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Chapter 1: No Specter Deflector

I couldn't believe that I was being dragged all the way to Florida for some stupid Science Symposium with my mom. I could be training right now! I mean Vlad could make 3 duplications of himself and I could only get another head, get another head!

But no, here I am, in a jet with my mom. Who doesn't know I am Half Ghost, not to mention she thinks my Ghost Half is evil!

I look over at my Mom. She is sitting there in her usual Blue HAZMAT suit. Her hood is down. I notice that she is not wearing the Spector Deflector that Dad made her. At least I won't be electrocuted if she touches me.

Mom was looking around the Jet when she said. "Come on Mr. Poutypants, this weekend is supposed to be about us. Those Dalv people sent this private jet just for us. How perfect is that?"

"Do you want the truth or one of those little white lies that doesn't hurt your feelings?" I replied. I felt a little guilty at my words, but I could't afford to fall behind on my training, especially with Vlad as my Arch Enemy.

"Forget it Danny," Mom sighs. "Just look out the window at that warm, sunny Florida coastline."

Just as she said that, a voice from the intercom spoke up.

"Folks, this your captain speaking, if you look out the window on your left, you'll see the cold, bleak Colorado Rockies."

Wait, what?

"The Rockies? That's no where near Florida, what gives?" I say.

"And if you look out the window on your right side, you'll see Me, bailing out of the plane before it careens," Mom had a shocked look on her face and I am pretty sure I have the same expression on my face. "out of control, and crashes."

Mom and I both looked out the window to see a guy in a suit with a white and red helmet and sunglasses falling down. He is facing us and has a radio in his hand and his Parachute opens just as he passes the wing of the jet. He waves at us.

We glance at each other then run to the cockpit door. Mom throws open the door and we see that the Cockpit is empty! Suddenly the gravity is pulling us forward as the plane falls toward the earth, nose first. Mom runs to the Captain seat and pulls on the steering device. It won't budge.

"The controls are Jammed, Danny." she said, "How do we get out of this?"

Just as she said that, it felt as if time slowed down, I could fly us out of here.

But then I would have to reveal myself to mom

But then how would we get out of here?

She'll hate me.

She is my mother, she loves me.

But she is also a ghost hunter.

We will die if I don't do something.

She won't accept me.

But at least she will be alive to hate me.

It felt like I was arguing with myself for hours, but it was only a second.

"I know one way." I mutter to myself.

Ducking down I summon the ring that transforms me into my Ghost Half, Danny Phantom. With a determined look a turn intangible and grab my Mom on the shoulders and fly through the ceiling.

I hear a gasp.

"Inviso-Bill!" I wince at her tone and the stupid name.

"Calm down, and it's not Inviso-Bill, It's Danny Phantom." I said, annoyed.

"Wait! Danny!" she gasped "Where is my Son!" she cried, flailing around, and I struggle to keep a grip.

The Captain appears out of no where and says, "Folks, at this time I would like to inform you that you've been the victim of a cruel hoax!"

He then transforms into a ghost and says, "Thank you for flying Air-Evil-Plot."

He then flies back to the plane, laughing. The plane stops falling and flies away.

I quickly locate a clearing and sets my mom on the ground and lands next to her.

She turns to me and before I could get a word out, she yells, "Where is my boy! Take me to him! He better not still be on that plane."

"I, uh, I–" I so eloquently say, rubbing the back on my neck.

She pulls out a Ecto-Gun.

"Well you see, um…" I try to find think of a way out of this.

"Phantom," she warned. At least she got the name right.

"He is safe?" it came out as more of a question.

The Ecto-Gun, whines, indicating that it is charging up.

I sigh. Might as well get this over with.

"Please don't hate me." I managed to whisper.

Mom looks confused.

I closed my eyes and summon the white rings again and let them travel across my body. My Black jumpsuit turns into my blue jeans and my white shirt whit red edges and a red oval in the middle of my chest. My white boots become red and white shoes. My snow white hair turns raven black. Opening my eyes reveal that my neon green becomes icy blue.

Mom gasped, dropping the Ecto-Gun. She is staring at me as if I just grown an extra head. Wait, the extra head was a couple hours ago.

"Danny?" she managed to choke out.

"Hi mom." I nervously laugh, rubbing the back of my neck.

Here we go.

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