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God Eater Burst: Despaired Silence

Chapter 4

(-Anagura – Rookies' Quarters-)

Wow. I really didn't expect them to arrive so fast with the packages. Seeing this, I e-mailed the delivery service on the drop-off point. There is so much to do right now. Hopefully, no one would come into my room while I check my order.

(-The next day-)

I didn't really have much to do today, so I just spent some time looking at more weapon parts for my God Arc. However, I realised I was short on materials so I resorted to just taking a walk. As I exited my room, I heard a loud crack, like something being opened, coming from my right; Daisuke's room.

Well, looks like it's time for some investigation… I thought of knocking until I realised that the door wasn't locked properly. I sighed. Daisuke, if you want to hide something, at least be more discreet about it by locking your door. Then again, I'm one to talk. What to do?


I opened the crates I received. Wow, getting them early in the morning into my room from the Den Gate was not easy. It was a good thing I asked for a crowbar though. As I opened one of them, I found my package. Corn, Granola, Medicine, it's all here! Now I just need to sign my name and-

"Quite a stash you've got here, huh?" I jumped up in surprise from the magnetic board in front of my face.

"Aki!" I started after I had calmed down. "At least tell me you're here!" She pointed to her throat where the bandage is with a 'And how am I supposed to do that?' face. Noticing my mistake, I apologised.

"You're forgiven," she shows me before erasing and writing again. "Now, care to explain this?" She looked at the crates to state her point. Fortunately, no one else was out right now, so I told her that I will explain after she has locked the door. The door now locked, I calmed myself before looking at Akina in the eyes.

"This is a rather tough subject for me, so please bear with me when it becomes somewhat long." I began. She wrote saying that it was okay, and that she loved long stories. Well, here goes…

"My name is Daisuke Muller Imahara. I'm half Japanese and half German. Before I joined Fenrir, I was a 12 year old boy who found himself lost in an abandoned church. And I didn't just lose my way back home, I had also lost my purpose in life.

"However, as I wandered aimlessly, I came across a boy who was also wandering that church. He looked weak, abandoned, and had nothing but the clothes on his back. I did not know what happened to him, but suddenly, I felt myself find a reason to live again. Deciding to take the boy in, I made the abandoned church my impromptu shelter. Along the way, I found more children who were abandoned. Taking them in, my shelter became a makeshift orphanage.

"I then took up jobs, usually those that are part of delivery services or managing of supplies, just to earn money to buy food for the orphans. I would usually try to give the fresher and cleaner ones to the orphans so that they wouldn't get stomachaches. It didn't matter when I didn't have much to eat, just seeing their smiling faces was all I needed to go through the day.

"The day after my 19th birthday, there were two men in white coats and God Arc Braces outside my makeshift orphanage. I could tell they worked for Fenrir, so I asked them for their intentions. It seemed that they didn't mean any harm, but they found out I had a good compatibility as a God Eater after an annual health checkup in the city. At first, I refused, not wanting to leave the children behind to fend for themselves. However, after some explaining on their part, I agreed into joining Fenrir, on one condition: That I get to send supplies for the orphans and that a space in the Outer Ghetto can be used to build an Orphanage to house them. With that considered, I joined them after putting the eldest orphan in charge of the rest while I'm away.

"Ever since then, I have been using the money I have been collecting on missions to buy all these supplies for the orphans."

As I look at Akina, who had a look of understanding, her eyes were full of well-hidden sorrow and slight envy.

"I see, thank you." she wrote before writing again. "You know what, how about I help you pack this stuff? It looks like too much for one to handle himself."

I chuckled at her thoughtfulness. "Sure, why not?" I told her to take care of the food supplies while I take care of the medicine. As I finished packing the antibiotics, I realised there are a few questions I wanted to ask Akina as well.

"By the way," I started. "Mind if I ask a question of my own?" She bent her head to the left a bit, gesturing for me to ask away.

"Okay, well," I thought about which question to ask. "Your eyes are green right?" She nodded her head.

"In that case, when you faced that Gboro-gboro last mission, why were they yellow?" She perked up a bit before reaching for her magnetic sketchboard and write.

