So, as you can tell, this story is about Waterloo Road. I think that Tom and Nicki would make an awesome couple (I've put all my hopes on it happening in the next series!), so I've decided to attempt a story about them. I've never tried a fan fiction before, so I hope this is okay! The story isn't going to be all Tom and Nicki- I quite liked Sian and Jez when they were together and also Trudi and Finn. This starts after Series 7, Episode 23, so all events and things (besides the massive gang thing between Finn and Tariq) that happened before that episode are still the same. Also, some details like ages and things may be slightly modified for the story. Enjoy!

Disclaimer- I own none of this!

Tom's Point Of View

It was just an ordinary day at Waterloo Road- if you could ever describe Waterloo Road as ordinary. I was sitting in the staffroom as usual, drinking coffee with Sian and Jez Diamond. Jez had recently been proven innocent of Michael's attempted murder (turns out Linda was to blame) and they were playing Happy Families again. Sometimes when I saw Sian and Jez sitting together, holding hands and whatever, I felt a twinge of jealousy... it had been several years since I had been in a serious relationship, and I sometimes felt a bit out of things. Still, I had Josh as my top priority now- and I needed to keep an eye on him, because recently he had been caught taking drugs, and I for one, did not want it to happen again.

My attention was drawn away from the newspaper when Nicki Boston, our recently-appointed Head of English and newest member of the Waterloo Road faculty, walked in. She wasn't originally going to get the job, but after a rather impressive display catching drug dealer Grady, we had decided that she was correct- and that Waterloo Road needed her.

"Hi, Tom. How's it going?" She asked.
"It's good, thank you- how about you?"
"Oh, alright, thanks." She smiles. "I think I'm getting used to Waterloo Road, actually."
"That's good. It's quite a bit different to other schools."
"I think I've noticed that- a run-in with a drug dealer before I'd even started!"
I laugh. "That was quite a performance!"
"Glad you think so. How is Josh, anyway?"
"He's good, thanks for asking. I think he's over the drugs."
"That's good. Look, I'm sorry..."
"I know," I interrupted. "I'm glad you tried to help Josh, I just overreacted... it was scary, my son using drugs... you know?"
"I know. Look, I've got some things I really should do before class..."
"Ok, see you."

Nicki left the room, and I continued looking at the sports results in the newspaper. The staffroom was quite full now- most of us were there, talking- or, in Grantly's case, continuously asking for answers to the crossword.
"So, can anyone figure out the answer to eleven across? The term for the number starting with '3.1415', two letters."
"Grantly, I thought you were a teacher?" Chalky replied, exasperated.
"Yes, but I'm an English teacher, not maths."
"Well, it's basic common knowledge..." Chalky began.
"Grantly, the answer is pi." Sian interrupted.
"Well, thank you, Mrs Diamond, at least someone is..." Grantly was cut off by the sudden ringing of the fire bell. As usual, none of us moved. It was probably a test run, or something...

Suddenly, Nicki burst into the room. "Hear anything?" She asked, sarcastically.
"We were just getting another cup of tea, before we go out..." Chalky answered, turning back to the kettle.
"Erm, hello? It's not a test!" Nicki said.
"What?" I came very close to spitting out a mouthful of coffee.
"It's somebody smoking in the toilets... two sugars, please..." Grantly's voice tailed off when he realised that we were all leaving the room.

As we walked through the corridors, none of the students were reacting to the fire bell.
"Sorry to disturb your breakfast," Nicki glared at some boys eating, "But this IS NOT a test! Come on, everyone, get outside! Quickly!"
"Tariq, come on- stop fighting and shift yourselves!" I yelled.
"Excuse me! There is a fire alarm going off! Do you want us to turn it up?"
"What's wrong with you lot? Come on, get out!"

Finally, everyone was outside and being registered. Maggie was trying to explain what had happened- apparently one of the grills had exploded.
"It wasn't my fault!" She said, frustrated.
"Of course it wasn't, Maggie, just calm down." Michael was trying to deal with her.
"You try calming down- you weren't the one who nearly got killed!" "Okay," Michael smiled slightly, Maggie was very worked up.
"I don't really think it would have killed you..."
"I'd like to see how far you'd get, with an oven that doesn't get past gas mark three, equipment that's older than my grandma, and an exploding grill..."
"I know, Maggie, but now is not the time to discuss this." Michael turned around, and addressed the students. "Everybody, quiet please!"

