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Chapter Seven

"Hah! Hahaha! I knew it; I completely knew it!"

Dean just gaped as Sam jumped up, yelling and bellowing about exactly how smart he actually was. Maybe he had good instincts, but all Dean could think as he witnessed this strange display was that his brother was an idiot. He wondered if it was Dean's body that was doing it to him, but quickly rejected the thought. Sam had always been a girly little bitch. It's why Dean loved him.

"Sam," Dean started calmly.

"Yeah, Angel-lover?" his brother taunted back at him.

"Shut the fuck up."

Sam opened his mouth to spout forth what he thought was a witty retort to Dean's crass demand, but saw the embarrassed look on his brother's face and closed his mouth quickly. Nodding silently, he sat back down on the wooden chair with the skimpy cushion.

The way Dean admitted everything about Cas had made Sam think he was comfortable with talking about it, but now he could see that wasn't the case. Saying it out loud, or maybe even thinking it at all, had been a big step for Dean. He hoped that eventually Dean warmed up to the whole thing, because it would be an amazing source of entertainment.

As much as he wanted to make fun of Dean endlessly, though, he knew that would send across the wrong message. He didn't want Dean to think Sam didn't support him. The truth was quite the contrary, actually. Sam had noticed Dean and Castiel's chemistry a long, long time ago. After that, he figured it was only a matter of time before they got off their respective asses and did something about it. He never figured how long it would actually take.

But now that Dean had finally gotten over himself and accepted it, they could do something about it. And boy was Sam glad! In reality, he really liked those two together. Sure, it wasn't the most conventional couple, but they fit together surprisingly well. A rebellious angel and an idiotic human: they were just what the other needed, and both loyal to the point of obsession.

"So," Sam started. He knew that he had to approach the situation delicately. Talking about feelings with Dean Winchester was like trying to dismantle a highly sensitive atomic bomb. "Are you going to tell Cas about…y'know."

It took Dean a while to answer that question. While it might have seemed simple to any random person who saw it, both boys knew just how complicated the situation was. Dean had many thoughts racing through his head.

He knew that he wanted to Cas, but he didn't know how the angel would take the news. The dude was really strange, and very unpredictable. What if it screwed up the friendship they had taken years to build? They had gone through so much; he didn't want to fuck it all up now with something like this.

But he didn't think he could see Cas now and not tell him. Even if he could do it, he felt like it might kill him. He knew what he had to do, now he just had to figure out how he was going to do it.

"Yeah…yeah, I think I am."

Dean wasn't looking at Sam. As a rule, he never looked at anyone, especially not Sam, when discussing his own feelings. If he had glanced up at his younger brother, though, he would have seen a face with a stupid grin plastered all over it. He might have even laughed, because it was Dean's face that Sam was smiling with, and it was Dean's trademark smile he was sporting.

Having switched bodies was another problem that Dean had to consider, though. He didn't think that he could tell Cas in this body. Maybe Cas couldn't see the difference, but Dean could feel it. Having somebody else's entire body was something he would never be able to get used to, and knowing someone else was walking around in his own was even worth. Plus, he was going to have to take a shower eventually if he didn't want to stink up the whole joint, and he really didn't want to see all of Sam's…that.

Dean knew that they had to find a way to switch back, and he also knew that he couldn't ask for Castiel's help. Seeing the angel and not telling him how he felt would be too much, and Dean was scared that if he didn't do it the second he saw Cas again, then he would never be able to. However they managed to switch back, they had to do it on their own.

"Okay," Dean said, finally looking up. "We need to get back into our own freaking bodies—now."

Sam nodded violently. He completely agreed, for he was also thinking about how much he needed a shower. Even if they didn't want to admit it, he and his brother had very similar thought processes.

"So, find the witch?"

"Find the witch."

"Dean, we've been waiting for hours now. She's not coming."

"But I wished for her to come! What, too good to deal with us now, you little bitch!"

As if on cue, Sam and Dean both leaned back against the stupid machine that had gotten them into this mess and sank to the cold, damp pavement below it. They sat silently for a while, not even looking up. They were both dead tired and starting to really need showers. It was getting to the point where neither wanted to be around the other, let alone outside. Luckily it was pretty late now, and no one was around to notice it.

While they were staring at the ground dejectedly, a mysterious and unnaturally attractive woman walked up. She did it so quietly neither brother even heard, which was quite a feat, considering how keen and attentive both Winchesters were to the world around them.

"Hello, boys."

They knew who it was before they even looked up, and could practically hear the smirk in her self-satisfied voice. It was endlessly frustrating, and Dean wanted to stab her right then and there, but he knew that she could stop him with a flick of her wrist. They had to bide their time, and attack at the exact right moment. Until then, they needed to talk in their trademark, witty way, to distract her and put her at ease.

