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Chapter 11 – Home

The Anderson family rushed around their suite in preparation for their return home. Last-minute odds and ends were thrown into luggage and drawers were checked and double-checked to make sure nothing was being left behind. Saying their goodbyes to the room, they all paused at the window to take one final look at the beautiful view of the Magic Kingdom that they had enjoyed during their stay. Satisfied that they had everything together, the family left with their bags and headed to the main building of the Contemporary Resort, to check out and grab some breakfast before catching their bus to the airport.

During all this activity, Bonnie's toys slept soundly in the carry-on bag that Mrs. Anderson had carefully placed them in earlier that morning. They continued to sleep through the long wait at the airport, the three-hour flight, and the drive back to their house.

When they finally reached home later that night, the family unloaded their luggage and the bags of food they had picked up at Poultry Palace on the way and carried them inside. Bonnie and her father took her carry-on bag and suitcase back to her room, and the little girl promptly sat down and started to unpack her toys.

"C'mon, Bon Bon," Mr. Anderson tousled his daughter's hair affectionately. "Dinner's gonna get cold."

Bonnie stood, leaving the traveler toys strewn on the floor next to her luggage, and followed her father down the hall. As soon as the coast was clear, all of Bonnie's toys came to life, and everyone was eager to talk about the trip.

"So, how was it?" Trixie squealed excitedly. "Tell us everything!"

Jessie was happy to oblige. "We went to the Magic Kingdom twice, and to Epcot! There were toys comin' and goin' everywhere, and we got to go on the rides!"

"Were the rides scary?" asked Rex timidly.

"Only for Woody," Dolly teased. The cowboy turned his head at the sound of his name and twisted his face in annoyance.

'I am never gonna live this down,' he thought.

The toys were bombarded with questions about the details of their trip, and they all answered in turn, each sharing their favorite rides and experiences. They told the others of the friends they had made at the Magic Kingdom, and related their terrifying close call returning from Epcot.

"There was one more thing we did while we were there," Woody hinted slyly, giving his best friend a nudge with his elbow.

"Heh, yeah," Buzz started. But before he could make the announcement himself, Jessie grabbed his left hand and held her own up proudly.

"We got hitched!"

Surprised faces surrounded the couple as the thrilling news sunk in. One toy, however, was more astounded than the rest.

"You got MARRIED?!" Mrs. Potato Head shrieked. "Oh! How romantic! But – we missed the wedding! And you have RINGS!" She turned to her husband. "Why don't we have rings? You never gave me a ring!"

Mr. Potato rolled his eyes and walked closer to Buzz. "Welcome to married life," he quipped sarcastically, slapping the Space Ranger on the back. "My condolences."

Jessie and Buzz recounted the story of their surprise wedding, and their friends listened, enthralled. Their shower of congratulations was interrupted by the sound of footsteps in the hall, and the toys fell, inanimate, just before Bonnie and her mother entered the room.

Mrs. Anderson set a large plastic Disney World shopping bag on Bonnie's bed while the little girl pulled a nightgown out of her drawer and changed for bed.

"Here's the Mickey you picked out at the Emporium, sweetie," she said, taking out a foot-tall plush mouse and setting it on a pillow.

Bonnie stretched to peek in the bag. "Where's the set with Rapunzel and Flynn and Max?"

"It's in here, but that's for your cousin, remember? We'll give it to her when we go visit for her birthday next month."

"I know, but can I look at it sometime before we give it to her? Please?"

"We'll see," her mother chuckled. "We had lots of fun at Disney World, didn't we?" She wrapped her daughter into a warm hug.

"I did," Bonnie replied, returning the embrace. "Can I stay up with you and Daddy till midnight? It's New Year's Eve!"

"Not this year, you've had a big enough week. But I'll leave your door open, okay? So you can listen to the TV for a little while." She kissed the young girl's forehead. "Good night, my Disney princess. Don't stay up too late."

Alone with her toys, for the first time in nearly a week, Bonnie began to pick up those that had joined her in her travels and set them lovingly on her bed, first Dolly, then Bullseye.

"So, did you guys have fun at Disney World too? I hope so."

The little girl picked up Jessie. When her finger brushed the cowgirl doll's hand, she noticed something unfamiliar.

"Huh, what's that?" She inspected it more closely. "A ring?"

Bonnie looked at her other toys. She picked up Woody. No, he didn't have a ring, so it had nothing to do with them being from the same series. She set him down on the bed, then reached for Buzz. Yes! He had a ring too! Just like Jessie's.

"Wait a minute, are you two married?" she asked her toys. "I should have known! I always thought you made a good couple." Unfazed by her discovery, she thought for a moment, then walked over to where her art supplies were kept and retrieved a black Sharpie marker.

Placing the two toys in front of her, Bonnie lifted Jessie's left boot, carefully writing "BUZZ" on it in her scrawling kindergartener handwriting. Then she did the same to Buzz's left foot, except branding it with "JESSIE" instead.

"There, now you really belong to each other! You'll be together forever and ever! Oh!" she cried, as an important realization struck her. "If you're married, you need a house!"

The imaginative girl grabbed Buzz and Jessie and carried them to her dollhouse. "Here," she said, reaching inside and posing them cozily together on the miniature sofa. "This is your home now."

Satisfied, Bonnie skipped back over to her bed and cuddled down between the sheets. "Goodnight, toys!" she called out, and quickly drifted off to sleep, her new Mickey content in her arms.

Once they were certain the room was still, Buzz and Jessie became animated in the spot where Bonnie had left them. They looked at each other and smiled, delighted with their good fortune.

"Can you believe it? We get the dollhouse!" Jessie was practically bouncing with enthusiasm. "It's ours. All ours!"

Buzz hung back, admiring his new wife's exuberance as she walked through the first floor of the dollhouse, exploring the little rooms as if she were seeing them anew. Suddenly the Space Ranger had an idea, something he had seen in a movie once. He crept up behind Jessie and swept her off her feet, lifting her bridal-style.

"Hey! Whadd'ya think you're doin'?" she giggled.

"If I remember correctly, it's tradition for the husband to carry his bride through the doorway of their house," he explained. "Well, we can't do that right now," he added with a mischievous grin, "but I can carry you upstairs."

Jessie made no protest, just smirked at her husband's boldness as he whisked her effortlessly up the stairs. He headed straight for the largest bedroom – having sneaked into it many times before when they wanted to be alone late at night – and shut the tiny door behind them.

Hours later, Buzz and Jessie lay cuddled on their bed, blissfully enveloped in each other's arms. They could faintly hear the countdown beginning on the New Year's Eve television program that Bonnie's parents were watching down the hall.

"Jus' think, if Bonnie hadn't taken us along, all this wouldn't have happened," Jessie pondered.

"Best vacation ever," he whispered.

They kissed at the stroke of midnight, welcoming the new year as husband and wife. And as they say in the fairytale world – the world of princesses and castles and magic that the pair had only just visited – the Lightyears knew that they would live happily ever after.

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