Stage 3 – Brief Interaction

"AW, C'MON REF!" Naga shouted angrily. She was on her feet, one hand buried itself into her long white locks, while the other was furiously waved about overhead, "We watching the same game or what?" The teen continued to cry despite her words going unheard by the official.

A low chuckle emitted from the individual sitting beside her. Naga looked down at her companion; one whom she had been properly introduced to only minutes before the match began. It was the first response she had gotten from him since the meeting, which initially surprised her. Naga was half-expecting sickeningly sweet utterances and unsettling flirty glances. None came however. Perhaps the city boy did have some tact.

"Problem, Pabu?"

The red-head threw his hands up in mock surrender, brows cocked and a smile upon his lips, "No. Nope."

Naga side-eyed him suspiciously as he brought his hands down.

"It's just refreshing." He replied, rising from his seat to lean against the railing beside her, "Most girls I know come to fawn over them." He gestured over to the two brothers darting across the ring, "Or bored out of their minds."

By that point, Naga had completely turned her attention away from the battle and towards Pabu instead. His attention however, was the complete opposite, yet he continued to add to the exchange.

"It's nice to know you're genuinely into the game." Pabu still refused to glance her way and maintained his focus on the match, "It's kind of cute."

And she was glad. Otherwise, he might have seen the rush of pink adorn her cheeks.