"Well, my eyes are green, yes. However, if you look at it at under certain angles and lighting, they somehow look like a glowing yellow." Huh, so that's how it is… She then put down her sketchboard to continue working.

We worked for a while before I decided to ask her something else. "By the way, you have anyone waiting for you back home?" Suddenly, she froze, like she saw a ghost from her own nightmare. It took a long while for her to regain her bearings before she slowly picked up her magnetic sketchboard and showed what she wrote on it.

"I'm sorry, but I'd rather we don't talk about that…" As she showed me this, her eyes suddenly changed to a glowing yellow. And with her fake smile trying to mask some sort of sadness, I decided that it was best that I don't ask that question again. After what seemed like an hour, we managed to pack everything for postage. Now, how do we get these to the hangar bay without anyone looking?

(-The next day-)

"That will be 2000 fc, sir." the delivery man stated the cost before Daisuke transferred the fc (which are short for Fenrir Credits) to the guy's account. As we watched them head out with the supplies that Daisuke and I had packed and sent to the Hangar Bay at night time, I can't help but look at Daisuke in a new light. Of all the people I have to be jealous about, he is the one I feel the most envious for. He has something that I used to have, something that is long gone now. I shake my head to banish the ghosts of the pasts that I have kept hidden for so long. Now is not the time.

As we walk back to the Den Gate, Daisuke thanked me for helping him through this recent trouble. Waving my hand as a 'no problem' gesture, he suddenly perked up and glanced at me enthusiastically.

"That reminds me! If there is ever a time, how about we go to the Orphanage together once it's finished?" he asked me. "Knowing you, I'm sure the children there would like you a lot!" I was pleasantly surprised by his offer. It took me quite a while to think of anything to 'say' before I took out my sketchboard.

"Yes, if-" I erased what I just wrote before I wrote again. "No, WHEN we get that vacation, I'll come with you…" Daisuke looked pleased with my answer, nodding his head as we went back to our routine Aragami slaying.


Apparently both Daisuke and I have forgotten that there was another Aragami 101 Lecture today. Fortunately, we managed to arrive at Dr. Sakaki's lab once Hibari told us about it.

"Well, I would have usually expected Kota to be late, " the Doctor told us as we went into his lab just as the lecture started. "But for him to be early and you two being late is a huge surprise." Forgiving us, we sat down onto the benches as we continue our day with another Aragami 101 Lecture.

"Have you ever heard the term 'arcology'? Arcology means, 'a building completely self-contained and self-sufficient in production and consumption'. Yep, that's right, this Fenrir branch, with the Den at its centre, can be thought of as a type of arcology. To put it in extreme terms, with the exception of a certain branch, should the entire Fenrir Corp. collapse, this one remaining branch will be able live on exactly as it did before, by taking full care of production and consumption all on its own. The Den has a fully equipped plant below for producing food, God Arc, and various materials." I raised my hand to ask him a question.

"Fire away, Aki."

"That is also where our clothes and God Arc weapon parts are made right?" I wrote.

"Yes that is correct." I wrote down another question before showing him.

"Then how are our clothes and items we make transferred to our rooms once you make them?"

"Very good question Akina." Dr. Sakaki responded before answering. "At first, during the first days of Fenrir Corp. we used postmen to deliver the items to our fellow God Eaters. Now with the new transport and delivery systems, we have managed to cut down on simple manpower in that aspect so that they can be delivered into your room. Like how you have experienced from your new clothes."

He then continued the lecture. "The Den also boasts a solid, defensive capacity, with an Anti-Aragami Wall along its perimeter, not to mention you top-notch God Eaters, among other things. That's the Fenrir Branch in a nutshell, a highly advanced arcology project optimized to protect humankind. But there's still one issue that plagues us, it can only house a limited amount of people at any given time. As I'm sure you all know, there has been, for some time, a vast Outer Ghetto surrounding the Far East Branch. But, the fact is, we still don't have the space available to house them all here. I'm afraid the best we can do at this time is too surround the Outer Ghetto with an Anti-Aragami Armored Wall."

"But do you think that's enough?" Kota suddenly asked, surprising me that he was actually paying attention. "I hear the armor has been compromised a lot lately."

