Wendy fallowed Pavel like a lost puppy to a spare room. "Eef jou ever geet lost, ze others vill help."

"Thank you Pavel," I smiled at him opening the door. "Would you wait for me? This ship is so big, I-"

"Say no more," He whipped up a hand to quite her. "I vill be right here for jour return." She smiled once more as the door shut behind her. Wendy hurriedly pulled on the small dress. It was short as the rest the crews, that was slightly unnerving. Pushing her hair back with a blue hairband before stepping out. Pavel, upon now seeing Wendy's bare legs, blushed. "Jou look vonderful."

"Really, you mean it? That just so nice!" Wendy threw her thin arms around Pavel's neck. Pavel immediately hunched his shoulders to accommodate her smaller size as his hands hovered above her back.

"Da, da, how about we get something to eat since last time didn't end up zo vell." She pulled off and smiled at him as she reached for his hand.

"That sounds great Pavel, I-" She was about to tell him she enjoyed his company when a guy ran up to him.

"Captain wants you, now."

"Oh, okay, vendy meet me een ze Mess hall at three?" he said backing away, not really want to leave his new crush.

"Sure, I can get on the book," I waved and turn to head to sickbay, and she forgot. She turned back quickly, "Pavel?"

"Down ze hall, take a left eet should be ze third dor on ze right. Eef no eets labled."

Wendy smiled, "Thanks, see you Pavel!" She walked briskly into sickbay.

A compassionate voice with a harsh edge greeted her. "Hey there stranger came for the book?" Wendy looked at the desk and first man she met on the enterprise. She smiled broadly.

"Hi, Doctor McCoy and yes I did…unless you need help."

"Eger aren't we? No, I just need to fill out some reports, mostly the flu, broken limbs and a few hangovers out there, but that you. But go into my privet office back there the book is on the desk."

"Okay thank you Doctor McCoy," She smiled opening the door.

"Hey, kid, if you need anything, just ask. Alright?"

"Yes, sir," she grinned with enthusiasm that reminded him of his own at that age.

He smiled as he waved her off dismissively, "now get out of her, I have work." She nodded smiling again and slipped inside his office. Wendy was put in aw by the dimly lit room. Though not much to it, she loved it. A small couch on the opposing wall from the desk, which was a beautiful mahogany. A nice leather chair, and the state flag from Georgia and a few pendants from Old Miss. Wendy smiles broadly at his certificates on the wall behind his desk. McCoy's Doctorate from Collage, his certificate for medical school and Starfleet that made him who he was: a doctor.

Wendy sat in the plush chair and an looked at the desk. A picture of a young girl not much older than nine, who was the spitting image of the doctor. Under the book was scattered PADDs and old paper and pens. The stories about his where true, he was old fashioned. Wendy grinned as she opened the old book.

McCoy glanced at his watch: 3:15, she had been in there for three hours, just reading. He hefted himself from the chair to check on Wendy. He softly knocked on the door: no answer. McCoy opened the door and glanced inside, he smiled softly at the girl in front of him. Wendy had fallen asleep on the book one arm underneath her head and the other outstretched. He sighed and opened the closet, there he pulled out a pillow and blanket. The doctor laid the pillow on the couch, and set the blanket aside. Gently he picked her up and laid her upon the couch. "You must be exhausted," McCoy mused quietly while pulling the blanket up over the sleeping body. "See ya soon kid," he muttered walking out the door.

Pavel waited in the mess hall, he glanced at the time on his PADD: 3:30. He had half an hour till he would be needed at his post again. He sighed, maybe she really didn't want to spend time with him. Pavel shook his head, no, he thought. Wendy is new…she got lost that's all. I'm sure she is on her way here. Please let her be on the way. A soft hand on his shoulder broke his thoughts. He whirled around hoping it was Wendy. But, no, it was Uhrua.

"Honey, what are you doing? You've been here for a half an hour, doing nothing. Are you waiting for someone?"

Pavel hung his head, "Da." His simple reply confused her, useally the talkive Russian would go into a story.

"Was it Wendy? You know she must of gotten lost. She wouldn't blow you off Pavel."

"How vould jou know? Mybe she really just doesn't like me,"

"Now why would some one do that to you? Come on…just wait a little longer….she'll show." She paused looking at the sad face in front of her. "I have to get back on the bridge sweetie," Uhrua left to fine the little Russian's new crush.

Skidding around a another, she was late. Not just late, very late, forty-five minutes late. I bet he thinks I ditched him, or blew him off! Wendy thought wildly. She bolted into the mess and slammed right into a tall figure. The force of the impact caused her to fall forward onto the body. "I'm so sorry…I wasn't looking were I was- PAVEL! I'm so sorry, I fell asleep reading McCoy's book and I just, I'm sorry."

"Stop, just, stop, I forgeeve jou…jou still sick after all." Wendy still laid on top of him, her sweet breath brushing against his face. "Could jou get up? I ken not breathe."

"Yeah, yes sorry," she rolled off of him blushing. So what do you want to do?

"I only have fifteen minutes left…jou vant to eat?"

"If you promise not to trip," She laughed, Chekov smiled softly brushing slightly, still embarrassed. She bashfully reached for his hand, "Or we can just talk." He took her hand.

"Da I vould like zat,"

"Great," Wendy dragged him to the replicators. Pavel laughed softly at her enthusiasm. "Look what Doctor McCoy gave me!" She waved a diet card in front of the ensign's face.

"Eef jou stop vaveing eet, I could see." Pavel grabed her wrist and took it from her hand. "Ah a diet card, zo jou don't hawe to use mine?"

"Yes," The sat across from each other eating, and talking.

The Captain sighed and looked at his watch. Four-ten. He mused silently. Where IS the kid? "Mr. Spock you have the con." The captain left with out another word. He casually walked in to the mess hall. He was about to confront the young navigator before he saw what was happening.

Wendy was cheerfully talking with Chekov, and started laughing. Putting a hand on her chest and the other on Pavel hand. Kirk smiled and he watched Pavel start to laugh but also blush at Wendy's touch.

"Alright," he said to himself. "He can come when he comes. He's having to much fun to come back to work. Before leaving he muttered. "Scotty was right. No more blind dates for him."

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