"Ah, if it isn't the creepily hot witch! Or as I like to call her, Ms. Compensation."

The woman gave Dean a slightly inquisitive look. He wasn't surprised that she didn't get it, his clever comments were really off their game these days. He blamed Sam's stupid body. It was all practicality in this stupid brain. Dean wondered just how boring his little brother's life actually was.

"Because you made yourself pretty to compensate for your terrible personality? Maybe you're just a little behind the times, but forcing people to switch bodies isn't how you make friends these days."

"Hah-hah," the witch mocked, obviously not amused by Dean. "I heard that you tried way too hard to be funny when you're in a sticky situation. They really understated that."

This sparked Sam's interest. Was she working for someone they knew? If that was the case, this could be much worse than they initially thought.

"Who is 'they', exactly?" he asked cautiously.

"Wouldn't you like to know, little Sammy!" she laughed. "Oh, but it doesn't matter anyway. You boys are so popular that practically anyone—or maybe I should say anything—could have told me."

"Okay, then who are you?"

Sam hadn't really expected an answer, but this witch was entirely unpredictable. She had cursed them for no reason, after all. He figured it was worth a try, and he was right.

"I am Tirae the Terrible. I am the world's most powerful witch."

"If I had a nickel for every witch who said they were the most powerful, I would be Bill fucking Gates," Dean muttered, purposely loud enough so that he knew she could hear him.

He had been trying to get her frustrated and distracted, but all he got was another smirk. He really hated this bitch.

"So, Tirae the Terrible, what are you going to do with us now?" asked Sam, or as Dean had started to call him, Mr. Practical.

"I was thinking of killing you, but seeing you guys all switched around and frazzled might be even more fun."

She had that droning, nasally sort of voice that sort of reminded Dean of Meg. It just added to Dean's hate for the woman: not only was what she said really annoying, the voice she used to say it was maddening.

"Whatever you do, can you just get it over with?" Dean snapped. He was getting tired of this whole 'play with your food' routine.

There was that smirk again. If she didn't die in the next twenty seconds, Dean thought that he might. He tried to stand up and advance toward her, in the hopes of putting Ruby's knife straight through her stomach. Unfortunately, he was unable to even move from his position against the fortune machine, let alone walk fifteen feet over to Tirae.

He looked up, a very annoyed and exasperated expression on his face. If he thought that what she was doing before was anything like a grin, then she was the fucking Cheshire Cat now.

"You didn't think I would let you run free, did you? Maybe your other monsters are stupid enough to underestimate you two, but not me. I have heard of the Winchester boys, and I'm going to take any cha—"

Sam, Dean, and Tirae's eyes widened as she was cut short when something silver stabbed through her stomach. She fell to the ground, revealing a familiar figure.

"Cas!" exclaimed both Sam and Dean at once.

"Hello," replied the angel, stoic as ever.

He looked like some sort of superhero, standing over them that way. His shining, silver blade was dripping with deep red blood, and his trenchcoat was billowing out behind them in the night wind. The lights of the town were framing him in a way that held both boys' gazes.

He walked over, and the Winchesters soon found two fingers on each of their foreheads. Before they knew it, they suddenly felt very different. Their awe-filled, gaping stares were broken as they looked down at themselves, only to discover they were in fact themselves now.

"Oh God, thank you, Cas. I was scared I was going to be stuck in Dean forever! I mean, not like that. We're brothers! I meant, in his body. I mean, because of the witch!"

"Sam…Shut the fuck up."

Dean gave Sam a look, and the babbling little brother knew that was his cue to leave those two alone. But he sure wasn't going to miss this moment, so he walked away until neither could see him, and then turned and hid behind a bush to see if Dean ended up having the nerve to tell Cas. He knew that if Dean didn't do it, Sam wouldn't be able to stop himself from stepping in and helping.

"Cas, I gotta tell you something."

The angel just tilted his head. He was silent, as usual, and Dean could tell that he wasn't going to make this any easier. That was what came of being with an angel, he supposed.

He didn't know how he wanted to go about telling Cas. It was a big deal, after all, and with all this witch business he hadn't really had time to think about it. He hadn't thought that he would see Cas so soon after. He'd just have to wing it…



Dean just stood there, feeling more awkward then he had ever felt in his entire life. Who knew how Cas would respond? What does a human even say to something like that, let alone an angel? God, he should have just kept this to himself. Nothing good ever came of talking about your feeling, he should have—

He was stopped short by lips being pushed against him, hands grabbing his arms and pulling him forward. He felt Castiel against him, and he kissed back. In that moment he knew that this is what he wanted, and that this is what made him happy.

Dean decided that this was much better than any words that Cas could've used.