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Holly's POV

I was nervous. I was finally going to tell Artemis how I feel.

He would listen to what I had to say. No matter what it was. I promised myself he would listen.

I had to be. If I wasn't, I would never even get to ask him. I would back away.

But what if he refused me? I loved only him.

He was standing alone, with only me for company. And I was standing a few paces away.

The way he is looking at me. Do I see passion in those eyes…?

I moved. Closer.

Ever since I realised my feeling for him, I haven't been able to stop thinking about him.

Oh how I wished I could say this out loud! And hopefully one day I will!

Time was definitely moving slower. Every second felt like an hour.

That was so true. He is the most beautiful person I had ever set my eyes on.

I would fight to keep him there, so perfect.

This was it. I was finally going to tell him.

Again, I took a step closer. Closing the gap between us.

It seemed like forever that I started gathering up the courage to tell him.

I won't stop loving him, even if he rejects me. I will just love him in secret then.

I knew I would find that perfect one to marry. I just never expected him to be human. Or the person who kidnapped me.

When we travelled back in time and we kissed. I blamed it then on hormones. I now know really that it wasn't. I truly loved him.

I would love him until I died. I hoped he would do the same

I closed the gap between us.

I died inside every day when I didn't have the chance to tell him I loved him. I Have loved for what seems like forever to me.

I am glad that I kept faith in myself and wished with all my heart that I would find 'Mr. Right', and then he kidnapped me.

I stopped denying feels when we went through the time tunnel. Because that's when I found out I loved him for real.


"Yes?" He replied, as coolly as ever.

"I have something to say."

"Go on." He was interested now.

"I love you." I was glad I said and even happier when I got an answer.

"I love you too."

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