A/N: This is my very first Iron Fey fanfiction. Yes, I am writing one, despite by hectic schedule with anime (!). So, here are the expected questions the story would centralize on:

What if Meghan Chase decided to live her life as a human while being pregnant with Ash's only son after running away from the Unseelie court?

What if, by chance, Meghan kept this tiny secret, ran away just like her mother did?

Summary: Meghan Chase knew that in order to keep her unborn child away from Them, she must make a choice. Should she reveal, or should she hide? More on the point of view of the son, btw.

Zero: Disclaimer is she doesn't own anything but the character Alexius Fulgoris (and quite frankly, the name sounds weird).

Me: No one asked your opinion.

Chapter 01: Son of Summer and Winter

She ran and ran with Puck right behind her.

"A little more, Meg," Puck heaved her up from the icy cold steps of Tir Na Nog. "Just a little bit more, princess. I'll open a passage for you to go."

With one final struggle, she went pass through the maze and emerged anew. Puck's brown hair was swept behind him as they sped up, him carrying Meghan carefully on both arms as they made their escape away from the land of the Fey.

They found themselves in Brooklyn, where they decided to settle down. Finding a place to hide was the hardest part. Puck did all he can and found them an apartment to stay in. That's when the trouble began.

"Puck," she yelled in agony. "It's...it's...Puck, it hurts!"

"Push, Meghan, push! Come on," he guided her. Slowly, a child of both eh Seelie and Unseelie court was born, with silvery eyes and blond hair.

Her blond hair lay scattered around her like a crown of light illuminating her fair beauty, Meghan Chase was asleep on her bed at six in the morning as the rain continued to pitter-patter through the windows at Forks. Her body was so still, she was like a log sleeping in until two footsteps come bounding in.

"Mom, mom, you've got to wake up!" the fifteen-year-old bounded up and down. "I'm gonna be late for school and I can't miss the chance today! I have to make myself look smart."

"Alexius, dear, it's still six," Meghan moaned.

"All the better to prepare," Alexius grinned.

Life had been hard on Meghan. At eighteen, a single parent with no money and no job, Robin Goodfellow, who resumed using his human name, Robbie Goodfell, became the surrogate father. He supported them and gave them everything they needed, but it wasn't fair for her. In doing so, she looked for a job and became a flower vendor, helping out at a small shop and earning enough income for the rent and for their other wants and needs.

At first, it was hard raising a child with a face of a saint but a temper of an ogre. It was no wonder to her that he inherited his father's attitude. Yet, his ecstatic front for whatever he does sure comes from her.

Slowly, they were able to make it big with Puck helping on the sidelines. They were able to buy a car and a house big enough for them, including 'Robbie' whenever he comes to stay.

As she drove Alexius to Forks High, the snow began to fall, just as often as it did that reminded her of him so much.

"Now, you remember what I said," Meghan warned her hard-headed son. "No trekking at Seattle."

Alexius rolled his eyes, "It's not like I'm going to get in trouble for doing so anyways."

"Now, now," she warningly stared at him as she patted and messed his head.

Alexius took off from the car and gave her a wave as he moved with his friends through the place.

"You sure she's your mom, Alex?" one of his friends would always ask. "She looks too young."

All his life, Alexius Fulgoris Chase had been hearing the same comments from people all over the place. He should get used to it, but seeing how people try to hit on his mom ignites more of his ire. It doesn't help the fact that his mother is too nice to care, or, more to his word, broken deep inside.

As he settled down in his seat beside a girl he admires, he listened meticulously to his teachers as each and every lesson passed without much work needed. Being him, he doesn't need to listen to a single lecture. It all comes to him naturally, like how a sponge absorbs water as he ignored little pixies flying about him literally.

"Hey, Alexius," a girl beside him whispered.

His heart skipped a beat and he turned to his crush.

She let him see her notebook and she spoke nervously, "What is the answer to this? I can't understand?"

Alexius, feeling triumphant, whispered back the proper equation.

At the end of the lessons, he walked out of the room, carrying his things and placing on his headset, listening to whatever he felt like listening to as he walked pass several signposts and several familiar faces.

"Damn it," he cussed. "The same faces every day."

Forks was indeed a small town, and seeing the girl he likes meeting with another guy really made his day worse.

Passing by a familiar road towards his house, his eyes spotted a familiar entity with very angled ears.

Alexius shook his head and went on.

Ever since as a child, he could see things that a normal person could not. Ghosts, pixies, elves and dwarfs, you name them, he sees them. He, one day at the age of a curious seven-year-old, asked his mother about his queerness, and, all his mother could say, "You're special, sweet heart. That's all you have to know."

