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There are no stars in the center of the galaxy.

Is it day or night?

As I am watching from outside, I cannot tell.


A great ship and a vast chasm.

A ship which seems unreachable even with arms outstretched,

And a man with a gun who seems reachable with arms outstretched.


This is a battle she once went through.


There is no one alongside her.

The enemy ship, once as enormous as the eye could see, is exploding.

Under the looming orange sky, the only thing stretching out is…

The remains of battle, which she is well-accustomed to.

There is no emotion even as she runs.

For her, such a scene must have been ordinary.

There is nothing left in her lonely heart.

Cradling her rifle, she breathes deeply once and charges even faster.

The battle must be ending.

Glancing at the remains of the Collector forces, she makes the leap.

That was the battle she experienced.


The calm attitude is the same as now.

No matter what trouble she's in, she is just as I know her.


And in that way, I see the dream of a Spectre –


From the moment she gave the report on the traitor, she was not human.

After becoming a Spectre, she became a famous warrior, with many followers.

She was called Shepard, or Arturia, and the girl who had tried to become a Spectre had her life turned around.


She generally acted as a male.

That is because the soldier who fought many vicious battles and won the hearts of so many would be accepted easier if she was viewed as a male.

The only ones who knew that the Spectre was just a young girl were her mother and an asari matriarch.

She literally covered herself in armor and sealed that truth for all of her life.


Of course, it's not like no one grew suspicious of her.

But the Spectre never seemed to suffer wounds or age.

And no one dared to declare that a girl could not become a Spectre.

Therefore, no one questioned the Spectre's small body, and the face that seemed like that of a girl became honored by her companions simply as a good-looking individual.


Of course, such things were not a problem.

The Spectre was truly invincible.

There was no room for body side or looks to enter into it.

The people living in fear of alien and machine invasions wanted a powerful Spectre, and the soldiers would only follow an excellent commander.

The Spectre met all of these criteria.

And so, no one questioned who she was.

It doesn't matter if the Spectre is a child or a woman.

The only point is that she must perform her duties as "Spectre" to protect the galaxy.


The new Spectre was fair and selfless, and always in front of her companions, defeating enemies on the battlefield.

Many enemies and many people died, but the Spectre's choices were always correct and she served as a "protector" better than anyone else.

There was no doubt and no need for doubt while the Spectre was right.

Knowing no loss on the battlefield.

Her soldiers reconstructed those who had fallen, and literally ran through the battlefield defeating geth and husks and crashing through enemy barriers.

Was she always in the front of the battlefield because her companions were behind her?


She had to discard many people to join battle.

As long as she joined battle, she had to defeat all her enemies.

It was normal practice to meet military needs by sacrificing some people to protect the galaxy.

In that regard, there could not be anyone who killed more people than her.

I do not know if she ever found that a burden.

That is not something I can tell from a dream.

But there is no doubt in that figure as she runs towards the Normandy.

She does not even narrow her eyes in grief as she thinks back about her decisions


A Spectre is not human.

One cannot protect the galaxy with human emotions.

She kept that oath strictly.


She settled every problem and worked hard to help those she could.

She helped people without deviation and punished people without a single mistake.

And after ending that battle in victory, commanding her companions without any disorder, and punishing hundreds of evildoers…


"Arturia Shepard does not understand human feelings."


A soldier close to her murmured.


Perhaps everyone felt that way.

The more perfect she became as a Spectre, the more people questioned her as a protector.

A person without human emotions cannot hope to save others.

Several brave men and women left the Normandy, but the Spectre took it as a natural event and accepted it as part of her duties.

Thus, the fair Spectre honored by her men isolated herself.


But such things are of no concern to her.

Her mind will not change if she is abandoned, feared, or betrayed.

There's no right or wrong.

She abandoned her emotions the moment she stepped before the Council.


And in that way, her final battle began.

The destruction of the Collector ship resulted in a complete victory, and because of the overwhelming results, the Reapers began to delay their plans to invade.

The galaxy that would have just awaited destruction earned a brief period of peace.

The chaos that demanded an absolute hero has ended.

The galaxy is finally reaching the state she dreamed of.