God Eater Burst: Despaired Silence


As I hold someone in my arms crying, I see a huge, monstrous claw raised, before everything went white.

I wake up, still in the helicopter. My uniform still looks surprisingly neat after all that tossing and turning I have been doing. I sighed inwardly to myself.

"How long has it been since that day?" I wonder to myself, as I touch my throat where a bandage is still covering the gash that had been dealt there.

Taking this chance to check my stuff, I looked through everything I had brought, or rather, what they had allowed me to bring...

Let's see, one Video Camera, one video set, a silver dog tag, and finally, my magnetic sketching board. I stared at the sketch board, smiling sadly. To this day this ordinary child possession still holds countless memories.

I managed to recollect myself before I could reminisce. Now's not the time to fiddle on such things, I told myself.

"Oh good, you're awake!" I heard the pilot shouting over to me. "You can take a look through the window now!"

And there it is, Fenrir, the Organization that is dedicated to ridding the world of all Aragami. What's more, I, Shijima Akina, am going to finally become a Gods Eater that shall fight for that world.

If only I knew that what I had chose and what my future choices are would bring such an impact...


(Training Centre)

I walked into a huge metal room, because that is all there is, a metal room. There is virtually nothing there, except for that huge transparent glass casing at the top of the room and that red mechanical contraption in front of me. Looking at the casing I could already make out three people behind the glass window, and one of them is already speaking to me!

"Sorry to have kept you waiting for so long", the person in the middle apologized. "Now then, let me welcome you… to humankind's last fortress, Fenrir…

"I will now test your compatibility as a member of the Anti-Aragami Punitive Force, the God Eaters."

"Please try to relax a little. You'll get better results that way." The voice reassured me as I did nothing but stare at the man speaking. "When you're ready, go stand in front of that case in the center of the room." Following the voice's instructions, I walked to the center of this 'Training Centre'. There I was, looking at the contraption again. Though for some odd reason, it was positioned unusually, as if it was meant for 'special' people.

"It seems you notice the change." The voice spoke again, somehow seeing the slight confusion on my face. "Afterall, since you are our first left-handed God Eater, we had to make some special designs to your God Arc and the machine that carries it. But don't worry, you can still wield it normally with your left hand."

I looked down onto my left hand, clenching it into a fist before unclenching it. No turning back, I told myself as I plunge my hand into the contraption, it's now or never.

Suddenly, the machine clamps down hard on my hand, and my whole body felt like an inferno beneath my skin, so much that I closed my eyes in pain. I thought about everything that had happened to me. All the joy, the sadness, the laughter in my eyes. And finally, that time.

"Kofuku!" I silently screamed, letting all my pain rush out, before it stopped and the machine flips out. To reveal a bracelet on my left wrist with my hand holding the God Arc, MY God Arc, for the first time. I tensed as I tried carrying it with my left hand, expecting it to be heavy. Surprisingly, it was light, lighter than the time I wielded a stick as a shinai!

"Congratulations." The voice spoke again. "You are now the First of the Far East Branch's 'New-Type' God Eaters, as well as the first 'left-handed God Eater'." As he said that, I noticed an organic orb-like protrusion in the God Arc suddenly sprout out a tentacle and reach into my bracelet, tainting my hand with Oracle Cells before reverting back to a normal human hand. Feeling that it wasn't important now, I ignored it.

I decided to give a few basic kendo swings with it. Step forward, Raise sword above head, Descend sword in front of body, step back, Raise sword above head, Descend sword in front of body, Repeat 4 times.

"I can see you have decent practise over some martial art forms." The voice thought aloud, impressed with my skill. "But we will get to that later. Now then.. I'd like you to wait in the room beyond that door… Don't hesitate to let someone know right away if you start feeling unwell. I've high hopes for you!" After that, I walked to the door, and beyond it, my new life.


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