This is a bit of a boring one.

Theme: Miscommunication

"You hungry?" Boges entered the room of the Dolphin Point mansion, where Cal was sprawled on the carpet, reading a few-days-old newspaper he had found in a recycling bin. He sat up as the smell of hot chips wafted over to him.

"Sure! Toss it here."

"What?" Boges gasped in mock horror. "Risk tossing good, hot food to you when it could spill and be wasted on the ground?" He walked over and sat down as Cal glanced down at the clean, white carpet. "I've eaten off worse."

They were only a few chips in, however, when the sound of keys jangling in the front door gave them a shock.

"I thought no one was coming here for a few days!" Cal hissed as he leapt to his feet, running into the next room to grab his back pack, leaving Boges to flounder on the floor, scurrying to collect their food.

"That's what my uncle said! It should have been safe till Saturday!"

Cal sped into the bathroom, grabbing a couple of bottles from the sink and the small towel he had placed on the rack. There was a jangling sound, and voices. He met up with Boges in one of the back corridors of the mansion.

"We need to find the back door!" he whispered, pressing a finger over his lips to warn Boges to be quiet. His friend nodded, looking nervous and clutching the bag of hot chips tightly. They crept round the corridor and emerged into a large living room, with yet another flat screen TV. "The back door is through here," Cal said, leading Boges through a couple more rooms and finally into a laundry, where a double-locked door covered with security-strength fly-screen led out into the garden. It took only a few seconds for Cal to unlock it and flee outside. He crept through the garden and sidled round the fence, noticing Boges' uncle's truck parked outside the front. Sure that the street was clear, he jogged quickly round a corner and into the quieter road beyond, stopping behind a large oak tree.

"Wow, that was close," Boges puffed as he finally caught up.

"I thought you said that I was fine to stay there till Saturday!" Cal said crossly. His heart was beating fast from the close encounter.

"That's what my uncle told me," Boges said apologetically, pulling out his phone and flicking to a text message. "See! No more cleaning till Saturday!"

Cal took a close look at the message. "You idiot!" he swore, "It says you have till Saturday to finish cleaning, and then no more after that. You could have got me caught!" He glared at his friend, who was looking red and meek.

"I'm awfully sorry Cal… I didn't mean-"

"I don't care what you mean! I-" Cal's voice cracked as he looked at his friend's bashful face. After all Boges had done for him, he couldn't bear to stay angry with him for long. "Don't worry…"

Boges still looked uncertain.

"Come on. Let's go finish those hot chips, and then try and think up some other place where I can stay…"

On a slightly irrelevant note, anyone know why they changed Boges' name from Bodhan to Bogdan (spelling?) in the TV series? I can't think of a fathomable reason why they would do that... 'May' is on tonight :P Reviews appreciated!