"Well, that's why we have the God Eater Defense Unit posted there…" he answered ntil he clears his throat. "Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot your family lives in the Outer Ghetto. Forgive me for sounding so flippant." I looked at Kota in surprise. I didn't know he had a family there. No wonder he sounded worried. Then, my surprise turns into sadness. Family, huh? Wonder how long has it been since I had one…

"Oh, no, I just-" Kota said before Dr. Sakaki interrupted.

"Actually, there was another plan to extend the Den downward and build another Inner Residential Section…"

"But the Aegis Project improved on that plan and made it even safer, right?" Kota asked.

"…yes." Dr. Sakaki answered, sounding oddly distant. "At this time, most of the resources from the Far East Branch's underground plant are being allocated to Aegis Construction. Why don't we talk about that another time?" And with that, the Aragami Lecture ended, on a somewhat strange note on my part.

(-Sunken Grid-)


(God Arc: Voltaic Chainsaw – Quick Buckler – Ibaraki Bow)

After long minutes of inactivity, Daisuke and I were bored. So we took a mission that involved one Gboro-gboro and two Ogretails. After taking part in a few other missions, I had enough credits to make another blade: The Voltaic Chainsaw, as well as another shield. It looks a lot like Lindow's weapon of choice, as far as the 'chainsaw' part goes…

Touching down, Daisuke and I spread out to search for any Aragami that we come across. As I went my way, I took in a few special treasures that I managed to come across. So far, I have collected one Herb Case, an Old Uniform, and a Medical Kit. Wow, looks I can trade these for some very good materials/items. As I wander around, I can't help but notice a very good piece of scenery at the Sunken Grid. Despite how ruined this power plant is, a tree still grows proudly in the centre of a well. I felt awestruck by its beauty, so moving closer, I took a picture of it. Satisfied, I pocketed my camera back in my bag-

(-God Eater OST: Flame Dance-)

'Oh no,' I thought as I grabbed the sneaky Ogretail behind me with my God Arc's Predator Form. 'Don't you go all MGS on me, buster.' Grabbing it with both hands, I spun around and threw the Ogretail outside the well, letting it crash against the wall, and gaining a Burst Mode.

Rushing towards it, I dodged its 3-Way Spike before slashing it upwards followed by an Impulse Edge, knocking it back. Before I could slash it again, it leapfrogged right over me. Gotta hand it to the guy, he's quite agile. Moving to a tail swipe, blocked it before moving in to trap the Aragami between my blade and the wall. I then blasted it with point-blank Impulse Edge while doing so, ending its life.

With that, I devoured its core as I tried to cover my increasing regret.

(-End Song-)

As I started to look for another Aragami, I heard Daisuke calling out to me. Looks like both of us had killed the Ogretails, but neither of us had found a Gboro-gboro. As we were discussing, I suddenly thought of a good plan while thinking back to the tree.

"Ne, Daisuke. Since there is a tree here, it probably has roots that are going right underwater."

"Yeah, that would mean the Gboro-gboro is probably feasting at its roots." He followed my train of thought. "How do we get it out though?" Suddenly, a mischevious thought occurred to me as I looked towards the water. Gesturing for Daisuke to stay close to me, I let the blades of my Voltaic Chainsaw spin before simply dipping my God Arc into the water.

The result being, the whole well, lit up with thousands of sparks before an electrocuted Gboro-gboro leapt out of the water and shook itself, trying to shake off the pain its feeling before it glared angrily at us roared in rage.

"I… can't believe that actually worked…" Daisuke could only say before he shook his head and readied his God Arc.

(-Play Reach Out to the Truth-)

"Yoshi." He suddenly said before shouting out what seems like a catchphrase. "Let's finish this mission, pronto!"

Figured I should use one too, I decided to use Kamen Rider Accel's.

'Saa, furikiru ze!' I thought before we both rushed to the Aragami. Using the same strategy as the last one, it tried to bite us. Daisuke blocked it with his shield while I somersaulted over it, changing my God Arc into Gun Mode and unleashing a hail of shotgun-style spark bullets upon it as I sailed through the air.

