So I've already had bits of this written for months- It was the very first chapter I wrote ;3 Hopefully now exams are over I'll be able to get more stuff done for you guys :)

So you guys want the smut, huh? Haha okay, but this is a bit of a short filler chapter sorry :S

Chapter Song: The Reckless And The Brave- All Time Low (FOR OBVIOUS REASONS LIKE HOW ASDFGHJKL PERFFFF IT IS)

I stretched out in the Californian sun, enjoying the summer heat. Josh was laid next to me, humming to himself and jotting lyric ideas down in a notepad. In the distance, people could be heard laughing over the loud music and eruptions from the crowds, and the unmistakable smell of barbeque was drifting on the light breeze. I assumed the barbeque had been started by the boys of Dangerous! - They were starting to get a reputation of getting hungry while catering was closed and taking matters into their own hands. No one was about to complain though - they were always willing to share.

It was our first day in California, and once again our show wasn't until later.

"That food really does smell good," Josh stated, putting his pencil down.

"Mmm..." I agreed, "Let's go get some,"

We pushed up from the hard ground and brushed the dry dust from our clothes. A crowd had begun to form and I was right- Tommy, as I now knew the singer of Dangerous! to be, was stood in the centre of the crowd, handing out burgers and making crude jokes every few seconds.

After getting some, slightly burnt, food and being subjected to some of Tommy's awful jokes, Josh led the way over to a small group of people.

I sat down next to Alex and Zack, both of whom eyed my plate of food.

"Nope," I told them, "Mine," Then caved and fed each of them a piece of burger each. Josh and Hayley were taking between themselves while Tay, Cameron, Shane, Jack and Rian were still talking about the night in vegas the other day. Alex and Zack joined in happily, talking about some girls they'd met. Rian and Alex, after admitting they were quite hot, seemed indifferent- they had Lisa and Cassadee, after all- but Zack and Shane didn't spare us a detail of their nights.

Simultaneously rolling our eyes as Jack and Cameron joined in, Tay and I turned to each other. She sighed, laying back into the sun and placing her hands behind her head.

"I love California," She declared, squinting at the clear blue sky.

As the temperature had suddenly dramatically increased, we'd finally swapped our usual skinny jeans for shorts, hoping for a bigger difference than we received. In fact, everyone seemed to have changed out of their usual attire into shorts and t-shirts. Possibly the only exception being the boys walking towards us now.

"Sup guys," Andy dropped to the floor next to us. Since the Vegas trip they'd become part of our rapidly growing group.

I raised an eyebrow above my sunglasses. "Black was so last summer, silly."

Andy stuck his tongue out at me in response.

"Fuck it's hot," CC joined him. I laughed, looking pointedly at his leather pants.

"Wonder why?" I asked sarcastically. He grinned and raised his eyebrows.

"Shorts don't suit me." He replied smoothly.

"No-one wants to see your legs anyway," Tay quipped as Ashley appeared.

"I'm not complaining about seeing yours," he raised a suggestive eyebrow.

"Psshhh, whatever," Tay laughed, clearly not bothered, but I saw Jack watching the pair out of the corner of his eye with a tight expression. I fought the urge to roll my eyes; they really should just get together already.

Though it was nice for most of us to be able to just chill this morning, it meant all our shows this afternoon overlapped for the most part, meaning we couldn't go and watch each other.

The moving around and touring was starting to become routine again, each show was like an electrifyingly amazing shock. Each crowd was different- some louder than others and some more responsive.

Today's crowd was one of the best yet- it was one of the biggest we'd had, and a high percentage of the people knew the words to our songs. We came off stage feeling great, still on the adrenaline rush from performing.

Smiling, we headed round to meet some fans and sign some posters for them.


Our second day in California was in Polomona, and in many ways, similar to the first. The crowd was once again amazing, despite the ever-increasing heat that had everyone backstage moaning. Fans were being plugged in everywhere, and any vans without air conditioning were as good as abandoned.

As we weren't changing states, the journeys weren't too long, which meant we could sit outside talking and enjoying the summer evening until fairly late, as we were doing tonight.

The music was down low for a change, but the alcohol was flowing freely as usual. We were sat in a large group, chatting amongst ourselves. It was a clear night, and as the sun started to set the stars came out one by one.

We stayed out watching them until about midnight, when people started wondering back to their buses, ready to travel to the next venue, and sleep.