Sonic In A Dress


Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Yeah, I think this fanfic's existence proves that I go to the Sonic Stadium. And yes, I saw that picture of Sonic in a dress. It's the reason I made this fanfic, after all. Enjoy!

Sonic The Hedgehog was zipping away in Seaside Hill, knocking away the pesky Egg Pawns as he rolled up the yellow and orange checkerboard hills, zipping back onto the smooth, green grass. Sonic was heading northward, zipping by the red and white temples of the Ocean Palace nearby, rushing through the tropical foliage of the island as he reached the peak of Seaside Hill, taking in the fresh, salty air.

"Oh yeah... this is my kind of place!" Sonic exclaimed as he extended his arms out. He turned his head to the left, spotting some clothing. "Huh... what's this...?"

Sonic grabbed the clothing, identifying it as a dress! It was white from the top, blue from the bottom, and it had a nice light blue ribbon around the neck. Sonic gained an idea, smirking as he started to chuckle.

"I know just what to do with this dress..." Sonic muttered to himself as he zipped towards some bushes, getting into the dress.

One hour later, at Station Square, Shadow The Hedgehog and Silver The hedgehog were just minding their own business, munching down on some fries they got at McDonald's. The two humanoid hedgehogs turned around, facing the southern direction as they noticed a certain blue blur zipping towards them. Sonic stopped, posing for Shadow and Silver.

"What do you think, boys?" Sonic asked as he winked. "Am I kawaii enough for ya?"

Shadow and Silver glanced at each other, then back at Sonic. They both started laughing loudly, kicking their feet in the air as they rolled on the sidewalk.

"Sonic, what happened to you?" Silver asked as he rubbed his right eye.

Sonic smirked as he placed his right hand on his hip. "I found this dandy dress in Seaside Hill! It matches me perfectly, if I do say so myself!"

Shadow got back up, breathing slowly as he tried catching his breath. "For a second, I thought you were Amy. Heh heh heh."

Sonic tapped Shadow's nose, winking at him with his right eye. "You wanna make something out of it, big boy?"

Silver stopped laughing as he shuddered. "Brrr... now you went from hilarious to creepy..."

Shadow pushed Sonic away. "I don't have time to act gay with you, Sonic. Now go annoy the doctor or something..."

Sonic zipped around, grabbing Shadow with both of his hands. "I can play with Baldy McNoseHair later! Besides, I'm gonna go find him a skirt, cause I bet he would look sexy in it!"

Shadow's left eye twitched. "You can't be serious..."

Silver covered his mouth with his right hand. "Eggman... in a skirt...?"

Vector The Crocodile strolled by, walking up to the trio of hedgehogs. "Hey guys, what's shaking-" He spotted Sonic, backing up. "Whoa! Sonic, are you starring in another Looney Tunes short?"

Sonic chuckled as he waved his left index finger. "No no no, Vex! This dress matches me perfectly! It has my colors and what not!"

Vector rolled his eyes. "Personally, I think your brain is damaged..."

Silver scuttled over to Vector, whispering, "He just said that Eggman would look sexy in a skirt..."

Vector started laughing out loudly. "Eggman in a skirt! Pahahaha!" He started rolling on the ground.

Sonic, Shadow, and Silver watched Vector laughing his head off for several seconds, then Sonic turned back to Shadow, lowering his eyes.

"Let's do it, big boy," Sonic stated as he raised his eyebrows. "I want your shadow in my blur, Shadow-sama!"

Silver dropped his jaw in disbelief as Shadow struggled to break away, Sonic having a strong grip on him.

"This won't end well," Silver commented as his right eye twitched.