Here is the promised chapter! I've got another chapter pre-written, so you might be super lucky and get three chapters within a week of each other! :) Hope you like it! Sorry it's a bit short!

Nicki's Point Of View

I jumped, dropping my pen onto my desk with a clatter, to see Tom smiling at the door. I felt foolish, and a blush spread over my cheeks. "Yeah?"
"I'm going to that meeting with Sian and Michael now, okay? I'll be finished at, I don't know, half five?" He pulled a face. "Meetings are soooo boring!"
"Alright. See you later." I smiled, and Tom backed out of the door, heading along the corridor towards Michael's office. I turned back to my work: film reviews from Year Nine. I managed to mark one, before my eyes drifted towards the pale yellow, chipped paint and the peeling posters on the classroom wall. I didn't take in what I saw, instead, I was thinking about those texts. Even though I hadn't checked my phone since and I had shoved it right to the bottom of my bag, I was unable to forget the messages (and therefore my concentration levels had been low all day). It was silly to worry about them, but somehow I felt that the texts WERE for me, even though I had no proof. I was slightly scared, and more jumpy than usual, expecting danger to be around every corner.

After I'd finally managed to finish the Year Nine marking, I decided to make a start on the GCSE controlled assessment essays. With annoyance, I realised that I had left them in the car, and I grabbed the keys, walking down the semi-dark corridors. Only a few lights were on, to save money on the energy bill (lighting up a large size school for seven hours during the day is expensive enough, according to Michael, and we were all advised to only turn lights on when necessary during the school day). I walked briskly towards the stairs, and I couldn't help but peer into every dark classroom along the way.

At the bottom of the stairs, I heard a noise, almost like somebody coughing, and I stopped, wondering where it came from. I wasn't within hearing distance of any classrooms, and I would be able to see if somebody was in the corridor. However, I couldn't contemplate this for long, as I heard footsteps, and a second later, I was being shoved backwards, head slamming into the lockers, a padlock pressing into my back. Taken by shock, and outweighed by my attacker, I couldn't fight back, and my heart started racing as my mind flooded with memories that I'd tried so hard to banish. So I did the only thing I could in the situation... I screamed.