Hello everyone! Shunto speak- er typing, and I am back for the sequel of The Proposal. I promised didn't I? Anyway, I will try my best to live up to what I said in the post-script of The Proposal, and I hope it will be better than anything I could hope it to be. Now, like I promised, first chapter will be about a party celebrating the wonderful marriage of our lovely couple; Mao and Raspberyl!... or will it? So, without further ado, let us begin the sequel to my most read fanfic…

Life and Labors in Love

By Shunto

There are two paths to take when you meet a person. The coward will use his strength to hate, but the Wiseman will use his heart to love. And as the coward flees, victory but a fleeting dream, the Wiseman knows that fellow man deserves only one emotion. Not anger from the body, but love from the soul.


Mao awoke to the light blaring through the windows onto his eyes. Straining them together, he made an attempt to get up, but halted. He looked down to his waist to see his newlywed wife, Raspberyl, hugging him in a love filled embrace. Mao smiled and rubbed her hair, earning a satisfactory purr from the girl as she snuggled up closer to him. Mao decided to stay in bed a little longer, as he returned the embrace. This was his- no, their first day as husband and wife. To him, this was a dream that he hoped would never end. He closed his eyes and began to drift off into a deep sleep, hugging his wife closer as her arms moved from his waist to his chest.

Beryl was the first to get up officially. She carefully moved out of the bed, and laid her pillow carefully, so Mao wouldn't panic if he woke up later. She put her best nightgown on, and went down the stairs. The kitchen was all ready for her. Not dirty at all. Mao had taken consideration for her, not wanting there first day as newlyweds to start off with an argument. She decided to make the first breakfast of the day a romantic one. She giggled softly as she grabbed some ingredients out of the pantry and the fridge; eggs, sausage, pancake mix, juice and coffee. Oh, and French toast. The smell of all these foods would be enough to wake the dead

Mao walked downstairs to see his wife setting the table for both of them, with a candlestick in the middle. He carefully snuck up behind Beryl and slowly pulled her into a hug. "Morning, honey. Food smells great." Beryl rolled her eyes and settled in. "Well, who can complain, eh? It's not like you're a light eater. But I don't mind." Mao gave her a peck on the cheek and set the rest of the table for her. Pulling up a chair, he guided her to the seat and sat her down. He sat right beside her and they began to eat. Beryl, respectively, decided to begin the couple's meal. She used her fork to pick up half a sausage and held it out to Mao. He took a bite of it, and nodded, signaling her that it was good. Repeating her actions, he did the same thing, this time with a strawberry, which was Beryl's favorite. She took it into her mouth, swallowed it and nuzzled close to him. The eating continued the same way until both were stuffed like cows.

Mao whipped out his cell phone, and scrolled the list until he reached the wedding participants. Beryl, confused, asked him, "I deleted that sorting option. Why didn't you do it too? Something wrong?" Mao shook his head and turned to her. "Well… I've decided that we should probably celebrate this day. So, I'm planning a get-together with everyone. How's that sound?" Beryl nodded. "Sounds great! I'll go get dressed, alright…dear?" She giggled loudly and Mao, in return, laughed softly. He made several calls, in order-

Kyoko Needleworker

Asuka Cranekick

Almaz von Adamantine Aldamine-Rhodinite

Sapphire von Adamantine Aldamine-Rhondite





Etna… and so on.

After finally closing his phone, which was near dead, Raspberyl came down wearing some street clothes, which Mao had to turn away to avoid having a heat stroke from blushing. Beryl laughed hysterically, and handed him his clothes, which he calmly received. After putting them on, he pulled her face to his and, right there, nailed her with a kiss. Raspberyl, at first, tried to resist, but almost gave up immediately. They stayed like that for about a minute, until she pulled back and embraced him. "Mao… I can't tell you how much I love you. Marriage… with you… I never thought that this would happen… It's a…dream…come…true…" She never finished her sentence before she collapsed, pale as a ghost. Mao panicked, and immediately made a call for the school nurse.

Pacing around nervously, the door to the office finally opened as the nurse, a succubus, came out with several papers. Worried sick about his wife's condition, he immediately asked her a question. "Well? How is she? Is it serious?" The nurse closed her eyes, but not a worried kind of look. More of a 'congratulations' kind of look. "Well… she is running a bit of a fever, but nothing serious. And…" Mao cocked his head. "And… what?" The nurse looked up and bowed. "Well, I took a pregnancy test, and it came out positive." Mao's jaw dropped. "A-a-are you saying that she's…?" The nurse nodded. "Let's tell both of you at the same time." Opening the door, Mao walked in, and hugged his wife. After he released, the nurse bowed once again. "Congratulations Lord Mao. Congratulations Lady Raspberyl. Are you two ready to become parents?"

And that's the end of chapter one! Sorry about that party thing… I decided that this would be a little more humorous. Also, I know that this doesn't make sense, due to the fact that The Proposal ends with them just sleeping, but humor goes a long way!

Until next time! Peace!