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Part III

After hours of searching in hope to find Michael, Sam sighed and gave up instantly. "He's probably hanging out with a bunch of people so we shouldn't worry too much." Sam leaned himself against Edgar, exhausted and tired, clinging loosely.

The older boy looked over at his friend. "I should get to the shop need to make sure Alan locked up." Edgar informed the teen of his going away for the night, his eyes pointing far beyond the darkness of the night, with a serious expression painted on his face. Sam leaned forward and stared at Ed. "Well I should inform my mom. I really need a ride home." Sam gave a nervous smile before patting Ed on the back and handing him his five bucks that they didn't even have time to spend.

Edgar took it and smiled.

"You know you can stay at the shop with us." Edgar announced taking small glances at his friend then back at the shop that was not even 10 feet away. Sam shrugged. "Naw its fine and I should get home any way my mom gets crazy when I'm not back by 11." Sam said in a child-like tone sinking his shoulders. Edgar bit his bottom lip and everything went quiet for 5 minutes straight.

Sam was the first one to break that terrifying sound they called silence. "So, same time tomorrow?" Sam spoke crossing his hands behind his back, waiting for a response. Edgar nodded once. They both then said their quiet goodbyes and headed in their own direction. The night was pretty chilled for mid-summer yet it didn't really bother Sam; it actually cooled him off while he waited outside in the parking lot for his mom to drive up after a quick phone call.

Alone and surrounded by nothing but dark and silence, Sam began to pace the black parking lot with an uneasy feeling nagging at his gut.

Edgar was gone and has been gone for a while now. "Come on mom." Sam wrapped his arms around his bare chest letting his fingertips drum over top of his back, while he whined to himself. He knew whining wasn't going to help of course but what else was he supposed to do when he was standing in the middle of an empty parking lot in the dark.



Edgar finally had crawled into bed after locking up downstairs and making sure the rest of the family was protected as well as the comics. Everything was perfect and so quiet.

He stepped into bed next to Alan who has been out like a light over half an hour ago almost falling right on top of him but taking control of his actions and fell over onto his back on his own side by the wall. He then shut his eyes and slept.


10:45 and his mom still haven't come around. He sat content as possible on one of the several parking stops kicking pebbles with his sore tired feet.

"Huh…" he let out one more of his sighs, now picking at his left forearm that was pretty red from the sun. He was beyond tired of waiting but going off now was the last thing on his mind. Before standing to his feet a strong gust of cool wind wrapped tightly around him literally knocking him to the rough ground, taking his breath away.

His head and back instantly screamed in pain, coughing and hacking went all about, before he opened his eyes to see what really happened. Nothing, no one was there but the darkness.

Sam wiped at his eyes and got the strength to hoist himself up on his elbows and was still utterly surprised that he hasn't seen a thing yet. "M-Michael?" Sam muttered nipping at his bottom lip nervously thinking that it must be Michael teasing. It wasn't unfortunately and after finding out what it was he felt his chest pound. Crystal blue eyes stunned, lips grinned and that sparkling earring swayed. He was lost for words and just remained there perfectly still, eyes as wide as they could be. He remembered him; the biker outside the video store.

The same attire covered his body; all black. "Sam, is that your name?" the blond man cocked his head slightly to the side, gazing his eyes upon that frightened look of his.

He didn't say anything right away. "What how do you what are you doing, who are you?" Sam struggled to get the words out and all the stranger did was chuckle and stare some more. "Stand up." He growled his voice all tense and powerful. Sam listened to the stranger and tried hard to get to his feet after being thrown down on to his back by such a great force. Without another word Sam made just one move to the side; the man grabbed him. The grip on his wrist was secure and tight; much more tightly than Michael has ever been with him during their little brotherly fights.

Sam began to wiggle trying to get free of this strange man. "Get off!" Sam caught in a flustered mess pulled as hard as he could, but his hand wouldn't break free.

"I know your brother Michael, Sam." He broke the heavy breathing that was coming from the startled teen pulling him close to him. Sam's heart was beating hard and heavy and David could feel it; he could hear it.

"What do you want please don't beat me up…I'm weak." Sam squeaked and that definitely pulled David's leg. He smiled half-heartedly at the little one's choice of words but it didn't stop him from relieving him of the minimum pain he put on him.

David rolled his eyes and loosened his grip, leaving a red mark. The blond remained in the same spot right before Sam, pondering. Sam wanted to run but he knew by the looks of this man that he could catch him just like that and beat him to a bloody pulp. "I won't hurt you Sam, the names David." He put his gloved hand into the pocket of his over coat and pulled out a single cigarette. Sam cringed at the sight of him putting that thing in his mouth.

Sam stayed quiet again. "Where is Michael?" the young teen asked in a pleading tone, moving closer to the man that he seemed weary of.

All he wanted was to see his brother or at least someone that he knew. David looked at the boy and moved his lips as if he was going to say something but right from behind his back headlights beamed into him and Sam could barely see.

"Mom?" Sam used his arm to shield most of his eyes but when he looked back to find David he was no longer there. That's when Sam started to worry more. Lucy waited for him as worried as should be realizing that Michael was still not there.


Michael was surrounded by constant laughter and teasing. Marko's voice creeping in his ear, Paul's alcoholic breath on his cheek and Dwayne's dark stares from the other side of the room.

It was pitch dark outside and thunder crackled in the distance. Marko smiled and jumped to his feet; David had returned but unfortunately empty-handed. "Where's the kid, David?" Paul pounced to his feet as well standing before David beside Marko like two little trained puppy dogs. David eyed the two of them with a serious stare. He pushed the two boys aside aiming to get back to Michael.

Once Michael came in eye-contact with the blood-sucker, he knew right then to get up and strike. But instead Dwayne put himself in the middle of it, grabbing Michael by the arms and forcing him back against him.

David watched with a coy smile defining his lips. "Don't worry Michael Sam is okay." His smile deepened while he pulled out a fresh cigarette and popped it in between his lips making his way towards his wheel chair in a corner surrounded by many candles of various colors.

Michael struggled in Dwayne's grasp, using every last possible muscle he had and it wasn't even close to what Dwayne had.

David bobbed his head once and Michael was instantly free.

He stumbled over his two feet and fell to his stomach. "You better leave him alone!" Michael warned, spitting into the damp cold ground.

Helping himself up Michael charged off for the entrance of the cave. The others all sat and watched in silence. "Be careful Michael, if you want little Sam safe you'd stay away." David's crooked grin sent a wave of cold chills down Michael's very spine. He understood what he was trying to say; he's nearly attacked his brother once and wouldn't dare do it again.


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