AN/ I've been writing a lot of small NaruSaku drabbles and I thought it would be good to share them with you guys, so here we are. I'm still quite new to writing Naruto and I'd really appreciate hearing what you guys think about these and of course whether or not you'd like to see some more.

Anyway these will range in length and aren't set in any particular timeline. They'll range between friendship and romance.

Of course as well I don't own Naruto or characters.

Hope you like these :D


These moments always felt rare, quiet moments out in the country with the sun setting and the wind quietly whispering stories and words to the trees as it brushed past them, ruffling leaves as it would feathers and anything else that had the capacity to flutter.

A little like her heart if the wind could find a way to it, but then she supposed that Naruto was a little like the wind in his own way. The way he never loses strength against any obstacle, his ability to gather more and more to his cause and his 'ninja way' as the wind would collect leaves, feathers and petals along its journey.

However as much as the wind is a force of nature to be reckoned with, it has its calm moments, gentle breezes, a stark contrast to hurricanes and gale forces. Indeed, as much as Naruto was at times a metaphorical hurricane and as much as he revealed unbelievable strength against the hardest of mountains...he could also be a gentle breeze, a breeze that seemed to surface only around her.

"Are you warm enough, Sakura-chan?" Naruto asks quietly but with a voice laced with concern, and like the wind would ruffle their hair, Naruto's voice flutters her heart.

"Y-yes, I'm fine Naruto." She stutters slightly, a little off guard by how her heart responds to him; it's something she has noticed more and more ever since his return, even now she can hardly believe how much he has grown up or how her cheeks flush with warmth when he looks at her.

Naruto nods apparently pleased and turns his blue eyes back onto the land around them and Sakura watches him discreetly. She watches as the breeze breathes over them and how he closes his eyes and tilts his head back enjoying the touch of nature.

In the same moment Sakura does something that she is certain she would never have done two and a half years ago. As the breeze blows over them again, she breathes it in, she does this by shifting closer to the oddly calm ninja beside her, brushing their shoulders together as she takes a breath of his jacket and general scent.

She knows that he is undoubtedly puzzled by her voluntary closeness to him, but at the same time he wraps an arm around her back supporting her as she leans closer still. The calmness she feels now is like none she's ever felt and she realises now how much she's missed him since he's been gone because she's sure that there were no gentle breezes while he was away.

"Are you sure you're warm enough, Sakura-chan?" Naruto asks again maybe thinking that she was huddling close for warmth. Sakura enjoys the whisper in his voice as he treads carefully in order to avoid saying something that may break this moment between them or result in an apple sized lump on his blonde head.

"Plenty, Naruto..." She thinks for a moment before adding "I've just...missed the wind that's all."