Deciding to use a stun grenade, Daisuke threw it at the Gboro-gboro, blinding it momentarily. With that, we both drew our God Arcs and devoured it, gaining a Burst Mode. However, Daisuke's seemed different. His Predator Form simply dug into the Gboro-gboro before he sliced its insides like a pair of scissors before dragging it out in three segments.

Well, whatever it did, it sure hurt the Gboro-gboro enough to send it packing. Knowing that we won't be able to catch it at this rate, Daisuke switched to Gun Mode and let SparkForks rain down on the Aragami, halting its movements. Enraged, it looked at us and fired its 3-Way Drop. We simply blocked those shots and charged towards the Aragami as the Gboro-gboro made its way towards us.

Starting off with a bite, which we blocked with our shields, the Gboro-gboro then proceeded to use its claw swipes to try and get us. Finishing its move, we went in for the offensive. Daisuke jumped before throwing his God Arc into the Gboro-gboro's lower jaw, reaching out, he pressed his weapon down and pulled it out from the Aragami with a great cleave, breaking the Fangs in the process. Not wanting to be left out, I passed an A-Bullet to Daisuke, putting him into Link Burst. With that, he fired a Condensed 3-Way Drop to the Aragami's face, breaking the Back Fin in the process.

Unfortunately, since he did it in point-blank range, the resulting explosion sent him flying through the air above me. Guess I should do this then. I knew my first hissatsu attack would not work on him. I already ran out of A-Bullets to launch him into the air. So, I set a Snare Trap on my feet, gesturing with my hand.

'Come at me, bro.' I thought with a smirk. Unfortunately, instead of having it charge towards me, it charged its cannon and aimed it at my face. Before I could think of swearing, I found myself getting blasted by highly pressurized water and landing on my back, hard. Getting up with my God Arc as a crutch, I suddenly found myself gaining a few extra bursts of power before I saw the Aragami getting hit by numerous SparkFork bullets.

"Aki! Finish it now!" Daisuke called out to me, guess its time for a new hissatsu attack. Grabbing my God Arc with both hands, I inhaled deeply, before spinning the chainsaw blades and lashing out furiously. Everywhere I cut, small amounts of blood spill out as I simply sliced any visible part of the Gboro-gboro. With one final cleave, I stopped the chainsaw's spinning blades, letting Oracle Blood fall from its edges and closed my eyes. Exhaling softly I heard the Gboro-gboro roar behind me as massive amounts of Oracle Blood spewed out from its many cuts on its body, followed by the silence and hidden sorrow of death.

This is my new hissatsu attack: Hell's Seal, Demon Engraver.

(-end song-)

Aki devoured whatever was left of the corpse as I went towards her. Looking at how bloody and mangled up it was made me think. Even though I got to know her, I'm still surprised Akina could still act cheerful even when she cause this much damage. It's like, she is hiding something.

Shaking those thoughts out, I looked at Akina, whose back was drenched with Oracle Blood. Wow, looks like she'll need to get those clothes cleaned up quick. Even as God Eaters, we still cannot run the risk of infection despite being somewhat immune. Still, there are a lot of God Eaters who never manage to follow this rule due to the obvious circumstances when facing Aragami. Besides, due to our clothes also being woven with the Bias Factor, it further reduces the risk of contamination.

…wow, that creepy doctor's lectures must be rubbing off on me, better head back quickly. I called the chopper for Aki since she wouldn't be able to speak on the phone. Then again, there's phone messaging.

(-The next day-)


Daisuke got called for another mission again (something about a Kongou and three Ogretails), and here I am in the Den in the afternoon with nothing to do. Well, I suppose I could go on some missions by myself, but I still don't know which one to choose… You know what, maybe I can get a chance to help with the Defense Squad on one of their missions!

However, I feel like talking to Licca right now. I always liked the engineer types in the mangas I had…

Moving into the Den Gate, I found Licca going through various routine tests on the God Arcs. Well, everyone needs a distraction. I pulled out one of my various sound recorders and inserted the morning greeting chip inside it before pressing it in 50% volume.

"Konichiwa gozaimasu!" the recorder sounded (using Tentemon's Japanese Voice Actor), making Licca jump a bit before calming down to pout at me.

