For those who still haven't noticed, this is a multi-chaptered fanfiction full of snippets of Kaname and Zero with the boss-and-personal-assistant plot line.

Kaname Kuran hated mornings. He hated the stupid sunlight and the chirping of the birds. He also hated being interrupted into his slumber by other people.

"-ke up." The voice was loud, and it irritated him to no end. But it sounded familiar to his ears.

"Boss, wake-up."

Kaname's theory of an irritating voice flew right out the window. No way is Zero's voice irritating. It was just the volume, but not his personal assistant's voice.

An annoyed growl emits out of Zero's mouth, and he considers doing the old-fashioned 'water bucket waking up technique'. He continued on shaking Kaname, not caring if the brunette is shrugging his shoulder in protest.

"Wake-up!" Zero screams, pulling the covers away from Kaname. The brunette hisses when the coldness of the air conditioner hits him. He finally opens his eyes. Kaname yawns while rubbing the sleepiness away from his eyes, "Why do I owe you the pleasure of waking me up?"

Zero scowls at the other, "You are the idiot who has a meeting in Venice. So stand up and let's go! I wouldn't want the plane to leave us!" Kaname smiles, "I don't think the plane would. Remember that I own said plane."

Zero rolls his eyes before handing the other black slacks and a button-down polo, "Here. Take a bath and please do hurry up." Kaname smirks as he eyes the clothes, "What, no underwear?" Zero sighs in exasperation before exiting the room, "Hurry up, damn it!"

Kaname chuckles when he saw Zero blush. The door to his bedroom slams shut, and Kaname finally stood-up to take a bath.

In the plane, Kaname watches as Zero types in lightning speed on his macbook. Thanks to Kaname's great intelligence, the jet has its own wi-fi network. Zero didn't even flinch from Kaname's gaze, which made the brunette even more gleeful to annoy the other.

Kaname pulls on Senri's slacks like a child, and says, "Senri, give me my Ray Bans."

"Aviator or Wayfarers?" Senri asks. Kaname scowls at the question, "Wayfarers." The other nods, and after a few seconds, Senri hands Kaname his shades and continued on standing on his side. Kaname waves him off with his hand, and Senri nods before going to his own seat, putting his headphones on his ears and closing his eyes.

Zero remained silent, and the only sound that can be heard is his fingers, cut girlishly if anyone actually looks, hitting the keyboard. Kaname smiles deviously and puts his wayfarers over his crimson-colored eyes. Zero didn't even looked up at his boss as Kaname combs his hair back with his hand and smiles smugly as if there are paparazzi snapping pictures of him.

"Hey, Zero." He says. As usual, he is ignored. Apparently, Kaname is more encouraged when rejected. "Zero." He tried again. This time, extending his right leg to nudge Zero's foot. Rejected again.

Kaname smiles to himself, knowing that it will fail anyway. But of course, he has another plan up his sleeve. He began tapping on the arm rest to a beat that he knows so well.

"I got ray ban vision, these ain't no prescriptions. I see you haters coming niggas don't think that I'm slippin. I got ray ban vision, I wear 'em when I'm whippin. I wear 'em when I'm fucking all my women think I'm trippin." Kaname sings (or raps).

He couldn't help but laughing inwardly when Zero's eyebrow twitch, but he still continued singing, "I got ray ban vision, I got ray ban vision, I got ray ban vision, I got ray ban vision, I got ray ban vision. This how I'm living, the only time I'm looking you in the eye if we doin business, I got ray ban vision."

This time, Zero stopped typing and looked up at Kaname with a glare, but he still didn't speak. Kaname grins at him innocently, opening his mouth to continue singing,

"I'm back up in this, feelin tremendous lenses darker than the tint on my benzes. I got ya bitch flippin like a gymnast. She told me take my glasses off but she looks horrendous. Caravans on my face lookin vintage, 3 pair of these bitch, cost what your rent is. Niggas wasn't wearin these, now it's a trend shit. I had my first pair of ray bans-"

Zero cuts him off by taking the magazine he placed on his lap, to protect himself from the laptop's heat, to Kaname's way. The brunette laughs, and Zero grits his teeth, "Shut up with that ghetto song or I'll throw the laptop at you!"

Kaname smirks, "Which is what I want you to do," He then moves his hand as he speaks, as if showing a presentation, "No laptop, no working. You not working, means more attention to me." Rather than getting all mushy with Kaname's last statement, it made Zero angrier.

"Sorry for working. It's just that someone decided to buy me a television set yesterday and didn't finished his work!" He exclaims. Kaname is unfazed, as always. "Well, you liked it, didn't you? It's silver like your hair."

Zero glares at his boss, but still blushed. Kaname continued smiling, and Zero shuts his eyes and counts to ten before sighing and going back to his laptop. "Just stop singing ghetto songs."

Kaname shrugs, though Zero didn't see. Kaname chuckles inwardly, finding it adorable that making Zero blush is so easy for him. Kaname sighs, and just taps on the arm rest again with a random song on his mind.

"You'd think that people would have had enough of silly love songs. But I look around me and I see it isn't so. Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs. And what's wrong with that? Id like to know, cause here I go again. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you."

Kaname happens to glance to Zero, who is actually singing with him, except that no sound comes from his mouth. Kaname smiles when he sees that Zero is also smiling.

"I can't explain the feelings plain to me, say can't you see? Ah, she gave me more, she gave it all to me. Now can't you see, what's wrong with that? I need to know, cause here I go again. I love you, I love you, Zero." Kaname stopped singing to see his assistant's reaction.

His heart thumps louder on his chest as he note Zero's appearance; cheeks flushed, fingers not drumming on the keyboard, and his amethyst eyes wide. After a minute, Zero clears his throat and resumes typing, though still blushing.

Kaname couldn't help but blushing too.

I finally got out of my Zero/Ichiru trance and found the courage and inspiration to update this story. For me, this chapter is my absolute favourite; even among the other stories I wrote. I hope you do too. I apologize for mistakes. I'm just feeling too lazy to proof read. By the way, to those who read 'The Basics Of Sex', removed it, not me.