Sonic smirked as he glanced at Shadow, Silver, and Vector. "Ohoho... it gets better than that..."

Suddenly, Sonic started running around Shadow, Silver, and Vector, cornering them together in a bunch as they were all wearing a red dress similar to Amy Rose's dress. The three humanoid male animals all gawked in disbelief as Sonic laughed, placing his hands on his hips as he stood in front of them.

"Ha ha ha! You guys look much cuter now!" Sonic exclaimed.

Eggman heartily laughed as he also had his hands on his hips, standing next to Sonic. "I'll say! Maybe I'll halt my usual plans to taking over the world! After all, nothing can top this?"

Vector rubbed the back of his head as he looked at the red dress he had on. "Hmm... I think this dress reveals my scaly hips a bit..."

Silver was in disbelief as he held the dress down in embarrassment. "Ugh! I don't want people to mistake me for a girl! How do you get this thing off?"

Shadow's right eye twitched as he got pissed, grabbing Sonic by the neck. "All right, Cilan, you had your fun. Now take these damn things off of us!"

Sonic smirked as he winked with his right eye. "There's no way to take them off, sunny boy."

Shadow then chaos speared in Sonic's face, knocking him back and revealing the white panties he had underneath his dress. Vector ignored the fact that he was wearing a dress as he pointed at Sonic and laughed, with Eggman laughing for the fun of it. Silver was still gawking, both at himself and Sonic's apparent panties as Shadow smirked, folding his arms together. Sonic moaned in pain as he tried standing back up.