"Aki! What did I tell you about sneaking up on me while I'm working?" Oh Licca, you have no idea how moe~ your face looks right now… Well, back to business.

"Licca, I was wondering, is there anyway you can make your own customised God Arc parts?" I asked on my sketchboard.

"Well, there is a way," she started. "However, your rank is just not high enough to do so right now, so I'm afraid you can only stick to the parts you currently have access to." Well, that clears it up on a sad note.

"In that case, can you teach me how to manage my own God Arc?" I erased before writing again. "Now that I have no missions to attend, I was thinking about spending some time doing something here…" Suddenly, she brightened up, and immediately drummed me with information on the God Arcs. Apparently, the God Arcs first started as just plain old pistols, kind of like the ones I see on average soldiers guarding the Old City back during my younger days.

Overtime, they evolved into their current Old-type Gun Mode through something similar to evolution. Wanting to find another way to cut apart the cells, they found out that lining up Oracle Cells along a blade's edge can cut up te bonds between multiple Oracle Cells. This also allows the God Arc to gain Oracle Cells from the Aragami it cuts, which is why the blade was so compatible with the God Arc. So compatible, that it birthed the Predator Form, the only thing that can extract Aragami Cores from corpses.

Along with the historical facts, Licca introduced me on some fun parts about God Arcs as well. As I went up to mine, she told me about how, like the Aragami themselves, the God Arcs are actually alive. Even now, one can see a glimpse of light coming from the eye-like protrusion on the God Arc, like a heartbeat. This also lets the God Arc have nerve endings. When I asked how they got those, Licca pondered for a while before shaking her head.

"Even now, all of us are still quite perplexed as to how those appeared. All of the Aragami God Eaters fight don't have those, despite being able to feel pain."

Proceeding with the lesson, Licca told me how to 'massage' the God Arc. Using her gloves, she lightly grabbed the handle and made a circle with her thumb around the eye-like protrusion (I think I'll call it the Arc Core). At first, things seemed well, until I realised something.

"Hold on, how are you holding my God Arc without any problems?" I wrote.

"Well, engineering gloves just like the ones I'm wearing are mostly made up of the Bias Factor." Licca explained. "This helps me to do maintenance with multiple God Arcs without getting hurt by any side effects." Well, that explains everything. Wanting to give it a try, I used Licca's 'God Arc Massage' trick on my God Arc. Suddenly, I felt myself becoming even more calm while my God Arc suddenly felt lighter. In fact, my senses had cleared even more. I could even hear roaring and Daisuke's screaming – wait a minute!

Both me and Licca turned towards the scene where we saw Daisuke suddenly losing control of his God Arc. His God Arc had turned into its Predator Form all of a sudden and started thrashing at whatever it could find. Kota, Soma and Sakuya are trying to stop it, but looks like they won't be able to do it without hurting Daisuke. Even if they could do anything, those jaws looked ready to slice things up. It already sliced a random God Arc Blade in half, at least the Blade part.

"No way, this hasn't happened before…" Licca thought aloud. Darn it, if someone doesn't do anything, Daisuke's God Arc would surely…

Unless, that's it!

"Licca! Lend me your gloves!" I wrote quickly.

"Huh? But… Why-"

"Just do it!" I interrupted her. With that, she quickly removed her gloves and handed them to me reluctantly.

"I don't know what you're about to do," she warned, worried for my safety. "But don't do anything reckless…" Sorry Licca, but what I'm about to do is as reckless as it gets. After putting on the gloves, I ran to Daisuke's rampaging God Arc, despite the pleas of everyone around me asking me to stop.

The God Arc was just about to eat me until I barrel-rolled to the left, dodging the hungry jaws of death. Keeping myself in a kneeling position, I stuck out my left thumb and jabbed it right into the side of the God Arc. Suddenly, it stopped moving for a few seconds, before quickly reverting back into its Blade Mode and went crashing to the ground with a thud.

"Woah, thanks Aki." said Daisuke as I got up from the ground. From the state of the God Arc, I think it would be likely Daisuke would not be going on missions for some time. Besides, he cannot lift it for some reason… Heck, it won't even budge.

Oh well, time to head back to the Entrance and see what else to do.