But, it did not take that long for him to eavesdrop on his mother and dear Uncle Robbie on one occasion.

"Meg, sweetheart, you can hide his Sight," his uncle suggested.

His mother ran slim fingers through her hair as she replied softly, "I can't do that, Puck. I don't want him to become what I have become. It is better for him to See. With his eyes, he might find a way out of the Unseelie Queen's wrath one day."

Since then, Alexius vowed to keep his sight a secret. They moved from Brooklyn to Forks and at one time, considered moving again due to Meghan's fear.

As he continued walking through the snowy area, a loud crash could be heard. He turned his eyes towards his house and rushed onwards, his shoes making loud crunches as he made his way through the snow.

"Mom? Mom! Mom, are you in there?" he yelled as he banged through the door.

"Alexius, don't come in here!" Meghan yelled.

Being hard-headed as he was, he rushed towards the living room, and a beautiful sight lay before him. A woman with hair as dark as the night and skin as pale as the moonbeam, stood, pointing a finger with very long, painted nails. Her deep red lips were puckered and her cold, black eyes stared from Alexius to Meghan.

Meghan, on the other hand, was cornered at the wall, looking all worried and frightened.

"Alexius," Meghan whispered out loud, "Run."

Alexius, feeling too smart for his own good, replied, "I'm not leaving you, mom. There's no way in hell am I going." He won't leave unless he sees his mother well and alive.

"Yes," the woman said in a chilling yet enticing voice. "Run, little boy, and your dear mother here would die, you little fourth of a Fey."


"Look, woman," Alexius said, exasperated, "I don't care who you are or what you are. That's my mother you're trying to harm, and as far as I'm concerned, isn't it quite rude to intrude through another person's house without being invited? I should get the police for this."

The woman gritted her teeth, "You insolent little redcap! Do you know who you're talking to?"

"No," Alexius glared, "but, do you know who you're talking to?"

Icicles instantly began to rise from the floor. Alexius, who was stunned and couldn't really move, used his arms to shield himself, and a web of ice slowly formed to protect him.

"Impossible," the woman said.

Once again, the woman sent more icicles towards Alexius, but this time, Alexius swerved away and wood began to shield him from the ice at his command. His eyes widened in awe, and he felt a surge of warmth and chill running through his body.

"No," the woman yelled and turned to Meghan. "He can't be..."and then, she vanished.

Meghan walked forward from her area and said, "Yes, your son's son." She turned to Alexius, who was staring at the spot where the woman once stood. "Alexius, are you alright?" she tried to place a hand on his shoulder, but he shrugged it off roughly with glaring eyes. Meghan, taken aback, looked at his son's expression but couldn't help see her beloved with different hair.

"No more riddles, mom," Alexius said. "I'm pissed as it is and it won't help if you won't tell me your side of the story."

Alexius, expecting his mother to refuse, sighed contentedly, surprising him as she said, "If that's what you want to do, wouldn't it be better to have a cup of tea before we start?"

Meghan moved towards the kitchen and started getting tea bags. She placed hot water from the water dispenser and placed it on the somehow ruined table of the living room and gestured Alexius to sit.

Alexius sat down stiffly, and Meghan began the tale of how her younger brother was kidnapped, how she rushed head on with his Uncle Robbie towards the Seelie court and met the king, who is his grandfather, how she made a pack with the prince of the Unseelie court to help her in exchange for her capture and how she fell in love with him, and him with her.

As Alexius listened, new things dawned upon him. He was a descendant from a long line of royals, and that his mother, her powers sealed and her love for her unborn child, shouldered every hardship without even showing it.

To show his concern, he embraced his mother gently and muttered, "I'm so sorry, mom. I should have known. Now, we have to move again because she found us now."

"Alexius," his mother sniffed as tears streamed down her eyes, "I'm so sorry."

Meghan started to dial Robbie's number and he came to them in the instant. They went up and down the house and took whatever they could with them. Rushing towards the car, Robbie took the driver's seat and was making small talks.

"So, little Al finally knows," he grinned.

"Not helping, uncle," Alexius sighed.

"Oh, come off it," Robbie said. "You've got awesome powers from both worlds, you're a prince and Queen Mab is actually trying to mob you two. One happy little family."

"Puck, shut up," Meghan grimaced.

"Got it, princess," Robbie replied as he stepped for it.

They made a turn on one of the forest areas.

Alexius felt queasy. There was something about the place that made him feel off. Following that hunch, he yelled and made towards the steering wheel, "Uncle, swerve!"

