Robin was swinging on the robes hanging from the Batcave banisters. It was a joy swinging from rope to rope. He almost felt like he was flying, again. The nine year old boy smiled as he climbed up higher and higher. Then he started the swing the rope and leaped off catching the next one. Batman was watching below with a small smile on his face. Batman enjoyed watching his little bird fly like this. There was a sudden beeping in his ear and Batman groaned and answered it unwillingly taking his eyes from Robin as he flew.

"Yes?" Batman demanded.

"You let a kid into the business?" Superman was yelling into his ear. "I thought that you would just adopt the kid!" Superman yelled again.

"He chose to do this, just like you," Batman answered. There was then a sudden breeze and Superman floated in. Robin slipped on the ropes at the sudden surprise that broke his concentration.

"Oh my god!" Superman yelled, but Robin caught himself. Robin looked down and gave a good imitation of a Bat-glare from behind his domino mask.

"Did you even watch where you were flying?" Robin demanded leaping from rope to rope until he made it to the floor of the Batcave. Superman winced each time in worry.

"Excuse me?" Superman asked.

"Robin, be polite, this is Superman. He will be going now," Batman added. Superman was surprised, Batman was not pulling out kryptonite to get rid of him. Robin looked over the blue boy scout.

"Clark Kent, Superman. Born on the planet Krypton, but raised on Earth in Smallville, Kansas by the Kent family. Thought he was human until his parents finally told him the truth. Right?" Robin asked looking up at Batman. Batman nodded and Superman looked down at Robin.

"You told him?" Superman asked.

"No, I hacked league systems," Robin answered back with a smirk. Batman glared down at Robin. "Oh, sorry, I wasn't supposed to do that…" Robin answered back. "Oh well! The system wasn't that hard though!" Robin jumped back on the ropes and started to swing back and forth.

"I still don't like the idea," Superman told Batman once this kid was out of earshot.

"You don't have to, now get out," Batman growled. Superman frowned and left the cave.


Superman was fighting the Joker, that's right the Joker. Apparently the maniac was getting board in Gotham and decided that it would be fun to invade Metropolis with a chunk of kryptonite. Maybe it was a bad idea to tell the press his weakness… Superman felt the Joker hit him with the crowbar as he dance around him.

"Supey seems to be a little down!" Joker laughed to no one in particular as he smashed the crowbar across Superman's jaw.

"Don't hurt my uncle!" yelled a familiar voice.

"Bird boy!" Joker yelled excitedly. "Your uncle? What about me? Your Uncle J?" Joker smiled widely.

"I don't think so!" Robin yelled.

"Robin don't!" Superman heard Batman yell. Then there was a bang and a scream. Superman looked up to see that Robin had jumped in between him and the Joker. Superman then passed out.


Superman woke up and he was obviously in the Batcave. His head was foggy, but he remembered the little boy jumping between him and the Joker. Then it was black.

"Robin!" Superman almost jumped out of bed, the effect of the kryptonite still hanging over him. Superman groaned as he felt a hand push him back down.

"Be still Master Clark," came the familiar British accent. Clark looked up to see Alfred.

"I'm fine Alfred," Clark said sitting up. "Where's Robin?" Clark asked.

"Master Richard will be fine, just a bullet to the shoulder, he is resting now," Alfred answered.

"He took a bullet for me? The man of steel?" Superman asked. Was the kid stupid?

"The bullet was made with kryptonite," came a cool voice next to him. Clark turned to see Bruce next to him. "So, Robin did you a favor," Bruce added. "Now get out," Bruce snapped.

"I want to see Robin," Clark said quickly.

"No, he's…" Bruce started.

"Hey," came a quiet voice. The three men turned to see the little bird out of bed holding a stuffed elephant. "I'm alright see?" Robin asked yawning and wobbling on his feet some as he walked over to Clark's bed.

"Dick get back to bed!" Bruce snapped. Dick smiled and sat on Clark's bed and curled up.

"Good night Bruce, Alfred, Uncle Clark," Dick yawned and hugged his elephant. Clark looked at the kid, he was pale, and had a bandage around his shoulder. But all said, he looked like he'd be fine. Clark smiled and patted Dick on the head and snuggled closer to the Man of Steel. Clark blushed.

"I think you should leave," Bruce growled. Clark nodded but when he tried to leave Dick grabbed Clark's shirt and curled in closer.

"Um?" Clark asked.

"I think Master Clark needs some more rest," Alfred said. "Let's go Master Bruce," Alfred the reluctant bat away. Bruce Wayne growled at the thought of leaving his little bird with Clark… But he supposed that Clark would have to get used to the kid… That did not mean though he wanted his son cuddling with the big blue boy scout… Though the sight did warm his heart a bit, leaving the cave caught a glance at Clark patting the boy's head.


"Thank you Robin," Clark smiled and closed his eyes to get some sleep. Dick snuggled closer to Clark holding his stuffed elephant and smiled.

"You're welcome Uncle Clark."