After passing back Licca's gloves after that incident (I think I'll ask Sakaki about it sometime), I noticed Tatsumi talking with his team before he looked up and waved to me. Hmm, I wonder what for… As I walked down the stairs, I can't help but notice that Hibari looks slightly jealous.

"Hey Aki, my team and I were just talking about a mission and we're wondering if you could come." I asked for the mission.

"Well, we have reports of an Ogretail infestation at the Temple Ruins. However, people have been speculating a lone Kongou there." Well, since I have nothing to do right now…

"Count me in…" I started writing before re-writing again. "I'll let you know when I'm ready."

Going to the Terminal, I thought of the Kongou's good hearing from the database. Since the Chainsaw has a Noisy effect, that would be rather disadvantageous. I decided to use my upgraded Blade II instead. After some re-checks, I am finally fit to go onto this mission…

(-Temple Ruins-)

The snow still lifts my spirits as I stepped out into the cold weather. Oh Kofuku, if only you were here now…

"Aki!" Tatsumi called out. "I know the weather feels fine, but we have a mission to follow." Alright, whatever you say, Tatsumi… As we walked down the Temple Ruins, I can't help but look up to the sky. The snow is always my favorite weather. People would usually find it freezing, but for me, these temperatures are enough to soothe whatever is going through my mind. Or maybe it is the fact that I have a high metabolism that lets me give out a lot of heat…

My senses suddenly sharpened, something was amiss. Looking around, I felt my eyes focus as I took in the effects of Keen Vision 30. Just like the mission stated, I could see five Ogretails in the distance. Two were already in combat with Brendan and Kanon while the other three were moving towards the fight. Time to even the odds… Using my custom shotgun-effect bullet triSpark, I unleashed a hail of Oracle Bullets at the group of Ogretails. The Aragami, now taking notice of our prescence, charged at us. Tatsumi leapt towards them, performing a divebomb technique with his Knife II. I changed to Blade Mode as I tackled the other two.

The Ogretails I'm currently facing were still nothing but footsoldiers, so I went all out. I made a combo of sword slashes at one Ogretail before counterattacking the other one that tried to hit my back with an Impulse Edge. Then, I proceeded to continue my assault on the Ogretail, instantly killing it by eating its Core. As the other Ogretail was about to get up, I changed to Gun Mode before leaping up and jabbing the Ibaraki Bow onto the Aragami's back, emptying whatever's left of my Oracle Cells into the Aragami, killing it instantly. Devouring it, I could see that Tatsumi had already made short work of his. Before we could congratulate each other though, a Kongou's roar started sounding from Kanon and Brendan's direction.

"We better go…" I wrote to him, making Tatsumi nod before we went off towards the sound.


"I guess you will be going on your 'date' then…" noted Tsubaki, as she saw Lindow off. "Let me ask you something, what do you think of the new rookies so far…" Lindow was silent for a moment before turning his head towards her.

"Daisuke is quite high on adrenaline when battling Aragami. Guess we should hook him up with someone who could catch up to his style." commented Lindow, before suddenly putting on a concerned face. "As for Aki, she's very upbeat and happy about her own situation. However, I have an inkling feeling that this fun personality she's putting up is not her true self." He hoisted the God Arc on his shoulder as they both walked out of the lift.

"Aki's hiding something. Whatever it is, it's eating her up in the inside. If this keeps up, well… Right now, I'm just doing all I can to make sure she could cope with it." He continued before he climbed on the helicopter. "So before I leave, give Aki these. Something I ought to have given her after the first mission." After that, the helicopter hovered away, leaving Tsubaki to stare at the postcards her brother has given her.

"I can see why she would like these…" Tsubaki commented, a small smile reaching up to her face as she stared at the postcards.

(-Temple Ruins-)

Well, that Kongou was quite a hassle to deal with. It was a good thing we had Tatsumi's plan, but I still can't remember what it is… As Tatsumi and I devoured the Core, he perked up.

"By the way, someone new is going to join us at the Den." Tatsumi noted. "If I'm not wrong, she's a New Type." I smiled at that. A new member, I wonder how she would be like…

(-3rd Chapter – END-)

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