Chapter two

Holly had managed to get to her flat after the exhausted day and quickly ran into the shower and pulled on her clothes not caring about the fact that she was still wet from the shower and rushed to the cabinet beside her bed to get her communicator and dialled in Artemis's number as she sat on her bed.

By the fourth ring Holly began to get annoyed the eighth ring was when the call was answered on the other end but not by someone she was quite expecting.

"Hello Holly" said a surprised Butler staring at a holographic image of Holly.

Holly looked at Butler he had changed in the six years; he appeared to be far older than before she had last seen him. He seemed tired and worn out and his face was covered in wrinkles similar to that of an old man, Butler really had changed and it frightened her to see him look that way when he should only be in his forty's instead of looking like someone in his sixties.

"I can tell Holly that by the way you are looking at me, that you are shocked by my appearance".

"You could say that" replied Holly still staring.

"There is no need to worry even though I look older I am still as strong as I was before I looked like this".

"Is the reason why you look like you do because of the healing I gave you when you nearly died" asked Holly.

"Yes Holly stop worrying, Artemis was aware of the change and made me retire, he believed that I should live a normal life before I aged considerably and I found a wonderful woman that I am in love with and we plan on getting married soon" smiled Butler.

"That's wonderful; it's good to know that you are happy even though my healing has made you look older than you should. But even though it has been great speaking to you I thought it would be Artemis who would answer my call seen as he normally wears the ring" replied Holly for some reason she had a strange feeling that the moment she asked that question the friendly atmosphere would change to one of misery and bring upsetting news and she was quite right when Butler gave her a sympathetic look. She knew that he knew that she had missed Artemis and the news he was going to give Holly would upset her.

"Holly two years ago when Artemis turned seventeen strange things began to happen to him and he began to hear voices again an…."

"You mean that he was suffering from Atlantic complex again" interrupted Holly who was beginning to worry she thought he had been cured.

"No it wasn't Atlantic complex this was something else, I could tell the difference and he knew it wasn't Atlantic complex as well" explained Butler.

"But if it wasn't the complex what could be" spoke Holly more to herself than to Butler.

"If you allow me to explain without any interruptions I can then tell you what I know" replied Butler.

Holly nodded her head as an indication for Butler to continue, while she tried to come up with possibilities, Dr Argon had insisted on telling her about the disease so that if it did come back in a different form she would recognise the signs.

"Two years ago Artemis began to hear voices, voices that he didn't understand and I could tell they were hurting him but I couldn't do anything and we even got doctors to take a look but they didn't know what was wrong. Then a couple of weeks later while I was with my fiancé and we were sitting in the dining room with Juliet I heard Artemis screaming sobbed Butler.

As Butler explained what had happened to her friend Holly thought she had seen tears in his eyes and she couldn't believe it, what had happened to make even Butler cry.

"Holly it was Horrible the three of us had wondered in to see him on the floor rolling and thrashing around in pain and I have seen and heard all kinds of things but I have never seen someone in so much pain or scream so loudly" whimpered Butler. "After a while he stopped but he was unconscious and we didn't find out what had happened even after he recovered".

Holly herself felt abandoned for not being asked to help Artemis, she was his friend after all and she was also frightened by his explanation of the past events that she had not been involved in. If she had been there she could of helped Artemis and make him well instead of watching him in pain like Butler had.

"Butler why didn't you contact me, why didn't Artemis contact me asked holly furiously.

"I would have Holly but Artemis demanded that I not tell you".

"Why would he not need my help, especially after everything we have been through" mumbled Holly shaking her head.

"I'm not sure but that may have been the reason why Holly".

Holly looked up and glared at Butler "what do you mean?"

"Calm down, I did not mean what your thinking. Artemis must have had regrets of something that may have happened in the past, Artemis didn't tell me what happened but I could tell from the way he neglected to call you for two years that something did".

So thought Holly Artemis had been neglecting her for two years because of everything that had happened on the last adventures they had been on and that had been the same reason why she had not contacted him. But it still did not explain the other four years.

"Yes but Butler you explained what happened two years ago, what about the other fours years we did not speak to one another".

Butler wondered whether he should tell her and then did. She had the right to no even though Angeline had demanded that he ignore her "That's because Artemis was kidnapped".