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George sighed as he watched his wife writhe in pain. She was six months pregnant, on bed rest and her back was pulled out something awful. He was really worried about Blanche and he honestly felt like it was hurting him worse then it was hurting her.

"Honey how are you feeling," he asked her.

"Very strongly," she groaned, "My back hurts so bad and I'm freezing."

"Sounds like you need a cup of hot coco," he said, "I'll bring it up to you"

"Thanks," she said, "and some crackers too. I'm so dangflabbitcotten sick to m'stomach. I know it will be worth it though when the baby is here. But right now I feel like I'd just been toasted dipped and turned into a pin cushion"

"Well just remember," George said, "It's for the baby. It's for Rebecca."
He smiled at her.

"You really think it's a girl," Blanche asked.

"Of course it is," George said, "You're radiating beauty which is a sign that you're carrying a girl."
He broke her the hot coco and crackers.

"Thanks George," Blanche said, "I know I'm really cranky lately and I've been talking back a lot-"

"Don't worry about it honey," he said, "Here lay down on your tummy"

"Now I enjoy that jus' as much as you do," Blanche said, "But right now I'm not in the mood for any games. If you haven't noticed about 45 pounds heavier then I normally am and very uncomfortable."

"Blanche I wasn't gonna tickle you," George said, "I just want to rub some ointment on your back so it'll stop hurting."

"Oh," she said, "Well now THAT I'm in the mood for."
She managed to get face down bed with great difficulty and his help. He carefully rubbed the ointment into his hands and started messaging it into her back. Soon the ointment began to take affect and she started feeling a lot better. Then he began to caress her back with firm steady strokes rubbing semicircles to stimulate her blood to go straight to the sore spot and start healing. then he healed her to sit up in bed.

"How's that," he asked.

"Well it's better," she said, "A lot better. Thank you George. You know I love this baby inside of me. I really do and I know when he or she comes-"


"Fine," Blanche said, "when 'she' gets here this is going to be worth it, but I tell you one thing"

"Tell me one thing," he said smiling

"This is the last time I have a baby," she said, "This pregnancy is terrible"

But she had said the same thing 4 years later when she had Janet and then 7 years later when Douglas came along. When she said it with Matthew she was right. It was her last baby. Rebecca was 12 when Matthew was born and Blanche nearly bled out so the doctors removed her uterus. Still Blanche never regretted having her children. She loved them all and she loved George.