By Shunto

Mao just couldn't get any sleep.

Four months had passed since Raspberyl's pregnancy test, and it came out positive.

3 months later, it was revealed they were twins.

Now they were due any day now, and this kept agonizing Mao day and night.

He was extremely worried about Beryl, mainly due to her, well… size, for one. If the kids were too big, she could break her lower areas. Or worse, die.

He shook that last thought out of his head, and rolled over.

5 minutes later Beryl screamed in pain. Mao leaped out of bed and ran to her side, picked her up and sprinted to the dimension guide.

The Dimension Prinny waved at Mao but fell over as Mao looked him in the face.

"Set up a coordinate axis for the hospital! Now!"\

The prinny nodded and whisked the two off towards the hospital.

It was obvious to Mao that Beryl was now ready to give birth; he dashed to the front desk and the doctor helped her to a room.

The night passed with Beryl looking at Mao with a tear filled smile as Mao gripped her hand tightly.

15 minutes later, Shikuta and Lenate were introduced to the world.

Beryl hugged them close as Mao slowly stroked their heads as he smiled at Beryl.

"You did wonderful. I'm so proud to be your husband…"

Beryl smiled.

"Yeah… twins… to call our own. Isn't that wonderful?"

Mao nodded. "Absolutely. Now, what to do with the room... You stay here and rest; I'll tell everyone the good news."

Beryl kissed him, and waved him off.

The two newborns had their umbrelical cords cut off and they kept crying.

"They're crying away the weaknesses… stronger than I ever hoped for."

She drifted off to sleep with her newborn babies and the newborns soon followed.