Somehow through the snow, a person with a long cape somehow popped out of nowhere and the car indeed swerved and crashed against a tree. Alexius was thrown out of the car through the windshield and was profusely bleeding on the head.

"Alexius," Meghan grimaced as she struggled through the car. She stumbled slowly, her leg broken and wounded, but she kept up the fight. She made her way through the area as quick as she could. She crawled and finally reached her son. Painfully, she wiped Alexius' wound and she found herself crying.

"Alexius don't die," she begged out loud. "Come on, dear. Fight for your life. Mommy here needs you." She took Alexius' head to her chest and started to breathe heavily.


Meghan felt the movement kick in and she glanced down. Alexius was smiling and was saying in his famous complaining voice, "Can't breathe. My oxygen is decreasing and my platelets aren't much helping the situation as I bleed."

"Alexius!" Meghan exclaimed, taking her son into her arms.

"Mom," Alexius sat and looked at his mother.

The cape figure was nearly forgotten until he walked up towards the two. He has the most familiar eyes Alexius has ever seen and his face was also so strikingly familiar...

Robbie instantly was in front of the two, shielding them from the caped man.

"It's been a while, your highness," Robbie said in a care-free tone.

"I came here for Meghan," the man said in deep voice.

"Mom," Alexius whispered with panic, "who is he?"

"He's your father," Meghan whispered back, looking wary.

Alexius stared. No wonder. He had seen him a long time ago while playing in the forests his mother forbade him to play and his eyes were his, even the face. Only the hair seemed to make him look different, and somehow, he inherited his mother's baby face that made her so beautiful.

The man tried to move pass Robbie, but Robbie parried him with a dagger.

"I can't let you do that," Robbie smiled. "The princess is under my protection, and you have to get pass me to have her."

"Uncle, where did you get that weapon?" Alexius asked with awe in his voice.

"Uncle?" the man stared at Alexius.

Alexius kept his gaze upon the man and helped his mother up slowly.

"Ouch!" Meghan yelled, feeling the pain of her leg.

Alexius used all of his strength and carried his mother in a bridal style. The man, who kept his eyes on them, said, "Give her to me."

"My mother is not an object you could demand," Alexius hissed, feeling a lump in his throat that begged to be set free.

"Ash," Meghan panted, "why are you here?"

The man, who was called Ash, replied, "I came here for you. You've run away long enough. Somehow, you look older."

Robbie rolled his eyes, saying, "Well time does run differently here in the human world, your stupidness."

Ash took out a sword that Alexius had just noticed that had been at his side the entire time. He was aiming for Robbie, but Robbie himself was quick at evading such an attack. It felt to Alexius that his uncle was playing with the man.

This man is dangerous...

"Alexius, it's alright," Meghan said, burying her face in his chest.

Ash turned to Alexius and pointed his weapon at him and said, "You called her mother. Who are you?"

Before Alexius could open his mouth, Meghan spoke, "Alexius Fulgoris Chase Tallyn. Yes, Ash," she continued to heave a breath at Ash's expression of surprise, "he's the secret child I've been trying to hide from the Unseelie court for years, fearing that you'll kill him for sharing the power of both Summer and Winter. I can't have that."

"Meg," Robbie stared.

She shook her head, saying, "Puck, I release you from your service."

Just as that, he vanished in a swirl of leaves.

"Uncle Robbie!" Alexius yelled.

As he stood there with his mother in his arms, gazing at the disappeared person's space, Ash stepped forward and took Meghan from his arms.

"Hey, what are you doing?" he asked, irritated.

"If you want your mother, come and follow me."

Alexius scratched his head, took his own bag, annoyed and followed the man into a passage that wasn't there before. When he entered, he noticed that it went even colder than before. The trees were all crystallized in icicles and the floor was somehow even more slippery.

"Where are we? Iceland?" Alexius tried to joke around.

"Tir Na Nog," Ash replied.

... Okay, whatever.

As they walked, Alexius found it hard avoiding the slippery area and trying to stay alive. It was his first time in the new world of Faeries, and he was not sure that he and his mother were welcome to stay.

"Alexius, is it?"

He looked up at how Ash called his name and felt queer at how the man seemed to address him with some affection.

"If you're my son," Ash went on, "tell me, have you been able to use any of your abilities without knowing of it?" He looked sideways at Alexius, who kept on tripping on one branch after another.

"Um," Alexius tried to whack his brains and came up with nothing...but what happened at their house in Forks. "Yeah," he said finally, "guess so."

Ash gave him a nod and said, "You truly are then. I thought it was a lie, but..."