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Arturia Shepard.

The girl who had just finished her rite of passage would be known by that name from that day on.


It was a time of chaos and war.

It began with the discovery of the relays.

A spectre believed to be incorruptible only sought to destroy with the aid of invading barbarians.


That was the beginning.

Once the Citadel was betrayed, it could not help but look for new men to replace the traitors.

The geth invasions.

Self-destructive strife between species.

A long period of war.


She was born into this period as the daughter of a captain and an admiral.

It was a long period of chaos.

The admiral had been told by a powerful asari that his child would be great and yearned for his birth.

But the child that was born was not the one the admiral desired.

The child was not a boy.

Even if the child was destined to be a soldier, he could not foresee a child that was not a boy becoming a true warrior.

The girl was entrusted to the captain and was raised as a child of an ordinary soldier.

The admiral fell into despair, but the asari was delighted.

The sex of the one who would become a true warrior had never mattered.

She believed that the fact that the girl had been separated from her father was proof that she would fight.


The girl grew up under the care of the captain, her mother.

The mother really did not care for the asari's prophecies.

She just felt an air of determination from her daughter, so she felt that she must raise her as a soldier, and she wished her to grow.

But the captain did not have to wish for such a thing, as the girl trained day after day to become stronger than everyone.

If only a soldier can save people…

The girl swore to fight for that reason alone, without ever being told so.


So the days passed by.

The girl uncovered evidence of a Spectre's betrayal and prepared to confront the Citadel Council.

She had talked with a quarian who had given her recording of Saren's true motivations.

Without hesitation, she walked by herself towards the door behind which the council waited.

"No, no. You should think things through before you go through that door."

When she turned around, before stood the most famous asari matriarch in the galaxy.

The matriarch said…

That she would no longer be human once she gave the Council the evidence.


The girl only responded with a nod.

She knew that to give the Council the evidence would make her a Spectre.

Becoming a Spectre, a true warrior, means no longer becoming human.

She was prepared for that ever since she was born.

In short, a Spectre is someone who kills everyone to protect everyone.

The young girl thought about it every night and shuddered until morning came.

No day passed that she did not fear that fact.

But the girl said that it would end this day.


The Spectre status was bequeathed as if it was something natural, and everyone in the Council room stared with awe.

In that instance, she became something not human.

The warrior's gender does not matter.

No one will care about the Spectre's appearance or even notice it if the Spectre acts like a Spectre.

Even if anybody noticed that the Spectre was female, there would be no problem if she was a good Spectre.

Perhaps because of the new resources granted to her, the girl's aging stopped at that time as well.

Many feared it as ominous, but others praised her looks as a blessing.


And thus.

The time of the Spectre who would become a legend started.

The battles of the new Spectre were indeed the acts of a god of war.

The Spectre always led from the front.

No enemies could stand in her way.

Shepard, the god of war.

There was no defeat for a body admired as a krogan in human form.

For five years and countless battles, she knew only victory.

Those were the days she ran through as a Spectre.

She never turned back and was never disgraced.

She was raised as a warrior and fulfilled her obligations as a Spectre.

Her soul must still be on the battlefield.

Before daybreak.

Resting her body in the wind under the red sky, she just gazes into the distance.

The sky is high, and the clouds are flowing fast.

Under her suit, she is looking at the great army she must face with a shotgun in her hand.


That figure is burned in and will not go away.

She and her weapon are one.

A gun which she received as a present upon becoming a Spectre.

But that gun is different from the one she uses.