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Minor spoilers for Chapter 281.




Erza doesn't understand how things lead to this.

How it is that she finds herself off of the ground, her back against something cold and hard, a wall, arms around Jellal's neck, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist and his hands strategically placed on her backside. What puzzles her even more if the feeling of his lips against the expanse of her neck, how and why they were there defying the barrier that was the collar of her black turtleneck shirt.

"Jellal." His name comes out as nothing but a pleasured whisper from her throat as his tongue darts out to sample a taste of her skin. She keens and throws her head back to bare more for him, letting him taste, kiss and bite without the slightest hint of protest and it urges him on. Makes him grow bolder and leads him to close whatever gap may have remained between them. Their bodies rub together in a desperate attempt to be closer to one another, to feel each other and be assured that what was happening was not a dream. That yes, they were indulging in a rather heated make out session under a bridge, out in the open, with Mystogan's head covering lying ignored and abandoned several feet away from her and Jellal's antics.

She can't understand how a supposed conversation about their findings about the strange magic, about how it hasn't made its presence known again, had lead to this.

The heat pooling down, somewhere in-between her thighs drove her mad with want. Jellal's actions only helped to fuel that want into an ungodly desire for release, one that she wasn't quite sure how to fulfill. She feels him shift and suddenly she is seeing stars and wants nothing more than for him to take whatever caused her to feel that and do it again. Her reaction to it was instantaneous, she bucks and moans and it is enough to put a stop to everything.

Her feet find their way back on the floor, and now she is face to face with Jellal and his dark, Spartan green eyes. It takes no less than a second for the haze of pleasure to clear away and be replaced with shock and regret.

Jellal stutters and stumbles back until his back hits the wall opposite her. He turns and hits his forehead repeatedly against the cobblestone wall, repeatedly apologizing and telling her that he didn't mean to, that he shouldn't have, that he had no right to. While he wallows in self-loathing, Erza's body still refuses to get over the daze and the feeling of him being so close. It tempts her to just reach out for him and have him continue where he left off.

This goes on for a few short moments until their breathing evens out and the shade of red marring both of their faces had thinned to a just a pinkish tint. Jellal picks up Mystogan's head covering from the floor and fists it in his hands as he crosses his arms over one another, avoiding the sight of her lest he be tempted to do indulge his body's whims again. He doesn't notice that his hair is left a tousled mess or that his expression betrays him. He wanted to keep going.

Erza recomposes herself before long. It doesn't take her more than a few seconds to iron out the wrinkles in her shirt and to push the collar of her turtleneck up back to place so that she may hide the evidence of his mouth's attention.

She decides that now would be the best time to break the silence with their real order of business.

"You don't feel the magical energy?"




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