"I never said it was Cody."

Aimee looked worried.

"S-so, you really think you like Greyson?" Aimee said, "That's so crazy! Heh. hehehh..."

"Don't change the subject! Are you in love with Cody or not?!"

They stared at each other before Aimee sprinted to the door.


Arie screamed as Aimee yanked the door open, scaring an old lady. She charged at Aimee but just got a face full of door. (A/N: Face full of door? Idk..) She fell on her knees but quickly stood back up and then yanked the door open. She apologised to the old lady who almost had a heart attack but got whacked by a bag. She caught up to Aimee who was standing next to Greyson about to tell him something.

"Hey! You know that Arie l-AHHH! "

Arie tackled her to the ground before she could finish.

"Hey Cody!" Arie said, "Aimee lo-" And everything went black.

7:30 pm

"She's waking up!"


"Shut up, Greyson! Don't crowd up on her!"

Arie slowly opened her eyes to see three people crowded up on her.

"W-where am I?" Their eye's widened and they quickly looked at each other then back to Arie. "Who are you guys? Who am I!?"

Greyson collapsed and started crying. Arie's eyes widened and she went to comfort Greyson.

"Grey! Greyson! I was kidding! I'm so sooory!"

He looked up at Arie with tears running down his face.

"I remember who you are. I'm soo sorry! I didn't mean to scare you."

Arie said with a comforting voice. He just stared at her then hugged her. She smiled and hugged him back. They heard a whistle behind them.

"Well.. This got awkward."

They let go and Arie glared at Cody.

"It's only awkward if you say it."

He shrugged.

"Where's Alli?" Arie said and looked around.

"Right here!" Arie got up and looked behind the couch and found Alli writing in a journal.

"Whatcha doin there?" Aimee asked.

"Oh.. just. writing." Alli said not looking up from her journal. We all just looked at each other and shrugged.

*DINGDONG* The doorbell rang. Arie walked to it and was about to open the door but it swung open and hit Arie, making her become the middle of a sandwich. The door and the wall being the bread.

"Christine has arrived!"

Christine, Arie's annoying cousin, came through the door, glowing. Wearing a white sundress, gladiator sandals, and a whole bunch of shiny jewlery. She looked like a thousand bucks.

"Man.. First the door in the bathroom, then the old lady, then Aimee, and back to the door. People and things just love hitting me, huh?"

Arie mumbled to herself. She got up and looked at the goddess standing in front of her.

"Hey cuz!"

Christine engulfed her into a huge bear hug.


I'm back! Sorry it's been a while but just thank cerealkiller16:) She got my GreyGrey mojo back on by showing me his cover of Rolling In The Deep.

He hit puberty.

Love him :D Well school started again and I'm even mooorrre busy... I'll try to write and update when I can:) Bye, loves! -ArieeeT3xx