasn't acting the same way since they met that nerdy little-

"Sam! She's coming back. Don't say anything that makes me look bad, alright?"

Sam nodded obediently, but it didn't matter anyway. Surprisingly enough to both brothers, this girl did not fall for any of Dean's usual tricks. Sam started noticing quickly, and soon he decided that he liked this girl. The enemy of his enemy was his friend, after all.

What started out as light snickering evolved into very hearty laughter as the waitress shot down come-on after come-on. Sam knew that Dean was not used to rejection. Sam also knew that this, combined with his frustrating stubbornness, would ensure that he wouldn't give up.

It was turning out to be a much more entertaining meal than Sam had initially expected. Until the girl starting talking to him, that is.

How much can a waitress come to one table and still be paid for serving them all? Sam wondered to himself. It was about the eighth time the waitress had come to their table, and it was starting to get a little weird. At first it was amusing because Dean was being rejected, but now Sam was the one feeling awkward and Dean wasn't helping.

Sam regretted laughing at Dean then. Karma is most definitely a bitch.

"The answer is yes," Dean stated in a very satisfied tone to the mysterious girl who lacked a nametag.

"Excuse me?" said no-name.

"Yes, I do work out on a regular basis, and that is why my body is so amazing."

The girl only rolled her eyes and went to fill up Sam's coffee. He leaned back, he did not want to be anywhere near this girl, but she seemed to want to be near him. Dean would kill him if Sam "cockblocked" him though, so he knew to stay the hell away.

"My baby brother here is a Mathlete. Tell her, Sammy," Dean said with a smirk.

Knowing he had no other choice, Sam conceded. Dean had Sam memorize the Mathlete theme years back. He said it would be a perfect wingman dealbreaker. It was chanted so many times by now that Sam said it without even having to be kicked by Dean under the table. "Subtraction, addition. It's all my division. Don't shirk your work, it's time to learn. Go Mathletes."

He glared at Dean, who flashed him a grin and looked up at the waitress. He was expecting a look of disgust, a laugh, pity maybe? He was not expecting her think of it as a god thing.

"Smart guys are hot," was her response. She walked away with a self-confident strut and Sam couldn't help but stare after her. Finally someone appreciated more than just rugged looks and cheesy pickup lines.

Dean whipped his head around and shot daggers at Sam. Just as bewildered by this turn of events as Dean was, Sam threw up his hands in defense.

Fortunately, Dean gave up in his task of wooing the girl after that. He muttered something about any girl who liked Sam being a dog, which just produced a smile from his younger brother.

After paying for the check, they got up and were about to walk about when no-name appeared in front of them. It was so fast Sam was scared she was a demon, or worse, a crazy angel. But she was just fast, he reassured himself.

She grabbed a pen out of her little apron's pocket reached for Sam's hand. Flipping it palm side up, she scribbled something on it quickly. Then she grabbed his collar, pulled him down to her level, and kissed him right there in the entrance to the restaurant. With a flirtatious smile, she was gone as quickly as she had come.

Once they were in the car, Sam ventured a look at his hand. He had been so baffled by no-name that he hadn't even thought about it.

Dean looked over and noticed Sam staring at his hand with his eyebrows furrowed.

"What is it?" he demanded, obviously still annoyed about being passed over for Sam.

Sam shrugged his shoulders and held out his hand so Dean could see.

Call me sometime. I do love a tall man. 555-932-2984

"A tall man? I'm 6'1"! A tall man…Pft."

Dean snorted and grunted to himself about it for the rest of the night. Sam could tell his ego was bruised. He did not like being ignored, rejected, or insulted. Now all of these things had happened to him in the same night.

Sam said nothing and rolled his eyes. It was so stupid that Dean kept pretending he cared. It wasn't like he would have slept with the girl anyway. He would have had a few drinks, maybe even fooled around with her. But Dean hadn't actually had sex with anyone in months, and that was because of Castiel. Dean didn't think anyone noticed, but no one knew him better than Sam.

Sam just hoped he didn't do something stupid to prove his manliness, like usual.