The students gradually fell silent, and they turned to look at Michael. "Thank you. Now, do any of you have any idea how long it took you to vacate the building?"
"Thirty-four seconds?" Kyle Stack answered cheekily, making the students closest to him laugh.
"Ha ha, very funny. Anyone else?"
"Erm... five minutes?" Lauren guessed.
"Not even close. It took you twelve and a half minutes, and that is NOT got enough. You are very, very lucky that it wasn't a serious fire- if it had been, some of you would be dead by now! No, it's not funny!" He glared when there were smirks and laughter. "We need to get that time down to three minutes. To do this, we have assigned student fire wardens for each year group. Will the following people please step forward: Amelia Lilywhite, Jack O'Neill, Sarah Hughes, Josh Stevenson..."
I walked over to Josh. "Is that alright with you?" I asked.
"Yeah, it's fine." He smiled, before following the Nicki and the other fire wardens into the hall.

Break time rolled around and we were hoping for the rest of the day to be slightly… less eventful than that morning had. It wasn't just the ringing of the fire bell- the classes were, from what I had heard and observed- very hyper and disruptive. However, our hopes of a quiet day were soon discouraged…
"So, we've already told the fire wardens, but we will be having another fire drill this afternoon, between 2:15 and 2:30. We are expecting everyone to leave the building as quickly as possible… and that includes you." Michael looked around. "No stopping for an extra biscuit or another cup of tea. Out. Immediately."

When Michael had left the room, there was a groan. "Two fire drills in one day!" Grantly snorted. "I, for one, am not looking forward to that."
"The kids will love it, though." Sian sighed. "Two chances for school to be disrupted- great! There's no hope for any attention to be paid to the last lesson." We all murmur our agreement- what Sian said is totally true...

Everyone was waiting with baited breath to see what would happen at that afternoon's fire drill, and when we were in classes, we were all fully alert, knowing that the fire bell was coming soon. Finally, it sprung into life, shrilling noisily. "Right! You know the drill. Everybody out!" I called, as a groan/mutter spread across my class of Year Tens. We headed out of the door in an organised fashion, and joined the stream of people who were doing (pretty much) the same. I was almost in the courtyard, when I heard someone calling my name.
"Tom, Tom!" I turned around to see Sian running towards me.
"Hi Sian, what's wrong?"
"It's Josh! He… the fire bell went off, and he… I don't know, panicked, and ran outside the classroom. He started hitting the fire alarm activation button, and his hand was covered in blood, then he ran off…"
"Where? Where did he go?" I asked.
"In the direction of the staffroom, I think."
"Thanks!" I dashed off, against the crowd of students, to the staffroom.

"Tom! Where are you going?" I heard a voice behind me, it was Nicki. I sighed- it's not that I don't like her; I'd just rather tackle Josh on my own.
"I'm going to find Josh…" I quickly filled her in on what had happened. Soon we were in the staffroom. Josh was sitting down, leaning against the wall. He had his head in one hand, and the other was tucked under his arm.
"Josh! Are you alright, son?" I asked.
"I guess trying to act like a normal person failed…" I heard his muffled voice. Guiltily, I thought back to lunchtime…

"Dad! How am I meant to remember all of the emergency exits for the fire drill? I wish I wasn't a fire warden! They're trying to make me feel included, but I don't want to be! I just want to be treated like everyone else!"
"Stop moaning, Josh. And if you want to be treated normally, you'd better start acting like a normal person!"
Josh looked at me, his eyes full of betrayal and hurt. Then, he spun on his heel and rushed out of the canteen.
"Josh!" I yelled, but he didn't turn back…
-End of flashback-

"Josh, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean it. Please, look at me…" He looks up and gives me a half-smile, despite his red-rimmed eyes. Oh, Josh…
"Now, let's see your hand." He slowly lifts his hand up, and Nicki and I both gasp simultaneously. His hand is covered in dark, drying blood, and he sleeve is blood-stained as well. At a closer look, there are several cuts- more like gashes- that have shards of glass in. Ouch. Nicki, who's seen all of this and much more in the army, reaches for the first-aid kit, getting out bandages and tweezers. She then carefully picks the glass out of his hand- showing no sign of squeamishness. A lot of women would be fainting at this much blood, but not Nicki...

Finally, after some grimaces from me and a lot of wincing from Josh, his hand is glass-free and bandaged up. We get someone to fetch Lauren, and we send him back to class with her. The staffroom is deserted apart from Nicki and me- everyone else is busy. "Thanks, Nicki." I said, extremely grateful.
"There's no way that I could have cleaned up Josh's hand like that."
"No problem."
"I don't know what's got into Josh lately." I sighed. "He's been acting really weirdly, since, well, since the drugs, really."
"Maybe… no, never mind."
"What? Tell me."
"Maybe you should take him to a doctor. Or a psychiatrist. Drugs can do nasty things to a person."
I thought about it for a moment, before speaking again. "Yeah… I think you're right."