A Kiss Upon Thy Cheek, Or Perhaps Thy Lips

A Kate & Ziva Fanfiction by Sammy Jo

Chapter One: Meeting Her

It seemed crazy, impossible even, but Ziva swore she thought she had seen her. It couldn't have been her but she knew what she saw. The woman she saw had a sister, and Ziva knew this but didn't look much alike. In fact, she would know the difference better than most think. Director Vance had sent her back to Israel on an assignment. She would only be there for a week and for that she had been eternally grateful. That day, her life changed forever.

She was walking down the sidewalk of a bustling Tel Aviv street, about to meet up with an informant, one she had never met before and as she walked down this sidewalk she saw a woman with almost red hair with hints of her natural brown color coming her way. She had hazel eyes with scanned the area. It was obvious she was not native, and it was also obvious she had knowledge of how the Middle East is. The mysterious woman slowed considerably when she saw Ziva.

Ziva, puzzled, stopped and looked at the woman who had stopped when she got to her.

"You must be Agent David." The woman said, her voice seemingly melodious.

Ziva simply nodded.

"Well," She paused to clear her throat a moment. "it is nice to meet you."

The seemingly nameless woman grinned to Ziva and kept a folder concealed in her large purse.

"I take it that is for me." Ziva observed, gesturing towards the folder.

The woman nodded. Ziva tilted her head a bit. She was so familiar and the question came into her head. It was that very answer to the question which frightened her.

"Oh, um, pardon me for asking but what is your name?" Ziva asked, her accent thickening slightly as a little dust blew in the dry Israeli winds.

"Caitlin… Caitlin Todd." She introduced, outstretching her hand.

Ziva then knew this mission was not all Vance had previously said it was. Ziva shook her head slightly, as if in some sort of denial. Caitlin, also known as Kate tilted her head a bit, analyzing the woman before her. She seemed confused but Kate had no idea why. She didn't know that Ziva was affiliated with NCIS, she thought Ziva was still in the Mossad.

"Are you all right?" Kate asked.

"No, it can't be." Ziva said, seeming in denial. She shook her head, looking Kate up and down. Different hair, but same person; but the sheer fact that Kate was still alive was utterly impossible.

"What can't be, David?" Kate asked, looking at the agent closely.

"You're the Caitlin Todd?" Ziva asked, making sure of it.

"Um, I am sure I am Caitlin Todd, but as for the Caitlin Todd… I do not know what you are saying."

Now it was Caitlin who was confused. She led Ziva over to an outdoor table in front of a café in Tel Aviv. Kate looked closely at the Israeli agent.

"What do you know about me?"

"You used to work… for NCIS." Ziva said, sounding more like a question.

Kate's jaw practically hit the desert earth when Ziva uttered those words.

"How do you know about that?" Kate asked in exclamation.

Ziva looked into the older woman's captivating hazel eyes. She pulled out her badge and ID.

"I work with NCIS." She said, showing her credentials.

Kate was utterly baffled by this. She scrutinized them closely before looking to Ziva's mocha eyes.

"I had no idea."

"Yeah," Ziva spoke. "Well, I was unaware that you were still alive."

Ziva's retort stung Kate a bit. She seemed angry and to Kate she had every right to be. Ziva shook her head.

"I killed my own…" Ziva sighed and shook her head. "Forget it. Just… what do you have for me?"

Kate furrowed her eyebrows a bit.

"What were you going to say, Ziva?" Kate asked.

"I said to forget it. It is not important." Ziva said with an emotionless face. "Give me the information so I can leave. Now!"

The stern-voiced Israeli frightened Caitlin a bit. She pulled out the folder.

"Can you promise me just one thing?" Kate asked.

"Do not worry, Caitlin. You're secret is safe with me." Ziva said. Her voice seemed venomous. Every word hurt more than the last.

"Th-thank you." Kate stuttered.

Ziva opened the file. She then saw all of Kate's information.

"It appears you will not be getting rid of me that easily." She said, her eyes going down to the tiled table.