Hey! So this is my very first story on here. For as long as I've had this account I never put any stories on it. This story is inspired by BlackShadowKat's A Paper Flower. I really liked the idea then I made up this story:) Hope you enjoy!


My family is in Edmond, Oklahoma for spring break. We're out for a walk and we walk by a park.

"OOH! Mommy! Can we go to the park?" I said while tugging on her arm.

"Go ahead! Your dad and I will be sitting down over here, okay?"

I nodded then ran towards the playground area with my sisters. They went on the slides while I ran to the open swing set. I got on one then kicked my feet a little so that I was moving.

A boy came and went on the swing next to me. He looked at me, smiled and waved.

"Hi! I'm Greyson! What's your name?"

I looked at him then smiled.

"I'm Marie but you can call me Arie."

"Cool! How old are you?"

"5. I'm turning 6 in August."

"I'm 7 and I'm turning 8 in August, too!"

We looked at each other and said together,

"Woah... Cool!"

We talked about random things since we're you know... 5 and 7. We got off the swings and played tag. We were running around EVERYWHERE and having the time of our lives.

That was until my sister called me from the playground,

"Marie! Time to go!"

My face fell. I turned to Greyson,

"I have to go.."

"Ohh.. Okay. It was nice meeting you!"

"You too!"

We smiled at each other then hugged. I let go, looked around me then looked down at my chest. I took off my bullet necklace that I got for my birthday then put it on him.

"This is for you.."

I said shyly. He smiled then hugged me again.


I let go then ran to my family. I turned back and screamed,


He did the same. I got back to my family and walked back to the hotel.

Yeah so this is the first chapter! I hope you liked it and please review! Bye!