Meeting Harley Quinn

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Robin was watching Batman and Joker go at it again. He was sidelined yet again. The nine year old was bored of watching the ongoing fight. It was nothing interesting or new. He, all by himself, had already bagged Joker's goons and they were currently hog tied and gagged in the corner. What was taking Batman so long? He sighed as he swung is feet back and forth on the rafters of the old play house Joker taken over as his new hide out.

"What cha doin'?" a high pitched female voice asked next to him. Startled Robin had to control the jump that would have had him falling from the rafters. He turned to see a young woman in a black and red jester costume. Her face was covered in white face paint and she too sported a domino mask, much like Robin's.

"Who are you?" Robin asked cautiously.

"Name's Harley! Harley Quinn! And you must be the Boy Blunder I've heard so much about!" Harley declared excitedly. Only one person called him the Boy Blunder, Robin's eyes flickered down towards the battle between Batman and Joker. "No worries kiddo!" Harley declared as if reading his mind. "I am not here to fight!" she said walking across the rafters as if they were a balance beam. "I just want to get ta know ya!" she smiled as she bent backwards to look at him. Bringing her feet back over her head Robin noticed just how balanced this new comer was.

"Right, for any reason?" Robin asked her.

"Nah! I'm just bored!" she declared. Robin narrowed his eyes at her. "You're going to be a handsome one!" she added. "I can tell! Not like Mista J though! Oh no! No sir! My Puddin' is something special don't cha think?"

"Or something…" Robin muttered. Who was this person? What did she see in the Joker anyways? Did she really have no intention of fighting him?

"What do ya mean 'or somethin'?" her voice turned serious as she glared at Robin her head slightly at an angle, the pompom on her jester's hood moving back and forth.

"He is unique" Robin said carefully realizing there was something wrong with her. She grinned a large lopsided smile.

"Ain't he though? One of a kind that Mista J! You get him Puddin'!" She shouted down towards the stage below them. Robin glared at her.

"Batman is going to win," he snapped. "He always wins!"

"No way! My Puddin' is gonna win! You can get him! That Batty Bat got nothin' on you!" she shouted down again.

"Harley!" Joker yelled. "I'm trying to work!" the Joker yelled back. "I'm busy!" Harley suddenly shifted to looking like a kicked puppy.

"I'm sorry Puddin'," she muttered. Then turned to look at Robin. "Look at what you made me do!" she snapped. "You made me distract my Puddin'!" she shouted. At that she lunged and Robin jumped out of the way.

Suddenly Robin found himself in his own fight with this insane woman. The two of them were jumping from rafter to rafter. Using the stage lights, ropes and other props around them. Robin felt her foot connect with his side causing him to fall off the fixture. Quickly he reached and grabbed at anything he could get his hands on and felt his shoulder dislocated. Biting back a shout he used his other hand to pull himself up again. Panting he held his right arm close to his body.

"Looks like a little bird lost a wing!" Harley shouted in delight. Robin growled. This was going to be a pain. Grabbing a few smoke pellets he tossed them at her. As she lost balance in the explosion he used his good arm and his grappling gun. Shooting it at the wall he leaped and jumped at Harley. Bracing for the pain once he caught her he dropped to the ground quickly releasing his grappling gun he quickly cuffed her. "NO FAIR!" she shouted. At that moment Batman came over tossing an unconscious Joker next to his Clown Queen. "PUDDIN! I'm going to get you Batman you hear?"

"Who is that?" Batman asked.

"Harley… Quinn…" Robin hissed standing up. "Cops coming?" he asked. Batman nodded. "Great, I'm going to the batmobile, I'm sick of this," he added. At that he left. Harley Quinn shouting in the background, wondering what this meant for Gotham.