Chapter 2

"The serpent of Lunar Forest" part 1

"Hey Bramble," says clover as Ramble and her walk threw a grassy meadow, "what's east of here anyway?"

"It should be Lunar Forrest." answered a tall bunny "I haven't been there in awhile, and the last time I went was in the winter."

"Isn't it famous for its full moon views?"

"Yup, and moon pies."

"Well! What are we waiting for let's go!" Clover said excitedly and hopped off.

"WHOA! Wait up" the boy rabbit said franticly.

When the rabbits hopped up to the Forrest Rambler got in front of Clover.

"Clover, don't forget you're in unfamiliar territory you can't just hop off like that."

"Don't worry Bram, if anybody attacks me I'll give'em a good bunny kick." She said confidently.

"Okay let's just-wah!" Ramble was interrupted when he walked in to a rope trap.

"WAHAHAHAA!" Clover busted out laughing and pounded the ground with her paw.

"Ha ha, very funny, now can you get the knife out of my bag and cut this thing?" Rambler asked in a monotone voice.

"Sure." Clover said sobering up, when she got the knife she went to cut the rope trap. Then she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her thigh.

"Ow!" She looked at her thigh to see a dart.

"Clover what's wrong?" Bramble asked with panic in his voice. Clover looked woozy and about to fall over.

"But, daddy that heart leaf cookie is Rambler's" then she blacked out.

Then several rabbits with paint on blew a dart at Rambler and he did the same.