So I know how we all love our own OCs and how much we all hate other OCs. I made a little joke about it. Please don't take this seriously, because it is definitely not. I hope you'll enjoy my Mary Sue


The most beautiful girl in the World emerged from a certain room. She didn't even remember which one it was, because she slept in a different room every day. She didn't need her own room, all of the other Akatsuki members would provide her with a place to spend the night. Of course they were all madly in love with her. Even Konan wanted her in her bed. And well our lovely girl just didn't mind, because she was nice like that.

She wore a beautiful long midnight blue gown, the seam flowing around her feet while she walked. Her golden colored hair just passed her full buttocks. But her eyes were the most amazing. One of her eyes were lavender colored on the outer ring and the inner ring was red. Yes this was the Sharibyakugan(and yes I stole this from Rock Lee & his Ninja Pals). The other eye was completely black, she had no eye whites. With this eye she could regenerate the dead. No one she loved would find death. She would simply revive them. Yes this girl was freakishly awesome. And her name is Mary Sue, even her name is beautiful. She also listens to Princess Mary, this means call her that if you ever wish to speak to her.

Mary made her way to the living room, running into Kisame on the way. He stared at her in awe, but she just passed by him like he was nothing. He would know his place and it was far below her. She would only acknowledge him if she again needed a place to stay.

She sat down on the couch and waited for someone to bring her something to eat. When it took too long she let out a loud sigh, immediately gaining someone´s attention. Sasori came rushing in with her favorite meal, slowly simmered duck with a red wine sauce accompanied by of course a glass of wine. Only the best for our little girl. Sasori kneeled in front of her and bowed deeply, offering her the plate of food. With a huff she took it off his hands and started eating.

While she was eating the other members gathered around her, not speaking a word unless spoken to. When she was done she hold out the plate and Hidan grabbed it hurriedly. He made his way to the kitchen door, but along the way he let the plate fall out if his hand. It shattered in a million pieces.

'Oooh, Noooosss!' Deidara yelled out.

Mary looked up at him in shock. 'Nose, there is nothing wrong with my nose. My nose is beautiful, my plastic surgeon told me so!' she responded.

All of the members look at her with a confused look. She smiled awkwardly and slowly walked to the door.

'I mean, clean that up.' She pointed to the broken plate before skipping of singing 'lalalalala.' And yes she could skip in the gown a normal person couldn't even walk in, because she is Sue, Mary Sue.

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto